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Male Politicians attack me because I am a political threat-Mumbi Phiri

Headlines Male Politicians attack me because I am a political threat-Mumbi Phiri

FILE: Mumbi Phiri with President Lungu inspecting Projects
FILE: Mumbi Phiri with President Lungu inspecting Projects

Ruling PF Deputy Secretary Mumbi Phiri says she is constantly attacked by some male politician because their political survival depends on her.

Mrs Phiri said as a female politician, she has had to endure a lot of insults directed at her by her male politician who are threatened by her political prowess.

She said that she has been called a lot of names since she joined politics around 2006 but that she has grown a thick skin.

Mrs Phiri was speaking last night when she featured on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview television programme.

She said most women are scared of participating in politics due to the hostile nature of Zambia’s politics.

“You all remember that HH once told Edith Nawakwi that she belongs in the Kitchen, with that kind of male politicians, do you think a lot of women will enter the political field?”

She added, “I have been insulted right, left and centre because some people cannot survive without talking about Mumbi Phiri. They know I am a political threat.”

Mrs Phiri said she has managed to have a successful career in politics because she has a very supportive husband.

“Imagine as a husband, who is also a migrant worker, and you come back home and you read stories that your wife flew to Joburg to go and abort, how could that make a man feel?

“People write lies about me every day. They say that Mumbi insults men. They just portray me like that because it suits them,” she complained.


  1. Mumbwe Phiri is a biatch. I hope she is happy to get an insult from somebody who does not depend on her to a living, unlike those PFools.

  2. Please stop over rating yourself in this manner. Ba Mumbi, your type of politics is very backward. You, Dora, GBM, Kambwili, Bwalya the former father, make me think that politics because in Zambia is about who can degrade others more.

    • But Edgar,
      Why he drink when he knows he will be walking? Look at him, but ubwalwa bubi sana, beer has no respect if you are president or not, you be humbled.

    • That’s right Mrs Phiri. One need only read the vitriol directed at you when you make a statement. The toddlers like GBM, HH and UPND cadres literally crap in their diapers when you say something. In any case these male politicians have failed Zambia and Africa as a whole. Zambia looks like a war torn country thanks to the useless males!

    • @Nostradamus
      kekekekekekekek!!!!! Awe boyi, don’t accuse ubwalwa, we all drink but we don’t walk like that after drinking…Beer has respect!! edgar is just weak in all area,,, uluse!

  3. ..she does not like men shaped like GBM were she has to kneel down to access ‘whatever’….and GBM’s wife and children read about that….if you live in a glass house avoid a stone war…..

    • Very well said. You carry yourself as such, fit to be insulted. By the way, stories about your RSA trips on chattered planes come from PF inner circles. Dont blame UPND.

  4. People insult you not because you are a woman, it is because you are an *****. Have you ever heard people insult Nawakwi the way they insult you, the answer is no because Nawakwi is well mannered and uses civilised language when dealing with issues. You are nauseating.

    • Nawakwi well mannered? Have you forgotten how she used to insult Chiluba – insults of the trousers – which prompted Chiluba to ask if she had a father or brothers? She might have toned down because she is a party leader but she just as vile.

  5. Comment:The womenfolk should advise Mumbi phiri and Dora siliya to tame thier laguage.
    The duo are only specialised in insults when given chance to articulate issues affecting the masses.

  6. Ba Mumbi , the way you talk, the way you posture, the way you demean others while pretending you are spotless does not help. The way you argue shows you are nkaka proper. Madam, we like you but just sober down a little, it doesn’t hurt. By the way, I am full time PF

  7. Ba Mumbi te secret that you and Jemison have an affair and you chartered a plane to SA for abort.We pit your useless husband me I would have divorced you a long time ago.

  8. its true ba kanshi ba mumbi ur a big threat to many of our male politicians especially the opposition. ur a woman to with a character to reckon with and i tell u my sister ur very few women with this character and people will only see the fruits of yo hard work when we wil the elections……..in our political field its U, Dora, Nawakwi and Masebo…..and continue being an example to all our young women in the political sphere…..#ECL

  9. Mumbi you should never mind cheap opposition thugs like Kaponya Hichilema and Mapatizya Tekere. They are the scum of the earth and are definitely scared little COWards.

    • HH has more quality than wasting time on self debasing females like Munbi. Mr Phiri is migrant worker? What does he do? He can’t hold down a permanent job at home to look after madam’s other biological needs? No wonder she rants so much and attacks MALEs, Please direct your lack of service to your hubby. Leave other men out of your hormonal issues!!

    • Get a life you i.diot than always talking about HH. Have you ever heard HH even mentioning your pathetic name, it means you are just sh.it in HH’s life.

  10. Successful women don’t talk like this where the marginalize themselves…this silly woman is not worth inviting to the studio …these are the selfsame people discouraging women to enter into politics; I am even surprised she has a husband..he must be daft, blind and deaf…probably the most docile man in Zambia.

  11. This woman obviously has nothing to measure her self up to.If PF loses as expected I don’t think this woman will have a political life.Time is now to respect Mr Phiri.

  12. @Kudo mafi yobe yobe please, shut up uli tole sana cikala, don’ t you have any other meaningful comments apart from exposing your stupidity in the media ? You MUST be the dullest chap ever. By the way, is the devil your father ?

    • I agree. Kudos should be banned from LT. This son of Mumbi Phiri has bad manners and lacks interllectual capacity. A pure kaponya

  13. Ignore the silly chaps insulting on this blog. It shows brain shortage. Just read sensible things and leave out the insults from poorly brought up chaps morally

  14. I don’t even know her and she is already complaining that th male politicians are already jealous of her. She doesn’t have a political stamina. Still an infant.

  15. No wonder the reckless behaviour of this woman, Mumbwe! So that’s why every one passes through it it is because the so called husband works in SA picking fruits on a white farmer’s farm!! So she has to open her legs to anyone to stop the nyele from troubling her!! Next time it will be chimbwili cracking it!!

  16. Has dead NBC run out of people to interview? How come this woman is being interviewed at the same fora several times within the 4 months of this year? And she went there to talk about ‘her male politician’, kikikiki. May be she was thinking of Chagwa as she was talking.

  17. This is an embarrassment to society more so women. The way this woman conducts herself is shameful. You will see during campaign time. I have no respect for such

  18. Can some one please enlighten me what significant contributions this lady has made to Zambia that she is boasting about

  19. Ms Phiri, Insults and lies are weapons of liars and desperadoes. People at the bottom of their game with no other way to fight you lose their self respect and integrity and resort to poison your environment, in the hope of unseating you.

    Smile, shake your head and continue in your winners direction.

  20. I saw the whole the program and I was left wondering how a semiliterate cadre like herself was getting the courage to talk so highly of herself. Surely she must be suffering from megalomania- a form of madness where one exaggerates his/ her importance or wealth.

  21. This sty.pid woman just survives on patronage.

    Brainless cow that is just in politics to steal.

  22. No its because you are a jerk. Even women don’t respect you. Treats don’t get you nowhere. Killing innocent babies will haunt you.

  23. We kanyo iwe twapapata sure ka nyelawile uko! So your husband is a migrant worker? I will send my boys to play Afrophobia with him, eish?

  24. She is not worthy to be called a woman too ugly which same man can take off mumbi Phire’s duty pants? Give us a break

  25. I totally agree with Mumbi Phiri, the problem is lunatics have taken over politics. They have got to recognise that sexism, racism and tribalism is unacceptable in a modern political party and every political party facing this problem of insulting our women has got to deal with it. Our dear Zambian women please do not vote for any one who insults you and get united.

  26. look at the small legs like spokes..kekekeke..who even talk about her..keep on bed wetting

  27. You are not a factor in Zambian politics but you are best known for your insults and your husband must be the most unfortunate man on earth.What is the source of income for your husband?
    Or may be he depends on you for his survival because a woman who openly insults men in Zambain culture is not normal

  28. She is not a politician but an entertainer.
    She is just there to offer services to some people.
    Wait after elections you will see how she will be.
    It is erection time for her.
    She says she is used to insults, will she bear with what is above? Or being called hell hole?
    She is a value subtractor. Even the husband is just waiting for pf exit to act if he is normal at all.
    Shame kuli bamayo chipuba.
    Ala mayo mwaikalila ama erection mu pf.

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