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Chilufya Tayali Arrested and charged with criminal libel


Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Leader of Economic and Equity Party (EEP), Chilufya Tayali has been arrested and charged with criminal libel.

Tayali was summoned to Kabwata Police Station on Thursday.

He was detained has since been charged with criminal libel.

Tayali is accused of making criminal libelous remarks against the Constitutional office of the Inspector General.

Tayali allegedly used his Facebook page to libel the office holder, the Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja contrary to section 191 of the Penal Code.

On his page, Tayali accused Mr. Kanganja of covering up for his inefficiencies when he charged and arrested United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Hakainde Hichilema with treason.

Tayali is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

In Zambia libel is not only an actionable tort (civil offence) but also a criminal offence.

This is so especially against the Republican President and other Constitutional office holders


    • And they will give him a PF diehard lawyer that makes absolutely sure he goes to jail!

      Bye bye Tayali.

      That will teach you for exposing corruption, incompetence, theft and lies in Lungus PF government.

      Who is next? Watch out you Judges. Do as you are told by State House or YOU will also get teargassed in the middle of the night and end up in the cells. Don’t worry about what you will be charged with, WE WILL FIND SOMETHING HOWEVER RIDICULOUS AND IMPOSSIBLE TO BELIEVE IT IS.


    • Although Henry Tayali nimusela kwakaba, on this occasion, he was absolutely right. Kanganja is one incompetent !d!ot to have walked the Zambian Civil Community. The circulating interrupted call between Amos and Kanganja has proved that. Tayali must look for that audio and present it as exhbit A. Kanganja is incomptent and if Edgar cares for his life, let him replace that guy.

    • This is a case of ” when they came for me no one was left to defend me”.

      How can it that the Guy who forced PF to rig the elections be arrested today?

      Freedom of speech is indeed at stake in Zambia. Its interesting that Tayali has come to learn first hand what it is like to live under Lungu a dictatorship.

      The day Lungu I will dance on his grave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in honor of the many lives this fagot of a leader has killed.

      Release HH bamumbwe imwe. Lungu ,Amos and Kaiser must kill all us without fail if they are to enjoy their loot.
      Free HH Free HH Free HH.

    • I warned Tayali not long ago to stop supporting PF under Lungu.

      Now he is tasting the medicine of own making.

      How ever Kanganja has grown wings indeed. When all this goes belly up he will be the first to pay a price get all the condemnation because the PF top guys have already started disassocating themselves from this police injustice fabrication of charges.

      When that time comes Kanganja will be alone because the people will have taken him as part of the cruel regime.

    • You can’t make careless statements such as the police planned the whole thing to KILL the president and hope to get away with it. In the USA the FBI would be visiting you. People are misinterpreseting democracy and freedom of speech. Slunder is not freedom of speech. Law and order has to be preserved or we will be a nation of anarchists.

    • This big foool IG Kanganja has also been corrupted with power as Lazy keeps okaying everything he does not even Stellar was not like this…Tayali where are those PF you were boot-licking to get you a lawyer during campaigns; no prostitutes to accompany you this Easter Holiday

    • First victim of kampyongo’s war on social media warriors, don’t tell me these guys have started monitoring Facebook accounts.

    • @ 1.3 Rainman & the Magna Carta: I make it Rain on Command – Please learn to respect the dearly departed. Henry Tayali was a renowned artist who passed on in 1987.

  1. Zambia is slowly drifting into dictatorship. Those who oppose Tayali can celebrate his arrest today, but wait when it’s your turn. As citizens, we need to speak out against injustice, whether the person on the receiving end is your friend or enemy.

    • Spot on! I thought police send an advance party to clear the route where the president is destined. The rule of law is definitely in shambles.

    • You are right @ The Chosen One. Its unbelievable that this is happening when the a lawyer is President. I can’t even believe the difference between ECL and Levy Mwanawasa. Human Rights are now at stake in Zambia. Is this why they are pushing for exiting the ICC?

    • What dictatorship? You want lawlessness? Simple civic education – even freedom of movements and speech have limits. You cannot just go on disobey lawful instructions or scandalising and issuing libelous statements in the name of democracy. Rule of law also means no one is imprisoned without trial. So far that has not happened in Zambia under this government. HH will be heard. He is going to argue his side of the story. Your Tayali will also argue his side in court. So far these are just suspects and there is nothing to be excited about.

    • Amagenge please explain how the police respected the law that required them to clear the road in advance for the president? Further, if you are using your brains to reason and not your need to eat from the hand you are supporting then you know that both Tayali and HH have done nothing wrong. What was lawful with the police breaking Hakainde’s house like that and them going to his place at night???? Zambia is for every Zambian not only for PF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yes i agree with you MM731 and if anything why didnt arrest MUMBI PHIRI who called him all sorts of names and she even asked him to resign.Kampyongo and the team dont be over rated your self other time will come

  2. “Tayali was summoned to Kabwata Police Station on Thursday”…Why did the Police not do the same for HH? Instead you use teargas and damaged his property.
    What Criminal Libel ?
    “Freedom of Expression” is now “Criminal Libel”
    “Obstruction of a state motorcade” is now “Treason”

  3. “Tayali was summoned to Kabwata Police Station on Thursday”…Why did the Police not do the same for HH? Instead you use teargas and damaged his property.
    What Criminal Libel ?
    “Freedom of Expression” is now “Criminal Libel”
    “Obstruction of a state motorcade” is now “Treason”

  4. What !!! Where are going as a country where is the freedom of speech and expression to be honest Tayali was right the IG is covering up his inefficiencies and shutting up anyone who talks I’ll about him

  5. For the first time Tayali has spoken sense. The issue here is the IG not HH. The IG should have made sure the road was clear instead of overtaking

    • In actual fact, it was the IG that broke the LAW, not HH!

      He is the one that should be in the cells.

      But his turn is coming.

    • Don’t forget that all zambians have seen the video when the police sweeper almost rumbed into hh car simply forcing him off the road but resisted. That evidence alone leave hh with no defence. You 1diots here will talk whatever nonsense you want but fact remains your hh errored and his lawyers know it’s not an easy fix. Do you have any idea why some lawyers willfully absconded on the material day. Wake up upnd cretins. Your leader bola naikosa.

    • Chi Oval Head, HH’s vehicle was forced off the road. He never blocked The Drunkard’s Motorcade. How did it overtake if it was blocked??? GRZ will soon be paying millions of dollars to HH for trashing his home, defecating in his bed and stealing his belonging. These Bemba PFieves steal even when arresting somebody.

  6. Don’t play with fire and complain when you’re burnt. Sometimes tondolo musuma. Mumbwe aitile impashi ukumububa. Apa Chagwa agwela munzake.

    • Anytime an idyot mouths off some Bemba platitudes, you know it is one of the PFieves justifying stealing. What do Bembas have to say about stealing property after trashing the house of a suspect you are arresting? Is that normal Bemba behaviour?

  7. One thing that people shouldn’t forget is that Chakolwa will one day leave power. Then his criminality will follow him.

    • So because Chagwa will leave power he should continue to tolerate nonsense of being called Chakolwa or hyena? or stop performing his work. No one (including HH) can be jailed without a case. If Chagwa will have criminal cases that will be okay. But criminality should not be ignored just because one will not be president forever.

    • Lungu will rot in jail for all his misdeeds. He had better stay in State House for ever. Even if he dies there, we will exhume his bones from Embassy Park and throw them in a dustbin instead.

  8. Prof Muna Ndulo was correct when he observed that Zambia was drifting towards a One Man Party Dictatorship under Chakolwa Lungu. in fact Zambia is already a failed Police State. Anybody opposed to Lungu’s dream of Ruling Zambia with an Iron Fist is an Enemy who will be crushed. It has been HH and GBM being persecuted by Lungu and now it is Chilufya Tayali and anybody opposed to Lungu’s Rule will either be jailed or killed by the Criminal and Illegitimate Lungu Regime. Lets hope that the International Community now realises that under illegitimate Lungu in Zambia, Rule of law,Human Rights, Good Governance and Constitutionalism have broken down. Its high time illegitimate Lungu and his fellow criminals are put under Sanctions and Travel ban. They must be indicted to ICC . International…

    • Which professor? Until you point to me one incident when your so called Professor condemned UPND, then I will respect him, otherwise his analysis is marred with bias – he is a UPND cadre!. Him and other fake analysts costed HH the petition. Took academic approach to a serious matter. Up to now HH believes the case is still in court and UPND will win. When

  9. Comment
    Spare us reference to the diatribe from the UPND cadre Ndulo. We have hard enough of his rubbish for one season.

  10. lungu is a sick insecure little man. Those ARVs are getting to his head. asabayila na power. he will die shortly

  11. So everyone should and must be singing praises for constitutional holders??? No one is allowed to hold a different opinion nor say out loud an opinion?????

    • Welcome to Zambia where u re arrested for stating an opinion. Take a leaf from mangufuli .. He embraces those that criticize him coz they help shape him . He even encourages them . Critics Shape us u tomboliloz

  12. @1 Petrocelli, LAZ offers those services to criminals free of charge. Just ask Linda to give guidance on the procedure and the criteria that she uses.

  13. As for UPNDONKEYS this week, they are thoroughly confused and yapping anything that a donkey can think of in its very limited genetic make up.

  14. “Tayali was summoned to Kabwata Police Station on Thursday”…Why did the Police not do the same for HH? Instead you use teargas and damaged his property.
    What Criminal Libel ?
    “Freedom of Expression” is now “Criminal Libel”
    “Obstruction of a state motorcade” is now “Treason”

    • He should never have been arrested under these trumped up charges! This harassment and attempted intimidation of a Zambian Citizen for holding opposing views.

      Plain and simple. Anyone that cannot see that is either mentally retarded or also involved in corruption and lawbreaking to protect their own selfish interests. They are not patriots. and do not give a damn for Zambia and its future generations.
      Those are the REAL lawbreakers!

  15. Don’t you people there have any balls? Save Zambia and put a bullet into Lungu’s AIDS infested heard.

    Tayali iwe mambala, continue singing Chagwa’s, & P.F.s praises. You reap what you sow!

  17. Tayali was summoned to go to Kabwata police. For GBM, they went with guns, bombs and tear gas to pick him from his home. Ba Satana…

  18. When we say this regime is the worst ever some of you think we harbour hatred for lungu. See what is happening no freedom of expression in the country.

  19. UPND cadres always miss the point to suit their god HH!!Chilufya Tayali didnt say that HH did a right thing in Mongu.he blamed HH together with IG Kanganja for failing to force HH’s team from the road.SO STILL IF YOU ANALYSE WHAT TAYALI SAID-HH IS STILL IN TROUBLE AND TO BLAME FOR WHAT HAPPENED IN MONGU!!!yes much as it seems like IG Kanganja risked our president’s life.we heard that ZP was ready to USE FORCE(but Edgar Lungu himself) stopped them to avoid killing a lot of innocent souls!!AM SURE IF ECL NEVER RESTRAINED THE POLICE,TODAY IG KANGANJA CANT BE IN THAT OFFICE!!we shall learn more once HH’s trials start in court.FOR NOW,LETS WAIT AND SEE!!

    • Iwe Kanjimbwa,

      Lungu and Kaiser had planned to kill HH during that trip that why they let his motorcade collide with HH. If thats was not their plan, Lungu would have been given priority before HH set off.

      But because HH was totally out of View and they did not know which vehicle he was in they could not shot him.
      So planned to kill him at his house which also failed.

      PF under Lungu is mafia party period.

  20. Recently there was a study on the prevalent of mental illness in our societies. It was established that mental illness is very prevalent as especially in the highly considered intelligent people, especially a condition called BI POLAR DISORDER. Therefore my humble appeal would be to suggest that some of this members be screened as most of them a potential candidates. Before we take their actions seriously.

  21. I said it yesterday that he will soon be next.

    Any offers to follow him?

    Respect and good behaviour will keep one out of troubles like this.

    The King does not wield a sword for nothing. Presidents do not have Instruments of the State for no reason.

    Wise up.

  22. We now cannot fart or cough in this country. I am no fun of Tayali but his arrest is just f00lish. Arrest Lungu for abuse of the President office and Zambia will be normal. Simple!

    • Don’t be on the wrong side and expect that the law will protect you, never. Strive to do good always not to engage press meetings and start calling the head of state ati hyena.

  23. THis is not something any sane Zambian should be celebrating. Your freedom of expression is being given a death sentence and from the posts Iam seeing here you are celebrating. How naive!

  24. It was established in 2016 that Edgar Chagwa Lungu has become a dictator of Zambia and doubting Thomases were accusing us Zambians who held that view as absolutely correct. Today few Zambians disagree with us.
    Intolerance and rampantly detaining individuals over freedom of expression is a sure sign of a ‘Dying nation’.

  25. All democratic states have opposition and take criticism. Why is it that in Zambia the opposition is beat, mocked or jailed?


    • That Dont matter, You can be Ovimbundu, & a Zambian patriot, of course when i mention Patriot, I dont mean P,F pamafi.
      Being of foreign origin does not make your decision making any inferior to any Zambian, as we know K.K was of foreign blood BUT Zambian @ heart.
      In fact Zambia is ROTTING because (full Zambian Citizens) have decided to look @ issues via the Tribalistic Prism.

  27. Kudos to the ones who produced the video footage. we don’t need any running comments to make us understand what happened in Mongu.

  28. Why curtail freedom of speech in a Christian nation? Oh what a stupid question. Christian people are intolerant of criticism so it is perfectly normal for anyone who sees himself as a god to seal every alternative opinions

  29. Why wasn’t HH charged with criminal libel calling ECL names.
    We have video of HH at mongu and action was swift. We have video of Kaizer Zulu at football but nothing
    As you all say law must be applied equally.
    Any response Terrible you are on the inner sanctum so maybe you can elaborate in you usual manner. Please no donkeys.kikk

  30. May God touch ECL, Kanganja, Mumbi, Chanda, Kaizer and Kampyongo. Let them use power responsibly for the benefit of the governed. Let them demonstrate servanthood and tolerance. The scenario concerning the incarceration of HH is similar to the Easter passion play when Jesus was unjustly crucified. Since when was driving on a Limulunga road by a taxpayer been treason? May the blood shed by Jesus bath the leaders and reveal true leadership to them whether they are legal or illegal. God protect HH and all Zambian especially those with dissenting views. IN GOD WE TRUST.

  31. I am PF but standing on the side of the truth and saying the country is finished. They have arrested the wrong guy, the guy who deserves to be arrested is Kaisala Zulu

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