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Kitwe woman accuses brother of being wizard

Headlines Kitwe woman accuses brother of being wizard


A KITWE woman has accused her brother of being a wizard, in a spooky incidence where a concoction caught fire and a buffaloe’s head appeared when the two were consulting a witchdoctor.
During the bizarre episode, Lydia Musamba, took the incidence as proof that her brother Peter Musamba, bewitched her son when the two (Lydia and Peter) sought the services of a witchdoctor to establish the cause of her child’s illness.
Appearing before senior Local court magistrate Nsama Mutono was Musamba, 57, who dragged Lydia to court for defamation of character.
Musamba, of Kawama township told the court that on December 2, 2015, his sister publicly accused him of being a wizard.
He said he told his sister that there was need for them to consult a witchdoctor to prove his (Musamba’s) innocence and to also establish the cause of the child’s illness.
According to Musamba, the two visited the witchdoctor who ordered them to make a concoction of glycerine and chilli after which he (witchdoctor) prayed over it.
But while he prayed, Musamba said, fire came out of the bottle and a head of a buffalo dropped from nowhere much to their dismay.
“Your honour, the fall of that buffaloe’s head was to my sister proof that am a wizard. In rage, Lydia went outside the room and began accusing me of bewitching her son,” Peter said.
And Lydia said she and Musamba sought the services of a witchdoctor to establish the cause of her son’s illness.
She added that she believed Musamba was behind her child’s illness because of the bizarre outcome of the consultation.
The court said Lydia dented her brother’s image and defamed Musamba by calling him a wizard in public.
She ordered Lydia to compensate Musamba by paying K1, 600 in monthly instalments of K200.



  1. Absolute hoogwash! How does a buffalos’ head fall from nowhere. He tricked them by diverting their attention to the fire from the bottle while one of his assistants droped a buffalos’ head. Stop seeking advise of witchdoctors unless you are witches and wizards. Even that Musambas’ sister is herslef a witch.
    F00lishness! Now the two of them will never trust each other, family is divided, that’s the only benefit from consulting witchdoctors.
    Iwe chi Lydia, take the child to the hospital immediately!

  2. As someone who went to the now closed universities do remember that glycerin is explosive and chilli too.In fact a mixture of glycerine and fertilizer with a source of heat was what Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma city bomber used to kill over 200 people.(Do not try what have mentioned at home or you will die).We need the grade 12 certificate to at least rid society of such scams

  3. I don’t know if it is well-known in Zambia, but this story makes me think of the “Ragtime” Opera Treemonisha by the world famous composer Scott Joplin. It deals with some of these themes within the post-slavery African American community. I think it very inspirational.

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