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Sahrawi President arrives in Zambia this afternoon on state visit

Headlines Sahrawi President arrives in Zambia this afternoon on state visit

Photo of President Brahim Ghali of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)
Photo of President Brahim Ghali of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)

President Edgar Lungu will today host President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Brahim Ghali for talks at State House in a last ditch attempt to fix the diplomatic blunder that his administration made last year when it broke off diplomatic ties with the territory.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has confirmed that President Ghali will be in Zambia for three days.

Mr Kalaba in June last year shocked the diplomatic circles when he announced that the Zambian Government had decided to withdraw its recognition of the so-called Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), a partially recognised state that controls an area in the Western Sahara region.

He said Zambia was in support of Morocco’s claim to the territory.

Mr Kalaba’s decision was contrary to Zambia’s and SADC’s historic position which has always advocated for the independence of the Western Sahara region.

Sources in the diplomatic community say most SADC leaders including South Africa’s Jacob Zuma and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe have been disappointed with the stance taken by Zambia to betray the region and the entire Africa Union by backing Morocco.

The visit President Ghali comes at a time when Morocco has been on a charm offensive across the continent, in a push to return to the African Union that it left in 1984 when Sahrawi was admitted.

Morocco, at the time, protested that Sahrawi was part of its monarch.

Moroccan King Muhammed VI had cancelled his visit to Zambia in December in what observers say was in protest against Lusaka’s sudden change of heart.

Over the weekend, President Zuma held talks with President Ghali who was in that country for a working visit.

A statement from the presidency said “The visit is aimed at deepening and strengthening the already existing good political relations between the two countries, fortified by the strong historical ties dating back from the years of the struggle against colonialism and apartheid.”

The ANC led government has been one of the staunch supporters of the Saharawi people, fighting for independence from Morocco.

Their struggle for independence is seen as the last anti-colonial struggle on the continent.

Talks between Morocco and Sahrawi are currently locked in a stalemate, a development condemned by many African nations.

“The protracted suffering of the people of Western Sahara and the current impasse in negotiations towards finding a durable solution to the struggle for self-determination remains a major concern for the South African government and the continent of Africa,” the South African presidency said.

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  1. Flip-flop policies even in foreign policies. One minute, you announce you have severed ties with Sahrawi and even invite the King of Morocco to visit Zambia. The next minute, you announce that the President of Sahrawi is visiting Zambia. Where does this government stand? This is typical of the hyena proverb.

    • Indeed this is quite confusing. The same people who should have hosted King Muhammed are now hosting his rival. How shall Zambia be looked at by Moroccans. What drama! Oh, sorry. I forgot that we are talking about the PF leadership. Kikikiki.

    • This is an insipid democracy. We could as well have democratic ties with the little green men from Mars. At least they could teach us a thing or two about outer space technology. What does this desert have to offer Zambia? Zambia never gains from supporting liberation struggles.

    • P.F Never does anything out of ethics & principles.
      For P.F its about cash in the pocket, & belly being filled hence the flip flopping. They only look out for the highest bidder, whilst conning the daft Zambian electorate.
      Would’nt be surprised the Morrocan’s pledged some inverstment BUT made it clear to P.F thieves there will be no room for embezzlent, & self enrichment, & once that was made clear, these thieving P.F Bandits decided to go back on their word.
      While we are at it, can the corrupt P.F, tell the Nation, what happened to Samuel Chavula???

    • Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), is an illegitimate child that has come of age. No such child, however illegitimate, can be denied to right to marry and procreate. The only question left for AU to ponder is whether arm-twisting the King of Morocco to pay the dowry is practical enough.

    • However ugly the face of president Edgar Lungu’s foreign policy, the Sahrawi story is one that Zambia does not need to continue playing hide and seek over; or resort to desperation and do it the ostrich way – bury its head in the sand. There is already too much sand in that part of the world, such that, one needs a camel, not an ostrich, to traverse its vast expanse. Otherwise, let day dreamers, those known for achieving the impossible, convince the rest of us that one day the Summer Olympics will be held in the Sahara desert. It’s simply an improbability. That is the absurdity of entertaining the notion that, one day the world will wake up to the realization that the Sahrawi migraine headache has dissipated.

    • Let the King of Morocco himself come out of hiding over the Sahrawi. For the whole length of time that the Spaniards ruled over that region, why did the respectable Moroccan king decide to hibernate into oblivion? What proof do we have that he really cared about the region? He only moved in and took possession of the region, or at least a portion of it, after the pull-out by Spain.

    • Here it’s who presents a better case … the king was given a chance he didn’t show up , the other counterpart sees the food on the table he goes there , lungu is a state head like him the king of morocco so no one should be more important than the
      Other … they all have busy schedules

  2. But whats our trues stance as Zambia over this tiny country-to-be? or are we waiting for mob psychology to take its course?

    • We have no stance because Saharawi is not a good destination for our President. His wife cant shop anywhere there.
      KK recognised the Polisario Front because we all know that Morocco colonised it after Spain left in 1975. Mauritania also had claim to the territory but Polisario Front emerged as the natives’ true representatives.

  3. I hope that PF are not wasting their limited mental energies intervening in Arab affairs instead of fighting army works. Arabs from North Africa look at us blacks as Africans and themselves as Arabs. Let an Arab fight another Arab and just look on with amusement.

    • Chronic flip-floppers, still. This reminds me of how Sata supported Taiwan against China for a few dollars and was only convinced after the Chinese showed him their financial muscle at State House. How much did Scarface get from the Moroccans in order to buy Zambia’s support against Saharawi?

    • It’s not true..the majority of moroccans are black..they are not arabe sorry, they are Africans Amazigh…

  4. This Flip Flop and illegitimate President cannot be trusted. At this rate Jammeh and Kabila will be arriving separately on State visits to Zambia. Lungu,Jammeh and Kabila belong to one Club. A Club of Dictators clinging to power illegally having stolen Elections and refusing to hear the Petition. Suddenly King of Morocco who was supposed to come to Zambia on a State Visit has been ditched by Lungu the hypocrite. Is illegitimate Lungu not sending his Concourt friends and “Night” Judges to Gambia to go and manipulate the Petition on behalf of his friend Yahya Jammeh in the Gambian Supreme Court? Lungu needs Jammeh and Kabila to continue ruling illegally and protect his legacy of Electoral theft and fraud. Visionless Chakolwa Lungu’s Foreign Policy is confused and directionless.

  5. Who has the telephone numbers or emailbof the King Hassan of Morocco? I want to call him so that he can take an eye for an eye, let him recognize Barotseland as an independent country within SADC to teach Chagwa a lesson.

  6. This govt has no foreign policy whatsoever…its like a brothel, one day its the King of Morrocco Kingdom, next day its these guys, tommorow its the Israelis and Eygptians …total confusion!!

  7. Harry Kalaba is truly a confused one with no shame! He stood in front of the cameras lying about the reasons the Moroccan king cancelled his trip to Zambia. Yet he knew very well why shameless lier.
    Flip flop, flip flopping empty tins!!

    • You have to know that the king of Morocco wanted to visit Zambia, It was programmed a few months before, suddenly, Zmbian deciders did not give an answer and did give the date, afterwrads it’s the president of SADR who is there!!!??…. Dont forget Algeria and South Africa are ready to pay for stopping the promotion of a better relationship betwwen Morocco and Zambia..But dont worry it is coming dear brothers..

  8. You have to know that SADR Is an Algerian creation. At first the aim was to satisfy Boumedien’s personal ego, after it becomes biger and uncontrolled, ( 60s and 70s president of Algeria, Boukharrouba called Boumedien who was a pro-soviet at the time of the cold war), said at that time while inviting Mauritanian president Moukhtar Ould Dadah after the sand war between Morocco and Algeria, as it is written in his book : ” SADR will be an eternal stone inside the Moroccan shose” (I invite you to read “La Mauritanie contre vents et mare?es”) . As Moroccans, We are apologizing that Algerian President had arrived to his gol. unfortunatly, this problem had weakened Morocco more and more, and caused even a serious economic or plitical proloblems and left a chronic handicap that stopped…

    • “You have to know that SADR Is an Algerian creation…” Lord have mercy. Is this what we are in for, over this issue?

  9. and is stopping Moroccan developement until now. for example what is happening now between Morocco and Zambia, the relationship could be beter i guess..You have to know that Western Sahara conflit is simply a matter of an avenge and a result of the cold war between Morocco and Algeria.
    Take your time and read more about the subject Dear Brothers from Zambia…
    -Its very easy to destroy but to built it is an other story-

    • “…You have to know that Western Sahara conflit is simply a matter of an avenge and a result of the cold war between Morocco and Algeria.” Please give us the facts. This is becoming even more interesting that I thought at first. Certainly not the sand dunes I alluded to earlier.

  10. The autoproclamed Saharawi Republic (SR) is taking place in 5 gulags SW algeria. Its admission in 1984 to AU was in total opposition of the article IV of the OAU Charter. AU is the sole regional organization where a country (algeria) has 2 seats/voices. This masquerade should stop now! Morocco and the Western sahara community are more than happy to rejoin after 32 years. Anything else is about the usual algeria propaganda! Thanks

    Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad
    Western Saharawi – Internet Activist

    • “…Anything else is about the usual algeria propaganda! Thanks.” Is that it – a fight between Algeria and Morocco – the two elephants – and the grass – the Saharawi people being sacrificed? Is that it?

  11. what is Lungus foreign policy…this flip flop makes us look bad some of us have long standing friendships in these countries we keep switching on and off..

  12. Unfortunatly the majority in africa did not know the real causes of the Western Sahara affair, we can see this misunderstanding even thou in this article. the picture of the person that is mentioned above is not the current president of the autoproclamed (SADR) Brahim Ghali, it is the picture of the precedent one, who was died… You see..

  13. Zambia also the countries we are interacting with awe mwandi kuwayawayafye I wonder if good countries recognize us after the 2016 comedy of elections

  14. I am Sahraoui from SADR, I think that all of Africa should condemn the occupation of any State
    If Morocco considered the Western Sahara, its land why he shared the territory with Mauritania
    And why does not permit the Sahrawi people to self-determination
    The SADR was proclaimed in the Sahrawi liberated territories controlled by the Saharawi army
    And who is doubts this should read about Elguergart crisis
    Kingdom of Morocco believes that Africa underdeveloped and it could not progress without him
    The African Union was established and became strong, and I think that Morocco wants to enter to destroy what the peoples of Africa sacrificed because he is always a colonialist thinking like colonialist

    • Mr Dadah, nice to hear from you to discus, I hope that We can talk with an open minded way. first of all why Morocco shared the territory with Mauritania? to answer this question, every one have to know the context where Morocco was; his north has been occupied by Spain, the midle by france, the Sahara has been occupied by Spain and Mauritania his far south before 1845 has been occupied by france.. As a result of the colonisation movements all over the world, Moroccoo was realy in a weak situation the same as a lot of countries..I m agree that the authorities of Morocco at that time did a lot of mistakes, not only sharing the territory with Mauritania, but olso did not support the independence of his other terroteries that was still occupied ( Mauritania and Western Sahara) by Frensh…

    • by Frensh and Spain. After the independence of a half of all his land, Morocco pretended that he must fellow a peaceful way, Abderrahim Bouabid and Ali Yaata and other politic leaders did not accept an improvising movement for independece in Sahara, so during a demostration to support Sahara independence in TanTan (Morocco), the general Oufkir imprisoned El Ouali Mostapha Essayed , Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz and other companions. that was the big mistake made by Moroccan authorities, the Saharian young leaders went to get suport from two pro-soviet side during the cold war, two enmies of Morocco: Kaddafi (lybia) and Boumedien (Algeria) and got then the arms and especially the Idea of creating an other country, why not ??? then you know the rest of the story…

      About giving the…

    • About giving the Sahraoui self-determination??
      Did you Know that if you give a chance for auto-determination to any part anywhere , they will vote automatically for independence as a naturel bihaviour. be sure that if Algeria give the same opportunity to the Kbaylie people they will vote certainly for independence, the same as in west of Zambia they will vote for independence if they are apllied to vote, the same as the north of Morocco..you know why ? because we are not developed enouph to assure even some prosperity to our population, we are in a weak situation, we need about 100 years to win the confidence of the people. voting for independence is a naturel Behaviour in the underdeveloped countries..bay the way while talking about a self-determination referendum. Can you tell me,…

    • Can you tell me, who is able to vote in the referendum? 150 000 resident in Western Shara are born there, can you tell me Mr Dadah if they have the right to vote or not??. if they have not..How can you explain this contradiction to the human rights international orgnisations, at the same time dont forget that the origin of Sahraoui tribe ( Banou Hilal and Banou Salim) are from Arabian Peninsula there in Asia..
      Nor in Elguergurat or Laayoun Or Dakhla, any where in western Sahara you, we, all of us have the right to be there,we have the same right to vote and to govern , its your and our country, your naturel place is inside the Sahara not in Algeria , I m agree with you dear brother.
      both of us have the same belief and the same rights to be in Western Sahara. the solution is inside and…

    • the solution is inside and not abroad in Algeria.
      At the end you have to know that Morocco needs africa more then Africa needs us; Morocco is a poor country, we have no petrol no natural resources with the probleme of sahara the situation is getting worse. it’s the limit!!
      My last word to you, Algeria has copmlicated the probleme. As long as they are involved negatively in the conflit, there is no chance to find a solution. Unfortunatly the victims are: the peaple of sahara because they are forced by Algeria to support a tragic life far from their lands there in Tindouf and Lahmada. And Moroccan who is missing a real developement. The human tragedy exist there and here..

    • @17.5 Brahim from Western Sahara

      The autonomy of Western Sahara is the issue. That is the agenda item. Algeria’s involvement is inconsequential.

  15. We have one very very very confused president (and that’s when he is awake and not in a drunken blackout sleep). Next, Iran and Syria will be coming to have a chat about Lungu’s sudden statements of support for Saudi Arabia, Israel and America. Meanwhile army worms can even eat all your Bibles

  16. Way to go – big ups Hon kalaba and HE President Edgar Changwa Lungu. We need to make peace and in Harmon with SADC.GID BLESS AFRICA

  17. Don’t misinterprete the issue. King of Morocco was to visit a number of african countries with a view to canvass for the exclusion of The Sarawi Repulic from the AU. The trip did not take place for some reason. It’s not only Zambia that was affected, but all countries scheduled.

  18. God bless you brahim and all our African brothers in support.of.the independence of the last African.colony. Solidarity with the sahrawi political.prisoners. Loyalty. For thé sahrawi martyrs. Courage for young sahrawi in.the occupied territories. Sahara will be.free and preveals against all the imperial dictator systems. Thanks again for.the liberated free.countries.in Africa who has no.flip.flop. Policies. We prevented.in the first war even we were injured few with.no technological weapons and we.we’re.not known. And if we had to go.back we are more than ready and we.end the occupation.by arms

  19. The Western Sahara community deserves better future than a failed model of governance like Syria/Lebanon!
    We will never accept it. We don’t want to be algerian& we will never be. We are Moroccan like our ancestors who fought against the Spanish colonization from 1912 till 1975. Let me confirm you that the picture illustrating the article is about the former leader of polisario, Mohamed Abdelaziz. He died in 2016. His family lives in Morocco including Western Sahara territory. That’s the case of all polisario founders who have been studying in Rabat in the 70′ before getting in the algerian side in 1974/1975. More to read on http://www.sahara-online.net/Western-Sahara/Sahara-Conflict-History-714.aspx by CORCAS community. CORCAS is the legitimate Western Sahara community…

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