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Acting President Inonge Wina saddened by Serenje accident

Headlines Acting President Inonge Wina saddened by Serenje accident

On the scene of the road accident
On the scene of the road accident

Acting President Inonge Mutukwa Wina has expressed sadness at the loss of 25 lives in a traffic accident that occurred in Serenje on Thursday night.

In a media statement, Mrs Wina also expressed concern at the frequent road traffic accidents happening and consequent loss of lives.

She disclosed that Government was drafting a statutory instrument which intends to ban public service vehicles from travelling at night.

Mrs Wina directed that the Ministry of Transport and Communications to ensure that the statutory instrument was signed restricting public service vehicles to move between 05hrs-19hrs.

She also conveyed condolences to the bereaved families and wished the injured a quick recovery.

Scene of the Serenje accident
Scene of the Serenje accident

Scene of the Serenje accident
Scene of the Serenje accident

Scene of the Serenje accident
Scene of the Serenje accident


  1. Zambian roads and drivers and MOT’s is where it starts

    start from the basics

    Prosecute drivers with slight infringement.

    No need to look at the top when the bottom and basics are broken and or fundamental flawed



    • The roads, bad as they may be, or good as they should be, there’s still need for law and order, something the Lungu administration has categorically rejected.

    • Talk no action?? The Zambian government is not serious. all these accidents?? what measures are you putting in place to reduce such happening??

      When Traffic police are only busy getting brides than working with RTSA to put up proper strategies in place.

  2. The problem is not moving at night but careless drivers who think you can overspeed in latest vehicles. Roadworthness is not an issue here. Have u ever heard of an accident caused by those old buses with luggage on top. They usually go to luangwa or chitanda. None. Let RATSA monitor speed of buses by GPS in a control room.

  3. I can challenge anyone here to show me a truck or a bus tire with a speed rating of more than 120km/hr, here in Zambia. None. Despite having tires with only speed rating of less than 120km/hr, they travell at the speed of more than 140km/hr.

  4. Ba mushota, zambia has just become a denger zone. Responsible drivers are now party cadres who do not fear any authority or even passengers. Psv drivers lisence are issued by public offices infiltrated by cadres appointed specifically to benefit from corrupt activities.

    Living in a denger zone,

  5. GPS monitoing in a Control room hahaha whats that now and how practical can it be considering the whole zambian road network , please dont talk things that you dont know just shut your beack

    • You dont know that u can control a vehicle remotely? It being done elsewhere and it will be done here. It seem we are at two different level of exposure. I have a fleet of trucks and I am able to control their speed 1000km away on my smartphone.

  6. RATSA should present proper investigative facts. There’s no tyre that can burst because of overspending. Secondly, what’s the definition of overspending a vehicle. Any vehicle roadworthy should be able to speed to the maximum designed speed without any tyre bursting, however, if attempted to drive at the same speed on defective tyres is suicide. Therefore, RATSA should stop making careless statements misleading the unlearned that a tyre on a vehicle can burst when speeding within range of design. Let them rather tell government why they’ve failed to enforce the law of speed limiter on public passenger vehicles. Just shut up if you don’t sense to tell the authorities. We mourn another loss of innocent worthy citizens because of lack will to perform.

    • The consequences of violating the speed rating of your tires are:
      1- steering becomes a problem becoz the designed grip of the tire is overstretched. It becomes like driving on ice road. We talking real science here not witchcraft. That is the reason of those numbers on the tire. They are not for decoration.
      2- tire burst is another problem bcoz it increases the tire temperature. It is like rubbing your hands together. The more you increase the frequency the hotter your hands become. This is the reason we need to restrict PSV driving to G12 and no less.

  7. Lungu stop sacrificing people..you now have the presidency (quote I saw on fbook lelo)

  8. Just like others are suggesting that a GPS bus monitoring system be put on all long distance buses, it will help a lot. Take for example in the mines, all the trucks carrying copper concentrate are monitored on real time gps. Why cant the government compel all bus owners to do the same to avoid these road carnages?

  9. As long as we have corruption starting from the top (with a fraudulent president) we will continue having these accidents. The institutions tasked to enforce these traffic laws and regulations are infiltrated by cadres and relatives who benefit from the chaos – some of them even have public transport businesses. The law breakers bribe their way out of problems. Licences are issued to drivers who don’t even understand basic traffic rules and have no training in perception based traffic lessons. The drivers think they are untouchable kings who can just overspeed while intoxicated. I don’t even know if there are speeding limits on Zambian roads.

    It’s a spaghetti of problems and the draft reform is being narrow minded. They need an overhaul of the entire system and have a systematic…

    • Fees can be paid online.
      That would lessen the level of corruption
      The efficacy of SIs is defeated by corruption
      Corruption is exacerbated by the emptiness of a national culture
      The national culture is rendered ineffective by suspension of cultural values

    • Then what? The same people who own these companies are your politicians and party fundraisers who appoint these empty tins….look at what happened last time; govt overturned the suspensions!!

  10. They need an overhaul of the entire system and have a systematic approach to the issue. Carry out public consultations.

    And these are the issues that matter that political cadres who make the loudest of noises on here when commenting on trivial political issues should be passionate about. Your relatives, your friends, etc are dying everyday from preventable accidents and all you sing about is Lungu and HH who use police escorts and fly around lavishly with zero chance of being involved in these types of accidents. This subject here will attract less than 50 comments and yet Lungu’s incoherent blubbering would attract all sorts from the closet to heap praises on him as the ‘humble one’ second only to North Korea’s Kim Jun UN dictator. Where is your outrage? No it’s not their time…

  11. As usual doing nothing …no polices, or reforms how many buses have been involved in accidents and lives have been lost in just 2016?

  12. Sad loss. The losses continue and little has been done to deal with the related issues. No one solution will fix all but how many more souls will be lost while sitting on our hands?

  13. And just to add insult to injury …a silly over-speeding truck driver fully loaded with maize ploughs his truck through the rescue team at the accident sight…this is how bad it is …we need a commission of inquiry!!

  14. I am Tanzanian, based in Dar es salaam. I once visited Lusaka and came to know that your PSVS travel by night contrary to TZ. I asked why? Many (respondents) said that, it is cool during the night thus less road accident. I thougt that was really okay. Policies. But a bundle of questions come:,
    1.Are these drivers checked regularly ? Eye sight capacity , alcoholism, sleepy/tiresome etc? You may have a short focused bus driver… I think drivers and PSV owners are the determinants of the road accidents.
    2. Why don’t MOT limit speeds by having speed governors? Eg. A PSV should have a speed governor not crossing 80kph.

    In my opinion, put aside the African metaphysics of “somebody has sacrificed them… for power/wealth mongering” etc, road accidents are man made, and can…

  15. The biggest problem is that most of the Zambians are not responsible. Too much business as usual. They are more interested in money than work. Let’s work on our working culture.

  16. I have a relative who drives buses to and from Nakonde. What he always complains about is lack of rest. He starts off from Kitwe up to Mpika where the co-driver takes over until they reach Nakonde while he is ‘sleeping’. Honestly, what rest can you get by sleeping on the bus?
    These distances are very long and you need to rest for at least a day before embarking on another trip. These are lives we are talking about here. Or alternatively bus owners must increase the number of drivers.

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