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Three Church Mother Bodies call for peace ahead of the anticipated Constitution Court Ruling

Headlines Three Church Mother Bodies call for peace ahead of the anticipated Constitution...

Constitutional Court Judges
Constitutional Court Judges

Three Zambian church groups have called for peace ahead of an anticipated court ruling on the opposition’s challenge to the results of the August 11 presidential election.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, the Council of Churches in Zambia and the Catholic Bishops Conference called on leaders of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) and the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party to ensure their supporters do not engage in acts of violence after the court’s ruling.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia declared Edgar Lungu the winner of the presidential election with 50.35 percent of the total votes cast, compared to 47.67 percent for the main opposition candidate, Hakainde Hichilema, of the UPND.

But UPND have petitioned the Constitutional Court demanding the declaration that President Lungu and Mrs Wina were not validly elected as President-elect and Vice-President-elect of Zambia in last month’s general elections.

Many Zambians have expressed concern about possible clashes between supporters of the two parties after the court’s ruling, which is expected Friday.

In an interview with Voice of America, Father Cleophas Lungu, general secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference, said the church groups have appealed for calm.

“We also indicated that we are concerned that there hasn’t been enough commitment from the political leaders both from the Patriotic Front as well as the UPND with regard to accepting the outcome of the ruling,” he said.

Yesterday, the Constitutional Court has ruled that it will today hear and conclude the presidential petition in which United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema is challenging the election of President Lungu and Vice- President Inonge Wina in last month’s general elections.

The Constitutional Court has also rejected an application by Mr Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba to amend the petition.


    • Indeed you are a katondo boy. A creation of the pfs failure with our youth. You are a lost soul you sad boy

    • Now all UPND supporters can go and drink poison if they want to……Edgar Lungu will be the President of Zambia for the next 5….

      I’m ahead of Concourt and this is exactly what you guys should expect….



      GOOD BYE


    • We have retired HH……now he can go back to Zimba or Pemba where he belongs

      Wasting people’s time for nothing with a bunch of money hungry lawyers

      Edgar Lungu 5 more years

      I thank you

    • The only one who will suffer are your toothless grannies in the village who cannot even afford simple salt and are suffering from goitre

    • Now these Three Church Mother Bodies of peace should peacefully remind PF and Edgar Lungu to hand over power to the speaker.
      Why this arrogance of disregarding the laws of the land of which Edgar signed the amended constitution?
      Well, its time Lungu is reminded that people are tired and yawning, let him hand the instruments of power to the speaker, simple.

    • Ok see you 2021 elections campaign season…as for now Katondo boys is signing off indefinitely……

      We leave this platform for the moaning party UPND…let them start consoling each other…Ifwe nomba Twaya mukubomba…..




      I thank you

    • It is amazing that some people don’t know that Edgar Lungu won the elections.

      They are waiting for the courts to tell them before they can believe.

      Unfortunately some already made up their minds that unless they win the elections the results will be false.

      I am not sure if they want the courts to give a determinant ruling on the matter, or they want the courts to transfer ownership of the election victory to them.

      I know some things take long to understand, but I must say some people have been in politics for more that a decade,

      yet they still don’t understand the meaning of politics, worse still democracy.

      I know everyone knows these people, so why should I mention them?

    • @ 1.8 Mushota,

      You seem to be as suspicious and superstitious as the UPND leaders and their advocates.

      Are you not their consultants?
      Am sure they said to themselves:

      “How does Lungu look? Does this body structure look like he can rig?” asks one of them

      “Yes, yes, yes. He is too tall. Surely he can rig.” answers the one standing next to him.

      “Of course, of course. He is slim, there is a big difference with me. So he can collude with ECZ.” says GBM.

      “I have told these old members of UPND that you are not big for nothing. Look at your analysis, very brilliant.” says HH.

      “Yes. Your suspicion and superstition is very valid. We don’t even need any more evidence – enough! I will work with this to win the case.” says Mushipe.

      “She is spot on. Oh yes, spot on…

    • Continued…

      “She is spot on. Oh yes, spot on right there. There you are. This is overwhelming evidence.” adds Mwiimbu.

      “Mr president, HH; tell the nation we have overwhelming evidence.” says GBM.

    • The three church mother bodies should just come clean and condemn HH,he’s the one who is violent…………he sponsored ethnic cleansing after losing elections. If after the ruling is passed and they repeat what they did in Southern province, we will also eject their relatives from our regions.

    • It was a free and clear win by Edgar Lungu. That foaming at the mouth kulu HH is being humoresque by the courts ….until today.


      It has emerged that one of the pieces of evidence presented in the ConCourt by UPND on electoral fraud in Lundazi came from an SOCIAL MEDIA publication.

      The Constitutional Court Judge could not take kindly to this. She was very tough on the UPND lawyers as she directed them:

      “When you come here (Court), you must bring facts and not speculations. Ask your polling agents or assistants for evidence, not frivolous bloggers. This is a court, not a place for bedtime stories. We work on evidence.”

    • Which mother body.Catholic is PF and those other two with Pukuta Mwanza are also PF.Most Lozis ,Tongas and Luvales will stop woshiping in these three mother bodies.You have divided the flock,it was better if did not involve yourselves in politics.Mother of animal farm called Zambia.

  1. Please tell this to that little boy lungu and his cronies. Lungu will go down as the worst president Zambian ever had. I thought it was impossible to be worse than rupiah

    • The bitterness you are exhibiting is not different from that of HH. I feel sorry for you NEZ. Leadership is from God. Zambians do not want HH now. He needs to mature, get rid of bitterness and vindictiveness.

    • It depends on who is making such judgement.

      Will it matter if a mad man walks in a room where managers of various companies are meeting and tells them you are all dull?

      The moment they realise he is mad they will simply call security for his removal to end the disturbance so that they can continue with the important work they have to do.

  2. The three church mother bodies need to speak to LUNGU himself, the motivator of violence. Before he came into power, there was no violence. He was voted as PF President by raising of Pangas. What do u expect?

    If LUNGU is restored, the next 5 years will be the most painful for Zambians, mark my words!!

    • You’re right. The problem is visionless Edgar whom has refused to hand over power to the speaker, despite the the constitution he Lungu signed, interprets likewise.
      The mother bodies of church to tell Lungu.

    • @ John Chinena, Do u know the difference between being popular & being infamous? Being infamous is not the opposite of being famous.

      William Banda is infamous but not popular.

      Now that I’ve lectured you, you may make a fair assessment if I’m young or not. Even MUGABE or KIM JONG UN have die-hard supporters while their own rights are being trampled upon. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  3. How can the future of a whole Country and the safety of its Citizens be decided in a one day court hearing? Little wonder the World regards Africa as a ‘lost cause’.

    • Whose fault is it that the hearing was delayed? Which World are you talking about? Isn’t Africa part of the World? You obviously suffer from inferiority complex.

    • Czar…… Im not Partisan, Im just stating that a Nation cant decide its future in a one day court hearing. Yes, Africa is part of the World, but looking at it from a different continent, its falling apart and has been doing so for decades, and most of its problems are self created. Why you would suggest that I suffer from an Inferiority Complex I have no idea? Inferior to Who?

    • Paul, I never said you are partisan. What does most of the world think about North Korea for example? If you were looking at Africa from North Korea what would you say? Are you following events in countries in Latin America? What of China? There was no need to refer to Africa as a “lost cause” just because of the UPND Presidential Petition.

    • Our country’s future isn’t only going to be decided today. It was already decided when we voted. Today is just the conclusion of the whole matter.

  4. All UPND supporters please start preparing for non stop crying….you need to fill up your eyes with extra tears….5 more years hahahahahahahahaha

    Concourt finally retires HH

    Edgar Lungu 5 more years

    I thank you

    • Emanuel, I thought you said you were finally f****g off!

      Oh, I forgot. You are PF and telling lies is in your DNA.

      OK, welcome back. Pleas just try and graduate from being a little katondo boy into a real mature man.

    • @ 5 Katondo boys,

      There was a CERTIFICATE OF RETIREMENT for HH shared on whatsapp a day after voting bearing ECZ.

      It appears the candidate wants an ADVANCED CERTIFICATE OF RETIREMENT bearing JUDICIARY.

  5. Tuesday next week Heroes Stadium, here we come. ECL will be in state house for the next 5 years! Please PF prepare watermelons in advance for celebration. Kikiki. What a way to start a weekend!

  6. @nez thinks the three mother bodies are the three mothers in the picture above. Kiki those are the ones who have fixed your greedy tribal leader.

  7. It’s usually men with SMALL MANH00DS or WEAK ERECTIONS who beat their wives. It’s insecure political parties that cause violence.

    If PF knows that they won the elections, why are they being violent????

  8. The Primary ruling for CoC must reflect:
    1. the illegality of candidature of ALL PF government members including ECL as accepted by ECZ
    2. the elections were not free or fair and therefore a sham
    3. ECL,ECZ and persons unknown conspired to commit TREASON
    4. a recount of UNSECURED ballots is illegal and untenable
    5. the presidential vote to be re-run between 2nd and 3rd placed candidates because ECL must be committed to treason trial
    6. results for ALL ex-Ministers who “won” seats in parliament are NULLIFIED and by-elections be held precluding them
    7. until a new president-elect emerges, the Speaker of the National Assembly is caretaker president and commander-in-chief
    8. internal security will be coordinated by the Army commander assisted other security wings.


    • @9.1 A vote is a Statement and the result thereof is NOT wishful thinking but fact in NUMBERS…BTW I WISH LPM was still captain of this sinking ship…zed will sink in a Flash and not like the “Titanic” aka Zimbabwe! Enjoy yo w-end, I’ll surely do 🙂

  9. We will be chopping ama watermelons as we watch the inauguration of the President. People buy a lot of watermelons we cleanse our bodies of all toxins.
    Viva ECL ,

    ala tuleumfwa bwino ifwe hehehehe!

  10. Ba @4 Paul, listen and listen very carefully. The future of this great nation Zambia was decided by the majority Zambians who cast their vote on 11th August 2016, Period! Now it’s because of a certain group of individuals who are so self centered and greedy that we are passing thru all this cumbersome process! How do you win from, 1. Rural areas only? 2. from 3 provinces only? 3. from your tribes men and tribal cousins only?
    The people who are well informed with the current social and economic situation in the urban turned out in masses to cast the deciding vote! In these areas we have representation from all corners of zambia! Infact the constitution shud be amended on this one so that who ever takes CB, LSK, plus any other three provinces carries the day! not you only winning by…

  11. The future and of the Zambia child lies in these three women and two men!!! Do they have the wisdom like Solomon in the bible? We are yet to see!!!

    Wisdom is from God and not the Books of Law written by man!!!

  12. The future and of the Zambian child lies in these three women and two men!!! Do they have the wisdom like Solomon in the bible? We are yet to see!!!

    Wisdom is from God and not the Books of Law written by man!!!


  14. Upnd heading fo oblivion!!! 5 yrs pipo!!!! Go to a convention u upnds!! Then come back bwino, not with 10 un implementable useless planless!

  15. Zambia has a president already, what else do you need? It is just stubbornness of some individuals who think money is everything! People have already said whom they want to rule Zambia in the next five years through voting. Next election will usher Nawakwi or Mulyokela. NOT business men!!!

  16. The way some people are passing comments is as if they know the outcome already. Anyway it is very easy to predict the outcome considering the injustices that have so far been committed from the time the petition was filed.

  17. It saddens me to see the poverty-stricken young generation with no future prospects being abused by crooked politicians while the majority watch helplessly. No wonder zambia has lost so many professionals and intellectuals to the western world. It doesn’t make sense staying in zambia anymore if you’re ambitious and want to fulfil your dream. All institutions created to uphold good governance and order have been compromised by greed and corruption and it’s now normal with Zambians. Zambia is a disaster waiting to happen while people gaze. I don’t regret I and my family leaving the country because I can’t stand such mediocrity and confusion.

  18. These Church bodies are the worst hypocrites there is..the worst attrocities in history were carried out in the name of the church…come every Sunday they are always kissing Lazy Lungu shoes!!

  19. Edgar won but he could hv respected the consititution he signed by handing over power to the speaker and then get it back as the consitution demands…

    • Edgar has respected the constitution to the letter.

      He has upheld the constitution even under extreme pressure from HH and GBM who have wanted him to break the law by asking him to unconstitutionally hand over power to the speaker.

      If they are not confused over the issue, HH and GBM know that the handing over of power to the speaker comes under articles 103 and 104, dealing with a petition that follows results of second round elections.

      If it is not due to mere lack of understanding, one would speculate that maybe HH and GBM wanted Lungu to make that mistake of handing over power, so they can turn and say, “you see he has broken the law by handing over power when he shouldn’t”.

  20. Good oh is it bad bye hh from the political arena in your current form. You need to reincanate in politics if you are to come back.
    when a new campaign start adopt another strategy.As at now try something else.

  21. Sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen! Let ECL rule for the next 5 years and thereafter, another person will come. If the Court endorses what the people of Zambia decided on the 11 August 2016, who are we to say NO. We are One Zambia and One Nation. Leaders are chosen by God, the Almighty. Whether UPND, FDD, ZRP, PF, etc, the fact is we are all Zambians and we should not be violent against each other. Looser should accept as there is always a next-time.

  22. @Mutototo, you are a lazy chap who believes in handouts from your under 5 party and politicians. Shame that you can’t accept that ECL will be your president for the next 5years. Anyway, we are inviting for a watermelon party next week at Heroes stadium with all your fellow under 5 party supporters.

  23. I think Church Mother Bodies should also spend some time PRAYING for Peace and in this Case, Praying for the Judges Hearing the case to dispense Justice quickly so that the Nation can begin to heal. Pray that the Judges receive clarity of purpose and that no wicked spirit is entertained, so the wicked be dispatched.

    If UPND want a smacking they better be at the courts!

  24. What a display of our ignorance! Let’s not blame the gods for our sufferings. We choose not to use our heads. We choose not to think. We choose to mismanage our affairs. It’s the key factor behind all that has come to define us as a people.

    • Speak for yourself @meimatunga!

      Most Zambians are humble folk for whom the noisy strident political environment that Zambian Politics has become, are at loss as to what their role in all this is. It is as well they throw their hands up to God and wait for deliverance. We are really in a peasouper, where obvious Losers misuse the Law and create violence for righteousness they never had.

      I am looking to hear a fine Judgement in which the Judges take time to discipline unruly personalities. A strongly worded judgement putting down misuse of Judicial time and delaying Gov’t being installed so that a mediocre man can speculate on a possible turnaround of his misfortune; is required.

  25. For as long as Lusaka and CB are trouble free, southern Zambia can burn itself to ashes for all we care. Won’t that be a good riddance for a people who are in the habit of blaming others for their failure to go to plot 1. As for the rest of Zambia it’s gonna be twanwa again! Free lesson to UPND: look inwards and discover the truth; your overblown egos account for your failures.

    • Dont insult people who feed you. Be kind to them in raising you point. You dont live on bear but T-born and maize from the same people you are insulting. We will tell them to only produce for their consumption and cultivate other crops other than maize for their cashing in. Let us see how you dununa with hunger. Lekeni ubupuba!

    • Lusaka and copperbelt has smart UPND people we are well trained and we shall du a smart and clean job.we don’t everyone involved we shall just take down one person that’s the end.

  26. HH and GBM will be taught a lesson they will never forget. Hatred and vengeance will never take them anywhere. There is nothing else why they brought about this case, it is because of hatred for Lungu period. Now let us see what happens from here. I can just foresee this petition being thrown out due to lack of evidence. I am so happy these two dunderheads will pour out their millions to their stupid lawyers for doing absolutely nothing. It is money down the drain.
    And UPND will be sent into political oblivion.

  27. Lawlessness breeds violence. That’s a fact. Violence is only a symptom of things gone wrong. Let there be law and order. Violence will subside accordingly. We perceive justice. We know it when something is not right. And that’s when things usually go out of hand. Let justice prevail, and so will peace.

  28. HH has applied to take the matter of 14 days to the High Court citing that it’s too short. The Defense have responded that HH knew what the consititution says and he’s also blame in that his too many applications have delayed the process. Ruling will be this afternoon.

  29. To have a constitution in place is only half the story. To have the constitution put us in our place, is the other half. No one is supposed to be above the law; not even the president.

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