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Misisi woman cries foul over court order

Headlines Misisi woman cries foul over court order


A WOMAN of Misisi township has challenged the Chawama local court over the K250 child maintenance order granted to her saying it was not sufficient to sustain the welfare of her young children.
Mercy Zulu, 28, said her former lover has abandoned their children and has stopped providing for them.
Zulu complained that her former lover always hurls insults at her each time she asks for financial assistance for their children’s education.
Zulu was narrating before senior court magistrates Juliet Mwila and Kalunga Chansa in a case in which she sued Douglas Chirwa, 34, of John Laing Township for review of child maintenance.
“K250 is too little to meet the basic needs for my children. He needs to take responsibility as a father and ensure that he adequately provides for them. I want him to be giving me an allowance of not less than K500 monthly,” she said.
Zulu complained that each time she asks Chirwa for financial support, he suggests that she engages in prostitution to provide for their children.
“It is not fair that I have to struggle alone to provide for our children when he is still well and alive. He needs to start behaving like a father,” she said.
The court upheld the claim and ordered Chirwa to pay K300 monthly as child maintenance starting January month end.


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    • True. So, where do these judges get their stupid figures? Aren’t they the ones (judiciary in general) who went on go slow crying over meager salaries. Why don’t they consult with JCTR about the cost of the monthly food basket, or simply read newspapers, where such information pertaining to the high cost of living in Zambia is reported? Exactly who are they voting for in August if not HH, who promises more jobs, better salaries, lower cost of living?

  1. Such Judges are a disgrace. Surely what can 300 buy a child? Which school do these so called learned judges think charges 300K even if it`s a term or a month? It`s injustice and mockery to the woman and the children. As if she was conceiving the children alone.?
    HH should look into how our Judiciary is operating. There must be something seriously wrong for one to think that 300 can support a child later on children. Which Zambia are they from???????
    Some of these judges are chainama cases in waiting. Such rubbish.
    If you don`t want child maintenance, then use a condom for Christ sake. Innocent children are suffering as if they asked to be born. What a useless men indeed,judge included. I smell corruption here.

  2. Ba Mercy naimwe, you’re equally a parent to the same children.
    What is your contribution to their welfare?

    Ukutemwa ukudoda! alaa..

    • Stoopid woman. Did she ask the man before conceiving? Did the man agreed to have all those children with her? Some women look at men as cows to be milked for all they are worth. She should take ownership of her own children as provide for them herself. After all the man might not even be the father to the children if it is to be believed that there’s so much cheating going on.

  3. Chipata chaps that is their game! Chirwa, what happened for you to abandon your own blood? Sometimes it’s women who become provocative, leaving a man with no choice, but to leave the home for thorny greener pasture. Bana mayo sometimes ukulanda landa, when things get out of hand and unbearable that’s when they come back to their senses! Chirwa, I can just urge you to take care of your children umwana untu ufyele kale. Never have high hopes in something that is not yet in your hands. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush Tumbuka man Chirwa.

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