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Chief Mabumba appeals for the area member of Parliament Dr. Chitalu Chilufya to meet him

Rural News Chief Mabumba appeals for the area member of Parliament Dr. Chitalu Chilufya...

President Edgar Lungu(r) and Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya(l) after the visit to Kalingalinga Clinic. Picture by Ennie Kishiki/Zanis.
File: President Edgar Lungu(r) and Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya(l)
after the visit to Kalingalinga Clinic. Picture by Ennie

Chief Mabumba of the Ushi people in Mansa District of Luapula Province has appealed to the Mansa Central Member of Parliament Dr. Chitalu Chilufya to meet him and discuss developmental concerns in his chiefdom.

Speaking when Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila paid a courtesy call on him, Chief Mabumba said he is desirous to meet the area member of parliament Dr. Chitalu Chilufya to discuss developmental concerns in his chiefdom.

The traditional leader said the road leading to his Palace is in a deplorable state and needs a facelift.

The chief who is a retired magistrate said he wants to improve the infrastructure in the chiefdom though collective effort.

The traditional leader observed that there is need to put up road humps at the stretch of the road where many of his subjects cross into the other side of the road within his chiefdom because so many deaths have occurred around the area because of fast moving vehicles.

He said though the road is a high way, it is important to value human life because certain portions of the highway should have humps to control and limit speed to save lives.

The Chief cited Maiteneke Market area in Mansa on the Mansa-Chembe highway road that has humps because of the human traffic that crosses the road from either directions which could in a similar way be done for the Mabumba stretch to save lives.

And Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila said he will bring the matter to the attention of the Road Development Agency officials in Mansa for consideration and possible action on the matter.

Meanwhile, Chief Mabumba has expressed sadness at what he termed as abuse of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in Chiwele area of his chiefdom.

Chief Mabumba said the CDF for Chiwele area of his chiefdom was abused because the School building for which the funds were purportedly used is a waste of Government resources.

The traditional leader narrated with sadness that the structure was done without supervision and currently it is a worrisome structure.

He observed that the floor has already given up as the workmanship was extremely poor.

Chief Mabumba who is also a Mwense District retired Magistrate however implored Government to consider constructing a road to Chiwele area because currently there is no road to reach the area except by footpaths.

He suggested that Government should mobilize a Grader which should just create a road to reach the area and the people of Chiwele will appreciate the gesture because they are like neglected and forgotten people of Zambia.

The Chief added that sometimes the people of Chiwele wonder whether they are part of Zambia or not because of the gross neglect that they experience from the conventional structures of Government administration.

The retired Magistrate added that Government officials including politicians should always endeavor to make promises and follow through.

The traditional leader counseled that a leader should be guided by the truth which should bring forth fruit for the wellbeing of humanity.

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  1. Luapula is truly sadly the least developed, just look at even the number of comments on this article are few which is also an indication of how people generally overlook Luapula.
    Then the United Dunderheads who are receiving the bulk of development in Western, N. Western and Southern continue to insult the govt for trivial things and we have the good people of Luapula who continue to shoulder on regardless of the challenges. Let’s learn a lesson from this, however let the govt seriously do something more to bring the same level of development the ungrateful ones are receiving to the grateful ones.

    • Kanshi uli mwausi, uli mwinang’umbo boyi, how come you are not proud of your tribe, you never use ushi why?

  2. 2020vision, Luapula province is the list developed province in Zambia partly to people like you who are busy key board critics without any substance. Look, Luapula as a province is without any direction in terms of development. late president Chiluba hailed? from there all he did was buy suits from UK, Belgium etc. Pedicle road eye sore and region appear to be part of a foreign land. By the way does that village still exist in the middle of Mansa Boma? that tells you more how Luapula and its people has developed. Shift your mind set and be progressive. Hear what your traditional leader sentiments, unlike your temporal luxury at the expense of your province.

  3. A Minster of health should not be fat. Dr Kasonde was not obese and he was far older than Dr Chilufya. That beer belly is digesting. You need to exercise minister and eat healthy food. You are too fat! You have ruined all the hard work Dr Kasonde did at the minister. Busy getting fat and not dealing with corruption in the ministry of health.

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