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Now boyfriend murders girlfriend, son in Lusaka

General News Now boyfriend murders girlfriend, son in Lusaka

The deceased Stella Moonga with her son
The deceased Stella Moonga with her son

Another case of spousal killing has been confirmed in Lusaka where a 22-year-old woman was stabbed to death by the boyfriend after a dispute on Sunday night.

This brings the number of such murders to two one night after businessman Reeves Malambo had his life cut short by the girlfriend after a dispute.

In the latest case, police say Raphael Mumba aged between 22 and 24 is reported to have stabbed to death his girlfriend identified as Stella Moonga aged 22 of Kaunda Square stage 1 and her son identified as Mark Mumba aged 1 year 8 months after a quarrel.

Police Spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said this happened on 29 January, 2017 at about 19 30 hours in Lusaka’s Kaunda Square.

“The victims were stabbed several times using an unknown sharp instrument and they sustained deep cuts on the bodies,” Mrs Katongo said.

“The accused person is currently on the run and a man haunt has since been launched while the bodies of the victims are in UTH mortuary.”

Accused murder Rapheal with the deceased Stella Moonga
Accused murder Rapheal with the deceased Stella Moonga

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  1. What? These are babies? How can babies be allowed to have babies? Where are we going as a nation? Jesus should become serious about coming back!

    • Utubaiche nama Facebook …. PF brought about these things like guns, knives etc.
      We used to die from witchcraft, not in this modern Zambian violence.

    • If ‘these’ are children then Chola and Peter Njobvu are teenagers. 22 is an adult, they are the majority population, they are Zambia. Since you two have same thinking, how old was your mother when she had both of you?

    • You are correct about them being babies. Yaba at ” Jesus should become serious about coming back” Don’t you know only the father knows the day of Jesus’s return.

  2. Lesson: Don’t go to Girlfriends on Sundays. Angels are at work on Sundays, heavily monitoring the situation.

    I am worried. This sounds like a ploy to deplete Southern Province of voters. Two votes gone. Just like that.

  3. Reminds of an incident in the House of Commons in those days gone-by when a woman member of Parliament stood up and said;
    “We want what men have and want it without FRICTION. Foolish men today are going round shouting; DOWN with the petticoat, DOWN with the petticoat but this time round we women are saying Noooo!I’ts UP with the petticoat and DOWN with the trousers”….
    She continued…
    “I therefore wish to WARN my fellow women here that if we remain OPEN and SPLIT as we are, these foolish men shall continue to GET ON TOP OF US”….

    Many male members of Parliament in the house fainted whilst others continued chanting; Hear hear, hear hear. I therefore wish to inform the many bloggers on this site to consider what is happening with our womenfolk in Zambia togday. I think its…

  4. Rest in power Stella and Mark its unhuman why die like this, cant figure the horrible pain you went through, the man must be hanged from his engine, with a red hot iron bar stuck in his soiling device

  5. LT stop trying people in the media. Only a court can determine murder not a reporter. We have to hear evidence in court. What if he is acquitted and you have already called him a murderer?

  6. With our unprofessional Police whose only way of policing is beating accused for a confession. Zambia will never know why such things are happening. We need to find out why these things are happening I challenge the police service to find out why?

    • I agree with you mzee, police must be patient enough to investigate the root cause of these brutalities, they shouldn’t just act in an professional manner as political cadres do with their emotions when their candidate has lost. We hope they will be mature enough to get to the root of this rampant situation. Thanks.

  7. Mushota, i have never commented on u. But i now see your morals r pretty low. Someone kills a young baby of less than 2 years & u call him what? This boy is animal regardless of what the reason was, he should left the innocent defenseless kid to live. When i think of my 6 year daughter & someone did this to her, i would take the law into my own hands regardless of the consequences.

  8. Bless them with peaceful rest dear Lord. I wonder …did this young dude kill the girl because she did not blow and clean the baby’s nose? There has got to be a better picture!

  9. The spate of spousal murder has increased ten times ever since UPNDonkeys lost the elections. Have they cast a spell on this great nation for rejecting them for the fifth time?

  10. Unemployed youths having kids and suffering a lot of hardships and stress under this useless pf government has led to kids losing it and taking lives. Pf have a lot of blood on their hands

  11. At 22 they were supposed to be in college. too bad. Why kill. this guy what went to his head. even killing an innocent babay. MHSRIP

  12. When leaders are violent, the same evil flows to the members of the public. KK preached humanism and loving one’s neighbour as self and we never had murders like what we have today. Nigerian movies have also contributed to the rise in violence. GRZ should ban all violent videos or movies on TV and in the country. For all murders, they should be given death penalty or life imprisonment

  13. just need to dig deeper cos there is a reason behind that,maybe she told him that the child wasnt his so as the result of frustration he decided to act likewise,nevertheless he should not have reached this far…RiP BUT HE SHOULD GO TO JAIL.

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