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Pilato apologises to President Lungu, wants to work with PF


Pilato being embraced by PF members
Pilato being embraced by PF members

Controversial Copperbelt based musician Fumba Chama also known as Pilato has apologised unreservedly to President Edgar Lungu and the PF for the offensive lyrics contained in some of his songs.

Pilato announced today at a news conference at the PF secretariat that he has today made peace with the PF.

He has also asked for forgiveness from President Lungu.

Pilato had since distanced himself from the UPND and has pledged his total support and loyalty to President Lungu.

He has further asked all PF members of the party to welcome him

He was welcomed into the PF by party Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri.

During the August 2016 elections, Pilato was among a few artists that supported the opposition UPND and performed at its campaign rallies.

Pilato shakes hand with former Lusaka Mayor Daniel Chisenga
Pilato shakes hand with former Lusaka Mayor Daniel Chisenga
Pilato after denouncing his relationship with the UPND
Pilato after denouncing his relationship with the UPND


    • Soon it will be NEZ joining PF now that he is a national example of a failure, having failed as a strategist(as he calls himself), on Tumfweko and now on LT as the best blogger. Kikikiki.

    • Lusaka Times why don’t you report that Hikainde Hichilema~HH has built two schools in Western & North Western Province respectively?
      Its such a shame that your impulses of propaganda is only about visionless Lungu & his PF bandits all the time!
      LT, open your eyes wide shut open & report about important issues such as the building of 2 schools by HH.
      Don’t choose to turn a blind eye about this reality & only report about nondescript of corrupt PF failures. Lets be honest & fair for once LT, common!
      By the way, how much is mealie meal today & the economy doing?
      The Skeleton Key

    • This Pilato guy, at least he had a reason to have a bath and dress up well, that is the only news, other than that ma rubbish fye !!!.

    • A lot of musicians have died, but their songs lives on, i guess the price of mealie meal has reduced to K45 for pilato. Now that he is pf is deadNBC going to start playing his songs? Now that he is pf will he free to ride in his car with Windows rolled down? Now that he is pf will he shown on deadNbc news?

    • I had no idea Pilato was an enemy of PF to seek peace. In one of his postings he said Zambia had only one enemy – poverty! I am stunned, maybe I shouldn’t, we all have a pricy.

    • Skeleton – Why weren’t the Schools built in Northern or Eastern Provinces? You want to win a national election, be national!!!

    • One Zambia~you can ask HH that question. However GBM is also building up the school in Northern province.
      On realistic note, Western & North Western are the provinces that have been purposely neglected by every govt, especially the banditry PF of visionless Lungu. Moreover, northern & eastern have hugely received more educational development than any other province in the country such as universities etc. Otherwise which schools or clinics has blind Edgar built in any province using his personal money?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Welcome home comrade Pilato! Next we expect the likes of Mwaliteta and others to confirm their re-entry into the Party of Peaceful Friends (PF)!

      Even GBV where he is does not feel at home, the man feels sick being surrounded by these cattle rustlers and blood thirsty devil worshippers! Its just a question of time and we see GBV abandoning the luciferian organisation know as the United Party for National Destruction/ Dunderheads!

      God bless all and One Zambia One Nation!

    • Wow, no principles or personal convictions. He doesn’t say why he’s supporting Lungu and PF now, or why he was against them at first. Which means, most likely, he doesn’t even know why he’s for them this time, maybe just for his personal welfare — since Lungu and his PF minions make sure that if you’re against them, they make you suffer. What a shame.

    • Tell us why you have left UPND first? You can’t stand HH, not so? He never helped you when trouble had befallen you. ECL chabe.

    • His actions are in line with his name…. Pilato! He failed to resolve a case and washed his hands on a matter inconclusively. Keep running Pilato but there is nowhere to hide: your music will survive you!

      Wonders shall never end! He has learnt enough lessons from the UPND camp! The evil nature of the party has pumped some reasonable sense in him. Wait and you will soon hear from him through songs.

    • @1.12 NDOBO

      Lungu can forgive Pilato because he can not be shaken by him while Miles is a member of the infamous catel which can pull surprises at anytime.

    • @Misango yaba chaimani I like your comment. Your music will survive you. However the question is: Is the music good enough to survive him?

  1. Speaking the truth is now considered offensive? It would have helped for the young man to mention some of the things the PF considered ‘offensive’ about his lyrics

  2. Pink is the new black. Brethren, and so a man shall not only go back to eat his vomit but also swallow his own poop. Good luck with that!

  3. Pilato you’re allowed to criticize who ever it may be. But insults cannot be a means of communication. Modify your language and your message will carry wait. Lungu is just a human like you and all of us. He can make mistakes and we should not fear to admonish him albeit with dignity.

    ” A LUTA CONTINUA”!!!!

  5. Pilato has been struggling to find a big audience to sell his music and shows because the majority of Zambians who support the PF had stopped buying his music because of his political affiliation to the Supreme Leaders party…Now as someone has indicated above njala yamuyonkola mambala…kikikikiki Pilato must start bathing also instead of looking like a Mad person…

    • No most Zambians play his music using their headsets, they are scared of the pf vingilantes, most Zambian musicians will feel and think they are popular if their music is played loud in tarvens and markets,that’s what pilato has missed.

  6. Bwa -hahahahahahahahahaha!!

    Can’t blame a guy for trying to stay alive. If you can’t beat them, join them.



    Wonders never cease.


  7. Pilato might have seen that president Lungu is working in most places, his minions on the other hand are a problem. One place were President Lungu is wrong is his flying everywhere.

  8. This what happens you dont know to use your talent…these kids of today never learnt anything from our fallen heros.

  9. I think he has been squeezed hard. He probably can’t play anywhere and no one wants to hire him. At the end of the day, we all need to make money. Now he will be alright.

    • I totally agree with you. He may not even believe in what he is doing but at the end of the day he has to make money and survive.

  10. Luck of principle is the big problem in this country,we have very few individuals who are principled and hardworking,the majority niba kandile,so sad how people turn around just to feed,It reminds me of a Dr poet who also was nyokolad and spoke I’ll of where he was coming from.Awe sure Zambia twasebana

  11. Comment:some people don’t make a difference. they are just there to feed there berries. when there is no food they run away. in fact let him go nadothi so, that’s where he belongs.

    • ganja capital~So you don’t know that this is Lusaka times? Wake up early from your malnourished slumber!
      The Skeleton Key

  12. Kabiyenifye uko ba Pilato. Bushe HH na broka? Olo limbi ulupiya alepelafye ba Mmembe beka ku Mast, imwe no monapo nangula one ngwee?

  13. Pilato lishilu, ishilu ilya CHAMBA, thats why he cant see logic in anything he do, whether supporting HH OR going to PF to beg and apologies. he is just A GUY with a confused mind.

  14. This is the result of poverty and oppression of anyone who is opposed to the PF. This is one reason Africa will not develop. no persistence because people want quick money. what will happen if HH wins in 2021, will he go back to UPND?

  15. That’s guy is hungry,he would not have survived on mangoes coz there seasonal. Besides, rain season is almost over. Pluto or whatever you call yourself ,you can not fight a system unless at least you could afford a bath and a haircut

  16. What I wonder is, how does the American and other embassies feel after defending someone who has now back-tracked on the same issues…

  17. Pilato….tata kanshi you have no balls!!! no principles! what offense you were just speaking the truth…what has happened to the fight for the silent majority? many an African kwwf…….the nelson madelas who stick to their guns truly just come along once every hundred years……..pilATO u r like the many yes bwana yes bwana fakes!!!! may you choke on PF brown envelopes!

  18. The question is: Would Pilato have apologized if HH had won the August elections? It is an apology of convenience. It’s fake. There’s something he wants from PF.

  19. If you cant beat them join them. We don’t know were the advise is coming from. May be from the weak GBM who likes miscalculating his fortunes.

  20. UPND morons never cease to amaze me, when Pilato was disparaging ECL in his useless songs he was a hero, now that he has realized what he was doing was not right, ati Njala nyamunyokola! He has just seen that UPND and the under 5 leader have nothing to offer so please leave him alone.

  21. Comment:Lungu is the hard worker man, that’s the reason why pilato decided to go and apologise and join the group of pf. This could be a good example of any one who still support that failling party upnd, that stupid man called hh can not be a Zambian president the only thing that he can do is just to take care of his animals. by the great chom’s.

  22. I can imagine how Lungu wishes SOUTHERN PROVINCE resigned to join eastern province and become one. There was no inspiring music pilato performed for upnd. ALUTA CONTINUA UPND. NI HH CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABE.

  23. @skeleton

    Thats where HH is missing it. He should have belt those schools in Eastern and Northern province. Very easy to change poeple

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