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Government Investigating Ndola airport political violence-Wina

General News Government Investigating Ndola airport political violence-Wina

Vice-President of Zambia Inonge Wina delivering a lecture at Columbia University in New York on 11 March, 2015. PHOTO | ZAMBIA UN MISSION | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA
Vice-President of Zambia Inonge Wina

Government is investigating the political fracas which occurred at Ndola International Airport two weeks ago to ascertain if the cadres that were involved are genuinely from the Patriotic Front (PF) as alleged.

Opposition Democratic Front Party (DFP) leader Miles Sampa was a fortnight ago allegedly blocked from alighting from a plane at the airport because of violent cadres that waited for him to come out.

Vice President Inonge Wina believes the cadres to have been from other political parties who had a disagreement with the DF hence any aggrieved party could have organized the violence at the airport.

Mrs. Wina was speaking last evening on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Sunday Interview which was monitored by ZANIS in Lusaka.

She said Mr. Sampa should not have been stopped from performing his activities because he has a democratic right to travel to any part of Zambia.

She was however happy that the police officers have moved in and arrested the suspected perpetrators of violence.

“Government is investigating what caused the violence at Ndola airport. Those that participated in the violence are not genuine PF members. There could be some disagreements among the leaders and those that were aggrieved could have organized the violence,” Mrs. Wina explained.

Mrs. Wina, who is also PF Vice President, lamented that violence was doing a disservice to the nation noting that investors would want to invest in a country which is very united and peaceful.

She further said those who engage themselves in violent acts do not realise the damage they cause as the vice was hindering investors to invest in Zambia.

Mrs. Wina said Zambia has never experienced war and therefore people should not be speaking carelessly and engaging themselves in barbaric acts of violence.

She noted that Zambia was known to be a country of peace and unity in the world hence violent people must be dealt with accordingly.

And Vice President has said Zambia’s economy will start improving by June this year because government was heavily investing in the energy sector to woo investors to the country.

Mrs. Wina said the Itezhi-Tezhi hydroelectricity power station and many other power stations around the country will put Zambia back on track economically.

“By June 2016, the whole scenario will change and as government, we have to double our efforts to generate extra electricity in Zambia,” she said.

On agriculture, Mrs. Wina pointed out government was diversifying from maize to growing other crops such as cassava, millet, sorghum, rice, legumes and cashew nuts as well as doing livestock farming.

She said time has come for Zambia to diversify and move away from depending on the maize which she described as costly.

On food security, the Vice President disclosed that 2,000 solar powered milling plants will be established across Zambia to produce cheap mealie-meal.

Mrs. Wina said the people of Kasama in Northern province were buying a 25 kilogramme bag of breakfast mealie-meal at less than K50.

She said this will be rolled out to the rest of the nine provinces in order to address the high mealie-meal prices obtaining in Zambia.

On the issues of a running mate, the Vice President clarified that President Edgar Lungu had the prerogative to nominate her as his running-mate.

Mrs. Wina said she will be happy if nominated to contest the position of vice president in the August 11, 2016 general election.

Meanwhile, the Vice President lashed out at those that are criticizing the newly created Ministry of National Planning and Development for which she is a minister.

Mrs. Wina defended the ministry saying it will address women empowerment and promote the economic affairs for women and the youth.

She said President Lungu has demonstrated political will to appoint more women to decision making positions.

She said she was herself a beneficiary of women empowerment when she was appointed as Vice President.

Mrs. Wina challenged opposition political parties to emulate President Lungu in appointing more female candidates for the forthcoming general election.

And Mrs. Wina has observed that women in Zambia were still perceived as tools in other areas and were therefore vulnerable and manipulated by their male counterparts.

She said this was the cause for high cases of gender based violence (GBV) in the country.

She said Lusaka province recorded 1,450 cases of GBV last year adding that 10 percent of which were tried but only five percent were jailed.

Mrs. Wina has since assured that government and its cooperating partners were working hard to address the high cases of GBV in Zambia.

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    • In Zambia politics and violence go hand-in-hand, Lungu himself being not just the personification of, but also the chief perpetrator of political violence.

    • She has OBSERVED WELL: THAT WOMEN ARE USED AS TOOLS & THUS MANIPULATED BY THEIR MALE COUNTERPARTS – guess she has realised that PamaFI have really sucked her in & GOTTEN HER TO TELL LIES ON THEIR BEHALF!!! Mama Wina, PLEASE JUST LEAVE THOSE THUGS – how can you lower yourself & associate with Kambwili, “Flank” Bwalya, Davies Chama “Chakomboka”, Chakolwa (sori Chagwa???)etc etc You are amother of the nation, JOIN A PROGRESSIVE PARTY such as UPND before it is too late!!!

  1. It saddens me how politicians shield their own violent cadres. There’s no harm madam Wina in coming out and accept they were your own cadres, you actually gain more respect. Contrary to perception among political players, there’s NO political party in Zambia that can claim to have “violent-free” cadres. These are mobile youths, out there to be hired by anyone with money. Today, they can be hired by Sampa (BIGOCA incident), tomorrow they can be hired to torch his taxis (e.g during infamous PF convention). Even me, if I have money and want cadres to march to UPND offices to call for a convention, I will mobilise 100 youths within 10 minutes and give them UPND regalia. All they want is money, full stop. So stop shielding cadres.

  2. Finshi alekana uyu nakulubantu because those dump Trucks packed with PF Jerabo cadres were for Chile 1.The same they used to block HH in Kitwe when Chile himself fired a Pistol at Moba Hotel in Kitwe eventually the case has been closed.Alekana as if this incident occurred during the Night.That’s why Politicians are the most insulted people here in Zambia due to lack of truth!

  3. PF should not administer justice selectively. Recently Mumbi came out gunblazing to defend her party cadres whereas they were too swift to arrest UPND cadres in Choma and defending their acts. Beware not to become the opposition after the election and face similar treatment.

  4. We wont have enough rains this year, how is the new Itezhi-Tezhi hydroelectricity power station going to produce electricity to full capacity by June 2016?
    I have always wondered, maybe its my ignorance; The 2,000 Solar Milling Plants will produce mealie meal at less than K50 for a 25Kg breakfast Mealie Meal. What will happen to the current Milling Companies using Electricity (new tarrifs)? Are they making excessive profits at the current market price? Are jobs in these Electricity Milling Plants guaranteed with the introduction of the 2,000 Solar Plants?

  5. Sinkamba Wisdom- Ba Wina be honest to your soul. As mother and a seasoned politician and freedom fighter. just admit that PF is violent and as long as you keep denying that is the Zambian voters you are chasing away.
    Don’t lie to soul you shall remain a slave to yourself for ever

  6. How can a mother lie like this because of politics even an imbecile knows it was PF cadres sent by your Party mum sorry I won’t believe you.

  7. The PF cannot control the jerabos because they get alot of money from them. The same jerabos are going to turn against them oneday.

  8. Who is going to investigate security failures at the International Airport?
    Did security personnel allow criminal elements to enter secure area because they are wearing PF regalia?
    And if so, who took decision not to interfere with criminal elements?

    Ms. Wina, this questions beg for answer and not your political childish game of cadres.
    Security of International Airport has been violated with impunity and that is the fact. Are you trying to say that if the criminal elements were dressed in UPND regalia, security services would have reacted differently?

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