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Nevers Mumba is a confused, fake and failed Pastor-Mumbi Phiri

Headlines Nevers Mumba is a confused, fake and failed Pastor-Mumbi Phiri

Mumbi Phiri(c) during the launch of the PF campaign at Heroes Stadium
Mumbi Phiri(c) during the launch of the PF campaign at Heroes Stadium

NEVERS Mumba is a confused man who does not know which direction to take his political career, and wants to advance by demeaning people in leadership, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has charged.

In an interview with Daily Nation, Ms Phiri said that Dr Mumba was a fake pastor who had abandoned the work of God to join politics.

She disclosed that Dr Mumba was a confused man who had continued to demean President Lungu through the media to advance his political career.

Ms Mumbi said that Dr Mumba does not know which direction to take his political career because he accepted to be sent as an envoy to Canada after serving as republican vice president.

“Nevers Mumba is a confused man, he was republican vice president but he accepted to be sent as high commissioner to Canada. He doesn’t know which direction to take his political career; he just wants to advance his career that is why he has insisted on saying bad things about the president through the media” she said.

She said that Dr Mumba was the one using the church to catapult his political career and that he should not attribute that to the president as well.

Ms Phiri revealed that Dr Mumba did not listen to the voice of God because those who listened to the almighty always knew their direction.

She advised him to identify his true talent and stay with it because politics was no ground for him.

Meanwhile, National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba condemned the Post Newspaper for publishing pictures of military personnel holding political materials.

Mr Mumba said that the pictures published by the Post could have been graphically designed to mislead the Zambian people.

He has challenged the Post newspaper to reveal to the nation who those officers were and that the Inspector general of police should arrest and launch investigations in the matter.

Mr Mumba advised that the publication by The Post was tantamount to inciting people and military personnel to create a situation that could lead to a coup d’état.

“Showing such pictures to the public insinuated that the State security was not part of Government and that such a situation could trigger civil war in the country” he said.

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    • His political journey has been a historic disaster of unparalleled self infliction. The thing is, brother man always acts out of opportunism devoid of principles or basic common sense. He is too materialist, untrustworthy, and full of insatiable appetite for power of association. Having failed in the ministry, he hoped he could manipulate the world without scrutiny as it were in the Church to sustain his cosmetic opulent life. He started coning the members and unsuspecting missionary partners since the days of brother Reinhard Bonnke’s yellow tent. Some 35 years on, not even a toilet to show when every one has put up churches. Look at Imakando, Mensah and all young pastors. Its painful to see this disaster of a lost soul.

    • HH has build the most useless concoction of untrustworthy materialistic crusaders. Nothing would hold them together in tribulation and under public wrath. We will see what happens after suffering a 6th popular rejection next week to Lungu in a winner takes it all.

    • @ 1.5 Ndobo,
      Its not about PF or UPND, indelible truth is that HH has built the most useless concoction of untrustworthy materialistic crusaders. They are set for a humiliating defeat to a common man’s candidate ECL.

    • Senile Citizen aka Kudos Techilema.

      Your Edgar Lungu has threatened to kill teachers and policemen. So my message is as follows:

      Ma civil servant especially bakapokola nama ticha mwazimvelela…….it now you vote for UPND or you are sorted out by ECL PF. Edgar afunu kumudula mikosi….yazanda.

      Nindani azagonjesa….Civil Servants vs Edgar Chagwa Lungu PF?

      Its your life and your families at stake….its either you survive with UPND victory or perish if PF Lungu wins.

      The die is cast and the VOTE is yours ba Civil Servant. SAVE YOURSELVES…..vote Team HH/GBM.

      Choose life and avoid death…..run away from death of having Lungu back to torment and kill you…..VOTE UPND!!


    • Please don’t be cheated or deceved.ECL is NOT HUMBLE.Humbleness is not what ECL potrays outward.His heart is far from being humble.His ‘bantumpa’ speech directing the police to kill then call for a political ‘prayer’ meeting is not being humble.People of God the Bible says:”YOU SHALL KNOW THEM by their fruit”.ECL has no fruits to show the fear of God in him.

    • WHAT WILL MUMBI PHIRI TELL us about the stup.d Frank Bwalya? Leave Nevers Mumba along…. you are now feeling the fire from the Bembas

    • President Sata used to say that Nevers swindled a widow by grabbing a house from her. The house is on Jambo Drive in Kitwe. Nevers had no answer to that. After Nevers was fired as VP, he was destitute going around borrowing money from here and there. He got a demoted job as High Commissioner to Canada and saw that as an opportunity to recoup his fortunes. In Canada he misapplied funds. Sata recalled him and he decided to take over the fully resourced MMD which he drove into the same quick sands that had destroyed his Christian Coalition. Now, one should ask. What is in it for Nevers?

    • @senior citizen
      Me I don’t debate with children like you who are afraid of watermelons! A watermelon is a fruit! Waumfwa,,,, the article above is about mumbi Phiri attacking man of God., why are bringing in HH,,, take some rest boy, I would have sent some green stuff, but because you are afraid of green watermelon you would be more confused

    • I see some humbleness in ECL than HH who is more of a savage. Their faces can tell. So lets vote for the humble one.

    • PF is a cohort of lairs, here is why;
      1. Promised to improve the lives of the poor, only to preside over an economy with inflation rates above 20% ( this is unseen tax on all the poor for the little they have)
      2. Promised to improve things in 90 days, in terms of creating jobs, only to loss more jobs on the Copperbelt and elsewhere
      3. the infrastructure which they sign about day and night has been through condemning the next generation to kaloba, which will bring about poverty to high levels than being witnessed today
      The is no enough space to keep going on.

    • Getting convicts like liato and masumba and adopting them as candidates according to senior citizen is assembling of trustworthy people by this kaponya ruling party mwanya your honey is coming to a halt.

    • By the way Lungu has donunaed reverse Christianity by forming a church which proclaims to be “Christians for Lungu”. Normally Christians are for Jesus. This is sure dununa reverse.

    • You can’t attack Pastor Mumba abandoning gospel when you have an ex-Fr. Bwalya sitting with you in unventilated PF secretariat.
      What Mumbi Phiri is telling Ba Nevers, is exactly what Kambwili was telling Frank Bwalya on line radio program.

    • Nostradamus – We are talking about Pastor Mumba, not Father Bwalya. When Father Bwalya talks about HH the way Pastor Mumba talks about ECL, then let’s assess him. You are not going to dilute Nevers Mumba’s hopelessness by bringing in Father Bwalya.


  1. Well sain ma’am,
    I knew he was fake ever since I attended his first prayer meeting in Kitwe in 1989
    My wife Devika divorced me to join his church
    She has since succumbed to the HIV virus

  2. What message is Pastor Mumba Nevers preaching these days? For those who take time to listen to him, is it the same as the ones he preached at the time he mediated the reconciliation of Dr Kaunda and FTJ? Can he bring reconciliation between hakainde and ECL? If the answer is No, then he might as well start praying for himself.

  3. Looks like whatever Dr Mumba said was heard loud and clear. You don’t responded to confused people unless you are confused. Nayo! nayo!

  4. Mama mwalasa. This failed pastor is a disgrace to the under 5 party. What he doesn’t realise is that, the more he insults the president, the more the under 5 party losses more popularity. Lets wait for Friday next week and he realise that Zambians are smart people.

  5. Dr. Mumba is better than a man who wants to replace our hard earned democracy with Draconian law. The man who has promised that he will only take development to only those few who will vote for him. A man who is now even scared to eat watermelons. I wonder what message he has for people of Kutuba whose livelihood is derived from selling watermelons. Good morning Zambians! its 7 days to the polls, bring on the debate.

    • Ndiwe chabe chipuba,cant you see with your own eyes that this man is confused at a highest level ,peace haters wake up.

  6. dnt wonder why in zambia we are backwards you fools fail to comment on subject wat does HH or Lungu in this. You asked abt kenya you ans abt Russia,

  7. Father God, any evil thing, word and thought programmed into the sun, the moon and the stars against HH, dismantle and obliterate, in the name of Jesus. I shake off every mendacity, lying, calculated deception, gang and cyber warfare, incantation, oppression, wickedness, abuse and violence, in the name of Jesus. I terminate forever, every evil agreement, plan and cabal amongst HH’s opponents and the heavenlies, in the name of Jesus. I retrench and frustrate forever every satanic priest ministering enchantment into the sun, the moon, and the star against HH, in Jesus’ name. Lord, bless HH, and cause Your face to shine upon him and let HH be known and favoured in each household and those that are voting across the length and breadth of this land of Zambia. Father favour HH with triumph…

  8. Said the blind woman of the deaf guy. Who are all these people that are deciding the future of such a beautiful country with bountiful resources?

    • The one that is a confused, fake and failed is this vile evil mouthed woman called Mumbi Phiri!

      Even after visiting the Pope at Zambian taxpayers expense she can still spew poison like this?

      What kind of witch is she?

  9. Einstein – extraordinary mind.

    Isaac Newton – great mind.

    Bill Gates -brilliant mind
    Edgar Lungu – -never mind.

  10. Mumba is 100 times better any day then those empty tins you have in PF.

    All GRZ employees this lungu is using fear and intimidation to force you to vote PF. do not be afraid to vote for who you want that is democracy.

    That is why there is operation watermelon.

  11. The former man of God is trying to outdo sworn heathens like HH and GBM. How sinful, and shameful too!

    I know people like Spaka will not agree with me, but do such people ever see sense?

    • Terrible, terrible.
      It seems like Mumba has touched a raw nerve.

      I preference Mumba any day to that empty tin frank Bwalya you have in your ranks.

  12. Yes Nevers Mumba is a failed politician. His calling is that of a Pastor.Shileni ama politics kubene.

  13. Zambia: PF Lawyer Banned Over Client Funds

    Southern AfricaZambia

    PATRIOIC Front chairperson for the committee on legal affairs Edgar Lungu has been suspended from practising as a lawyer with immediate effect on allegations of misappropriating money meant for retirees of Lafarge which was formerly known as Chilanga cement plc.

    This is according to a letter dated July 30, 2010 and signed by Law Association of Zambia(LAZ) honorary secretary Musa Mwenye and copied to all relevant institutions and individuals that deal with lawyers.

  14. Ba Mumbi…does the same hold (abandoning God’s work) for Fr Bwalya your Party Media chair and deputy campaign manager???
    Add to that PF campaigners Rev Nyirongo, Rev Shikapwasha, Pastor Pule, the Rev Candidate in Eastern Province etc….. even your self a devoted Catholic kikikikiki

    • @myself The difference is that Nevas does not want other persons to call on God unless they consult him (Nevas)

  15. Here are the TWO things HH and Nevers have failed to answer and WILL MAKE THEM LOSE next week;

    1. HH has failed to disavowal savagery against women by appointing GBM as vice President and has failed to challenge him on his violent past. IF UPND won power next week, how would GBM relate with German Chancellor Angela Merkle, Designate – President Hillary Clinton, and British Prime Minster Theresa May? Men are born through women. They are also raised through women.
    2. HH and Nevers have openly refused to separate secret societies from politics. HH intends to entrench the relationship between secret societies and politics. Nevers knows this but prefers to look the other just the same way he looked away when Bembas were being persecuted Mwanawasa between 2001 – 2008.

  16. PF, please clean your house first before criticizing the opposition because your house is without a doubt very filthy at the moment.

  17. Nevas Mumba has tasted the good life as VP so he’ll do anything to maintain this life and has appointed himself Chief Spokesperson of the Almighty God by stopping us from claiming that God is with us.

  18. Nervous is a mortal human being just like you Mama Phiri. You are known to insult a section of a country with a Rosary in your neck. You were nearly knocked out by Chitika when you insulted and provoked her at parliament. Look at your log in your eye before you attempt to remove a speck in Nervous’s eye.

  19. I think it’s not Mumba to condemn will to condemn his wife for not give his husband a wise advice!!!!!!!

  20. It is turu! The Pastor has no direction in the political arena. He has gone nuts! Politicians have really both knocked and kicked the hell out of Pastor Nevers. Here is how he worries me. Nevers formed his own party in the name of National Christian Collision which saw him nowhere. He was hoodwinked by LPM, disbanded the NCC party and joined MMD as Veep. Spat on account of foul mouth he got into an alliance with NDP claiming that NCC was still intact. He again left both the NCC and NDP to re-join MMD under RB who sent him to the US as ambassador. He became MMD boss until Mutati dribbled him. History shows that Nevers never learns. It’s a ka rich CV of failure points.

  21. On behalf of all bloggers I would like to take this time to pray for NSM.
    Lord God almighty, we pray on this virtual space that you strenghen your servant one, Nevers Sekwila Mumba, in this political turmoil. We reckon that his spirit is weak at this juncture even as his body looks intact. Stregnthen him emotionally and spiritually, oh Lord ,as he soldiers on in this frenzy packed political arena; The decision of your servant to embark on a political journey seem not to be bearing fruit in our bare eyes but we ask that you open his eyes so that he does not tire on his quest to rule on Zambian soil, if this is your wish. Yes he has declared that “Zambia Shall be Saved”. We the people of Zambia support the spiritual context of this declaration. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN

  22. Pharaoh’s Braggadocio your prayers seem to have no direction like NSM. Just pray for him to go back to the pupilt. Ask how many things has he tried since he left the party. The fact remains that God has rejected him in politics. When he was seen as a powrful man of God he asked do you want to be the president of this nation he that PASTOR IS HIGHER THAN A PRESIDENT. After he entered into politics ONE HE SAID I HAVE DONE GREAT THINGS IN POLITICS THAN IN CHURCH. HE ASKED DO YOU SUPPORT THE PROMOTION OF CONDOMS HE AS PASTOR I SAY NO AS POLITICIAN I SAY YES. This shows he has lifted politics above God’s work. My prayer is the remaining time in his he must go to the pupilt and revive evangelism. The crusade for him should start on 7th Oct 2016 and end on 9th . Lastly I urge you Dr in…

  23. Pharaoh’s Bragga. Lastly I urge Dr Mumba in preaching not politics to help Edgar continue growing spiritually in the spiritual matters especially after election. We are seeing and you should stop pretending you are not seeing annd continue insulting him. And on behalf of HH to leader of the opposition in parliament so that he can be leader of the opposition so that he can contribute to to the well being of the nation in one way or another.

  24. Mumbi Phiri is a woman who has no respect for men we know her even Zambian young ladies are not inspired by such a lady who has no intergrity. Ba Cozmo just shut up and go and faint at state house so that you be given a k50 for your survival shame

  25. Mumbi Phiri, who do you think you are by attacking the Man of God? God’s wrath will rest on you. You have to leave that to God. Thou shout not Judge that’s what the bible tells me.

  26. Hazalusa Hagain next week! I think the party will then choose another person! The Cartel then will try to come back! Please let them go down with the loser! They are the most violent party we have ever seen! God bless Zambia!

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