President Lungu delivering his address during the official opening of parliament
President Lungu delivering his address during the official opening of parliament
A non governmental organization has commended President Edgar Lungu on his call to move the energy sector forward in ending the crippling effects of energy poverty in the country.

Energy Forum Zambia Chairperson Johnstone Chikwanda says the Republican President should be commended for being the first President who has taken a board step to diversify the energy sector.

Mr Chikwanda said his organization urged the President to remain focused in the face negative voices which may come from both at home and abroad.

“Energy Forum Zambia has welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s speech to parliament regarding how to move the energy sector forward and thus end the crippling effects of energy poverty and make Zambia energy independent.

“The Forum wishes to reiterate that this is the first time Zambia is witnessing intensive political will from someone who sits in the alpha position to diversify the energy mix. Thus as a forum we commend him and assure him of our unflinching support to balance the energy mix and explore for oil & gas. While this is good for the country, challenging voices both at home and abroad are likely to get spiked. Therefore, the President is encouraged to remain focused and strong,” he said.

He said his organization has received a number of queries from the public on the safety of nuclear energy which the President wants to include in the country’s emerge diversification program and that the organization will issue a comprehensive statement once it has all the relevant information.

“We have received a number of questions from the public concerning nuclear energy which the President wants included in the energy mix. The forum wishes to assure the public that it will issue a more comprehensive statement once it has gathered all relevant information such as proposed type of fuel to be used in the nuclear reactors and the regulatory framework that will be needed.

“There is nuclear power generation based on thorium; an element which is located near Uranium on the periodic table. Thorium exists in great abundance on earth. There is also nuclear energy based on Uranium -235 and Plutonium-239 isotopes. Therefore, the forum will stand ready to engage at an appropriate time,” he explained.

He also said the support was premised on the President’s demonstration of political will to diversify the country’s energy sector and that industry captains should cease the moment to invest in the sector.

“As a Forum, our celebrating the President is mainly premised on the political will he is demonstrating to diversify the energy mix and re-igniting the exploration of oil & gas. His passion and drive has brought about the “kairos moment” which must be seized by industry captains and investors. Of course each type of energy generation method has its own space and is thus informed and mentored by outcome of bankable feasibility studies which include public interest,” he said.

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  1. Nuclear energy when you have 365 days of sunshine…countries are cutting back on nuclear you are thinking of the opposite yet you dont even money.


  2. Nuclear, solar, thermal, hydro energy? which one now? Child like optimism. Why not pick one and develop it to the max? Forget nuclear, you have no capacity even to handle a teaspoon of nuclear waste. Let me tell you, nuclear energy demands a lot water to cool the reactors? Where are you going to get the water from? Kariba dam? Or Zambezi? Chagwa Lungu stop this nonsense now!


  3. Thorium??
    Here is a quote from experts
    Significant and expensive testing, analysis and licensing work is first required, requiring business and government support.[17] According to a 2012 report by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, about using thorium fuel with existing water-cooled reactors, it would “require too great an investment and provide no clear payoff,” noting that “from the utilities’ point of view, the only legitimate driver capable of motivating pursuit of thorium is economics.”[29]



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