Do not seduce patients into aphrodisiac relationships, medical staff told


Government has implored medical staff countywide to stop enticing patients into aphrodisiac relations because it dents the good image of the medical profession.

Luapula Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Joyce Nsamba implored the medical staff at Mansa General Hospital during the combined graduation ceremony for St. Pauls and Mansa Schools of Nursing and Midwifery.

She disclosed that there has been some reports of some medical staff enticing patients into such engagements and the practice must come to an end.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary called on the graduating students to accept postings even in hard to reach and survive districts like the water logged Lunga where their services are critically required.

In moving a vote of thanks, one of the graduants Pius Kunda promised to uphold the nursing code of conduct in the discharge of their duties.

He said the graduants are ready to serve anywhere in Zambia where their services will be required.



  1. This Joyce woman is indeed very cadre. How do you make wild unsubstantiated statements like that on a big day like that. Certain issues are meant to be investigated internally and dealt with internally rather than bringing disrepute to the profession. If anything thud Joyce woman needs to be investigated. What a plonker. Ubupuba mu pf


    • Kiki my exact thoughts. These are pf cadres. Just imagine we have a dull Esther lungu representing us abroad. Did you hear that when she was at the first ladies informal meeting she was asked to put the salad back in the fridge at the residence of south Africa ambassador . She then went to put cooking oil in fridge


    • Just what kind of reporting is this where you throw at the reader crazy concepts that you yourself don’t know? Journalism? Or a find the meaning quiz?



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