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Residents Complain about the resurfacing of Tujilijili in Bauleni Township in Lusaka

Economy Residents Complain about the resurfacing of Tujilijili in Bauleni Township in Lusaka

FILE: Some of the Tujilijili consignment that was surrendered at Kitwe Civic center by a named distributor in Kitwe
FILE: Some of the Tujilijili consignment that was surrendered at Kitwe Civic center by a named distributor in Kitwe

RESIDENTS of Bauleni Township in Lusaka have complained about the resurfacing of the highly intoxicating illicit alcohol popularly known as Tujilijili.

They said that the illicit beer was a danger to society as it promoted crime and alcoholism in the area especially among the unemployed, youths and women.

Gertrude Musonda a resident of Bauleni Township said some youths would get drunk as early as 06:00hrs and this would result in less productivity in the area.

Ms Musonda said even under-age persons were consuming Tujilijili in large quantities because it was cheap and would not even consider diluting the highly concentrated alcohol which posed as a danger to health.

“This beer is very harmful to a person’s heath because it is very highly concentrated but alot of young folks have continued abusing the beer here in Bauleni because it is very cheap,”she said.

She has since appealed to Lusaka City Council (LCC) to move in and rid the township to stop the trade of illicit beer in the area.

And another resident Michael Mwewa said it was unfortunate that the illicit beer had resurfaced after Government and the local authority had banned it.

Mr Mwewa called on the local authority to ensure that the manufacturers and the traders of Tujilijili were brought to book because the beer was a public nuisance.

LCC public relations manager Habeenzu Mulunda said anyone with information that would lead to the perpetrators to report to the matter to council offices.

He said trading in Kachasu, Tujilijili and some wines were not allowed in Zambia as such anyone found wanting would be prosecuted.

Mr Mulunda said LCC was doing everything possible to ensure that all those who were involved in the sale of illicit alcohol were brought to book.

He said the council needed to cooperate with other stakeholders to bring sanity in Lusaka especially in places like Chibolya, Misisi and Bauleni townships.

Mr Mulunda noted that there was need for the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) to ensure that tough measures on borders were put in place as most illicit beer was being smuggled into the country.
He disclosed that most people were smuggling the sachets from Malawi and Tanzania.

“ZRA should make sure they put tough measures on the named borders to ensure that traders do not import the illicit sachets,” Mr Mulunda.



      How can this evil which has been controlled all this time , RESURFACE JUST BEFORE ELECTIONS & ESPECIALLY When PamaFI are in trouble with their campaign????

      Vote for a party with a VISION FOR ZAMBIA!! Vote WISELY 11/8/2016!! Vote UPND!!
      Abantu baya!!

      #chagwamustfall #pamaFikuyabebele!!

      I thank you!!

  1. This is encouraging….residents complaining about their environment. This drink adds no value whatsoever to the economy and should only be restricted to Lazy Lungu and State House where laziness and incompetence is promoted.

  2. Tujilijilis producers are legally licensed serve for those who are brewing kachasu. Our govt officials are irresponsible. They issue investment & manufacturing licenses to these people who careless for the nation. LCC & other councils know this fact very well because they issue occupation licenses to these manufacturers themselves & shouldn’t hide behind innocent ZRA. These tujilijilis are being produced in Zambia & we shouldn’t mud sling Malawi & Tanzania.


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