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President Lungu says UPND is planning to cause trouble next year

Headlines President Lungu says UPND is planning to cause trouble next year

President Lungu stresses a point at a Youth Rally at Freedom Park
President Lungu stresses a point at a Youth Rally at Freedom Park

President Edgar Lungu says he has intelligence information that the opposition UPND wants to cause confusion ahead of the 2016 tripartite elections.

President Lungu alleged that the UPND intends to cause confusion as it has realized that it is not going anywhere.He reiterated that the ruling PF is headed for victory in the general elections.

President Lungu has since implored the UPND leadership to uphold peace. He called on the police command in Northern Province not to hesitate in arresting anyone perpetrating violence.
Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu is this afternoon expected to commission the Pensulo-Kasama 330Killo volts grid transmission project in Kasama.

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  1. Trash, crap!!!
    He just wants to use this fake intelligence to prevent UPND from conducting its mobilization programme. We know such dirty tricks!!

    • This clown of a president is at it again. He wants to use his powers to ban UPND from mobilising its membership.

      Whether UPND goes out to mobilise or not, the people have already made their minds up, that PF kuyabebele.

    • And this is another reason why the President should not be directly appointing Police Commissioners…after what happened to Stellar all these IGs will be eager to please so as they are not posted to a desk job in diplomatic service!!

    • What an embarrassment of a President. Focus your efforts on fixing the economy. Afterall this is the job you wanted at all costs.

      Stop being petty and get to work.

      Meanwhile Aleisa HH

    • This man has failed to govern. For goodness’ sake Edgar is Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forced but it seems he doesn’t know that yet. Sometimes i find it hard this guy went through Law school. This clowning much come to and end. Lungu the buck stops at you. Please stop this violence being perpetrated by PF cadres

    • Edgar is embarrassing me. I really praised him when he was minister of home affairs, but after that awe awe awe, he can’t even be my friend no more.

    • When is this dull man going to understand that stu.pid statements like this are exactly what is causing the Kwacha to lose value ???????

      Is he trying to develop Zambia or to destroy it completely?

      Investors need stability and confidence in the economy, not this rubbish from the person that is supposed to be running the country.

      Brainless idi.ot!

    • No Mr Lungu!

      It is YOU that is trying to cause confusion by making such childish comments like this in public!

      If it is true, just fix the problem without alarming the Nation. That is your job. If it is not true then you are guilty of being unnecessarily alarmist and lying to the people.

      Try behaving like a President and not a failed dishonest lawyer!

  2. Comment: People who have run out of ideas cannot be hidden. Edgar Lungu has gone down in world history as the most incompetent president of this decade. The man has no ideas, where ever he goes, no wisdom comes out of his mouth but only lies. The people have resolved to boot him out and he knows it.

  3. We know that PF is winning sir but what we want is fairness in campaigning period and coverage.
    Everyone causing violence be it PF , UPND or MMD must be disciplined in a constructive manner.

  4. How did we end up with this lazy empty tin as head of state…he seems to assume he is only PF President and chief “commissioner” of projects…he never talks about policy issues. Why are you so fascinated by an opposition party when you have been given mandate to rule till 2016!!

  5. I wish HH was a foreigner, he would have been deported as I speak. Am tired of this HH, he has destroyed my once favourite Political Party (UPND). I now support whoever opposes HH. HH has no future, no direction, no vision, he uses people for his selfish personal gain. Work with HH at your own peril.

  6. PF is winning period.Who can vote for a tribe party full of insult?Pipo are tired of insults and tribal politics from UPND supporters.For UPND supporters, if u don’t support them then u’re a fool or being tribal.I don’t know why UPND has such disparate supporters.

  7. Jameson at work. He breathes, eats, drinks UPND. Tell us stuff that will give us hope. You are president for crying out loud. Make sense. You can politic next year. If you really have that intelligence why not say exactly what they plan to do instead of making a blanket statement only intended to excite the overzealous PF cadre Charity Katanga.

  8. The opposite is true. Pf will be violent after losing to UPND. Ecl is no longer zambia’s choice, that is why he is restricting HH to campaign.

  9. chenzo kolwe pandeke cholala lomba ndi ma wet dreams aya UPND UPND ! sithuziba vilivonse kamba kama jameson anso futi chobaela.

  10. Yes guys the President is absolutely right. I smelt a big rat the moment HH spewed his accusation that PF will rig the 2016 elections. I read that as a sign of admitting defeat early, but I thought it was meant to be a face saver when the defeat comes, now that the intelligence experts have deciphered the real intentions of UPMD, I see it.

  11. Some are shallow minded how can you say pipo have made up their mind to vote for ichilema which pipo? Its a known fact that pipo from south

    • @Chundu Chaitwa the tribal song is too outdated .Abantu naba salapuka mune.All need is a leader who can bring prosperity we don’t care if is Tonga or bemba.Its one Zambia one nation.After all HH is Zambian.

  12. Mr. President sir, you are in charge of all the armed wings, including the police. Do not show any outward signs of panic. It is unpresidential to issue alarming statements aimed at curtailing the freedom of your political competitors. UPND to cause confusion? Your Secretary General has been campaigning in Southern Province unhindered, despite his refusal to apologize for his remarks against the Tonga people. No one threw stones at him or caused any sort of problem. If there is a place which has UPND cadres in abundance, its Southern Province. So then, if we are to take the President’s statements seriously, this was the chance for the opposition party to exact some form of retribution against their arch enemy. But nothing of the sort happened. Has panic set in like rigor mortis in a…

  13. I’m not from the south but I will not worst my ink on this knife boy called Chagwa. But twachula pafula. God help us. People are being beaten and this man says nothing to condemn such kind of atrocity . I think this man is really violent.

    • I am not from the South either but this man makes it hard for me to walk with my head up. I feel ashamed of what the vote I cast in his favor has brought on to the reputation of my beloved Zambia. Lesa twafweni tufumye mwansakabinga pa mupando!

  14. you TONGA *****, which people have decided to vote for HH with CORRUPT man GBM? Guys have now stopped reading LUSAKATIMES i think it belong to HH and TONGA media. HH is going nowhere just prepare to elect Mweetwa as the president of UPND for 2021 election maybe UPND will form government, but with HH, just wait and see in 2016. For your reminder, never again say people have said, NO,NO,NO MAY BE FOR POOR TONGAS WHO HAVE NO EYES AND HEARS. viva PF AND THEIR VICTORY SEPTEMBER, 2016.

  15. I agree with Him!!!! But here is the thing Mr. President if you constantly harass someone for going about their business talking to their people around the country etc then what do you expect? Violence begets violence and you are indirectly promoting it by abusing the Public Order Act. Nevers is in Eastern province peacefully going about his business as per our laws and still you send the PF police to harass him. Please spare us your hypocrisy. You are supposed to be Zambian president but most of the time you are PF president, Its sad.

  16. Definition required for ’cause confusion’…

    A. Will cause head scratching as people try to work out who is making more promises

    B. Will cause eye blinking with a U turn and step down and join PF

    C. Will cause mass panic by announcing the results before the election (in favor of PF)

    D. None of the above

    Definition of ‘intelligence’ not required. ED simply has none but he is ‘clever’…

  17. Let the trouble be in the ballot box. Remember in politics no one wins or loses alone! When banks stop giving loans, it affects everybody regardless of who you voted for. Similarly, when a road is done, everybody drives on it regardless of who you voted for. When prices of commodities go up, everybody is affected. Let every Zambian remove this crude thinking about politics. This is not English Football where some Zambians have claimed being supporters of certain teams so strongly as if those teams are aware or they are consulted; This kind of thinking is useless like one demonic possesd person who confirmed of masturbating aided by imaginations of TV presenters who didnt even know him! This is stupid! Let us all be real. Let us face the realities. All countries in the world are competing…


  19. a Lungu kuwayawafwe he only knows stealing thats why he is cramping down on opposition so that Zambians are not informed of corruption deals in PF.

  20. The man speaks a lot of garbage, he has cultivated culture of violence in the country and he can’t control his wild dogs. I will never believe his stinking lies

  21. wat did zambia do to deserve a lazy president who is spending millions flying all over the country commissioning all projects as an indirect way of campigning. This bum is doing everything to stop the opposition from holding meetings so how can there be no trouble.

  22. This President is confused he has to go asap his cadres are beating up people he does not talk about it Zambians that us the biggest mistake that you ever made since independence. How did we get here honestly

  23. Too many watchdogers now writing here. Whatever you say, Edgar is likely to win in round 1. He shall lose as usual in Southern province. So far people in 7 provinces still support him.

    • Chinena you are a serious day dreamer. You are the only blind Man that cant read times. I am sorry to tell you that your “Pathetic Fools” are becoming more and more unpopular each and every day that passes. Their problem is that they have been taken over by an unusual fear called HHphobia.

      Let me tell you chinena, No matter how much you talk against HH God has already appointed him to takeover from this group of immoral tribalists. That’s why wherever they have a meeting they talk about HH instaed of talking about how they intend to revive our economy.

      If you dont agree with me just wait for 2016.

  24. Kachemas,how many lessons do you need to learn politically.You ve always been winning before polling day with landslide victories. The following re the errors you guys in UPND re committing;
    (1) Insulting the elected president is an insult and a slap in people’s face.This feat will not win any votes,but repel them.
    (2) Criticising everything grz does only shows how unreasonable and ungrateful people you re. People cant trust you with such attitude.

  25. (3) You equate HH to ECL in their standing in society. ECL is the President of Zambia and HH is not.HH is the president of upnd,an opposition party in Zambia. ECL is incharge of the nation,while HH is just as any citizen in that sense.
    (4) Overzealouslessness,anxiety and false alarms will only land you another heavy defeat. You ve been doing this all the time and its been doing you harm than any good. Its cunning to work quietly and mobilise more people.
    (5) Tell your HH to package a well articulated manifesto and sell it to the people,then he can stand a chance.Instead of being a serial critic,let him tell people what upnd stand for.
    With the above recommendations, I feel upnd can become relevant in this political landscape.

    • @ La Liga

      There are also similarities with his predecessor, Chiluba died as Ex. President and CONVICTED embezzler, ECL has achieved distinction to be elected to the Presidency as CONVICTED embezzler.

      Something that Zambians should be really proud of it. No body else in the World did achieve that, truly “unprecedented democratic development”.

  26. If HH wants to become President he can not be making so much under five mistakes of saying he will give the mines to Anglo while Anglo at the same time are retrenching 85,000 of their current employees world wide who ever is supporting this Mad he will be disappointed that he pretends to run the country with the hope of auctioning all the opportunity business enterprise like he did with the privatization of the mine.
    He can only cheat blind people who wish to be led by his blind sight like GMB now he has no where to go and stand as a running mate.

  27. Jameson ikali bane. Let this lazy bump go back to Chawama next year. We need serious people in State House like HH. I’m Namwanga by tribe but HH is just mwa

  28. Please call him anything but that won’t win 2016 elections ba fikala . Hh can stand membias teti a wine an election. you *****S

  29. If pf is so confident in winning let’s call for early elections so as to put the mayhem behind and get to rebuilding the economy. Even though people say Rupiah was a bad president he however had a plan of keeping things Levy initiated moving. We need to get the economy on track, open up the mines and get the employment situation under control. Please let’s move past politics for the future generations.

    • Who are you fooling open mines to sell your copper at what price? Opening a mine is heavy investment which requires copper prices to be on an upswing, currently the international prices for commodities have slumped, including that of crude oil. Most of the chaps chating HH and UPND are his tribemates, so they will say anything to make HH appealing. Noways am I voting for that man!

  30. “Tyrants are always stirring up some trouble or war so that the people may fear and require a leader” -Plato.

    I think the Greek philisopher Plato had PF tyrants in mind when he made that famous quote.

  31. Interesting remarks from the head of state: almost all top officials seem fixated on one HH and the party UPND. Bo Inonge singled out and banned HH from entering CB; ba Chanda, special assistance for press na ba Fr Frank, spend considerable time responding to HH; the Hon Kambwili, is not to be left out at bashing the UPND; ba Davis Chama is camping in Southern P hoping to expunge the ghost of HH; now H.E Lungu is alarming the nation to be aware of the threat that one HH holds……..it seems clear that HH is a non-issue to the great PF:)

  32. No man will change zambia,this is the punishment from GOD we have loved pleasure rather than GOD it’s even written in the BIBLE. Read Deuteronomy chapter 27 v 11—26 and chapter 28 v1–68 . Then u will understand why this is happening in our country,never should u put your trust in man man disappoints bt GOD will never disappoints us. Let’s stop what we’re doing nd go back to our GOD he’s ready to forgive us our sins.

  33. The very person encouraging violence is the complainant.ln such circumstances forget about Zambia being a beacon of peace in this error.Please let the opposition also campaign freely not using the same tactics you used at your Kabwe conference of blocking your opponents and ended up with the show of hands.

  34. If some people say UPND is a party for only the people of Southern,then it means they are not violent coz Chama is going about his campaign business there freely even after shooting them and heaping them all sorts of insults and who will be the cause of that violence?Well! that’s food for thought.


    • @ Jitan

      Zambian National Football “unprecedented development achievements” on and off the pitch?
      Somehow there are strong similarities with his “performance” (or lack of it) which according to leading member of his “intelligentsia” (lol) inner-circle, already merit third term.

      Just wondering who, if any, has positive IQ and negative SQ in that bunch?

  36. Comment:president lungu you to limit of what you always say to opposition parties with chishimba kambwili who doesn’t hold off his mouth when speaking to the midia,i worder why pf they are against opposition when they have their own meetings but for them pf they are biss campaign everywhere they go.what kind of readership is this for pf government,kuwayawaya ba pf.

  37. What did they save him on the plane to go and outer such nonsense in Kasama? avoid giving this man alcohol akaapena. Who can invest in our country with such careless talks from the chief clown? nowonder our currency is loosing value.

  38. PF is now the peoples choice country wide ! UP and DOWN are headed for a disaster in 2016 and that will be the end of the tribal party.Some one will be retired from active politics to become a full time Kachema in Namwala.

  39. Mr President please just condemn violent regardless of party period otherwise you will down as the most violent President Zambia has ever had.

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