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Angela Nyirenda Launches New Album and Nationwide Tour


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Singer/Songwriter Angela Nyirenda, known for her unique Makewane style singing will
launch her 4th and Brand New Album “Salary” with a nationwide tour starting in Lusaka
and ending in her home town Chipata. Ms. Nyirenda took the music industry by storm
when she released her first album in 2004. She is now set to take her career to the next
level with a more mature sound 11 years after her first single and 7 years since Zambian
The long awaited album will be launched in a series of spectacular CompuTicket events
in Lusaka on the 2nd of October 2015 at the prestigious Government Complex, followed
by a Family Show at Belvedere Lodge on the 3rd of October. Ms. Nyirenda then intends
to take the show on the road and give Zambians all around a feel of her new sound.
The multilingual album, featuring songs in Kaonde, Bemba, Nsenga, Ngoni, Tonga and
English is produced by Mr. Moses Sakala of Sakala Arts Center and is said to be his
best work yet. The critically acclaimed producer continues to work behind the scenes in
ensuring that the production is nothing short of excellent.
Angela Nyirenda continues to touch lives with her music, especially following the tragic
loss of her child to heart disease. Through this experience, Ms Nyirenda has been
inspired to join the efforts of the National Heart Coalition of Zambia to contribute to the
philanthropic aspiration of one day opening a hospital for heart patients and reaching out
to those who have lost loved ones through her music. In this light Ms Nyirenda has
pledged that part of the proceeds of this album will go to the National Heart Coalition to
help with the work they are doing in Zambia.
Tickets to will officially go on sale from CompuTicket in every Shoprite Store across

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  1. sister Angela, I may never have heard of you until today and I may not know what the hell is the Makewane singing style but that will not stop me from wishing you the very best in your career and in other spheres.

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