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Presidents Lungu, Museveni, pay homage to deceased Heads of State


President Museveni Greets Mrs Wina
President Museveni Greets Mrs Wina

President Edgar Lungu says late Republican President, Michael Sata, was a great leader who should be emulated.

President Lungu says the late Mr Sata was a hard worker and selfless leader who was passionate about the welfare of the Zambian people.

President Lungu said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today shortly after he and his Ugandan counterpart, Yoweri Museveni, toured and inspected the embassy Presidential Burial Site for three late Presidents; Sata, Frederick Chiluba and Patrick Mwanawasa.

President Lungu categorically stated that he really missed the visionary leadership of the late Mr Sata.

“The late Mr Sata was a very hard and passionate worker whose services should be emulated by us leaders,” he said.

And President Lungu has bemoaned the slow pace at which the construction of the mausoleum (graves/tombs) this morning.

“You see, last year l was here and today I am here again. I expected these mausoleums but look where we are….,” Mr. Lungu said.

He, however, expressed gratitude that the three graves would be completed in the 2017 national budget when funds would be allocated to the infrastructures.

Meanwhile, President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, recollected that the three late Zambian Heads of State were keen about transforming Zambia.

Mr Museveni, however, regretted that the Presidents were taken too early by the Lord.

President Lungu and Mr Museveni left the embassy park at about 11:00 hours local time. The two Heads of States were escorted by senior government officials from the Zambian and Ugandan governments.

Mr Museveni is in Zambia to grace this year’s Zambia’s independence anniversary.

And President Edgar Lungu says Zambia is honoured to host Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, during its 52nd Independence celebrations as well as enhance bilateral relations between the two countries.

Speaking during bilateral talks at State House ahead of a banquet held in honour of the visiting leader, President Lungu said there was a lot to be gained through strengthening relations especially that President Museveni is one of the senior statesmen in the region and Africa.

And President Museveni last night said Zambia and Uganda could do more by meaningful cooperation in terms of trade through improving bilateral relations between the two states.

President Museveni said Zambia’s independence history was like current affairs to him as he vividly recalls the period during the liberation struggle when he would visit his supporters in Lusaka.

“To me Zambia is home. I am at ‘in’ganda’, which I am told means house or home and to show you that the Bantu as a people historically share
strong bonds which Zambia has with Uganda, we call sticks used to make mud huts ‘enganda’,” he said.

He explained that the people of Uganda were forever grateful to Zambia for the contribution it played towards the liberation of other countries from colonial rule.

The visiting delegation accompanying President Museveni included Minister of Foreign Affairs, Okello Oryem, and other ministers, Peter Ogwang, Nyaketcho Annet as well Uganda’s Ambassador to Zambia Dorothy Hyuha.


    • Museveni like Mugabe have no accord for democracy.

      The sam tendencies shown by Lungu with the trestment of the Post, Muvi TV, his murderer Minister – chama etal. 345% increament in wealth without explaining how and presumable assuming he doesn thave to.

      He is cut from the same cloth as these people and clearlycloth as these people and Kim Jong-un.

      A human tragedy at the helm

      You will reap what you sowed people



    • Museveni is well proven dictator, it’s a disgrace that Zambia is going that direction now.
      Museveni, Kabila and Mugabe belong in the same awful “basket of deplorables.” They are a curse to Africa and unfortunately Lungu sees these evil persons as his mentors.
      God help us soon.

  1. “You see, last year l was here and today I am here again. I expected these mausoleums but look where we are….,” Mr. Lungu said.

    Only in Zambia ..do you see a President escorting another President to tour a burial sites.
    He is even proud of spending millions on tombs of the dead whilst the living are suffering.

  2. Editor,
    Please sort out this website…too many bugs, viruses infecting our handsets.
    This causes havoc to browsers…sort it out asap.

  3. Another proof of a broke govt. slow pace of constructing graves. How expensive are these graves to take many years to build? Are we serious with our priorities?

  4. Wrungu and this other ch1kala from uganda souls will rot in hell once their father satan calls them to rest with him even the boss himself satan is surprised by Wrungus brutality.


  6. (HH) can never enter state house. Even with all his money he can’t win the hearts of Zambians.
    What a shame he only leads a small cult. Money can buy him members but no votes. Burn in hell minion. Soon we shall bury you and your cult in Bweengwa.

    • #Kudog why bring in our visionary economics and my president HH justify why I should not insult you anyway Wat0mba nok0 waifyala ban0k0 indusha.

  7. I congratulate President Lungu.
    I think he will make Zambia Move to the next level.
    I am a Ugandan here in Kampala, i follow Zambia Politics.

  8. But you are busy talking about the greatness of Sata and his legacy how about you,what will be the people going to talk about? Are going to talk about beer which you enjoy yourself since you are a drunkard foolish? Because there is nothing that you are doing that will leave you a legacy useless

  9. Comment:
    Robert…what do you know about Zambia?
    injustice and inequality…oh i see…Are you among the followers of the so called the mailoni brothers….!!!

  10. Jay-jay and Junza U are the ONES with VIRUSES utushishi , unfortunatly their is NO treatment for your UTUSHISHI so please stop infecting US clean people by leaving the site stop commenting as everyday you speak u infect Others

  11. We should be serious as a nation with priorities. Why spend on the dead and yet workers are protesting over delayed payment of their salaries? Only Dr. KDK deserved that kind of burial and burial site. Where are we going to bury all the coming 100 presidents? Can we afford it? Land is finishing fast mind you, cant we consider cremation?

    David Phiri and Willa Mung’omba (MTSRIEP) showed Zambia how to go without many burdens. Why cant we emulate these fallen heroes?

    The reality in this country is that CREMATION should be considered as a serious option. You may oppose me now but sooner than later, I will become a hero!

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