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Former State House chief policy analyst arrested

General News Former State House chief policy analyst arrested

Jack Kalala, former special assistant to President Mwanawasa
Jack Kalala, former special assistant to President Mwanawasa

POLICE have arrested former State House chief policy analyst, Jack Kalala after the court issued a bench warrant against him for not attending court sessions.

Kalala of Ibex Hill was arrested at his business premises in Lusaka West on Thursday afternoon.

He is expected to be in detention until April 18, 2016 when his bench warrant is returnable before Magistrate Nchimunya Simaubi.

Kalala is charged with two offences of obtaining money by false pretences and issuing a cheque on an insufficient funded account.

He is alleged to have between February 2015 and May 2015 in Lusaka with intent to defraud or deceive obtained explosives and explosive accessories altogether valued at K143,025.99 from Patriotic Front (PF) Munali aspiring candidate Mike Mposha by pretending that he was going to pay for them.

Kalala is in the second count, alleged to have on March 11, 2015 in Lusaka willfully and dishonestly with intent to defraud or deceive issued a First National Bank cheque number 000082 in the sum of K40,000.00 to Mr Mposha on an insufficient funded account.

After hearing the prosecution evidence from Mr Mposha’s witnesses, the prosecution closed its case and set March 31, 2016 as a date for ruling on whether or not Kalala had a case to answer.

Kalala who is being represented by Maureen Mwanawasa and Company, however, did not turn up to listen to the verdict and the court gave him the benefit of doubt.

Mr Simaubi adjourned the ruling to April 7, 2016 but Kalala still did not appear.

The prosecution applied for the bench warrant to be issued against Kalala, saying it was the second time he was absent without giving any reasons.

Mr Simaubi granted the application and ordered that Kalala be arrested through a bench warrant to enable him attend court on April 18, 2016 when the bench warrant is returnable.


  1. Its sad to see pipo who should be building our nation frequenting courts. what advice can they give their grand children? Lawyers should leave some pipo to defend themselves to promote good morals in our society

  2. ASSAGE-today I’m very happy with your blog for the first time though we seem to be anathema to UPND & PF!

  3. I am worried that an individual can have and sell explosives and explosives accessories to another person. Am I missing something?

    • Explosives are now mainly being used a lot to break stone buried underground when people are planning to build on the rocky land. I have seen this quite often in many different places and I bet this is the reason for Kalala buying them!

  4. Ba Jack Kalala,

    This is not political it started as a commercial and contractual agreement which you criminalized by misdemeanors under sections 308 right through 313 of the Penal Code, Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

    And the rest of you beware of s312; Obtaining credit by false pretences. Don’t get kaloba with intent to deceive and defraud by issuing dud cheques or collateral and hope to avoid ndende…..!

    How the mighty have fallen!

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