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Government calls on Zambia Police to take all measures available to protect Journalists

General News Government calls on Zambia Police to take all measures available to protect...

Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili
Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili
GOVERNMENT has called on the Zambia Police to take all available measures to protest any form of violence against the media.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba warned political parties that the government would not tolerate any form of violence against the media.

Dr Kambwili said this through his deputy Forrie Tembo in Choma during the launch of the third Radio Station being called Choma Maanu Radio Station.

“It is sad that the journalists are sometimes harassed and threatened with violence when performing their duties, but as a government we wish to warn all political parties that we will not tolerate any form of violence against the media.

“I wish to appeal to the Police to take available measures to protect journalists and equipment,” Dr Kambwili said.

Dr Kambwili said the government supports plurality of view that was why the nation had moved from one broadcasting station to 90 radio stations and 18 television stations.

He assured the management of the Choma Maanu Radio station that his Ministry was ready to provide the much needed information to disseminate to the people.

He expressed happiness that the new station has been able to win the hearts of the listeners on account of its all-inclusiveness and community driven programming and news coverage.

He has since urged the management to aspire for the highest level of ethical and professional standards in their work.

Speaking at the same function Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) board member Hilda Akekelwa said the new station had been licenced to broadcast in English, Tonga, Nyanja and Bemba.

“This is just as well because the station was operating in a multi-lingual society,” Akekelwa said.

She urged the Radio Station to speak positively about society and to avoid vices such as violence and hate speech.

Choma Maanu Station Director Patrick Kamwi said the idea of the Radio Station started in 2014 by a group of people in Choma.

Mr Kamwi assured the government that it would endeavour to promote its goal of informing, educating and entertaining.

He paid tribute to the government for encouraging private sector development.

The station has employed 30 staff, some of which were reporters, producers, and continuity announcers.

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  1. Kambwili is not a Doctor. The Doctorate he is claiming is fake. So please stop cheapening the title as the does has not contributed anything of significance to society.

  2. Someone please, educate me, did the 21st April showdown between the loudy Kambwili and the vulgar GBM took place or someone chickened out?

  3. HHHH100% We Hard-core tribalists are the majority of people behind the UPND party. The tribalism tag cannot be wished way because they the Tonga have created a tribal tag for themselves whether it’s in work places or the communities where they live. Take Mr Magande for example he is the man that sourced funding to persecute bembas and easterners between 2001 and 2008. That agenda has not died; given a chance they will still persecute the two major tribes. Someone needs to apologise.

  4. People should know that it was the arrogant Kambwili and his violent PF party that started victimizing journalists.When PF is voted out on 11 August journalists will be free to work without being intimidated.

  5. Police should not be instructed but they need to be professional unlike this behaviour of siding with the political party in Government. We just need to encourage ethical reporting and professionalism from ZP

  6. Kamvwili Chishimba and his PFools party are the people that have been violent towards journalists!! Does this change in attitude have anything to do with the up coming August elections??? Chimbwili has realised too late that their violent runts and arrests of journalists could play against them in the abuse of human rights! Freedom of expression is one of the journalists ‘ rights!! Chimbwili didn’t realise that until now?!! Forward chabe mwe bantu!! Chimbwili is just joking…

  7. Kambwili and his cohorts really take the people of Zambia for granted,Who urinated in the Post journalist’s mouth in Chipata,wasnt it PF cadres who are now appearing in court?Who has been dragging the Post to police over trumped up charges,isnt it Kambwili’s GRZ.Ndipo these people are jokers.

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