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Government Ministers, Mining Companies and Unions meet over impeding job losses

Headlines Government Ministers, Mining Companies and Unions meet over impeding job losses

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda (right) and Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) General Secretary Roy Mwaba
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda

Government has engaged the mining companies to ensure that the impending job losses in the mining sector are reduced to the barest minimal as the Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) rejects any retrenchment move, saying other positions can still be considered.

Chief Government Spokesperson, Chishimba Kambwili, told the media in Kitwe today that government and the mining companies have agreed to ensure that the pending job losses in the mining sector are kept at the barest minimal level to ensure the sustainability of the mining companies’ protection of jobs.

Mr Kambwili said the mining companies have also agreed that they will be negotiating with the unions before they could implement any retrenchment action.

And Mr Kambwili, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, has disclosed that government has released US$120 million towards Value Addition Tax refund owed to mining companies.

He said the process of disbursing the funds is already being processed by the Ministry of Finance.

Mr Kambwili was speaking in Kitwe today after a delegation of five government ministers held a closed door meeting with mining companies and later with the unions in the mining sector in an effort to abate the massive pending job losses in the mining sector.

The ministers that attended the meeting include Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda, Mines Minister, Christopher Yaluma, Labour Minister, Fackson Shamenda, Commerce and Trade Minister, Margret Mwanakatwe and Mr Kambwili together with their respective Permanent Secretaries and other senior officials.

And earlier, Labour Minister, Fackson Shamenda, said government realizes the seriousness of the challenges being faced by mining companies and the possible effects of the impending job losses in the sector.

Mr Shamenda said it is because of this realization that government attaches great importance to the need to dialogue with the mining houses in order to resolve the challenges to sustain the operations of the mines and preserve jobs in the sector.

And Mine Workers Union of Zambia (MUZ) president, Chishimba Nkole, said the union will not accept any move to retrench workers.

Speaking to journalists, Mr Nkole said the union cannot accept any retrenchment because of the impact that such a move would cause on the economy and the individual households in the mining towns.

Mining companies have threatened to retrench workers on account of the falling copper prices on the international market, power load shedding and non-payment of Value Added Tax refund government owes mining companies among other reasons.

Already, Luanshya Copper Mines has sent over 1000 workers on forced leave and Konkola Copper Mines have also retrenched several workers while Mopani Copper Mines have notified government about their intension to lay -off over 3000 workers.


  1. I wouldn’t want any to lose their job it’s very bad at individual, household and national level. That said, I think all the parties in Zambia must come together and agree on how mines must be managed in the next 30 years so that no party can sign statutory instruments any how. This situation is partially due to constant changes to the policies

    • why are you begging minning companies for jobs when,,, chagwa lungu is creating 500,000 jobs for zambians everyday???!!!

    • Hahaha $120 million , this government . That’s my saved account ! For 10 years the was a mining booming until this year when China has slowed its economy . That’s the problem of having democracy rather been like China , were there policy don’t change only presidents change and continue .

  2. Absolute with disdain and impunity do I associate Shamenda.

    The man has nothing to offer. If Chikwanda is voluntarily retiring, this man should follow suit.

    A liar, not fit for purpose, a stain on Lungu’s cabinet.

    Sorry i had to say that


  3. “the barest minimal level” this statement is relative. What is the number in absolute terms? The miners may be calling these numbers they are trying to lay off as minimal.

  4. So, mining companies threaten govt with job losses for not paying Tax Refund, and immediately the govt withdraws $120m from Euro bond and pays the mines. Mmmm mines know how to get their money back.

  5. m******mwe ba gvt r u the onez who own the minz? avent u sold thm? y pld thn? ba cimbwi no plan.dola k20 ninshi ifintu ni ecl.

  6. Haha,Shamenda is saying Zambia is a failed state.Shame that we’re fighting over low paying service jobs while developed countries like Japan,France,USA or Korea the fight is over patents,market share and highly skilled immigrants.

  7. the best the mines can do is to put up an attractive package and first invite those who wish to volunteer for retrenchment..so many would come forward because they are tired and sick of being subjected to insecurity….
    …its obvious that the mines want to maximise profit by squeezing govt balls…

  8. While there doing that the mines where busy terminating the contracts of some contractors. RAMCES AAC etc. with a huge number of our brothers wil loose jobs they where been saved with letters of teminating there contracts.

    My advise to the Government is not jst to make some noise we need actions.

    Don’t jst act wen yo company is affected like Abena CHISHIMBA. His company called >MWAMONA< is no more At SOB shaft

  9. Chambishi NFCA workers are on one week at work one week resting. Meaning the salary is halved. Govt is quiet on this and someone will scream ifintu ni………

  10. Why can’t we start rearing cattle on the CB? There is good grass, good rainfall, good climate, good market, good transport facilities. I will move my kraals from SP to CB

  11. All I can say is “Thank you Lord”.
    The PF government has really set a better way of governance.. a better way of sorting out challenges. One observes that “There should be no panic in dealing with the challenges…rather Let the President not interfere in any issues before the Ministries and their P/ Secretaries concerned do their work. The President dmands the expertise of his Ministers and their P/ secretaries. This style of leadership is superior indeed…and I thank God for giving this nation a leadership that works with minimum noise. I would imagine if it were the under-five leadership. hh would have rushed to the mines & give directives to the mines…noisy chaps. The upnd believes that everything is supposed to be done by their President. So their carders shout that the…

  12. that the President is out…& with this challenge Zambia is done. The fear of their own shadows.
    Zambia has a leadership that listens, and acts responsibly upon any challenges. The PF leadership has once again proved that it shall do better than any other party to resolve challenges. PF has actually proved that it respects its promises and shall definitely deliver in full. Problems must be shared.
    Thank you Jesus…. Zambia is a Christian nation… Governed by Christian principles. Ifintu ni Lungu always…

    • Have you read the report from the Glencore CEO? There are no “impeding job losses..”. The jobs are already gone. He insists that ..”…President Lungu is aware that we (Glencore) are laying off 3,800 workers…”. What Shamenda & Kambwili are doing is just window dressing! What they are doing now should have been done ages ago.


  14. Thia is indeed a working government, baTruth just like your leader you are full of hatred. Ifinthu ni Lungu Chabe

  15. These jobs have already been lost. The motley crew of PF clowns that have been sent there are just for show. They will do nothing.

    As usual, this happened while Lazy Lungu was partying in New York and too drunk to know what was happening back home in Zambia.

    This is how this PF Government runs the country!

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