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Lusaka Residents should consider cremation due to critical shortage of burial space-Mayor

General News Lusaka Residents should consider cremation due to critical shortage of burial space-Mayor

LUSAKA mayor Wilson Kalumba says residents should consider the option of cremating the dead due to a critical shortage of burial space in the city.

The two cemeteries in the city, Chingwele and Leopards Hill, are almost running out of burial space and Lusaka City Council (LCC) is facing a serious challenge of finding an alternative burial site.

Mr Kalumba said in an interview yesterday that there is need for a cultural shift from burying the dead to cremation in an effort to address the shortage of burial space.

He said the Local Government Act provides for cremation of dead bodies but the decision on such matters will be left to the people of Zambia in line with the Christian nation declaration.

“I will support the issue of cremation if Zambians accept it as a means to handle the problem of diminishing burial space and population increase,” he said.


    • In other words, there’s a lot of land in Zambia. But people are too lazy to plan its proper use. Also if everybody wants to be near Lusaka’s CBD, why not try building upwards instead of sideways? Multi-story residences, and vertical graves (children on top of mother on top of father on top of grandparents), is the way to go. Cities like Athens and Rome have been there for over 2 thousand years. They have catacombs, multi-level underground burial sites. Unfortunately, PF00Ls don’t want to exercise their brains.

    • But cremation sounds good ukuchila bakushika olo wayabukila panshi, it’ll be second painful death atini, imagine you work up under ground in a coffin, mmmmmmmmmmm

  1. Agony is starting your Hell right here on earth by being cremated and continue burning and knashing of your teeth in real Hell.!!

    • Precisely let the Mayor and his relatives be the ones to begin.It is like the issue of sacrificing they want the ordinary citizens only to be the ones sacrificing.Secondly this is further proof of failure to provide leadership.You have simply failed to manage our land resources as you are too busy politicking.

  2. Wem-bushi we Chi Wilson, all Zambians can die at once, be buried at once and there will still be more than enough land to bury another 13 million. Am happy I buried my mother and I visit her grave every year.

    Chances are Wilson is one of those who doesn’t know where his parents are resting if they’ve passed.

  3. That’s the problem with us Africans. The mayor said “Lusaka residents should start considering cremation of dead bodies”. He did not say a law has been passed to start cremating dead bodies. Do we understand English? He’s simply stating the reality of the situation as it is on the ground.

  4. Kalumba thank you for being a pro-active realist.

    We should be serious as a nation with priorities. Why spend so much on the dead and yet workers are protesting over delayed payment of their salaries. Where are we going to bury all the coming current 15 million people? Can we afford it? Land is finishing fast mind you, cant we consider cremation?

    David Phiri and Willa Mung’omba (MTSRIEP) showed Zambia how to go without many burdens. Why cant we emulate these fallen heroes?

    The reality in this country is that CREMATION should be considered as a serious option. You may oppose me now but sooner than later, Kalumba and I will become heroes

    • Cremation is actually much better for the environment. When am dead I am dead. So makes no difference to me whether I am roasted like a t-bone steak! We already have adopted new ways of dealing with the dead. For example our ancestors did not use coffins and in many of our cultures, the was no use of cemeteries and the dead were buried within village compounds. So there is no reason why we should not consider other ways of dealing with our dead.

  5. For gbm it’s a must. He can occupy the land equal to 30 people alone. Whether legal or not he must be cremated in fact live together with his bitter friend so that we have a country free of bitter and hateful people.

  6. Kalumba, just learn to manage cemeteries well for families to bury up to 4 people in one grave. it happens in the West

  7. Not a bad Idea at all. Cremation is better and is also a common practice WORLD WIDE. So let it not be VIEWED AS A TABOO or a CULTURAL SHOCK. CREMATION is perfect for people with EVIL souls , because this prohibits them from returning to haunt their victims… And prevents evil people from using the souls of the DEAD.

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