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47 perish in road accidents during long weekend compared to 26 last year

General News 47 perish in road accidents during long weekend compared to 26 last...

Police say 47 people lost their lives in road accidents across the country during the long weekend.

Police Deputy Spokesman Rae Hamoonga said the number of people who lost their lives through-out the country during this year’s Heroes and Unity holidays due to road traffic accidents has increased to 47 as compared to last year where 29 people died.

Mr Hamoonga said this representing a 62% increase compared to the number of persons killed last year.

“A total number of 282 road traffic accidents were recorded during the period as compared to last years’ 285, indicating a decrease of three road traffic accidents,” Mr Hamoonga said in a statement issued in Lusaka.

Copperbelt recorded the highest number with 66 road traffic accidents, followed by the Lusaka with 64, Southern and Central provinces both recorded 34 each. Whilst North Western had 20, Luapula 10, Northern Nine, Muchinga Seven and Western recorded five road traffic accidents and was the lowest.

Out of these accidents, 38 were fatal, 29 serious injuries, 65 slight injuries and 140 damage only accidents.

Police attributes the increase to human error such are over speeding and non-compliance to road traffic rules and regulations by motorists and pedestrians.

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  1. Please widen roads, make them dual or more in intercity, put more sign posts, road marks and clamp down on bad drivers – drunkards and the like! Lord have mercy on Mother Zambia.

    • Victor have you seen the state of the roads???? Potholes contribute to some deaths, however you are right in all the other reasons

  2. Road fatalities are the norm in our country even the coroners know big pay day is coming during long holidays as alcoholism and driving go hand in with most Zambian drivers in this so called “Christian nation” what ever that means. Dull politicians have not helped as well as they are too busy intoxicating themselves at Parliament Motel.

    • Youselfsame Jayjay you had lots of Jack Daniel shots as noticed by your absence during this four days holiday.Do not expect your selfsame politicians to bring road safety on the roads.Who doesn’t know that there is an increase in traffic in Zambia due to yourselsame increase in conditioned car imports.The automatic cars only requires yourselfsame people little driving test and behold you are behind the driver’s seat.Since I am more practical than yourselfsame keyboard critique, I suggest that driving and road traffic safety be introduced as a course in all schools in Zambia so that when those selfsame children start owning cars, they are already expert drivers and not learning kubukulu.#jayjay lies

      I thankyou

  3. At this rate, Zambian population will be wiped out soon. This is what happens when you have a vissionless leadership in a country.

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