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Government sources funds to facilitate the creation of 500,000 jobs for youths

Economy Government sources funds to facilitate the creation of 500,000 jobs for youths

 Ronald Chitotela (centre) addresses a Zambia School of Management Studies meeting on the minimum wage in Lusaka
Ronald Chitotela (centre) addresses a Zambia
School of Management Studies meeting on the minimum wage in Lusaka

Government says it has sourced funds to facilitate the creation of 500,000 jobs for youths in the country.
Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport Ronald Chitotela disclosed this today during the Kwacha good morning Zambia programme on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) in Lusaka.

Mr Chitotela said government intends to create 500, 000 jobs for youths through entrepreneurship before the end of this year.

The deputy minister assured that government has already sourced the funds and called on the youth across the country to take advantage of the youth empowerment fund.

Mr Chitotela pointed out that thousands of youth across the country have already applied to be considered for the youth empowerment fund in order to start up new and boost old businesses.

He urged Zambians to continue supporting the PF administration as it is geared to continue uplifting the living standards of the citizens across the country.

Mr Chitotela was speaking ahead of next Saturday’s March 12, 2016 Youth Day Celebrations.


    • These PF guys with their Visionless leader have been singing the 500 000 jobs song since last year. Fact is PF has not created any net jobs…PF has closed universities prematurely, PF has increased cost of living. Load shedding has increased under PF…in short all negative vices have increased under PF

    • This is another 90 day lie these PFools concoct around election time. Nobody believes it. Where are jobs going to come from when there’s no power to even run a barber shop?

  1. Pleas PF, you don’t creat jobs for youth by giving them money, this just vote buying. No wounder you failed the economy.

    And also tell us Where did you borrow this money from this time ?

  2. hahahahahaha PF PF these people never cease to amaze me. So creating 500,000 is equivalent to dishing out money to the youth, the money which the youth never report about and no one can point at any successful use of these monies. These are the programmes the IMF will just cancel immediately they come to bail out Zambia.

  3. We are not talking about venturing into tuntemba businesses here ..no. We are talking about widening manufacturing base, agricultural from production to value addition, minerals from production to value addition. Equipment assembly plants and skills development. We need youths who are educated to run enterprises to employ those that are not.
    We don’t want businesses like chicken keeping, buying and selling of groceries, please engage only serious minded people like those unza/cbu graduates who are busy applying for jobs.

    • Its too late for that the funds have already been distributed….PF has everything covered via their offices.

    • Ati……We need youths who are educated to run enterprises to employ those that are not.

      Which ones are those? The University students the this PF Government cannot even pay meal allowances on time to?

      That are now not able to study because a PF Minister CLOSED THE UNIVERSITY?

      Wake up id.io.t! This is just more talk and hot air. Lungu is clueless on how to create jobs, he has not even told us how he plans to create 500,000! Just electioneering with more LIES!

    • @4.2 if you are only interested in calling others !diots minus giving a posits side of your story am sorry am not Upnd cadre to compete exchanging insults with you. Those criminals from upnd who led to the closures of the two unis are the ones you should blame. Unis have produced many gradutes before those criminals went there. Meanwhile for calling me !diot go farck yo maza.

    • HH Techilema.
      While you still had billions, that is what you were advised to do, ease up on most comboni roads and build factories and value added industries. But instead the corruption was too sweet with the overpriced roads until you finished the money. Your calculations were investors will be flooding in because of the roads. To date not one investor has come, only shops and now you want to dream about those industries.
      Too late.

    • # 4 & 4.3

      Doctor was polite in calling them *****s. As to you imbec1le, do you know how much money is required to create ONE permanent job?
      First learn facts before spreading your imbec1lity.

  4. Sourced funds from where? He means the loan contracted from ADB..these empty tins have no shame at all a govt should stimulate job creation in the private sector not physically create jobs via district creation, appointments and micro loans …its not sustainable!!

    • And that is a minister talking.Government is not supposed to be creating jobs.I thought such kind of thinking went away with UNIP 25 years ago.Government s duty is creating an enabling environment,the very oppsite that these empty tins are doing.And have you ever heard this same Chitotela talking?I don’t think he even reached grade 9.

    • Its likened to me going to ZANACO to obtain a loan to help subsistence farmers in Lundazi…the bank manager would simply laugh me out of his office as there is no guarantees but since these debts are contracted via govts irrespective of who is in power the loan will sit stand.

  5. HH Techilema those are valid points. I like your way thinking . your gives sense reading than the insults from @jayjay. Its true that meaningful jobs can only be created through private sector under govt supervision.

    • Sweet janie – you can put lipstick and apply channel no.1 on a pig it will still be a pig….these loans being contracted will be paid by our grand children some of them haven’t even been born…would you use polite words to someone who is misusing your children’s savings?
      Wake up!!

    • @jj

      As for me I would rather I get a loan and invest in my future for the benefit of my children. Development is everlasting that’s why we pay taxes. If you don’t want your kids to be part of this development simply don’t have kids. If you do then kill them. Its up to you their parent to work hard if you don’t want your kids to come and pay tax.
      By the way govt does not use citizens as collateral for obtaining those loans.

    • And there is the problem right there you neither know the reason you pay tax NOR the rule of thumb regarding obtaining loans..if I obtain a £10,000 loan from my bank that money has to start working for me immediately I sign the dotted line. Its no wonder we are indebted and in deficits as we have ministers who think like yourself, absolutely no understanding of basic principles of finance.

    • @ sweet janie

      Your comment shows you have zero understanding of BORROWING.

      This PF Government is using YOUR FUTURE EARNINGS and those of YOUR CHILDREN as collateral for this debt. Do you think Lungu, Chikwanda and company is going to pay back this TEN BILLION DOLLARS from their own pockets? Wake up! It is the people of Zambia that will have to pay it back, WITH INTEREST!

      And the politicians will be long gone with all the money they have stolen!

  6. We are tired of pf fake promises. They have even continued lying, stop it as election is around the conner.

  7. Huuuuuu! lets learn to appreciate. PF is in power for berly 5 years now count the number of years you have been suffering. Is it fair to put the blame on PF? what of lungu who has been in office for 1 year. Its only the truth and love that can make HH president.

    • Are you trying to say that position of the President of the Republic comes with provision of “On Job Training”? Please, if that is what you think, think again before kraping in public.

  8. As a manager by training, I used to take these pronouncements seriously at first, until I realised something; that they are jokes and proverbs! Keep on entertaining us, though of course we are in for a rude shock, becoming highly indebted country once again.

  9. In this context, ‘source’ shall mean ‘borrow’. Of course we know that is the only thing the PF knows…borrowing

  10. Hmmm. Money to create jobs? It is a functioning economy that creates jobs. Look at the American economy! Obama doesn’t need to keep shouting about job creation. The economy itself demands jobs to be craeted becoz it is growing!

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