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President Lungu is God fearing and a man with respect for the rule of law-Chitala

General News President Lungu is God fearing and a man with respect for the...

Mbita Chitala
Mbita Chitala

Former Presidential Advisor Mbita Chitala says he has decided to back President Lungu in this year’s election because the he has proved to be God fearing and a man with respect to the rule of law.

Speaking this morning when he featured on radio Pheonix special programme, Dr. Chitala said President Lungu has shown serious commitment in the fight against any form of corruption because he was not corrupt.

Dr. Chitala says President Lungu was tolerant of divergent views, adding that Zambians should not be misled into believing that the Head of State has failed.

“President Lungu has shown serious incorruptible mind in the manner he is governing because he is not corrupt himself. He has performed extremely well since taking over government even at a time when people like Guy Scott and Wynter Kabimba fought him tirelessly to stop him from taking over,” he said

He also justified PF’s borrowing saying the borrowing was well done and the IMF and the World Bank has supported that because the money has gone towards the intended purpose.

He explained that most of the funds have gone towards infrastructure development such as hydro power production, road construction and expansion of roads and schools something he said people were able to see and appreciate.

He further said that there was no economy anywhere in the world that would grow without borrowing and that those against borrowing were not being genuine.

He added President Lungu is able to point at what he has done which was good for the nation and the people of Zambia in the fight against poverty.

Asked on the high prices of commodities and if price control was the solution Dr Chitala said government had shown the willingness to improve people’s lives by ensuring that they have cheap basic commodities such as mealie meal.

He accused some millers of undermining government efforts increasing the prices of the commodity but that he foresees the prices going down due to the initiative by the government to bring solar milling plants across the country.

On price controls, he said doing so would lead to shortages of basic commodities just like in the UNIP days.


  1. No Mr Chitala I respectfully disagree. The facts on the ground do not align with your conclusions. Zambia deserves better.

    • So dissappointed with this man… when i met him back in Zambia in 2010 and discussed life at Acardes, one would see what poverty can do to a PhD.

    • The problem with Dr Chitala is that despite all his education, he still thinks like a villager. Despite a short stint in Libya and getting fired by Mwanawasa, the man is so unexposed. Not surprised that he his now singing for a job

    • I don’t understand people from this tried called Mambwe-they want always to bootlick whatever another tribe says. They all seem to be easily brain washed and following blindly even when things are bad-so am not surprised with what this loser Chitala is hallucinating about-yamunyokola njala Chilala!!

    • Be specific, what are you not agreeing with him. This generalised denial does not help, but show that you have failed to offer a credible denial, making Chitala’s unchallenged.

    • If he can make over K23 million in 5 years of being in government and he is not telling the nation the formula he used to multiply his wealth while presiding over a broke nation, isn’t that corruption?

    • Buck Teeth Lungu, I am confused, what did your father use to impregnate your mother to conceive you? Did he use a finger? If he used the natural tool, respect it or your insulting your own father and mother. How were you brought? If you had real parents who wanted to raise their children with respect, you would have been different. But I can see here that your a social misfit with Buck Teeth in your ass hole.

  2. Jameson Vodka Chakolwa Wrungu is a murder, a thief and a careless drunkard.He pretends to be a Christian…VIVA UPND,VIVA HH 2016

    • A plan is in place to arrest Edgar Chagwa Lungu should he set foot on American soil.Lungu is personally responsible for the death of Mapenzi Chibulo.

      Similar arrangements are being made in other countries including China.the

    • You are not offering a proper response to the points raised by Chitala. He is expressing his opinion. This goes to show that Chitala has made ponit too strong for you to challenge. Hence your insults. This is typical of UPND, they have no proper response to the sonta PF and ECL have done. Your only response are insults, unfortunately insults will not win you elections. Look at your HH how he misbehaved at Mulungushi and the recent CB rally where he publicly insulted Zambian women. How were you people brought up. Did you spend most of your time herding cattle and had no time to be guided in how to be sober and civil in your language and conduct. You are indeed a shameless and uncivilised lot. Zambia deserves better!!!


    • It does not matter, we love, made him President of Zambian against all odds, beat HH and his satanists, and we are making him continue after August 11. You can keep your hate and insult until they kill your soul. You will only get depressed for nothing. ECL is considered better than HH by most Zambians, period. Red,blue, white lips, we love our ECL!!! Just find a way of having other important Zambians talk well of HH. Only his fellow Tongs talk about him, and only that he is rich! Those are his riches, we dont eat from his table and we do not care about them.

  3. He is taking a gamble hoping Lungu will rig himself back into power and he can then join the gravy train. Mr Chitala is supporting Lungu to eat and get rich.

  4. Mr Chitala, please let us be serious with life! The scriptures say “you shall know them by their fruits”. It is not what Lungu says, but what he does that shows that he is not a christian. I can now see why H.E. Levy Mwanawasa kept you at a distance and fired you! We can see that you are not a patriot at all, but concerned with ‘eating’ with Lungu. How can you explain how Lungu has made over K20million in 15 months?

    • Iam sure if you were to line up the two, HH and ECL and Jesus was asked to pick one from the two, whom do you thin k would be picked? ECL of course, you have answered correctly. HH is Masonist, ECL is Christian despite his human failings, like all of us, worships Jesus. HH worships the devil.


  6. Does anyone ever still take Mr Chitala seriuosly? His history is well decorated with failure. Even as a very young boy I remember very well that in 1991 the advent of multi party democracy in our country this man then know as Derrick Chitala was living in a Servant’s Quarters of one of the pioneers of MMD. Within a year of MMD forming govt he was one of the richest people in our country, and broke a few months later after being relieved of his duties as Minister.
    His support for anyone is always based on what is in it for himself.

  7. very disappointed indeed. how the mighty have fallen, sad, sad and sad. hallmarks of the empty unproductive PHD’s……Africah twasebana !!!

  8. These are the people that make me wonder if Africa is doomed!Up to now,with so many years in politics,we do not know what Mbita Chtala is about.And you allow a guy like this to lecture students?Thats why some graduates…..PLEASE WORK UP ZAMBIA.YOU CAN RESPECT AND LISTEN TO SOME PEOPLE BUT NOT THIS ONE.GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY.Thanks

  9. Dr chitala
    I think there’s a need for you to educate people who got eyes.but there can’t see!!!!GOD bless YOU.

  10. Chitala is broke….. These are some of the hired mercenaries like Austin Chewe, Kavindele, Kelvin Bwalya crooks for hire mascarading as the new found PF members. They will do anything to serve their personal interests!

  11. Dr Mbita Chitala without even saying much about President Lungu do you realise that drunkness is a sin before God?

  12. Imwe naimwe do we even need to waste our time to people like this so called Chital a What has he done in his life that can be a reference point for us to say yes here is our inspiration, nothing bwana just shup up and concentrate on receiving a few coins with your criminal friends that you will not even enjoy because time is coming for your sentencing U can never mock God.

  13. Derrick should never be addressed as Dr. He is an educated fool talking nonsense all the way. Very shocking indeed. Poverty is really bad making people so foolish in broad day light. Yaba!!! Back Derrick zoona. Shame. Very mediocre at the highest level. So cheap.

  14. Derrick should never be addressed as Dr. He is an educated fool talking nonsense all the way. Very shocking indeed. Poverty is really bad making people so foolish in broad day light. Yaba!!! Ba Derrick zoona. Shame. Very mediocre at the highest level. So cheap.

  15. This is the same man who betrayed his best friend and tribes mate the late Dean Mung’omba to Chiluba on trumped-up treason charges. Mung’omba walked out of prison dead. This man Chitala is a devious traitor who can sell you for 30 pieces of silver. Zambians should not listen to such a good for nothing fellow “JUDAS”. He belongs to the dust bin of political failures.

  16. Thank you Dr. Chitala for your insight! Some guys will be disappointed soon! Anyway, it won’t be their first!

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