Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Malawi secures 100,000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia


A stack of over 14, 000 bags of maize purchased by FRA at Chipoka satellite depot since the marketing season exercise commenced.
Malawi Government has secured 100,000 metric tons of maize from the neighbouring country Zambia, deputy director of communication, Halmiton Chimala has confirmed to Nyasa Times.

Chimala said Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and water development George Chaponda signed the deal in Zambia “to exempt its ban on all maize exports and deliver 100, 000 Metric tons of Maize to Malawi.”

He said Zambian President Edgar Chagwa Lungu signed the deal on behalf of his government.

“The initial agreement with the Zambia Cooperatives Society to export 100, 000 metric tons to Malawi became invalid with the imposing of a ban on all maize exports by the Zambian government in April, 2016 but now all is well,” said Chimala.

Chimala said delivery of the 100metric tones will commence November 2016.


  1. Food exports could have been Zambia’s main forex generator had the govt had the necessary balls and brains to develop this sector.

    • Meanwhile…..most Zambians are struggling to have a square mea.! It is not a secret that Zambia is the 3rd hungriest nation in the whole World! SAD

  2. Corruption chabe!!
    Zambians will NOT benefit from this shoddy Salel of our food reserves. Chagwa will give Tasila the USD raised from this dodgy sale.
    Mark my words, these P.F Clueless Clowns will be importing the same Maize from Malawi @ a more costly price, in a couple of years from today.
    This P.F mess excuse for a Government does not have any members with forward planning skills.
    PLEASE STORE OUR FOOD FOR TIMES WHEN WE WILL FACE DROUGHT/ LOW HARVESTS YOU CH1MBWI’S, instead of moaning “Its Global” when hit with food crisis.

  3. changwa is a visionless leader,he does not think of tomorrow.that is why by the time changwa leaves office,he ll ve alot of cases just because he does not think of tomorrow.some of his illegal actions ll bring him problems tomorrow.wait & see.

  4. Now we have discovered there is market for maize and its potential for forex its very simple equation to caltivate more to have enough for local as well as international market

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