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Tayali grows cold feet over FRA scandal involving Lubinda

General News Tayali grows cold feet over FRA scandal involving Lubinda

Former Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has pleaded with Justice Minister Given Lubinda to withdrew the case in which he has been sued for defamation.

In a letter written to Mr Lubinda’s lawyers Mr Tayali asked the lawyers to discontinue the case so that they can settle the matter out of court.

He said that he had no financial capacity to pursue the matter in the courts of law and that continuing with the matter in court would not only waste the Court’s time but a waste of taxpayers money.

Mr Tayali had accused former Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda and FRA Director Chola Kafwabulula of running a cartel  of corruption at the FRA.

Mr Lubinda sued Mr Tayali for defamation with the latter having insisted that he had a strong case against the former Agriculture Minister who is now Justice Minister.

Mr Tayali said last August at a media briefing accused Mr Lubinda and his cartel of causing the increase in the prices of mealie meal through their dubious dealings at FRA where he said they had been charging an extra K1000 per tonne on maize purchases from FRA shades.

He accused them of amassing over 720million from the sales money which he said belonged to the Zambians who have been buying mealie meal at unaffordable prices.

He said accusations that the opposition was causing panic buying was hogwash as people did not have enough money to buy mealie meal in bulk and store in their kitchens.

Mr Tayali said Mr Lubinda was living in a house as big as a church while the Director at FRA  had 4 customized vehicles worth K4.5 million less than two years from driving a Mark 2 Chaser when he was employed by Mutembo Nchinto


    • When you want to settle things out of court, you dont go public with your scheme.

      Pathetic little man, your comeuppance is coming



    • Lubinda was once chased from PF similar cases as Kambwili facing now. Today he is Justice minister, taking over from Kabimba who chased him.
      It’s admirable.


    • That’s why I have never taken this chap seriously. He’s too quick to open his mouth stinking mouth. The other day without even gathering facts he accused some radio personality of being arrested for jailed for assault. Ka tayali learn to take it easy sometimes. We know that insala ibi but tondolo musuma.

  1. Comment:Mr. Lubinda(Honourable), go on with the case in the courts of law so that these guys can always have truth before saying anything. Your name was turnished by those accusations and Tayali knew the consequences of lying. so if it means selling his assets to meet the expenses, let him do so

    • Ati ‘if it means selling his assets to meet the expenses,let him do so’ laughable!!! Ba muzo ninshi ka kwata ka loudmouth aka!!!?

    • maybe they use a very small cell phone which makes it difficult to detect mistakes. I do experience it when I am using a phone instead of the PC

  2. Let him just go and plead guilt to whatever charged brought against him, and the judge will pass judgement in one and won’t have to worry about court’s time! Please given don’t withdraw the case!

  3. The title of this article is misleading. Tayali is not saying that what he said is not true. All he’s saying is I don’t want to waste time. LT is misleading the people.

  4. What if Lubinda demands compensation for defamation when the matter is settled out of court, will Tayali afford it? Excitement gives birth to regret (insansa shi nya ubulanda)

  5. Seriously L.T you need to have someone to proof read all articals before you post on line bad bad English!!! What is cold fit?

    • We all in a hurry to post something too, just like you post your comment without counter checking it, LT does it in hurry to beat other online news outlets, but we all know they will never beat the might Zambian watchful dog.

  6. It will not be waste of tax payer’s money and court’s time court to prosecute Tayali lies. If Tayali is without financial capacity to pay for his lies spewing mouth, he should go to jail and serve a sentence to become a normal human being. Prisons are not yet full and a floor bed is waiting.

  7. This is a silly randy boy with no brains…but knowing Zambia this little tosser will one day be Finance minister or Provincial Minister like Bowman!

  8. Dave you should also proof read before you post anything. What is “articals?” It should be “articles.” Please if you live in a glass house never throw stones.

  9. Hon Given Lubinda should not entertain the idea of withdrawing the case. Tayali knew what he was talking about and its time for him to account for his reckless action. We have had enough from this guy.

  10. Maybe on condition that he uses the same channel to withdraw his blatant lies unreservedly for injuring GL’s ambitions cause if it is money the chap is talking about am ready to fund him.Zayellow’s name was smeared with dirty stuff and the only soap here is the court’s processes.

  11. Time and public resources are wasted just by listening to this muppet. We will all benefit from your silence. Your laziness causes your stomach to rumble and makes you to say and do things you later regret having said or done.

  12. Lubinda is now Justice Minister. I’m sure you understand how privileged he is to lose a case in Zambia. However, Tayali could have had information at the time and it appears his backers don’t want to come ans testify now. We all know there was a maize scam according to what is now before inquiries in Malawi. But who was involved? if there is government ban on export of any commodity and yet the commodity still passes the borders` can you say it is being done by little or small people or nonentities?
    I give Tayali a benefit of doubt!!!!!

  13. Best way to go Tayali. Surely you can’t win a case against Justice Minister in Zambia. When Lungu was Justice Minister he never lost a case. The way to go is to exempt current, past & future Justice Ministers in Zambia from sueing & being sued? Future Justice Minister simply means all Zambians including those who are born today should not sue each other.

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