Another Lusaka wife kills husband

The Couple during happier times
The Couple during happier times
The Couple during happier times

Another Lusaka wife has killed her husband in rage of anger after a domestic dispute.

The woman only identified as Mrs Milumbe, a member of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA University of Zambia Congregation and works for Focus Insurance is allegedly to have hit the husband with a blunt instrument and when he fell to the ground, she went into the car and ran over him.

The deceased was buried on Tuesday.

A family source said, “Mr Milumbe, a member of UNZA SDA church had a fight with his wife and it seems she hit him with something in the head that made him collapse. Then she ran over him with her vehicle in the presence of their 8 and 6-year-old kids and he died on the spot Mrs Milumbe is currently detailed at Makeni Police Station.

Other family sources revealed that the couple was allegedly fighting for custody the two children after going on separation.

The couple had been separated and Mrs Milumbe had briefly moved out of the matrimonial home but she went on the fateful night pick up the kids and that is when the quarrel ensued.

“She accidentally run over him as she was trying to escape with one of the children following their separation,” another relative said.

The Zambia Police is yet to issue a statement on the incident.

Mrs Milumbe
Mrs Milumbe


  1. Women women women, no man is worth opharning your children over! Biggest problem: men in Zambia are generally useless, wreckless and irresponsible. Women on the other hand are socialized to believe that they are incomplete with a man, even a useless one. Women please there is life beyond a man, stop killing our sons. How many children are going to be be opharned by foolish women! Learn to move on from these stupid men

    • Modern women. Marrying women like Mathar Musipe, Mumbi Phiri etc those insults we get receive give bad vebes in society.

    • LT, … you guys need to upgrade your reporting. Sorry but this article reads like it was written by a 5th grader. Please edit your articles, fix your grammar and spelling before you make them available to the world. For instance you’ve written…”Mrs Milumbe is currently DETAILED at Makeni Police Station.” We know you meant DETAINED, but we expect your editor to notice and correct that. We value your great service to the Zambians, but try to be a little more professional. Thanks.

  2. Another innocent man being killed by the hands of dangerous women,it seems men are endangered species,yet the so called women NGO are silent like hibernating snake

    • More women are killed at the hands of men than the world would care to count. If anyone is endangered, its women not men. Get your facts right!

    • This woman is the real face of evil. Knocking somebody cold with a blunt instrument is bad enough. You would have thought she would have thrown some cold water on him to resuscitate him. But jumping into a vehicle instead and driving over a prostrate body you have just knocked down is triple murderous. How many people survive being run over by a vehicle? And running over even a dog at high speed there is always a sickening thud and hump. Running over a human body at slow speed must elicit some huge resistance from the vehicle, like riding over a heap of gravel. What insane hatred is this?

    • And this woman did all those heinous acts under the watchful gaze of her kids! Kids at that age suck up all and any experience into their developing brains. What trauma! I hope that one day we will have a President who signs off on death penalties. I will volunteer to be a hangman for free – at no cost to the govt. Evildoers and murderers should not be allowed to get away with their heinous crimes.

    • BTW, I also believe that those who stole the $9.2 billion national debt should be hanged by their fat necks until death releases them from their criminality.

    • Ba mwakinga lekenifye ubuchende nobutani mufyupo, thats what’s leading to resentment and bitter fights afterwards. The lesser evil here is divorce. If you cant love another human being as yourself, please don’t marry. Look at those two innocent human beings who did not apply to come to earth or be born to parents who would one day kill each other, they are the real victims and not the two adults who started what they couldn’t sustain. Very sad situation.

  3. Money matters,this is only happening to educated women in towns,bcoz to them what matters most is love for money and money for love.
    Village women are not in this evil of killing one another.

    • Ba Nebo, Kikiki. Tekanyeni. Umuntu muntu fye whether villager or educated. Even the villagers kill each other, only that you don’t get to hear about it because they are in remote areas where they have no access to social media like you and I.

  4. The devil at work: Women want to remain rich on this earth (Zambia) hence they are killing husbands. God forbid = Christians rise up and pray hard, stand in the gap for mother Zambia. Demons are every where, Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Very sad story. Ala ngafyashupa chawama mwalekana mumutende. We know the bible does not allow such. My condolences to the family of Mr. Milumbe.

  5. Looking good on the face but inside lotten chap. Look at what you have done. Who will look after the kids now. The man has gone under ground and you under the bars. I feel very sorry for the children. God have mercy.

    • Have you heard of divorce? And what is the point of fighting over custody? In Africa, kids always search for their missing parent. You can never lose your kids. They will always come back to you. Joint custody is the best solution though.

    • Makes two of us. I married a wrong woman too. It’s hell on earth my bro!!!!!!! I was like fixed in. fear of church people saying heaps. I couldn’t say no.

  6. Zambian men mistreat women alot. Change your mind-sets and adapt your marriages to modern society in which you cant handle a woman as you want.

  7. Zambia the Christian Nation whatever that means …look at them all religious people..i feel for the kids no time for religious *****.

  8. The bible says a woman is a weaker vessel. Do you know what it means? It means that a woman will have her own short comings but despite that ,she has to be handled with care. When a wife shoots overboard, cool down as a man and afterwards either use an intermediary or pursue the matter yourself in a calmly manner. You will never convince your wife or ex wife by using force. There is an adage which says if you step on the ant, despite its small size can bite you.
    Such things are happening because men have failed to give direction and we are busy admiring and chasing other skirts.

    • You cannot force your leadership on a woman. In fact, most marriages collapse on the issue of leadership. Some of these educated women have running battles about what their husbands can or cannot do. My advice is get out of the way of such a murderous woman. Keep yourself safe. Half the world is women. Better alone than prematurely dead.

  9. Now what are these vocal good for nothing women in useless NGOs like womens lobby groou, NGOCC going to say? If it was a man who had done this by now they could have held countless press briefings denouncing the same. But since it is a woman involved they are mute. Hypocrites! As for this woman what has she achieved apart from landing herself in hot soup and leaving the same children she was fighting for in the cold! She is a daughter of Lucifer.

  10. Time we revisited these “Christian nation” nonsense and come up with our own faith. Let’s go back to our roots where elders encouraged families to pray to their own anscestors’ beliefs and NOT this Jesus son of God myths. Indeed on marriages, l concur with above blogger suggesting we marry omongst our own like the Lala pipo do; encouraging marrying within cousinships…

    • How can you come up with your own “faith” …that word there is misplaced. What Africans had was spirituality which doesnt involve brainwashing from childhood…simply studying knowledge of self. Christanity will never acknowledge how great the black man was its there to distroy you and look down on your rich culture.

    • There is a big difference between God and Religion…if you have not deciphered that; its you who lacks the faculties to understand…
      Wake up from your silliness and folly and go study about self!!

    • @jay jay,
      To imply that God is racist is the dumbest one can get. I have to say, going by what you are portraying as a product of this thing you are advocating others to study, it must be a very morbid and gloomy thing. You are not exemplary and attractive as graduate of this course of study you are trying to sell, boss. Also, looking at your manners, this thing is most certainly too rude and toxic to be African, and it will only produce more spouse killers. Now, who is silly and folly?

  11. women are actually advocating for divorce after the marriage its very simple to tell that
    they are after your property they have forgotten the scripture in the bible until death do us part.

  12. If it was women in this situation tu ma fake NGO for women fimofimo the would have been making serious noise like its campaign period when general kanene comes in the Post awe sure

    • Yes I agree let those tuma NGOs should come out in the open and condemn this act. She is now a relieved widow, not bereaved. The children are all hers now. Am also about to go on separation with my wife and she said she would have restrictions on my access to my children and I told her in no uncertain terms that I would fight her to the bitter end. These are simple issues which wouldn’t have cost a life. The two of them could have just agreed to share some time in which to spend with their children. But for an 8 year-old and 6 year-old those should be with the mother. They are young. Anyway such incidents do not surprise me anymore.

  13. Truth be told? the moral fiber in our nation is very low. It is not uncommon for married women to carry on as if they are not married. The work place has become the place for relationships as has the church. This hasn’t absolved the husbands but women often carry the sanctity of a home. A home is defend around the woman once she lowers the bar and shares with other men the issue is complicated. True men might play their role in compounding the issue and that is sad. In this case she went to the estranged and it is there problems arose she could have gone with an elder or a relative but she went alone now its water under the bridge

    • You will never read such in the papers in England and they dont even go to church…you only hear such grisome murders from the British Moslem communities.

    • Mr religion-dont-mean-sh!t above, you are free to believe what you wish but to say you cant read such in British media is a blatant lie. This has nothing to do with religion. That’s why as human beings, we must coexist and be TOLERANT with each other because no two people are alike or believe in the same things.

  14. Sorry it had to go to those extents. When the children grow up under the care of one or the other, they shall come to know that their being on earth is due to a union between man and woman. They shall with no doubt look for the other half of the formula. Hence it is useless to fight over custody. You can assist your children by paying directly to the school or hospital while the custodian foots the bills for food and other smaller demands. CUSTODY OF OFF SPRINGS SHOULD NOT BE A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.

  15. We have useless journalists who do not understand ethics. You put up a photo with under age kids faces? I hope they have someone brave in the family to sue these *****s!!!

  16. mwebantumwe balandile ati she killed him accidentally some comments just show how some men are so unloving if you have a weak wife it means you are not firm and loving as a husband you are not a Head in the house. Namuchilamo ubuchende nobutani ngefyobalandile because the wife works you want her to be doing everything for you and then iwe uleangalafye munasheko.

  17. The story is based on rumours but the truth will be known soon. Has lusakatimes verified with the police? Can you name the family members who gave you the information if you think your story is correct

    • Tom, I understand your concerns, but you are dealing with a society that thrives on rumours. A country where media practitioners would pick up a story from social media and publish it on their websites. Most of the stories published on Zambian online publications are “half-truths” and our journalists are so lazy to verify them. They’re more preoccupied with being the first to break the story under the misused “Breaking News” banner.

  18. Very sad indeed. Why Traumatise the kids even more by placing their picture on Media. Please people control your anger and learn to communicate effectively. This what happens when you keep silent every-time someone angers you, the resentment build up inside your soul towards your partner. HUSBANDS / WIVES SHOULD LOVE EACH OTHER AND TALK CLEARLY (Explain what you feel and what you want your partner to do and ask your partner to tell you what they feel and what they want to see change in the marriage). Most men and some women just want to talk clearly with the girlfriends,or boyfriends and take them out and yet they fail to take their wives/husbands out. Marriage just like any other thing in life needs WORK. LEARN TO FALL IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER EVERYDAY REGARDLESS OF YOUR DIFFERENCE IN…



  21. This story, if it is true, sounds a like a crime of passion. Very sad indeed. Oh, maybe I spend too much time watching ID Xtra.

  22. What will happen if it is discovered the she is innocent. It sends shivers that we can judge someone on what is not verified. So far the 2 stories published in social media are totally different. I seriously smell a rat…

  23. You can’t believe in a cult like SDA which cannot differentiate between CEREMONIAL LAW and MORAL LAW and expect to be free from sin like murder. Go to a true Church of Christ which will teach you true freedom from sin not a cult.

  24. This has nothing to do with the church, all the thieves in Zambia including those thieves in the government when they steal or kill someone do you mention their church? the answer is NO, the person who wrote this story looks to me like is anti SDA period. This kind of reporting is the reason why people question the Zambian media, basically is trying to bring in the church into this murder when the church has nothing to do with it. its a sad story someone has lost his life and children will suffer knowing our situation in Zed

  25. The story of wife murdering husband is quite sad. Please no matter what the difference with your wife or husband we should never resort to murdering each other. Especially as a Christian Nation we should never resort to murder. Terminating life is strongly hated by the creator of it. Think about the trauma that the innocent children were subjected to to see their beloved daddy run over by a heavy car. I hope the lady will find time to repent perhaps God will have mercy on her.

  26. I am deeply touched by this incident. I do believe and hope that the lady will be counseled and helped adequately by the church so that she does not harm herself and let the innocent children remain orphaned. I pray for the family.

  27. Surely madam you could have just taken your husband to the elders of the church instead of cutting short his life. Where things couldn’t work out you could have taken the matter to court. I don’t think the courts would have allowed your husband to keep the children looking at their ages. Think about the plight of your beautiful children just in case you’re imprisoned. What a sad story to read about!

  28. when such things start happening even things like shops and markets burning it means the leadership, chiefdom or presidency has been refused or questioned and something terrible may happen in the country but we pray that God may protect us from that which is ahead of the country


  30. My Ex-Boss Mr Milumbe rest in Peace. Its sad your evil wife sent you early. Will always miss you. Yourself and Mrs Pecy Siulapwa sacrificed your time training me during the Expanded Church Response Towards HIV/AIDS Audit last year. Thanks once more for your great works. Will always mourn your departure Sir. Its really sad dear you left this world in a dirt way. My heartfelt condolescences to the small kids, Ms Rodia Milumbe, the family and Grant Thornton Zambia . Auntie take heart & don’t fall into temptation during this trying moment. I know this is hurting a lot. Please let us be strong and wait for Justice as it unfolds. May God grant us consolation. Amen

  31. Mr Milumbe was right to keep the kids. According to the Zambian Constitution & i quote,”Custody of the children above 6 years remain with the husband. The only exception to this is death”. This woman must go in…..!!!!!

  32. The story is distorted, please learn to get facts before you report anything you consider newsworthy. There was no object used but the question is, what have both fools achieved? The man is dead and the woman will be sentenced to death, what will happen to the children they were fighting for? Why is reasoning and amicable discussion not a priority in the minds of many fools calling themselves husband and wife?

  33. HERE IS A VERSION OF THE STORY GOING ROUND: The separation came about because his wife had started an affair with a work mate. The dispute over child custody escalated. She went to get the kids when he was not home (just the new maid) As she was about to drive away, he arrived. He tried to block her but she ran over him with her car. She drove a short distance and then turned back. While he was still lying on the ground, she ran over him again apparently in blind anger – with the kids still in the car (she reported herself to the police that she accidentally ran over him during a quarrel) But unknown to her, there were a few witnesses who saw every thing and actually got the message to the police before she got there with her story.

  34. It’s very sad how the devil uses people like a condom, this woman was used ny evil beings to terminate the life of an innocent soul…. RIP dude… Western religion has polluted Africa…. hence so much evil, when the white pple came to Africa they brought new doctrines trying to oppress Afro man… in marriage if u don’t want to continue staying together then bid farewell & move on with life….than killing one another

  35. There are lots of dysfunctional marriages within the SDA churches and instead of dealing with these problems the church is more concerned with jewelry, meat eating and things that are irrevalent.
    The SDA has the highest rate of divorce among the Prostestants. A lot of adultery is being committed within the church (even among pastors and elders)
    Husbands and wives are frustrated because many are married to people that they are not in love with.
    This is a sad situation. I hope the children will have a proper Christian home to be raised in.

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