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Residents burn down police post in protest over gruesome murders

General News Residents burn down police post in protest over gruesome murders

Police Spokesperson Charity Mungangaa
Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga

Irate residents of Lusaka’s George Compound on Thursday night ran amok and set ablaze a police post in protest after four bodies were discovered in the area with private parts and ears chopped off.
The residents started protesting around 21 Hours, throwing stones at Mwembeshi police post and setting the place on fire.

Police Spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda confirmed that a GRZ truck and three private vehicles were also burnt down in the process.

“Officers went out in the field to apprehend suspects who had committed a different offence. Then word went round that the suspects in the missing body parts case had been apprehended and were in police custody. So members of the community went to the police demanding that the suspects be released and handled to them so that they deal with them,” Mrs Chanda explained.

He added, “When the officers told the residents that the said suspects were not in custody, they started throwing stones as a result destroying and burning property including the Mwembeshi Community Police Post and three vehicles that were parked there. Amongst the burnt vehicles is a GRZ trucks. More officers were sent to the area to handle the situation.”

Mrs Chanda said members of the community in the area should not resort to rioting but remain calm as the police handle the situation.

“The murder cases will be investigated and the culprits brought to book. The residents are not solving any problem by damaging or setting ablaze the police post but allowing the criminals to operate freely.”

Police in Lusaka Thursday morning picked up four male bodies with missing private parts and ears in George Compound near a place called The Paradise.

Two out of the four have been identified as Alex Zulu and Alias Phiri aged 21 and 18 years respectively both were last seen on 16th March 2016 around 18:00 Hours.

The bodies were discovered by members of the public and had multiple head injuries.
Preliminary investigations indicate that the deceased were dumped in the area after murdered from elsewhere.

The incident is suspected to have happened between 23:00 hours on 16th March and 06:00 hours 17th March 2016.

The bodies are lying at UTH mortuary.


    • Well done residents. These cadres in police uniform need to know that their job entails fighting crime, protecting the public and maintaining law and order. Not targeting UPND with their brutality and teargas. They waste time following HH everywhere he goes, instead of conducting patrols to fight crimes such as these.

    • Clearly citizens have lost confidence in the Police. How can a young lady be stripped naked by PF cadres in full view of 4 police officers (as seen on video)? Edgar has to end this nonsense

    • If it was PF members who where murdered the suspects would be in police culls by now, But because its just ordinary Zambians nothing will be done or will come out of this case.
      Look where EL and PF has taken our country, I hope people will do the right thing on the 11th.
      The damage caused to our country will take years to repair, Wake up people these guys are up to no good.
      If anything these people should have gone further to burn the Police HQ.

    • Very backward thinking ama Zambians. So there are murders in your neighborhood, solution – burn down the police post. Now the murderers know there’s no Police, so get ready to solve the crimes yourselves because no police means more crime.

  1. Ba ka pokola, somehow u are to blame for burning that p.post, u are slow to act on criminal matters, fast to act on political and traffic matters, so som pipo hav lost confidence in u. So sad for those pipo murdered.

  2. The community has lost confidence in the Zambia Police due to the cadish behaviour of Kanganja and his people.

  3. the same cadre you have empowered to move with pangas are using them to kill people. the police only know the oppositions as the criminals, leaving true criminal to work freely. people have lost confidence in pf police

  4. How on earth does your fellow human’s body parts mean anything mystically advantageous to you? Zambians never cease to amuse me. And those have Grade 12 Certificates I am sure and were harvesting body parts so they can get lucky on August 11. Wouldn’t be surprised if this were indeed the case…

  5. Dear Zambians do not encourage lawless behaviour by members of the public; lawlessness will create anarchy which will affect everyone. Burning the police station and government vehicles is not the solution. Now that the residents have burnt down Mwembeshi Police post were are they going to report assault cases, robbery cases and other crimes?

  6. Burning and stoning a police post will not solve the high crime rate place in George compound. If any the residents are just allowing criminals to move freely. Those fellows in George Compound and surrounding areas should learn what happened to residents of Garden and Misisi not long ago. They burnt down the police posts and what followed high rate of crime were experienced in those areas. The best the residents can do help the police operate effectively is to cooperate and provide information on suspected criminal elements. Its not just the job of the police alone to detect, prevent and apprehend criminals. Its the police and you. We know these criminals, we leave and eat with them but fail to report their bad activities to the police. Lets not blame the police but ourselves. We are…

  7. I’m shocked some people are not only supporting the myopic behavior of the community but also encouraging it for cheap and misguided political gain. Will it surely be PF to blame when the ritual murderers start moving freely from house to house harvesting body part? Please people let’s not politicize everything!!

  8. I wished the residents killed one Officer to set an example. Today, the worst person I can think of in Zambia is a policeman. These people disgust me!!!! A young lady is being stripped naked in in their full view and they are busy smiling? Is that fair. Just over 3 weeks ago, one police woman was almost killed for attempting to collect a bribe from a frustrated mini bus driver. That is the frustration and resentment that the general populace has developed against these shameless thieves in police uniforms. Soon, this country will be on fire because of this partisan policing. Even under Chiluba, policemen were not this unprofessinal. I really wished they killed one or 4 officers you know. I hate these fools!!!!

  9. The habit of burning down police posts and wantonly damaging public property is primitive behavior,though the police are also partly to blame because of their inertia. When someone reports a case,they take their time to react. Indeed crimininals stay in our homes and live among us.,however if a dutifully bound citizen takes it upon themselves to report some suspected criminals that individual is the one taken to task, hence people choose to keep quiet. A typical example is that of a robbery and car theft that took place in our neighborhood. When the victims told the police that one of the suspects was in the vicinity and recently released from prison for similar crimes. The police said that they had nothing to do with the suspect as he had been cleared by the courts. The police should…

  10. The police should clean up their act with regard to criminal investigations and massively improve on reaction time.

  11. @Suntwe you are brainless and demented, so burning down the police post is the solution! See, now the same residents will be crying for a police post when crime goes in the upswing in the same area. This is rediculous, it is like throwing gabbage in the drainage system and when your house gets flooded, you start blaming the govt. Well we shall wait and see if the action the residents have taken is the right one.

  12. Burning cars and police post does not help anything. Thats the problem with us Africans, whenever we are protesting, we destroy property. Its foolish becoz the same property that we are destroying, its us, the same residents, indirectly that would buy and replace through taxes that we pay to the govt. The money that is taxed from the protesters salaries will buy the cars that were burnt and renovate the police post.
    Its the same with South Africans, they destroy everything whenever they are protesting. ITS FOOLISHNESS.

  13. Its barbaric and shows the level of thinking. The problem with us Africans is we are barbarians and our thinking is primitive. The same property that the residents destroyed, will be bought and paid by the money taxed from the same residents salaries. Its just foolishness. Same with South Africans, whenever they are protesting they destroy property. They think they are fixing the goverment not knowing they are fixing themselves.

  14. This lawless behaviour extends to road accidents. Hit any member of the community in some of these areas you will be lynched and your vehicle set on fire! It is really mind baffling as what has led to this kind of behaviour in Zambian compounds! Very sad indeed that some bloggers seem to support this conduct.

  15. The residents are barbarians and its primitive thinking. They destroyed the property and tomorrow they will pay to replace the damaged property through taxes deducted from their salaries. Same with South Africans, whenever they are protesting they destroy property. ITS BARBARIC written in black and white.

  16. Who organised this riot. Is it a detractor action? Attacking the police is the beginning of the end of orderly society.

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