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Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda
Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda

By Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda6

Last night the ZNBC Television reported that the United States Government (US) has endorsed President Edgar Lungu as the legitimately elected President of Zambia. Had it not been for the reported threats allegedly issued by the US Government against Zambian opposition political parties I would have kept quiet. But threats by the Mighty US against the people of Zambia cannot be taken lightly, especially when they arise from the recent “democratic presidential election” which has been challenged in our Zambian Constitutional Court! I DO NOT believe the statement attributed to the US government; I would rather give them the benefit of doubt.

Here is the news item quoting Mr Amos Chanda, President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations: “The US Government has endorsed President Edgar Lungu as Zambia’s 6th President. And the US has urged opposition political parties in Zambia to accept defeat in the just ended 11th August general elections. The US Government has stated that President Lungu was legitimately elected after he achieved a 50 percent plus one vote threshold. ZNBC’s Bangwe Naviley reports that the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations disclosed this after US Under Secretary of State Linda Thomas Greenfield called on President Lungu at Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. The US government has warned that perpetrators of violence will be dealt with under both national and international law.” End of quote.

Under the Zambian Constitution and the Electoral law aggrieved contestants have a right to challenge the outcome of an election. Even without being briefed, with their sophisticated systems of watching everybody, the Americans must surely be aware of this! I urge the US government to confirm whether they issued the statement as alleged or to disown it. I emphasise that it would be impolitic of the US government to keep quiet over this serious allegation of their alleged interference in the internal dispute in Zambia which has NOT been determined conclusively!

As already stated, I do not believe Mr Chanda’s allegations attributed to the US Government, regarding the legitimacy or otherwise of the 11th August presidential election as these are the very issues properly contested but not heard nor determined. The two Zambian citizens (NOT American citizens) did NOT at any time withdraw their petition as was done by Al Gore against George Bush junior of the USA. The practice is that statements of this nature are made either as a Joint Communique signed by the parties involved or separate statements are made by the representatives of each side engaged in a discussion. In this case the Under Secretary of State has NOT been shown speaking, instead it was the Zambian talking on behalf of the US government. In fairness to the US Government, I doubt that the US has taken it upon itself to declare legitimate an election conducted in Zambia when the Constitutional Court of Zambia has not so declared; neither has the said Court expressly declared the status of that petition which they kept alive by adjournment on 3rd September 2016 to continue to be heard by the said Court from 5th September 2016 to 8th September 2016!

Mr Chanda’s statement suggests that the US government is ready to intervene in the election dispute in Zambia. I thought President Lungu travelled to the US to attend the UN Conference with a specific agenda. Has President Lungu requested for help from the US Government? If so what are the grounds for such a request? Has President Lungu reported to the American Government that there is instability in Zambia and that he has failed to contain the situation and hence the request for American assistance? And why the American Government specifically? Why not the Israeli or Chinese governments, for instance?

There must be full disclosure of what is going on. The US Government should confirm the statement by Mr Chanda or disown it. I reserve further comments until then.


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    • In his effort to remain relevant, Miyanda is all sour grapes. After the demise of his Heritage Party created on shallow intellectualism he has become a bean-brained armchair critic who is quickly becoming irrelevant and boring. Due to immobility as a result of failing to garner support from the citizenry, his chair on which he sits is sinking to nadir. The jingoist he is, he associates the word “violence” with the opposition and takes a swipe at the US. Every learned person who reads the press release will come to the conclusion that the application of the word “violence” relates to all parties involved. So far there has been little or no violence. Miyanda, who uses the red pen is a provocateur of the worst type. Lungu must continue to watch him.

    • Zambians need to test war?? to truly appreciate what democracy means. we can not continue with such nonsense of people stealing elections, and tax payers money.. General is write.. we should go to war coz there is so much silliness.

    • Godfrey Miyanda!

      What is it that you wish for your country? Tell us what you really want to see happening in this country or what you wish to see what you don’t see! How old are you! Am really beginning to question your wisdom. You have never uttered a word of encouragement to the Pf government ever since Lungu took office. Is that an elderly man like you ought to give advice to the young ones who are supposed to look up to you for wisdom? Sir the popularity you try to seek though social media will not help this country. Make an appointment with the president to meet him at his office am sure he can give you audience. Live this social media to a certain group of people for I think you are supposed to be way above it!

    • @Kabu;
      This is exactly the point I have always wanted to make to the general. You my friend have put it so well that if this so called general has any ears he will take heed and listen to some words of wisdom. I can only wait with my fingers crossed.

    • Rtd Brg General should advise HH that Zambians cannot forget that right before a single vote was thrown in the ballot box,he assured Zambians that he will not accept defeat.Many of us were wondering how HH could be planning his own down fall before voting started.The truth is that had elections been stolen as he claims,Lusaka and Copperbelt would have been on fire. It is not easy to steal majority votes from Zambians without a spontaneous reaction from the populace. The fact that NO body is listening to his appeal for mass demonstrations is a clear indication that HH and his GBM are fighting lonely battles.It is time they came back to their senses.

    • I would add that it is such a shame for a man at the stature of a Brg General in Zambia to be running down the very country he was to protect. I think moaning against the gov’t is his expression of frustration for his failed attempt at being President. You would NEVER catch a Western Brig. Doing this cra.p against his country. They are patriotic until their very last breath. Veterans NEVER go up against the state. It’s no use for him to pretend he cares for Zambia and speaks for it.

    • @1 HH Tech, @1.1 Mediapro, @1.3, Kabu, @1.4 PF leader, @1.5 Kako Ni ako Walya, @1.6 Patriot Abroad:
      I am here now. FYI I enjoy participating in the debates (blogging); this enables me to clarify or provide further info. But all of you have said NOTHING so you do not deserve a response from me. Further I refuse to participate in personal comments (Argumentum Ad Hominem), no matter how tempting. Read again my statement and you will note that I have quoted verbatim the material which is the basis of my criticism. That is the topic///


    • Dear General, thank you for leading debate on issues in Zambia. Let me take your statement: ‘with their (US) sophisticated systems of watching everybody, the Americans must surely be aware of this.’ Has it occured to you that the Americans may exactly know the winner of the elections by ‘their sophisticated systems of watching everybody?’ Parallel Voter Tabulation (PVT) has now become a normal thing in Zambian political elections. The PVT results showed that Lungu won the elections. The protestations of the UPND are just vexatious, that is why they muddled up their case in court. They wanted an ‘unheard’ and an ‘undetermined’ outcome, in order to play the City of Lusaka FC fan mantra… ‘sembe.’

  1. What has followed after the statement from Mr. Amos Chanda is an eye opener. There is a report circulating in the media that President Lungu has expressed unhappiness with the American government’s position regarding the recent elections in Zambia! Clearly there is misinformation somewhere.

    • Check ZNBC Facebook and twitter. Looks like Ba Amos was being economical with the truth. Though some words in his statement also pointed to the fact that the meeting did not go very well.


    • @2 Eagle, @2.1 Ngolwa, @2.2 Chenda Mundali: 1. At least you all have actually read and understood my posting and you have made my day. The US Government are capable of making their own statement and are NOT afraid of doing so. 2. If we do not get a copy of the American Government statement we shall be justified in concluding that Mr Chanda is deliberately, actively and aggressively misleading the viewers and readers for whatever motive///
      NB: I have read the statement on LT which I did not see before I posted mine: it is definitely different from the one read on ZNBC TV 1 News Bulletin – WHY?

  2. It’s perfectly fine for USA to issue that statement, (Which I believe they did), because they invest a lot in Zambia. And let’s face it, we need help in our political system because of ‘the wrong sorts’ posing a danger to the innocent.

    • How much do they invest in Zambia relatively speaking $50-100 million? $200 million? common! we are a tiny part of their foreign policy priority!

    • @ Patriot Abroad

      For sure we need help in our political system because of ‘the wrong sorts’ posing a danger to the innocent. And those are the Innocent Zambians that were defrauded of their Constitutional right to chose!

      Are you sure you can even spell your name properly? I think you meant Prick Abroad.

    • @Zedman, they pay for all our elections! I mean really, if you had 10-100,000M to invest, would you throw it on Zambia currently? The average Zambian will never make that? I don’t think we should sneer at that, it’s not shabby. I still assert that USA can dictate to Zambua, even more actually. Dear USA please come and sort our Opposition for us! Thank you for your quick action on our behalf!! Zambia goes to War USA and a West okay more, let them prevent it!

    • Correction…..Zambia goes to War USA and a West PAY more, let them prevent it!

      As for you, @Fairy Plague, Go play with your Prick. Thanks.

    • @3 Patriot Abroad: Clearly you have NOT read my statement. The US Government DID NOT ISSUES that statement; it is Mr Amos Chanda, who was shown speaking from New York while “revealing” what Undersecretary Ms Greenfield is alleged to have said. That is why I have withheld commenting on the alleged US Government statement until I have sight of the actual full statement. See also @ 2.3 Godfrey Miyanda above///

  3. Excellent comment Bragadier General Miyanda. Zambian citizens cannot be instructed and threatened by a foreign government. What we are experiencing now from the likes of Amos Chanda is pure inferiority complex and lack of understanding international diplomacy. On cannot surely think mentioning the USA would scared Zambian citizens. However his statement show us how dull Amos Chanda is. Shame, can’t believe he made such a foul statement without backup

    • @4 Med: thanx. I add that the purpose is to intimidate, which all citizens across the Zambian divide must reject and resist if it is true the way Mr Chanda put it. In the USA no one intimidated Al Gore; he did it on his own///

  4. The statements stares that perpetrators of violence will be dealt with.That is not a threat.Challenging in the courts of law does not perpetrate violence.Only those who want to speak like inciting the masses to rise up and rebel.Those have no place of peace and need to be dealt with accordingly.There are no threats here.

    • No threats what’s so ever! I think our Opposition friends are feeling tetchy since ‘The whole World’ was on their side during elections supposedly!

    • @6 SayAsitis: the USA is NOT a banana republic; it is a world power which must be slow to threaten or intimidate. What I have posted is SayingAsitis stated by Amos verbatim. If I get the official version of the US government and find that their version is not as put by Amos I will withdraw any negative comments, if any, in my posting. If it is the same I shall then discuss it in full and justify my criticisms, which I have so far withheld.
      @ 6.1 Patriot Abroad: I repeat and emphasise to you – PLEASE READ AGAIN my posting and this time read with understanding before you post any comments. Note that my posting is based on the verbatim statement by Amos on ZNBC and NOT on the one I have seen on Lusaka Times which is different///

  5. Not much research put into this article General like you always do but very good points raised. Personally I would like to see Americans agree or deny they made this statement. It really is suspicious because the statement is against protocol and a direct interference.

    Let me study your article in depth and I will then react to it. You never got back to me on your last article. I wish I had your mobile number.

    • The Americans will not even bother to comment on such trash! There, they actually have Freedom of Speech, and even a lunatic can stand up and say the President is an A55HOLE and he has every right to do so.

      Unlike Zambia where we have DeadNBC singing Lungu praises day and night while his carders are closing down Muvi TV and radio stations just in case they tell the truth!

      They really do not care if some toady lackey is vomiting his own SH!T!

    • @7 Kumikoti: 1. Comments noted. No need for me to research bcoz I have withheld comments till authentication of the alleged US. FYI my objection is to the use by a foreign government of the words LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT and ACHIEVING 50 PERCENT PLUS ONE THRESHOLD, which is the heart of the disputed petition that has NEITHER BEEN HEARD NOR DETERMINED. It is diplomatic and sufficient to say, for instance, “The Martian Government congratulates H.E. President Bambazonke on his inauguration as President” but avoiding venturing into declaring the 50 % result and legitimacy. 2. I had responded and guided you to contact [email protected] and make a request to them. They will further guide you///

  6. Rtd Brig Gen Miyanda, you are what at law is called ‘ a busy body’. I am sure if you refresh your memory with your infamous quotes from Halsburys you will find that when a party fails to state its case due to lapse of time such a matter may be set aside. Of course I will not delve into exceptions to the general rule because you can read those for yourself. Your seeking to mislead the readership about the CC failure to state who emerged victorious in the last election is a sham. The correct persons to declare a winner or otherwise is the returning officer, which is a term you might recall from your civics lessons. In this case the ECZ Chair. The CC would merely have disqualified the petitioned,ordered a rerun or indeed thrown out the petition. As for your newspaper reliance on what is…

    • @8 danny: 1. This “busy body” advised ECL NOT to sign the Amended Constitution with his eyes closed (LT 23rd Dec 2015); he ignored; look at the mess today. I am a very serious person and I have contributed immensely to the jurisprudence of this country – refer to the Law Reports of Zambia! 2. You are wrong or uninformed on the law as to elections: a. No one ‘failed to state their case’ as you allege. The Court was duty bound to manage the whole process and avoid technicalities; they ordered an adjournment on 3rd Sep BEFORE midnight to continue from 5th to 8th Sep. On 5th Sep the same CC declared they had no jurisdiction: then what was their jurisdiction when they purported to dismiss the Petition on this day?
      b. In electoral law, when an election is challenged the remedy is to…

    • @8 danny: …the remedy is
      (1) to validate the election by the adjudicating court, in this case the CC.
      (2) avoid the election (the legal terminology for invalidating the election); again done by the adjudicating court. Under the 50% plus One if not attained there is ordered a re-run by the same court.
      (3)ECZ Chair has NO mandate to declare valid his own impugned declaration- what civics law is this?

    • @9 danny: I did NOT refer tot any US statement but to verbatim statement by Amos Chanda ion ZNBC, himself speaking in New York and quoting the Under Secretary. I quoted Amos Chanda and I have his verbatim///

  7. LT because you have deleted my kind comment can you ask this gen for me why a 3hour exam takes only 3 hours to complete.

    • @10 HH Tech: 1. U r too simplistic. This was NO exam but a Court of Justice. Nowadays cases are Court-driven, through their Order for Directions they manage and control the proceedings from start to finish. 2. A petition is meant to be HEARD and a DECISION pronounced by the adjudicating Court, in this case none other than the CC. Quoting one Godfrey Miyanda: – No Hearing = No determination;
      – No Determination = No Judgement;
      – No Judgement =No Justice;
      – No Justice = No Conclusion of the apple of Discord. WHERE IS THE JUDGEMENT OF THE PETION FILED BY A CITIZEN?

  8. retired president general, how can a statement like the one made the US Under Secretary of State be construed as a threat. Surely there is nothing wrong in someone telling perpetrators of violence that they will be dealt with, unless of course you general are thinking about settling your election loss through violent means. No problem in going to the courts, but those going about it the violent way surely need to be sorted out. That is why I have always doubted the generals bongobongo capacity. Please just keep quite or better still send your congratulations to ECL. In fact if you think you are so clever, why not stand for election against ECL and the we see who is clever and popular and therefore necessary to the political dispensation of our country.

    • @11 PF leader: why don’t you understand that I have NOT seen nor read the Under Secretary’s statement? I have taken issues with the one by Amos Chanda which I have quoted verbatim; if you have the Under Secretary’s statement post it so I can formulate an opinion on it. I am not dull to engage in a popularity contest on this forum; clever people like you are on the wrong page; go to the popularity show wherever it is///


    • Hachi, I agree with you… the General Will be wired in the next election, let he attempt to stand instead of being an arm chair critic…

    • @12 Hachi: I am NOT campaigning for anything but speaking up for those crying for justice; one day it will be your turn to cry,then you will look around and find no one crying with you.may be not too long from now///

  10. Yes according to last evening’s ZNBC news America said something good about Zambia but how come today we have been told that President Lungu is not happy with America’s stance on some issues concerning Zambia??Are these not double standards?

  11. To wait for the USA to deny the statement is all we can do. It’s unlikely they come out and confirm it, of course silence will simply mean that’s their position.

  12. General please, let’s move on. I remember even KK cried foul when he was defeated by FTJ. So losers will always come up with this or that reason in order to try to delegitimize a winning candidate. Already UPND seem to have resolved to refer to ECL as ‘illegal’ president, which I believe must constitute a criminal act as it has potential to undermines a legally elected republican president. It’s bad enough for people of your standing to tolerate HH’s contempt of the laws of the land as regards the election of a president; but to even come out as you’re doing with clear indication of approval of the same is beyond unfortunate. Let’s advocate respect from all for the rules we give ourselves to be governed by please! 2moro when it’s our turn we’ll expected to be respected too!

    • @16,moving on without retification is backward thinking and shows lucky of patriotism to our country,what the general has raised are serous issues as regard to deplomacy,because of the comflicting reports.

    • @16 Umwina Nkana: 1. Surely you can tell us to which direction we should move! If you are a true Umwina Nkana as I am you should insist on receiving the evidence unless the petitioners withdraw their petition. I adopt @ 16.1 planzo. 2. I do not debate and I refuse to debate personalities. How shall we know if there is illegality/contempt or not without hearing the evidence we Mwina Nkana? 3. Remember I privately wrote to the President advising that he does not sign the Constitution with his eyes closed. He ignored the advice; today we have a major legal scandal whose end is unpredictable unless we admit our mistakes and boldly tackle the issues without burying them under partisan rhetoric///

    • I keep coming across your phrase “…
      with his eyes closed” I don’t know what you mean. Please elaborate

  13. Statement from USA govt is normal & expected of them & any other foreign govt from a reasonable person. USA govt & other foreign govts do not vote or decide court cases in Zambia. The only prudent thing they can do is to endorse the declared winner by the Returning Officer, courts can only nullify or validate the president elect. Its the duty of all foreign govts USA inclusive to advise all foreign citizens like Gen. Miyanda because when they are dragged to ICC or ICJ, its the themselves who will complaining of hostility of foreign superpowers like USA. Whether you believe Mr Chanda or not, the USA have long congratulated ECL & don’t force them to withdraw. The Concourt decision is final whether you like it or not & can’t be appealed against. ECL is in USA not Israeli or China for them…

    • The Concourt decision is final whether you like it or not & can’t be appealed against. ECL is in USA not Israeli or China for them to comment.

  14. AS reported by some persons familiar with the meeting.the us under secretary warns that both zambian and international laws will be applied to sternly deal with non democratic individuals as zambians await to hear the interpretation of 14 days which is set for sept 21,she said failure to hear this international laws will be applied,but mr lungu told mrs linda thomas greenfield that he wants to focus on fixing the economy which is liping.
    report from insiders said lungu was not happy with the stance taken by usa as he feels that the concourt may want to rehear the case and that zambia will not get the IMF bailout as expected.

    • question is who is this non democratic individual and why lungu was unhappy .this statement can be twisted depending on which side you belong to.

    • Ba Miyanda we are not lawyers but our layman’s understanding of the Constitution is that a decision of the Concourt or the Supreme Court is final and is not appealable. The man you support was given chance to be heard but he chose to squander his time bringing out trivials.
      Just like that man gave an example of an exam which you set aside as being simplistic HH’s petition lapsed according to the constitution it cannot be heard and will never be heard in zambian Courts of Law. Otherwise even convicts will be appealing even after sentence. What you should be saying ba Miyanda is that the Constitution should be amended as soon as possible not ifyo ifyakweba ati I wrote to the President not to sign. There were reasons why the President signed it in haste. Some people were using the…

  15. We also know that had it not been reported infavour of PF you could have kept quiet. You would have not miined that it was allegedly issued by the US Government against Zambian rulling political party. But threats by the US was against the people of Zambia whom you support you cannot keep. Any wrong thing uttered against PF you are always quiet why. Remember when you were in government how you always talked about the wrong things about Dr Nevers Mumba, when he was just about to join politics, but this time you cannot see any wrong thing in him why?.

    • @ 19 Political Advisor: your comments are hypothetical, incoherent and tend to invite a cross country response looking for a needle in a haystack.

  16. Gen. can elaborate your question “And why the American Government specifically? Why not the Israeli or Chinese governments, for instance?” Some people want to answer you.

    • @20 Political Advisor: 1. Treat question as sarcasm nothing to it as I don’t believe US govt issued the verbatim reported on ZNBC which in fact differs with the one posted on LT. Alternatively if it was issued in private then it was NOT meant for public consumption. Remember I have withheld my comments on the US until I read the actual US statement. Why did the Under Secretary not issue the statement herself? A joint communique would have been credible. 2. Israel and China: random names and nothing special except China is the “friend” who gets all the contracts; and adding humour that trip was to make up for snubbing Under Sec; also poor timing when Cabinet not yet created but Parliament opens Friday!Still withholding comments on US///

  17. Any statment from Amos change is almost certainly a lie.

    Like when he lied about jimmy carter phoning lungu to congratulate him in a late night phone call only for the carter center to show their disappointment with lungus violence.

  18. Miyanda was implicated in a coup attempt on a legitimately elected government. That is how power hunger he is. He should have been a President a long time ago but he lost it because of the same. He is a loner who does not want to work with anybody. After kicking the back side of Chiluba over the third term issue 17 members of NEC met to form a part to chakeenge MMD, Miyanda was absent and formed Heritage Party. This divided the vote between FDD and his Party. Mwanawasa wanted to make him VP he refused and told LPM to ring him directly. Then he refused to work totally with the Cobra. Now he is bitter and has turned into an arm chair critic.

    • @22 Buffalo: 1. I don’t comment on defamatory statements, I only act on them.
      2. You have lied on MMD and formation of Heritage, and where did you get the number 17, liar?
      3. You lie on Levy; I never refused; and I never spoke to him whether by fone or in person till he passed on.
      4. Sata NEVER EVER asked me to work with him you liar. Who is telling you what to lie?
      Comments completely irrelevant and I have responded merely to refute your dirty lies. There is a time for everything///

  19. As the WD said the USA does not endorse leaders in hotel rooms or corridors of hotels.

    That in itself should be enough to tell you about PF trying to kolopa for recognition.

  20. Coup plotter at it again. This miyanda was picked up from Zaire where he had gone to hide after the attempted coup. Now he has become the loud speaker for HH? He was also implicated in trying to kill mwanawasa through the an accident. He should not think we have forgotten his ill intentions

  21. I will be surprised for amirican to resipound to this so called fails general ? His home villege has no electricity no Hospital , Dispeity him being a vise president of Zambia . Useless general he is

  22. Ba Heritage Party President. At it again. Exercising his democratic right! There so much in his head but just enough to satisfy his ego. Ba General come out and work with your compatriots and help build this nation. Development is team work. It is not achieved by making isolated comments on issues in the hope of trying to be head. Such an approach is a cry of a voice in the wilderness. Zambia will not benefit out of such. Ala twanaka. If you think you have stamina start preparing for 2021 Sir. Its around the corner. Just go in the field and start reselling your party manifesto and find who to support you. Kwapwa ba President Miyanda.


  24. Ala kwena ba miyanda nabapwa. Lyonse nipa Lt writing articles sure. Even if amano yalachepa kubukote, does he think we are fail to figure out which side of the fence he is barking from? Kwena it seems ka under5 write a lot of cheques buying loners around Zambia. Sole maningi. From a vice presdo to a blogger sure mwebekala chalo. Welesa twafweni

  25. Nashala neka party AKA Coup plotter if such a statement was falsely attributed to the US. The American Govt would have responded and denied. The fact that they not denied it means the statement was correct.

    • @31 Vexatious Litigant: what king of logic is this? I bet even yourself do not understand what you have attempted to state. You are indeed a vexatious blogger and at this rate you will be hanged before even evidence is tendered to the Court – kekekeke!

  26. @Brig. General Miyanda, I think the bottom line is that the USA did issue a statement after observing the elections through their representatives that; PRESIDENT LUNGU HAD WON. They did caution against Media tampering.

    So effectively, it’s irrelevant whether the statement was true or not the fact is USA had approved the election process AND ALL observers called it a FAIR, TRANSPARENT ELECTION. As to whether they stated that they will ‘sort out’ troublemakers, it’s open to our own faculties as to whether we believe or not. So this is sort of nit picking, splitting hairs intended to wrong PF.

    • @32 Patriot Abroad: if as you say, the USA did NOT issue a statement, then my query of Mr Chanda’s statement on ZNBC is justified – why put words in the mouth of the American Government? Let them speak for themselves. This seems to be the case of the Z Goebbels whom we are still trying to identify. Thank you @Patriot Abroad for the first time – you didn’t mean it did u?///

  27. Well done General. Iam always looking forward to hearing from you great wisdom at political juncture. You ve chosen to speak for the voiceless and may God reward your resilience. As long as heaven and Earth remain, there is seed and harvest time.What goes round, comes round.Nothing lasts forever including a stolen victory !! God hates lying lips and injustice!!. May the Almighty God who sees and rewards accordingly, rewards the PF regime for all the bloodshed, injustice, brutality, intimidation caused on this land while caumaflaged in gestures of humility. In you Lord, we rest our case.

    • @33 Mona: and all the Saints say Amen and Amen and Amen. Indeed nothing lasts forever except God himself, the Name above all names///

  28. Gen. M, very impressive. Take heed, try another way to air your views, seek audience with the president.

    Looking at your contribution as Rtd Gen. you sure will find your way to talk to the president.

    Otherwise, we’ll end up making our conclusion about you, your personality leading to almost a dark space in personal contribution to our national development.

    Before, I close, I’d like to ask the Gen. if he remembers that Gen Christon Tembo, told Fred Chiluba that he was on national duty in Western Province, refused to get back to Lusaka, choose to oversee food distribution to flood victims, something Gen Miyanda could not have done!

    This is the same general who is now up in arms with HH to bring chaos to mother Zambia.

    Find time, find an intermediator to take you to…

    • @34 bozo:1. I wrote to him privately NOT to sign the Constitution with his eyes closed (LT 23rd Dec 2015). I even suggested that he summons me to add other matters not included in my statement. He ignored me and signed anyway. Now he says the Constitution is bad. 2. Don’t tell fibs about officers. I knew late General Tembo from childhood and later as a junior officer who at one time served under me in the army. Were you his batman to hear him “tell” Dr Chiluba anything you rumour monger? 3. And why do I need ‘an intermediator’ (am sure you mean MEDIATOR) since I have no personal quarrel with him. To mediate what? Jesus is my MEDIATOR. If you are a praise singer continue your ways; I am NOT luggage to be taken anywhere///

  29. The General has made a right comment and observation.It’s strange that following previous public statements by the US officials and nationals(Carter Centre),they can then issue a position through Amos Chanda.Being the largest Bilateral partner Zambia has,they have established channels for issuing statements.
    The US Ambassador should clarify this.

  30. @36 Independent: you have made my morning; a perfect ending to answer @ 35 Chitutuma. I adopt your posting @ 36 and say to Chitutuma: @36 IS THE BEEF! Many thanks Independent; since I have discovered that what Mr Amos Chanda said is not accurate I have closed my case and will proceed no further to seek an answer unless it really becomes necessary. The Zedians mut NOT put words in the mouth of the US Government; let them speak for themselves. Am outta here till another day. Good morning ALL/// 04.55 -Yaba!!!

    • Gen. What is the problem? I come from
      Petauke and I know your home place some 18kms before Petauke turnoff. During your time we cried for development but could not receive it. But now it seems you are the most intelligent individual in this country. You seem to be having another opinion on everything that seems to favour your friends in PF. ECL did not generate the contents of the Constitution and I remember very well ECL encouraging ALL Zambians to read and make contributions to the Constitution. Based on your submissions, it appears you wrote a letter to ECL when the signing stage came up. Where were you when the Conatitution was being generated? Are you honestly telling us that the whole powerful USA can allow itself to be misrepresented by one Amos Chanda? Come up Gen! There are so…

    • There are so many of us who respects you not only as a family member but also as a former states man for this noble country. Sober up and encourage us young Zambians to participate in the development of this country. your opinion or letter to the President will either be taken or not and you can’t develop so much beef by the refusal. Continue being positive for the sake for the future generation

    • @37.1 and 37.2: 1. The problem is bloggers like you who do not stick to the topic and when I answer what you are blogging you accuse me of whatever. We are NOT debating respect or my home but Amos Chanda’s verbatim statement on ZNBC. So you are lost here so far. 2. The Constitution gives ECL power to reject a bad bill and send it back to Parliament for improvement BEFORE signing. I advised him to read carefully before signing but he chose to sign so he is answerable for what he signed publicly at Heroes’ stadium.
      3. I am NOT claiming to be the most intelligent. If you debate the topic intelligently you are going to expose my dullness. So stick to the topic///

    • General. when you analyse matters you expect people to provide a critique on what you have analysed. Lessons learnt is one of the ways using in making and critique. So my reference to what you have done before is part of lessons learnt I am using so I am not lost. You bright an issue which needs a critique. You have not answered my questions here: 1: where were you when the constitution was being formulated? 2: Are you telling us that the whole powerful USA will allow itself to be misrepresented by one Amos Chanda? 3: Why are you always ONLY giving a negative critique of everything that comes from your friends in PF? I did not say you are most intelligent BUT you SEEM to be the most intelligent on issues. You should also read and understand what others are saying don’t just brush us…

    • @38 and 39 wow: Gun Boat Diplomacy is not a scholarly term as you allege. It is a maxim that simply means the use (or aptly the abuse) of threats or force to get some advantage such as in political negotiations. I might even “abuse” it now to say you are improperly trying to intimidate using your “education” to win the argument and distract attention from Amos Chanda’s statement///

  31. Gen. Miyanda is always a pleasure to listen to especially if you are a social-justice kind of person. I am always excited to learn from him and respect his ethical approach to a lot of issues. Also, it is amazing how easily bloggers pluck lies from nowhere and post them with some gusto that is just audacious! Meantime, the press area of the State Department does not yet show any statement similar to what press spokesman Amos has said.

  32. Last comment on this failed general. The man has been posting comments from about 21:00 hrs on Monday to about 05:00hrs on Tuesday. This just does not seem right for any sane person to do, especially a married man with his wife in the bedroom. Also, I see a man who completely has nothing to do with his time and finds debating non-issues with people young enough to be his grandchildren same as going to the playground time he missed during his childhood. Serious minds will devote time to discuss issues in the right place and with the right people. This man who wants to show off as THE man of wisdom, has failed to run a small party and dumped it without explained to his followers what happened. How can one take such a man seriously. People in the corridors of government laugh him off as…

    • @42, 43, 44 Pf leader: as Leader of PF ur a let down; review your 42, 43 and 44 blogs above; you have said nothing relevant as usual; stop waffling and and upgrade your debate. Which part of my statement is showing off? If you have not understood my topic just ask and I will gladly explain or clarify. If you make a valid point I am ready to change my views but not when you ignore the topic and become personal. I expect better next time and I will pay attention in order to learn from you. Please also motivate other bloggers to want to participate///

  33. ….. People in the corridors of government laugh him off as delusional and I can blame them, the man comes across as one who has completely lost it. I will only take this failed general seriously when he comes up with a positive suggestion for the development or upliftment of the Zambian people, not always challenging what other have said or meant in their statements. When we talk of check and balances, it does not mean that you just sit coiled in your chair waiting for someone to make a statement and the castigate. No, you can come up with YOUR ideas of what you think should be done to improve the lives of the poor for example. The failed generals arguments are just too rhetorical to be of any benefit to the masses who need solutions to their problems and not rhetoric on what was said…

  34. …. what was said or not said. Totally immaterial. And for the participants on this forum, please lets discuss issues that may influence the decision makers and not flog dead issues like the failed general, just do not give him chance to create his playground on this forum. Get some sleep heritage president. I feel so sorry for Angela.

    • @45 Ndanje khakis: I personally did nothing to require your forgiveness. Besides KK served Zambia for 27 UNINTERRUPTED LONG YEARS, what is your complaint today really other than stigmatising me? By the way, KK had always been my role model as a young man. And last week some memories were rekindled after the burial of his Grand Daughter, Mrs Anne Chinkuli, at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. His staff presented me to him and introduced me fondly as “Your Excellency, here is your ADC”. I made him laugh when I ordered him to stop jogging, especially at public functions! Yes, I was his Military ADC and I proudly served him well in spite of your stigmatisation!

    • ‘My role model as a young man.’ That is the problem in Zambia General. The majority of voters are young men and women like you were, once upon a time, therefore, they are blind to the truth and blindly idolise people.

  35. @8.1 Rtd Brig Gen Miyanda I note your attempt to respond with some bemusement (a) ZLR are well known to me and we have read your submissions when you were an alleged coup plotter etc. (b) Are you suggesting that the Con Cot aided the 14 lawyers in their interim applications (c) Am not referring to civic law I referred to the higher form of learning after social studies called ‘civics’ (d) Your understanding of issues follows logic but sadly that is not the law and I wont delve to engage with you who thinks because you have a reported in the ZLR then it entitles you not to listen to others. (e) You attempts to trash the ECZ reveal more about your bitterness which is truly sad and am glad I never cast my vote for you when run for President.

  36. General Miyanda almost always speaks his mind in a truthful manner. The issues he has raised in his article are nothing but the truth. Who in his/her right frame of mind would believe the reported article on ZNBC (of all media outlets) that the US Government has congratulated ECL and his PF Government!

  37. So for you General Miyanda, what do you think?

    In what capacity is Edigar Chagwa Lungu in the USA?

    In what capacity is he at the UN, former president?

    Or do you think, he was cleared and given entry into USA as ‘the man who stole HH’s victory’?

    General Miyanda, please tell us what the USA thinks of Edgar Lungu?

    Do you think he was cleared entry to the USA and UN as ‘one who failed to make the dove fly’?

    OR was he cleared as Zambian President?

    General, nowadays each time you write something there are many unanswerable gaps, questions you create which you too cannot answer for yourself.

    If you have always been like this, then I must confess I used to be young because I really used to be inspired by you.

    But you have completely shredded that whole chapter, to…

  38. I see HE ECL was right to ignore your letter he knew at one time because of your inflated ego you will reveal what did or did not happen. Statecraft demands that sometimes you are privy or have access to the most high you don’t reveal even when you write letters you don’t later go to the press . ECL had no reason to doubt he was signing a good document on whether we should have the 51 plus clause or petition in 14days, but if ECL had not signed off that document todays loss by HH would have been bloodier. In my view this very constitution flawed as it is saved this nation from bloodshed because it took out the sting by lacing on hold the swearing in… I shudder to think what would have happened had ECL won under the old order.

    • @49 davis: you lie. IT IS ECL HIMSELF WHO REVEALED MY PETITION TO THE PUBLIC on ZNBC when he was receiving the Bills for Assent presented to him by the Clerk of the National Assembly. Why do you people always use lies to advance your unsupported arguments? I stated in the Petition that there were only two copies, his and mine, to avoid premature leaks. And that afterwards I would make the petition public as it was a matter of great public interest. As I have said he gladly revealed it himself saying, “I have received a petition from our former Republican VP General Miyanda. I will examine it but I will still sign the Constitution next week”; and he did. Why crucify me?

  39. General Sir, allow me to just come back on the matter of the petitioners not being heard. I remember being schooled on what the lawyers call ‘the spirit of the law’ with respect to the 14 day time limit. If we were to accept the argument that the 14 days were just for commencement without determination, then we open ourselves to a scenario where the petitioned president might go for the whole duration of the 5 year term without being inaugurated. Clearly this goes contrary to the spirit of the law. So I’d rather one person loses on this instant than the whole nation. I pray that corrective amendments will be done by the next parliament for the benefit of all as part our constitutional growth. Thank you!

    • @50 Umwina Nkana. I hear you but for me to respond we shall just have another argument instead of a debate. When the opportunity arises I shall clarify. But I feel very strongly about justice in the just aborted CC petition and express it by my own quotation: No Hearing = No determination;
      No Determination = No Decision;
      No Decision = No Judgement’
      No Judgement = No Justice;
      No Justice = No conclusive end of the Apple of Discord!///

    • I’d agree with you Sir 100% if there was no consideration of time limit! My position is that a presidential petition is highly costly to the nation in more way than one and a person who decides to take that route must be very sure that they’re standing on firm ground in terms of permissible evidence. Short of this we’d be trivializing a very serious process!

    Do not congratulate the General without reading in between the lines of his article. He should come out clearly as what he is planning with his friends for he to say the court did not “Declare the Winner”. The court was not the returning officer for the “Presidential Candidates” . Judge Chulu had already declared the winner and since the ConCourt threw the petition out, by 3 aganist 2 meant that the situation when back to its original state with ECL as winner. Gen Miyanda is only afraid in that if what they are planning succeeds, US will intervene hence his article.

    • I totally agree with you.

      The Court had not place to declare the winner in this matter.

      Suppose that there was not petition after ECL was declared winner, would the court need to come in and declare a winner who was already declared by the mandated institution, the ECZ?

      Now there was a petition, but which failed to take off. The petition was neither heard nor determined because it legally expired. This means as good as having no petition at all.

      How then does the court come in to declare a winner, in the absence on a hearing following a valid petition?
      The court only comes in when there has been a hearing and a determination.

      In this case there was no case as the only attempted case failed, thus ECZ declaration cannot be changed, because there are no circumstances to do…

    • continued..

      In this case there was no case as the only attempted case failed, thus ECZ declaration cannot be changed, because there are no circumstances to do so.

      Thus in the absence of a petition, as the case become after 14 days of UPND’s filing in of their failed petition, the ruling of ECZ remains valid.

    Have you ever heard General comment anything good about PF.. He is a senior citizen who can make an appointment with any of the PF leaders and offer his suggestions. He wants to write so that the Zambians agree with him and when he gathers too many approvals that when he will surprise you. Ask our founding father Kenneth Kaunda, he knows him well, even the opposition who thinks he is supporting will see his true colors. When CHILUBA won, Miyanda took Pastors to state house to pray and no one said the pastors have compromised, today he calls some pastors have compromised. He has failed as a political leader because he is SELF_CENTERED just like HH . Two birds of the same feathers.

    • @51 and 52 Mugabo J: in 51 you allege “if what they are planning succeeds”. Since you know what we are planning report to the authorities. If not you have committed the offence of Misprision of Treason. Hurry up and report or you too will be arrested; what an unproductive patriot! You are the one plotting and want to distract attention from yourself. I was a Cabinet Minister, a Vice President and acted President on several occasions. Why did I not do what you are wishing me to do? I am not a member of UPND but I shall always speak in support of those I judge are being denied justice and I will not stop even if HH himself stops. I did it for some judges under PF threat, remember?I bind your bloody schemes in Jesus’ Name///

  42. Ba boss don’t deny that you undermined the opposition when you formed HP. Your own words “what’s there aim ….is it just to remove the MMD from power? “…..

    • @53 Ndanje khakis: it is you now who is very boring; I have already commented on your blogs, this is now just an argument and not a debate. Anyway there is NO HOMOGENEOUS opposition in Zambia. Goodbye and gunite till another article///

  43. @ALL BLOGGERS: it has been a tough but enjoyable exchange. No quarrel with US but them Zedians! Still there are those bloggers who rob us of productive time and distract from the issues at hand. I thank everyone for keeping the page alive since yesterday. Your views are your views, including the strange language. I have said my own. Am now outta here. Byeeeeeeeeeee///

  44. Hellow General.
    I personally have been following your analysis on several issues. Understandably, most bloggers are too young to understand how the world revolves. At my 52 birthday as of now, I have tested the one party state and voted twice in the Kaunda regime, I participated in the revolution to bring down the UNIP regime, however, after 2 decades of democracy all our gains seem to have been thrown n the dustbin. Some of those guys in power now are colleagues that we grew together and schooled together suffered together. It is regrettable to see them now act as if they are champions?

    These kids, who say you would have advised ECL or make an appointment, Ok fine, are they no aware of the numerous efforts you have been making including one where you said, do not sign the…

  45. @ Gen Tsu- sun, spot on, looking at some blogs posted to counter the GM, chisungu chashupa, instead of sticking to the topic, you bring in other issues, some even going personal, and I commend the Gen for keep cool sticking to the topic, and bringing out facts, wow!!! This topic requires someone with better understanding of current affairs and better comprehension and writing skills. Tefya bana aba ma leakages, that’s why they easily believe every lie circulating on the social media. We need more media forums, so that we compare issues and facts, alas I find it strange that if a media house is closed, some people turn to celebrate, and shout boma in boma! It is dangerous to be fed on diet of lies as propaganda! We need free press as a fourth institution to carry out checks and balances…

  46. Brig you ask what’s my complaint? I ask you why was that consititution aimed at an individual? You remember that face to face you had with the late Friar Davioli Umberto on TVZ? I would like that to be shown again to prove that what you are writing is not what you practically believe in.

  47. Ba Miyanda, blood shade is NOT what we are asking for here in Zambia! You want to repeat that coup that you organized, but failed! Here in Zambia we are not interested in that can you go and do it else where!

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