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Retired colonel and practising lawyer allegedly shots dead his wife on her birthday

Headlines Retired colonel and practising lawyer allegedly shots dead his wife on her...

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga
Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga

A RETIRED colonel and practising lawyer of Lusaka has allegedly shot dead his wife during her birthday party and is believed to have been severely beaten up by one of his enraged children after seeing the mother in a pool of blood.

Col Paul Banda, who is a practising lawyer and owner of the law firm Paul Pandala Banda and Company, based in Rhodes Park area of Lusaka, is currently admitted to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, where his condition is said to be unstable.

“He is currently admitted to UTH and his condition is currently unstable,” UTH public relations officer Natalie Mashikolo said.

Col Banda allegedly shot dead his wife, Vivian, in the couple’s bedroom around midnight on Tuesday.

Lusaka Province Police Chief Charity Katanga said police had not yet established the reasons for the shooting and no arrest had been made so far.

Ms Katanga said Col Banda’s daughter Shilivwe reported the matter to the police soon after midnight while some family members started beating up the former soldier.

“As far as we are concerned, we are not aware that he is in the hospital because we have not received the report to that effect, so we are treating it that he is on the run,” Ms Katanga said.

She said it was also not clear whether the firearm used was licenced or not because it had not yet been retrieved by the police.

The couple is said to have been dedicated Catholic Christians who had been congregating at St Ignatius Parish.

Family sources told the Times yesterday that Col Banda and his wife were celebrating her birthday, together with their children and grandchildren.

“After the party, around midnight, the couple went to their bedroom with one of the grandchildren, while the rest of the family remained in the living room.

“But shortly after they had left, there was a gunshot and when the children went to check, they found their mother in a pool of blood and the eldest son was so annoyed that he beat his dad with everything near him,” the sources said.

Col Banda worked for the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) before he retired to open a law firm.


    • “…so we are treating it that he is on the run,” Ms Katanga said.
      He’s not on the run he’s in a hospital bed and his condition is unstable. Don’t claim to launch a man hunt when you already know where he is and his condition. BaSwine!

    • This guy was never a Colonel. He retired as a Captain and was at one time implicated in the “Zero Option” case involving senior UNIP officials like RB, KK, Rabson Chongo, Cuthbert Kolala, Muhabi Lungu and others.

    • At the party , the husband discovered the boyfriend to the wife was in the crowd. At one point he found them in the dark corner kissing. He got so annoyed and lost it. The adulteress woman has been killed.

    • “Annoyed” is the wrong word to use, Ba LT. How do you get annoyed or irritated that your father has killed your mum? You get enraged or something deeper than that but not annoyed. Chizungu!

  1. Was that really the statement/comment from the police? That the man is on the run…when the have not followed up the lead that he is in hospital?

  2. Dear LT,

    As your chief editor [that’s a big fat joke, by the way] I should tell you your headline should have read like so: ” Retired colonel and practising lawyer allegedly shoots dead his wife on her birthday”. Shoots not shots.

    But not to worry, really. This is Zambia, not Denmark. Details don’t count much here.

  3. If this is true, i think the eldest son shot his mother and is framing the slightly Alzheimer father for some inheritance.
    get the son to help with investigations as you always do…

  4. “As far as we are concerned, we are not aware that he is in the hospital because we have not received the report to that effect, so we are treating it that he is on the run,” Ms Katanga said.

    Well get off your lazy behinds and find out, who do you expect to bring to report to your offices? Inept Zambia police indeed.

    • @kapotwe, with the careless reporting in the country’s press, plus the fact that gossip goes before facts most times, I would not blame the police when nobody called them or reported the case. I do not fault the police…

  5. At the time they were going to their bedroom, was there quarrel? If not, the gun could have gone off by mistake.

  6. The levels of incompetence in our Country are so bad it is embarrassing.

    The Lusaka Police Chief was so eager to have her name and face in the news she forgot to first establish the facts before reporting to the media.
    I mean you are the POLICE and you are not ashamed to tell the nation that “As far as we are concerned, we are not aware that he is in the hospital because we have not received the report to that effect, so we are treating it that he is on the run,”.

    Who exactly is supposed to report to the police that the Man is in hospital or not? Shouldn’t this lady have sent out her officers to the hospital to investigate first, before she faced the Nation to report that she knew nothing.

    How does one become a Police chief in our country anyway because it sure does not seem…

  7. How does one become a Police chief in our country anyway because it sure does not seem like it is through excellence.

    While we are at it, the less said about our quality of journalism the better.

  8. He was shown on TV last night with face puffed up in UTH bed.
    The prick has really messed up his life.
    He s gonna finish the days a prisoner

  9. Th suspect is in hospital custody waiting for the doctors to stabilize him so he can be transferred to chimbokaile prison. I wonder this women always gives half baked information, can the police please employ qualified journalists to give proper reports please!

  10. This report is sketchy. It is evident that the cops were neither informed, nor were they asked to make a case entry by physical presence of a complainant. From this report, it appears the complainants (perhaps the guy’s son) reported himself to the hospital as they were depositing the father and not to the police as he should have. I also expect that the PR would have at least informed the Police Post at the UTH that there was a gunshot fatality as well as a battered suspect in the custody of the hospital’s mortuary and ward, respectively…

  11. Bloggers please learn to cross reference stories you read on line. One of the late Vivian’s friends actually spoke of the story of the Paul Banda being extremely jealous with violence tendencies. This is a very controlling and insecure husband. Most likely, the wife was getting pretty fed up and may be was even threatening to divorce the murderous banda who opted to kill his wife than to be divorced by her. He sounds like a narcissistic werido!
    Ladies, please leave abusive spouses as soon as you find out so that you don’t end up six feet underground. If he is overly jealous he is bound to harm or kill you!

  12. Its stated that the daughter reported the matter to the police. So which information doesn’t the police chief have? What a lazy force. They haven’t retrieved the firearm or interviewed the children. What are they waiting for?

  13. Sad news……en if it was done accidently worse off…..the man will have a had time to defend himself………but being after some drinkoffs ….not a good idea to start handling guns ….MHSRIP

  14. This could turn out to be a set up or something else. Judging the man in hospital is unfair. He could have been framed. Mind you this is a grown up son and it is stated in some newspapers that he arrived in the main bedroom first. Lets not jump to conclusions. The woman is deceased, mhsrip but lets not jump to judge anyone on face value. Lets hope police don’t leave any stone unturned. Even saying the man in hospital killed his wife is in itself jumping to conclusions. Who is the witness. Consider the grandchild if there was any or has just been manufactured. Check first.

  15. Lusaka Times, I think the main subjects of the story are Col Paul Banda and his wife, and not necessarily the police commissioner. Thus, the MAIN picture on the story is supposed to be that of the MAIN subjects, and not that of the police commissioner.
    The same thing with your story about the death of prophet Emmanuel Nyirongo in a road accident. You could have inserted his picture (head portrait) in the wreckage picture you put up there. Don’t assume that everyone knows these people.

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