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Former Namibian President Awarded the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership

Headlines Former Namibian President Awarded the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership

Former Namibia President Ipukefinye Pohamba
Former Namibia President Ipukefinye Pohamba

Hifikepunye Pohamba, the former President of Namibia, last night accepted the 2014 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership at a special ceremony in Accra, Ghana.

The Ibrahim Prize recognises and celebrates excellence in African leadership. It is an annual US$5 million award paid over 10 years and US$200,000 annually for life thereafter.

Presenting the award to President Pohamba, Dr Salim Ahmed Salim, Chair of the independent Prize Committee, said: “President Pohamba’s focus in forging national cohesion and reconciliation at a key stage of Namibia’s consolidation of democracy and social and economic development impressed the ?Prize Committee. His ability to command the confidence and the trust of his people is exemplary.”

Accepting the Award, President Pohamba said: “This honour is not for me alone. I accept it with a sense of great humility, on behalf of the Namibian people, who entrusted me, through democratic processes, to lead our country as President for two consecutive terms. Their commitment to uphold democracy and the rule of law, made the modest achievements that were recorded during my tenure of office possible.”

Mo Ibrahim, the founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, said: “We need to change the narrative about African leadership. The world knows everything about our bad leaders, but nothing about our heroes, especially those who are doing wonderful things for their people. We need role models – we need heroes – to inspire and motivate our young people. President Pohamba is one of the unsung heroes of Africa.”

The Ibrahim Prize Ceremony kicks off the 2015 Governance Weekend, a series of events and debates organised by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. On Saturday 21 November, the Ibrahim Forum will bring together experts from across Africa and the world to discuss African urban dynamics. It will be followed by a free concert in Accra’s Independence Square involving Angelique Kidjo, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Youssou N’Dour and others. On Sunday 22 November, TP Mazembe from Democratic Republic of Congo will compete against Ghana Dream Team for the Ibrahim Cup in a special football match at Accra Stadium.

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  1. That’s my President! Showing the way it should be done. A huge contrast with the many hangers-on who are watching their countries slide into chaos as their seared minds resolve to only think of themselves and their deluded ideas of ruler-ship… Well done Tate gwandje Hifikepunye Pohamba! Continue showing the Afrikan leaders how it should be done!

  2. Congrats Mr President you worked to lift up good side of politics in Africa not what we are seeing in Zambia with one Edgar Lungu, he can never get nothing even locally.

  3. “President Pohamba’s focus in forging national cohesion and reconciliation at a key stage of Namibia’s consolidation of democracy and social and economic development impressed the Prize Committee. His ability to command the confidence and the trust of his people is exemplary.”

    Lazy Bum Edgar are you reading the above… its not just about simply declaring silly national day of prayers and reconciliation without seeing it through…anyway all this is far to complex for a dull man like Edgar, leave him alone so he can go and campaign.

    • @Jay Jay next is RB! If he hears there are bucks £€$¥ coming with the prize! Lungu will tell us he doesn’t want the prize when he cant get the prize!

  4. A big salute to the former Namibian president.

    I think the job of presidency in Africa is invariably the most challenging task on our planet. You have enemies and obstacles from within and without. Living and working in collateral, under perpetual temptation, permanent Zugzwang – you have to be either a hero or a saint, a victim or a culprit. No other job on the planet demands more humility – knowing when to bow out without a grudge.

    This award is a great initiative. It brings to our attention theimportant qualities of leadership in Africa.


  5. Mwanawasa was the greatest leader so far Zambia has never had in history.He never tolerated corruption and was feared by all his subordinatesThats a kind of leader needed.You wouldn’t even attempt to get on marks to get ready for squandering resources of the nation and taxpayers in order to build mansions and start speaking carelessly on top of your teeth.

    • Kay Vy,
      Firstly it may be too early to pass judgement on who has been Zambia’s best so far. I have
      an idea who it just could be but will leave that for another time.

      I note that you have ignored one thing that is commonly known. LPM dubiously acquired a piece of land that belonged to University of Zambia on Serval road, Kabulonga, and set up his property there. LPM also abetted a lot of mischief under his command and I leave that to other bloggers to add!

    • Was it not under Mwanawasa that Membe and co dubiously obtained that DBZ loan? What about the nepotism that saw an over representation of Solis, Lenjes and Lambas in the civil and diplomatic services?

  6. Mugabe,M7,Mubarak ,Mobutu,Moi ,Mbasogo,Mengistu ….did you ever notice most of the rapacious African tyrants almost always have a name starting with “M” ?

    Don’t ever let an “M” president rule your country coz they won’t care for the Mo Ibrahim prize which is the world’s largest.Sad coincidence that the brains behind this prize also starts with “M”

  7. No Zambian leader qualifies. Mwanawasa tried but the rest have been mediocre to be polite. Kaunda could claim to have been concentrating on fighting colonialists so maybe we can excuse him. The worst of course have been Rupiah, Edgar And Michael not in that order.

  8. Some of the dictators in Central and Southern African region have brought great shame to African populations, clinging to power for so long. Vacate those seats please and give chance to others now!

  9. Remember Namibia is just minus 3milion citizenry, so easy to govern, no wonder their former #1 citizen awarded the prize………..

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