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Shoprite Mansa stores reopens


The new mini Shoprite store in Mansa
The new mini Shoprite store in Mansa

Chain store giant Shoprite has reopened its Mansa store with less than two months since it was gutted.
Shoprite Mansa’s 3,000 sqm store was on October 27th 2016 burnt down to ashes in what management said was caused by a short circuit at a neon tube.
But on Thursday, Shoprite to re-opened a smaller 800 sqm store much to the delight of Mansa residents.

Shoprite Zambia General Manager Charles Bota was delighted adding said the achievement seemed impossible in a province so far away from the city.

“The staff, the Company, suppliers, customers in the province and the government were devastated. The government through the Provincial Minister and the Executive Mayor of the Town asked that we consider opening elsewhere as soon as possible to alleviate job losses and assist access to daily necessities. It looked like an impossible task.”

“But we set ourselves the task to re-open a smaller 800 sqm store (just smaller than the size of Matero Shoprite) by 15th December 2016 or within 50 days. Some said it was impossible in a province so far away from the city,’ Mr Bota said.

He added, “Stanford Ngambi, our Operations Manager Designate, led the team to re-open. We took over an empty shell next to the old shop on 30th November 2016. Today, 14 days after taking possession of the empty shell, we have successfully opened the smaller Mansa Shoprite Mini with outside and adjoining bakery. It is a record feat achieved by a locally led team.”

He said the Executive Mayor of Mansa, His Worship Emmanuel Chungu and Deputy Permanent Secretary Mrs Nsamba led the residents of Mansa in doing the first shopping in the new Shoprite Mini.

“Thank you to the Lord and for your prayers. Thank you to Stanford and the team. Thank you to the local authorities and the government for supporting us. We will rebuild the bigger store once all investigations and logistics are fully complete. For now, we celebrate that no jobs were lost and we can continue albeit in a smaller way to provide a service and grow the

The inside of the new mini-Mansa Shoprite store
The inside of the new mini-Mansa Shoprite store


  1. Well done Shoprite. Very quick set up after the disaster. You are doing very well especially that you are known for lower prices.
    Quick rebound I wish Government was moving at the same speed to alleviate poverty but they are fast asleep

    • Very quick to set up as the know the docile Africans will be shopping for Christmas, something the dont understand; they will make the money and ship it to Boer owners!!

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