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GBV is the cause of broken families say Chipata Catholic Father


CHIPATA Catholic Pastoral Centre Director Fr Archangel Nkhata has said Gender Based Violence(GBV) was the major reasons for broken families.

Fr Nkhata said during Christmas mass at Saint Gabriel Mpezeni Parish in Chipata on sunday that marriages were breaking owing to GBV which was as the result of misunderstandings by the couples.

He said couples must dialogue whenever there was misunderstandings inline with the teachings of the Bible.

“When you differ in life sit down as a husband and wife to discuss in the sober way because most of the marriages are breaking as the result of gender based violence,”Fr Nkhata said.

He said Christmas reminds Christians to love, share, and forgive each other as the family or society.

Fr Nkhata also said politicians must always fulfill what they promised to the electorates during campaigns.
He said it becomes painful that some politicians tend to decieve people with empty promises during campaigns but forget to fulfill once they get elected.

Fr Nkhata commended Patriotic Front(PF) Luangeni Member of Parliament(MP) Charles Zulu for his zeal to develop the constituency.
He said the parliamentarian has shown determination to develop the area because he was always assisting with developmental projects.

He said his works were confirmed by his landslide victory in the August 11th 2016 general elections.

“I like the MP for Luangeni because he has always been with the people and he has tried to develop the constituency.His works were confirmed during the general elections when he got landslide,” Fr Nkhata said.

He said Kabwata MP Given Lubinda was also a good example of the elected person who was working for people adding that he was elected for the fourth term and  that the people of Luangeni would do so if Mr Zulu continue working for the people.

And Mr Zulu who donated 20 pockets of cement said he would work to satisfy the people of Luangeni constituency through various developmental projects.

Meanwhile,Mwami Adventist Hospital medical superintendent Dr Ronilo Ang bemoaned lack of inadequate accommodation for staffs.

Dr Ang said when Mr Zulu visited the hospital to donated baby hampers and a cow to mothers shelter for Christmas.


  1. Pastor your your thinking is naive. Please think deeper by asking what causes gbv? Gbv is caused by social economic hardship and failure and poverty caused by a failed pf government. When people are suffering and poor they turn to violence and other social ills. We warned you bout pf. Meanwhile vote nez as best blogger

  2. By pointing to a symptom i.e. GBV, and claiming it is the cause of broken down families in our society, clearly this Catholic Priest has no understanding of what he is talking about.
    But then again, what can one expect from a man who is not married, has no family and no feel of marriage dynamics when he attempts to define and resolve a problem beyond his scope? This is another Frank Bwalya in the making. He will do well to delegate this matter to his committee on marriage counselling in his congregation.

  3. In short, PROHIBITION of alcohol might diminish some of these maladies. Alcohol leads to increased domestic violence and neglect. So if there is kind of strict laws limiting the consumption of moba, makoko, pombe, dhoro, GBV will surely be minimized. That’s my take on this issue.

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