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Kitwe family refuses to bury a headless body of their murdered relative

General News Kitwe family refuses to bury a headless body of their murdered relative

THE Kitwe family of a man whose headless body was discovered in Kitwe last week has refused to bury him, until the head is found.

Wilson Musonda, 22, of Race Course Township in Kitwe was found dead on Tuesday, with his head missing in a makeshift barber shop near Chikosa bar.

Copperbelt Commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview yesterday, that it was not the fault of the police that the head had not yet been found, but assured that investigations were still being conducted.

“For the family to say they will hold on to the body until the head is found is their choice, because it is not the police who killed him (Musonda), therefore, if they decide to do that, my office has no problem with that,” she said.

Ms Katanga reminded the bereaved family that after 90 days, the local authority would take up its duty to ensure the body was buried as stipulated by the law.

She also urged residents in the province to safeguard their lives and avoid unnecessary movements.

Ms Katanga said people should be cautious about their movements after dark, as police patrols could not cover every area.

“People shouldn’t be quick to say that the police will curb these killings if they do not take precautions over their own lives. In as much as the police is supposed to patrol, residents should also know that they should not move at awkward times when there is a certain trend of crime happening,” Ms Katanga said.

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  1. Life under pf police state. Just look how rude this katanga monkey is. We hope lungu ends up headless

    • This NEZ ba.stard is irritating. What is wrong with getting police advice. Stay away from moving at midnight. You move at your own risk.

    • This NEZ ba.stard is irritating. What is wrong with getting police advice. Stay away from moving at midnight. You move at your own risk.

    • why do you have to care about a party is a part you good leaving, or you are brain,less. lats take proper action against these everyday beating you tonga bull.you mother fuc,ker son of the stu,pid tonga bull.

    • Poison tree you have made my day with that pf English kikikik wansekesha mune. Please stop the comedy

  2. This is obviously a ritual murder. I very much sympathize with the bereaved family but what I would like to say to them is that they should just bury the remaining part of the body. Most likely as we post our comments on this matter the missing head is already mutilated or used for those evil deeds. My deepest sympathy once again.

  3. This is what will bring about taking the law in the hands of citizens countrywide and when one is caught and killed by the mob, police should stay away and not make any arrest. You have failed us pafula. If this was politically UPND would have been on the uproar of the PF. Police must be reminded that we civilians are watching them in their dealings.

  4. Now that you don’t want to bury your relative! Why? Think twice, thats not wise. Does this mean that if the head is not found you are leaving for the Municipal Council to bury the dead (your relative as if you are not there or as if it (the dead) has no relatives?? (*****)

  5. Work up Government it’s your president who did that not HH. How come a clinical officer, army all Government workers. today the case is quite Election petition is moving slowly but Fred Membe’s and his wife case burning like fire.

    • have you seen lungu eating your mothers a,ss you *****ic mo,ron, taling lies about the precedent is wat you mother fuc,ker son of the stu,pid tonga bull enjoy the most. fu,ck you and your party precedent.

  6. Its the arrogance in that lady’s tone which i find upsetting! Yes its their choice but its your duty to investigate and furnish the family with real time information on their murdered beloved. Infact, i suspect for the family to take that stance theres no information or cooperation from the police. For you to even mention the 90 day deadline of disposing off the Joe-doe, it means your police is still very blank on the issue! Yes you can not cover the entire Kitwe with patrols, but you can cover that specific area where those killings are happening! What do you people get paid for sure??

  7. Zambia police public relations is poorly trained hence the poor responses. Its a shame to have such a service arrongant and with poor public sense. At worse comfort the family and allow them to mourn fully aware that you are doing something about it. Not its there choice not to burry after 90 days the law will come into force then what. Bakapokola awe mwe. Who teaches you.

  8. Some people’s thinking is shocking to say the least. You think if these deaths were connected to someone in the opposition that person would still be free today? By the way, what happened to those ritual killers who were arrested? The nation has been kept in the dark on this matter. Lets be more analytical & reason beyond our blind support for the party. 1 + 1 = 2

  9. Condolences to the bereaved family and only a stupid fool can politicize this issue. But it’s my prayer that the culprits are quickly brought to book and given a stiffer punishment..the death sentence…

  10. Zambia is without government.
    Police: ‘Its fine with police for Zambians to keep dead bodies in their houses’.

  11. Zambia has experienced more ritual killings and suspicious accidents killing masses on Pf’s watch, fact!

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