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Human Rights Commission investigations unearths rampant abuse of workers at Horse Shoe Restaurant


Horse Shoe Restaurant in Lusaka
Horse Shoe Restaurant in Lusaka

An investigation carried out by the Human Rights Commission has revealed that there are widespread human rights and labour abuse at Lusaka’s Horse Shoe restaurant.

According to the report dated 22 December 2016 obtained in Lusaka, the Commission found that management at Horse Shoe uses insulting language against the workers including *F**k you, you rat, rotten eggs and idiots.

The report which was addressed to Ms Mika Mwambazi, the lady who first reported the incident also revealed that workers complained about the poor conditions of service under which they worked.

The workers said management makes unlawful deductions of their wages ranging from K 100 to K150 without any reasonable or lawful cause.

The investigations found that the said deductions were not stipulated anywhere but were arbitrary imposed on workers for late reporting, alleged failure to prepare food to meet certain standard among other reasons.

It said sometimes the mistake of one worker would result in the whole section or those working in the affected area suffering salary deductions.

The workers lamented that the said deductions left them with very little money to take home.

The workers also complained of inadequate transport allowance which ranged from between K3 to K10 saying it was insignificant to meet the cost of transportation.

The investigations by the Commission runs contrary to what Labour Minister Joyce Nonde Simukoko revealed during a news conference held at Horse Shoe to the effect that there are no human rights and labour abuses at the posh restaurant.

Mrs Nonde Simukoko’s sentiments have since drawn with spread condemnation from a wide section of society with some calling for her resignation.


  1. Joyce Simukoko should be fired for stating that there is no abuse and that the person who said it should be arrested. She was bribed and oiled to say that. the whole lot of a minister!! she should be ashamed.

    • If I recall, Joyce Simukoko said there was no racism at Horse Shoe Restaurant. In the article above, there is NO mention of racism, but instead they are reffering to Human Rights abuse, therefore Joyce and the Human Rights were looking at two different cases
      I am sorry, but I dont see any racism in the insults – *F**k you, you rat, rotten eggs and *****s.
      And its not racism for management in “unlawful deductions of their wages”.
      The question is why neither Joyce Simukoko nor the Human Rights did not take the holistic view and review both cases, and provide us with the overall picture thus removing this confusion. So condemn BOTH.

    • I did say it. How can the Minister take over the job of courts of law? This is the problem we have in Africa. Our leaders are bribed with school fees for the children in London and they cast a blind eye to wrong doing.

    • Nonde is just as empty and foolish as she looks. Her defence of offenders has exposed her shallow minded character. Lungu condons such stupidity from his ministers. Remember the Dongote gate involving former labour minister Shamenda? The entire leadership is nothing more than a bunch of jokers devoid of any national interests. Cry for Zambia

    • Definition of racism. 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. .
      Source: Mercian-Webster

    • I see nothing racist in the managers choice of words. That’s just thug language by the manager.
      Tardiness, laziness, thieving and incompetence is the real issue here. Most of you here have never been employers in Zambia and you are talking from an employees point of view.
      Come to South Carolina USA and see the difference between a racist and a white thug.

    • We told the minister yesterday, that she was incompetent in this area of work, now the truth has come out. The minister should have read the response by the said employer on facebook before she commented. Now what is her position on calling for the arrest of Ms Mwambazi? We are waiting for her to issue a statement on the matter

  2. Hahaha ba Nonde, what do you have to say now? Your lies have just been exposed. And you are the minister responsible for protecting workers’ rights! I hope you get reprimanded (only because I know ECL won’t fire you) for your overzealous defence of a guilty employer.

  3. Ba Miss Nonde just how did you investigate this horseshoe kitchen? How come your results vary so much from this one? Are you so taken in by white people that if they invite you to a meal you think “master cant just give me food for nothing. I must do something for master! I must arrest Mwambazi so master can be happy with me.”

    • What is the real problem here? Racism? Poor conditions of service or human rights abuses? What i see here from the article above is poor conditions of service which is very common in many Lodges, Restaurants and Fast food outlets so the whole food catering sector should have been investigated

  4. That Judas Iscariot woman, for a few kwachas and a plate of food she was calling for the arrest of a whistle blower. Zambians must stop sleeping. This is no way to be governed.

    • Even the Old Colonial Police Constable Michael Sata would have breathed fire in Joyce’s face, everything is utter shambles under Lazy Lungu utter chaos, utter confusion, absolute disorder no leadership whatsoever!!

  5. So you see and hear that?
    Come labour day celebration the same workers will be dragged to a match past..while she parades her self on a podium waiting to read out empty speeches. what a country we live in.

  6. But there ZAMBIAN owned companies that mistreat employees so before we condemn the “Greeks ” let’s also ensure we treat our people humanely.

    • Apples and oranges my dear, apples and oranges. If your husband or boyfriend are Greek, that is on you, we shall not tolerate this nonsense. Do not worry the Zambian firms mistreating employees too shall be disciplined. Like milk processing, cheese and butter are done separately. So you stop supporting nonsense, in order it too shall be delt with.

      I shall not say bad things today because am calm.

      Viva president Nawakwi the convention acceptor.

  7. What she reported was very true, there’s no racial discrimination involved. It’s the attitude of the Zambian workers to blame. They want to come to work late and expect management to accept that? I would also call my workers names if they do the job right simple

  8. Madam Nonde don’t worry, you will continue with your job cause ni pa zed pano nothing can happen to you. Viva to lack of morals!!!!!!!

  9. It hurts and it is very disheartening to learn that Joyce Nonde will continue in her position without any shame and remorse.

  10. This is embarrassing for the whole ministry of labour. She was calling for the arrest of the whistle blower and mentioned her name in the media. Can she also mention one by one the members of the investigation team that visited the restaurant so we know who they are. They must be held accountable for presenting her with false reports. Disgusted.

    • Mwila Mwambazi if you cherish your reputation sue both this old wen..h and government for being defamed.Don’t feel sory even if she apologises.Protect your reputation.And this matter should end with closure of the resturant and deportation of the owners.But not in Zed our president can’t do that.

    • If there is chance for lawyers to make a bigger killing plus Christmas bonus …this is it; not only have you got a case on the plate you have a grossly incompetent Gov’t official who put your prospective client’s life at stake by calling out her name!!

  11. The past months, blogger Nostradamus has been spending sleepless nights so LKtimes can be uploaded so he can make a comment to boost his chance of being elected Best Blogger 2016. Sadly, he does appear on the list. He has been blogging crap over the years, it shows he is a tin head. Bloggers who started last year have overtaken him. It means all what he has been writing for ten years is a load of rubbish. Readers do not pay attention to him, apart from a few of his friends who are just as dim and time wasters. He is in bed crying. What a useless chap.

    • @Asozaviva
      Am dead mate! LOL.You took the time to analyse those silly results. I almost made a comment to that effect. Even that new He-goat from Tumfweko @NEZ made it and beat some famous fellow !diots who’ve been blogging here forever. Folly at its best on the part of the nominees! Thanks for the laughter.

  12. I could not even finish reading that article above, as my anger is just uncontrollable towards this woman…I am calling on State House for once show to some leadership; the minister was wrong to take it upon herself to oversee this sensitive case, are you telling us that all business with issues will be going to the Office of Labour Ministry. Lungu, you Lazy man put that bottle of 35cl Jameson Irish Whiskey and show some backbone for once, then let ACC take a look into it as well…this is the selfsame lack of Good Governance I always talk.

  13. Some times President Robert Mugabe was right to chase the people with white face and long noses……They come to our beautiful zambia to make profit and again at the same time start abusing the zambian citizens in their own mother land. This is a serious issue and the government really need to act.

    • You are exhibiting racism yourself by generalization everyone…the issue here is the way this matter was handled. There are channels set out on how to handle such issues….these are issues were a inquiry is established so as the right and fair procedure is set out for both parties in the future.
      Joyce Nonde Simukoko is too unskilled to be in that office so is everyone from Deputy PS to PS…this is 2016, we have learned unemployed UNZA graduates roaming the streets who can handle such issues more professionally.

  14. If ever there was a time president Lungu would make a name for himself, and has us forgive his charting of the skies for next year atlas, it is now. Replace this minister with a knowledgeable person, with a no remorse attitude. Someone that shall defend the employees and employers alike from arogant behavior, or slacking laziness, if the employees are to blame. With that said, Merry Christmas bloggers.

    Viva president Nawakwi convention here we come.

  15. Work culture issues among our people is pathetic, some deserve this kind of treatment because of utter laziness, theft and indiscipline. While I don’t condone any unjust mistreatment, It is also important to realize that we have a problem when it comes to work ethics among our people and as such the government should not look at one side of the coin to be seen to be condoning laziness but to come up with a win-win solution. Zambians used to have a good name when it comes to work ethics but not any more. Some of our workers just deserve what they get and ought to just get fired! Ask the experience of any one who employs Zambians, they will tell you the truth.


  17. Instead of implementing and improving government labour laws she is busy flouting them what a shame. Some ministers are working against the government philosophy and policy of improving the economy of our country. We propose the matter be reported to police as the whistle blower was almost arrested and later prosecuted. In the past we saw that matter at Game stores the way it was handled this time around let the law take its course. Human Rights commission you must sue the minister since you have the facts at hand. Her action was a planned one and she had her ill objectives.

  18. You chaps don’t mix up things. The issue was about racism not those things in the commission’s report. Plenty of places are managed exactly as described above. Most of you are just passive racists.

  19. My worry is that most of our labour Ministers come from the labor movement were they fought for workers rights for years. With there vast experience in fighting for the rights of workers, it could have been easy for them to sought issues like this one. Mrs Nonde Simukoko joins the bunch of failures from the labor movement such as F. Shamenda,Austin Liato etc. She should be arrested for inciting the arrest of an innocent, life serving individuals. President Lungu should reward the patriotic whistle blower

  20. The Human Rights report has no dates in question when such abuses took place, no names of witnesses, it is not a winnable case in the courts of law. The mistake the minister made was to call for the arrest of the whistle blower, otherwise she took a right decision to state no Racism. only if Those affected can come up and claim it has hppened then we can all support for closing of the place. for now it is pure witch hunt , coupled with envy just like we did with the Rwandese.

  21. Without any malice, I can tell you that Greeks in Zambia are crooks to the core. They refer to Zambians as Mavri in all their conversations. I have lived and worked with them.

  22. I think this issue of Horse Shoe Restaurant is getting out of hand and its like they are people out there with hidden interest in the business may be because of its success at attracting a certain clientele based on the standards the business has set. My humble advise to all those who feel they did not get a service level treatment for their money to deny the restaurant of business by seeking similar services from other restaurants and not advocate for the closure of that business. There many alternative means to resolving this issue. As for me this looks like the GAME Palan saga which went no where but left the Zambian lady humiliated for her foolishness

  23. Close the restaurant and close the story. Why are you complaining? You can march to this restaurant and force its closure instead issuing threats using fake names.

    • A woman working for the mines reported an expatriate manager to the District Governor alleging racism by the former. The DG went to the plant and upon entering the office found a woman on phone with her feet on the table. He was made to wait for 10mins. After the woman was finished with the conversation the DG introduced himself and asked for the manager. He asked the manager on the allegations of racism against him. The manager asked the DG what he found at reception to which the DG explained the waiting while a useless chat was going on. Then the manager said : “When I try to correct such unprofessional behavior, I get called a racist. This behavior is affecting our productivity “. The DG left with saying anything.

  24. Ba minster you called for the arrest of my fellow citizen. Can you please send the army to arrest these owners now. Lol. Zambian minsters will always choose a foreign. This is why you look down upon local contractors and give fack reasons that they fail to perform when you the ones who bring in children and grandchildren who have never worked before. Come on give us a break.

  25. Commentary was made yesterday on the incompetency of all former labour leaders who subsequently ascend to ministerial posts. All these former labour leaders suufer from poor judgement of labour matters once in the top post to oversee labour issues in the nation. Joyce Nonde Simukoko’s poor sentiments on the Horse Shoe Restaurant is an epitomy of the incompetence exibited by all former labour leaders. In Summary:
    1- FTJ Chiluba never squared up to the task as an effective president.
    2- Newstead Zimba- pre occupied with fighting with his two wives.
    3- Austin Liato – Convict who burried K2 billion instead of looking at workers welfare
    4- Shamenda was spineless and appeared not to know why he was labour minister.
    5- Joyce Nonde Simukoko- poor judgement because she has occupied the…

  26. Remember soon after chiluba was in state house the unionist said they were better of under KK than chiluba.

    A Zambian is promised so much by each politician but each time they are in power the promises come to zero.
    Nonde’s case does not only make sense but it makes her look stupid.

  27. @General Kanene just go back to your country. It is racism for a white man to call an African a rat or monkey or any animal. Its not only N-word or K-Word that is racist. A Barcalona player was thrown bananas on the pitch. That was racist. Kanene dont be an *****.

    • @Josef, Your complex will kill you. The difference between you and me is that you look at a white man as your boss and you feel inferior. I work with white people and all my surbodinates are whites. I have worked for different international companies, sometimes as the only black, but i have been gauged based on my deliverables and not color. I am married with a white woman for 22 years now with 2 great kids. In every society you will find a few foolish people,who are racist, just like you, against whites. So dont let color be your driving force. Again, if someone is a rat, rotten egg or an *****, you are just that regardless if you are white or black. Of course, throwing Banana is racism. But sticking to this report, I dont find any racism.

    • @Josef, Your complex will kill you. The difference between you and me is that you look at a white man as your boss and you feel inferior. I work with white people and all my surbodinates are whites. I have worked for different international companies, sometimes as the only black, but i have been gauged based on my deliverables and not color. I am married with a white woman for 22 years now with 2 great kids. In every society you will find a few foolish people,who are racist, just like you, against whites. So dont let color be your driving force. Again, if someone is a rat, rotten egg or an i.d.i.o.t, you are just that regardless if you are white or black. Of course, throwing Banana is racism. But sticking to this report, I dont find any racism.

  28. Kaunda ,ftj ,mwanawasa not even rb nor sata would tolerate such , this stupid person must be deported and put on a flight next day if not same day ,
    Where is home affairs minister he or she must also go , Lungu I used to like you and now you are becoming a let down

  29. Chipuba sana ichi chi mayo its like she’s baren coz not a sane person can behave her ways , limbi balichitomba chaliumfwa ubukala bwamusungu mukanwa , how dare you instigate an arrest we chipuba iwe , its better u go ****** yakantu , that’s why MWe maule you support anything rubbish

  30. Lungu’s ability to pass sound judgement is once again in question here. Just what criteria does he apply to appoint people? How did he arrive at the decision of appointing this limited woman? Yet this is the person some trust to run the affairs of mother Zambia. True indeed, Zambia needs more than a miracle to survive as a country under these clueless excuses for leaders and lawmakers!

    • Up to now ACC are waiting on the coward Lazy Lungu to give them the go ahead to arrest BUFFOON KAMBWILI…if he was clean this would not have been a problem but he is unsure about what his former Chief Govt Spokesman may reveal if he is cornered.

  31. Simukoko kuya bebele! And as a prime example she should leave with NO BENEFITS! This is the disgusting angle of politics, I knew from the article yesterday that there was a muzungu wanga mentality in there and that like most said she was not sanctioned to be giving that statement.
    This is the problem people come out and vote for people whom they think have their and the nation’s interest at heart, alas! greed is behind the mask. Nondo should apologize and be immediately removed from holding that office. While everyone is screaming for the President’s head its about time that Government started working as a unit. Given Lubinda and Steven Kampyongo in their respective capacities cannot remain quiet on this matter. They are the responsible parties that the head of state relies on in these…

  32. situations.

    If they stay quiet nabo kuya bebele!!

    Everything just cant be Lungu Lungu, we need to be diligent in checks and balances and these government agencies need to come in tandem and work for the people.

    I am very disgusted by Joyce, what an embarrassment to the country and to the women.

    Thanks to HRC cruelty in the Zambian work place is coming out. With that said even the owners need to answer for these findings, fined and ensure to have all employee arrears and grievances sorted without fail.

    These are the sort of places that ZRA should be looking into and get those accountants and management to answer for the unexplained deductions. Times for slaps on the wrist are over we want development, growth and integrity! I truly applaud the employees in taking the…

  33. I have no particular interest either way in this case. But I note that Joyce simukoko agreed that there may be related issues between workers and management for which she advised management to resolve and also ths need to follow the labour laws of this country. What surprised me was the recommendation to arrest a whistle blower. I think that the minister is wrong to do so and should leave that to other bodies. The only problem is that these bodies are probably infiltrsted by UPNDonkeys yoh first have to list the names of their members before you can establish their credibility. Just look at LAZ, such a shame. By the way have you seen how quite LAZ partners in oasis forum are quite probaly seen the dirty hands of the new LAZ, even Susan mutale can be embarrassed, probably seen the long…

  34. Contd…. have you seen how quite LAZ partners in oasis forum are quite probaly seen the dirty hands of the new LAZ, even Susan mutale can be embarrassed, probably seen the long dirty fingers or is it hooves of UPNDonkeys.

  35. Which party now is the official opposition in Zambia? Is it the Narep or is it the new UPNDonkeys led by GBM assisted by HH?

  36. Animal behaviour !
    Poverty has gone so deep in our society that even GRZ big fishes can easily loose it over a plate of food and single round of bedroom entertainment.

  37. The trouble is, very few Zambian workers are able to work with minimum supervision. Alas most of them need close supervision. I hear most of them getting insulted every day except it is done in languages they don’t understand. For the sake of progress let us first admit we have a problem! How does a serious investor tolerate workers who report for work late every day? Workers who come for work drunk or smelling beer? How do you tolerate workers who cannot be taught anything? Unless you are doing charity work. Time is money and if Zambia is to start seeing its fortunes improve, there must be a change first in mindset and work discipline. I personally make my work easy. I don’t hesitate to fire!

    • You are actually right few are able to work with minimal supervision. At my work place they had to introduce clock in system to curtail late coming and paying ghost workers. Who would want to pay for no service? That having been said’ insults are not and shall never be the best way to change someone’s conduct. Time and again I have said that words can be costly if you use them improperly.

  38. The other day I overheard a Zimbabwean telling his son in Shona not to be as lazy as the Zambian workers. Is this the kind of reputation we want as Zambians? Where is our pride as a country?

    • Ask that Zimbabwean to go and try and get some money from an ATM in zim if at all they have money. Political will is what propels everything in everything. If you dont understand this then so be it.

      I live a happy life and it always goes on until I die

  39. TRQ is agree with you…problem is there in zed. Major reason is the way Christianity is misunderstood. Zambians always fail to differentiate between work and friendship. In our society , a good manager is one who sympathise …not sticking to professional conduct. Alas, if not content with staff best fire and not insult. Its the lack of competition in Zed and Africa as a whole that make us lazy.What do you make of a nation whose president call for national prayers when economy is in crisis? What can prayer do?

  40. That’s the problem with you Zambians, how do you go and eat from a shoe of a horse? these are satanic names and places and you expect to get the best? devil deceives, at first you smile and when you in trouble he leaves you alone to sort out your problems. As for Joyce, you know you are a disappointment even to your own home.

  41. Gents we have seen the racism practiced in south africa. I personally was on the receiving end in Hatfield Pretoria. But I got my way – I am from Matero so it helps….Joyce has never impressed me. I take her to be a chancer but I never thought she efared white people. This is a new low on her profile ….

  42. Bafikala don’t just sit on your asses and complain all day. Work so that you get paid not bukabolala fye umo shacela. Come work for me and if you exhibit laziness I will call you a rat or worse. Mumona kwati money batola fye mwe mbwa mwe?

  43. Another enquiry must be targeted at Solwezi Royal Hotel where emplloyees who work on holidays,sundays and night shifts dont get the over time and night shifts allowance .I can challenge the labour ministry on this one, go there and ask for payslips and see if you will find anything.

  44. Everything changes except the law of change. Closing down the eating place should be the last option because the characters running the eating place are humans who can adjust to save their business. It is easier said than done but still have hope these people are already looking into ways to improve on the matter. Do not be racially biased yourselves when dealing with this issue. The workers need the jobs and so do the owners need the workers. In short we all need each other including the customers. Do you not remember the ZRA chief locking out late comers? If late coming is not theft by servant then what would you call it?

  45. You know why we’re lagging behind? We’re sensitive for nothing. Any lazy bastard will hide in the name of racism. Today while applying Compound D I discovered that one of chaps I had hired had hidden a substantial amount of the stuff. I kicked him in small of his back. I am sure if I was no ZAMBIAN he was going to report me to the DC and accuse me of racism.

  46. The truth is we have two positions and swearing does not amount to racism. Zambia ifinthu kutejanya. If that restaurant loses business its the Zambian worker who will lose. I am sure they will say Boma iyanganepo.

  47. The truth is we have two positions and swearing does not amount to racism. Zambia ifinthu kutekanya. If that restaurant loses business its the Zambian worker who will lose. I am sure they will say Boma iyanganepo.

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