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Inonge Wina, Dora Siliya and Margaret Mwanakatwe expected in UK for an Investment Forum

Headlines Inonge Wina, Dora Siliya and Margaret Mwanakatwe expected in UK for an...

VICE President Inonge Wina (r) shakes hands with Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu shortly before leaving for Luasaka at Hurry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone. The Vice President was in Livingstone to officially open the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) meeting of Ministers of Justice on domestication of ICGLR of protocols.
VICE President Inonge Wina (r) shakes hands with Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu shortly before leaving for Luasaka at Hurry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone. The Vice President was in Livingstone to officially open the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) meeting of Ministers of Justice on domestication of ICGLR of protocols.

Vice-President, Inonge Wina, is today expected in London, United Kingdom where she is leading a Zambian delegation to an Investment Forum organised by the Developing Markets Associates (DMA).

Mrs Wina will be accompanied by the Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry, Margaret Mwanakatwe, the Minister of Energy and Water Development, Dora Siliya, Director General, Zambia Development Agency, other government officials and the private sector.

The trade and investment forum will be held on the 4th of November, 2015 in central London.

The forum is an important event because it is expected to increase trade and investment between Zambia and the UK. Over 200 UK based businesses and investors will be in attendance.

The forum will focus mainly on priority areas of energy, agriculture, infrastructure and extractive industries as well as industrialisation.
The Vice President is also expected to hold a bilateral meeting with the Minister for Africa, Hon. James Duddridge.

She will also meet with Non Governmental Organisations championing women’s affairs under the theme “Women Driving Growth – the Case of Zambia”

She will also address Female Parliamentarians under the theme “Women in Leadership – Sharing Best Practices, Challenges and Opportunities”. Whilst at Parliament she will also be hosted by the All-party Parliamentary group on Zambia and Malawi as well as conduct a tour of the House of Parliament.


  1. I guess this is another big delegation travelling at a huge cost….. and if the Investment Forum is on the 4th, why is Inonge going there today?

  2. Wow. I think at this point, it is in line to say our country has gone to dogs. I have enormous respect for mama Wina but a lot of things are not going well in the country and they are busy global trotting. I am PF and I have its time to hand over to other people with better ideas because it wont be long before we are the next Zimbabwe.

  3. PFools and chama was saying the are cutting down on foreign trips, These are not investors but just business men who know where to invest and they do not need to be told.
    Ask Mama wina what presentation has the Zambian team got to make these guys come to Zambia, NONE.
    Waste of tax payers money from New York to UK and it a chance for Dora to meet RP capital crooks again and let them come and value Zamtel again.

  4. The moment you have a country with positions like minister for africa. Just know you cant trust them. Do they have a minister for north america,australia,europe,south america and asia. Dont trust these *****s. Why are we even going there in the first place? We should trade within africa first. These white creatures will only come to exploit,loot,destroy and steal. Be panfricanist and unapologetically african in all things. What makes youthink u can trust these white beasts?

    • @ Zagaze

      You are 100% right.

      Instead of trusting the country which has Ministers for each different continent, we should trust our own leadership which appoints convicted rapist and serial offender and woman batterer as ambassador against GBV?

    • @zagaze, @IQ136, I agree with you completely! That is why those funny countries teach their people that continents are countries that they can just ride into rough-shod. I fear that we have not shaken up well enough at leadership level to deal with this aspect and free ourselves. While I commend Mugabe, that stance is a little too radical. Menes Zenawi (late) was beginning to turn the tide in Ethiopia as a good example of leadership for Afrika but had very little buy-in from his people PLUS he went too soon. We must really wake up!

  5. Uwalowa Africa alifwe nokufwa, Why are African leaders so selfish and greedy. This is just a way of letting mama wina and others get travel allowances aswell.
    When a country is on its knees and you spend money on useless things like this that will not yield any results.
    Kanshi nishi yalubana mu African .

    • @ben, you are the only people who have imported your religion, your economic model and your culture. The successful continents have held fast to that which is fundamental. It has very little to do with curses – it has everything to do with negligence and myopia on the part of the forefathers who messed us up. Alas, one day soon, our own great-great-grandchildren will be saying the same if we do not rescue ourselves.

  6. The question which needs urgent answers is Why is Hon. Inonge Wina and her entourage travelling this early to attend a meeting which will only be convened on 4th November 2015 ? The Old Lady(Boma Inonge) is equally to blame for the mess in our country

  7. I thought we have an ambassador in London. Lungu is on the Copperbelt with a large entourage winning and dinning while ba mama Inonge is also half the world away with another massive entourage. What is the true meaning of cost saving with this PF????

  8. The true meaning of cost saving is increase your allowances and travels (Cabinet) by reducing the salary increment for the civil servants. Then you would have reduced the costs. That’s what P.F meant. But wait ….2016.

  9. Oh dear Zagaze sounds very petulant with his racist rant. It’s very obvious that as well as being a bigot he is also an economic moron!

  10. Oh dear it would seem that Zagaze is allowing his racist bigotry to demonstrate his lack of economic intelligence.

    • brother antony – where is the economic intelligence if you opt to trade thousands of miles away when you can trade with your fellow africans pa duze like angola, mozambique, zimbabwe etc. whats the point of SADC if you cant define what key industries need to be developed in the member countries that will develop the entire region. Tell me what trade you can do with the UK except them buying your natural resources which they will later resell to your educated self thinking they are living the life by owning two smasung, nokia, sony phones. If you use up all the copper by selling it to countries that are developing. dont you think, that in the future you will also need copper to develop just as they need it now. Are you taking stock of your reserves for your own use?

    • @ Zagaze

      Antony michael is absolutely right.
      You are most 5tupid Zambian racist bigot and when it comes to “economic intelligence”, your lack of intelligence prevents you from understanding meaning of “economic intelligence”

    • An accomplished, Ivoirian business lady said it well, when she noted the absurdity of most African nations [she was particularly speaking about Cote d’Ivoire]: “We export what we produce and import what we eat. This is absurd!”. @zagaze might get carried away and seem bigotted but hei points out a few things that other blocs are doing that we as Africa are not (yet). Aside from the economic jargons and all the complexities that just about sums it up…

    • When am called a bigot and uneducated i feel humbled by these compliments. Thank you. This is because, i have managed to move away from the brainwashed jargon we seem to spew out as economics,science,democracy and think we are educated.What difference will getting new markets make if you still use the foreigners system of logic and thought. You are still slaves running around in a labyrinth smelling success somewhere but always hitting a wall because you choose to stay in that labyrinth. Why?because you have been told that these are democratic, economic etiquets. Set up your own standards, markets as africans. A man who sells a drum in his village gets the money and keeps the sound.

    • @IQ136-i ask again. Where is your EI if you want to trade so far from home? Your intelligence reports should tell you alone that there seems to be a strong correlation between economic development and trade distance. Look at the statistics of trade between EU member countries as opposed to that with north america and china. Again what is the nature of the trade between the countries. Is it raw materials or semi finished goods. What is the level of industrial development between the trading countries. Answers to these questions only point you back to what i wrote earlier. Some of these things you dont even need economic shushushu tactics to predict the future.

  11. I thought just this year we had a similar delegation from Ministry of Finance, Minustry of Commerce & Ministry of Foreign Affairs also ku UK for the same? Come on guys, is this nessesarry or are you saying the Ministers that traveled earlier did a foolish job…. And I though Kalaba said no more traveling!!! UK won’t help load shading or the sliding Kwacha, let’s just keep praying for 2016 to sort out the mess we voted for

  12. So the Minister of National Planning/Veep is here…truly laughable indeed…why didn’t the lazy bum just combined that ministry with Finance instead of placing an empty suit who just to appease Fossil Chikwanda.

  13. We never rely get to know what is discussed in these meetings as the press, especially the independent press is never included in such delegations!

    • I hope they are flying coach – but wait – that can NEVER happen in Zambia. I see junior officers stuffing themselves in business and first class all the time. I am not sure where the cost-cutting is happening.

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