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Quash treason charge, HH’s lawyers ask Court


Lawyer Vincent Malambo (L) with Mark Chona during the wedding ceremony of Masuzgo Kaunda Junior (grandson son of Dr Kenneth Kaunda) and Makomba Silwamba (daughter of Eric Silwamba) at InterContinental Hotel in Lusaka
Lawyer Vincent Malambo (L) with Mark Chona

Lawyers representing opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has asked the Lusaka Magistrate Court to quash the treason charge against the UPND leader and give others.

And the Magistrate Malumani has adjourned the case to tomorrow 09 Hours to allow the State to respond to issues raised by the defence team.

This was after the State failed to adequately respond to preliminary issues raised by defence lawyers today stating that they needed to get instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The State through Chief State Prosecutor a Mr. Zimba said they needed more time to respond because of the nature of the issues raised required thorough investigations.

This is in a matter where defence lawyers yesterday asked the state to explain who they had allowed to visit Mr. Hichilema’s cell at Lilayi police College at midnight.

The defence also wanted the State to respond to why the accused except Mr Hichilema were tortured and that police officers pepper sprayed them in their mouths.
Matter comes up for further hearing tomorrow, Thursday 20th April 2017 at 09:00 Hrs.

Leading the defence team, Lawyer Vincent Malambo said the charge sheet failed to explain properly how Mr Hichilema had plotted to over throw the government.

Mr Malambo said the charge sheet was probably drafted by someone who had never drafted a treason charge before.

Mr Malambo said the charge is infact inadequate adding that the charge must set out in clear paragraphs what they did to prepare to overthrow the Lungu government.

He stated that treason ought to and must contain overt acts which are details of the acts that amount to treason.

He said he has a 1952 Act on page 1142 which he referenced on the charging and manner of charging treason adding that this was the first time he was seeing such a format.

Mr Malambo stated that treason is charged differently from a criminal case and the drafters may have probably never drafted a treason charge.

He also said that the two other charges are bailable except count 1 and that the court must infact satisfy itself that infact treason was committed.

Mr Malambo said this is the first time in this country that such a format for charging treason is being used adding that the Act sets out the format of charging treason which has been used since the Act was enacted.

He said the accused people have already spent nine days in jail and say the State agrees that the charge of treason is bad but can be amended exposes how unfair the State is treated accused persons.

Another defence lawyer Keith Mweemba said the treason charge is a defective charge.

On quashing of charge, Magistrate Mulumani quoted the law that it does envisage an amendment to a charge being made within confines of the law.

Mr. Mweemba cited Sharpe Vs the People 1970 and the State Vs Zimba in asking the Magistrate to exercise his power to discharge so justice can be seen.

He said according to the Constitution, the Magistrate has the power to discharge if satisfied that infact there is no treason offence.

He said there is not Lungu government but the government of the Republic of Zambia as he sent the court into laughter after he ridiculed the charge.

Mr. Mweemba charged that the State are simply using the court process to avert justice.


    • Sir Francis Weston was found GUILTY in England of Treason and was Decapitated

      The courts in Zambia should NOT be scared. this case is the same as Terrorism.

      The United States federal government (in comparison to the separate states) applies the death penalty for crimes: treason, terrorism, espionage, federal murder, large-scale drug trafficking, and attempting to kill a witness, juror, or court officer in certain cases.

      Osama Bin laden was wanted because of Treason and IF Treason is the same as Terrorism

      We all know what should happen.

      I rest my case

      I have an MBA, MSc, Bsc, FCCA FCMA Bsc Appled Accounting and doing a PhD



    • Honestly how can a traffic offence graduate to treason?? HH is the most feared man by Edgar and his bunch of morons.

    • I hear they have added another word to the Oxford English dictionary:
      PF = A group of uneducated people who have no capacity to thing independently but will say yes to whatever the messiah EL says, Mostly found in Zambia living under extreme poverty with no money in their pockets and mostly on empty stomachs.

    • We all know here the 2016 best blogger is NEZ and you are the most irritating. We saw those results published by Lusaka times. Why do you want to put yourself where you are not and further this shows you do not posses any of those qualifications you have claimed to have. What on earth would such a qualified person be sleeping on this page to an extent of commenting on every thread that pops up?

    • HH must first please guilty by reason of insanity and concert to getting mental healthcare then he can be forgiven, bye! Pass the pepper spray please.

    • Kikikikik Ati “The Government of Edgar Changwa Lungu”.

      PF00Ls really worship Lungu. There is only a Government of the Republic of Zambia, NOT of Changwa lungu.

      I’ve heard stories that Lungu is a dull lawyer. Here’s the proof.

    • HH must be prepared to be in prison as a suspect for a long time….

      Raising preliminary issues in this case is different compared to what you did with the presidential election petition as there no time limits in a treason case… except HH is not made.of tough stuff…

      I am waiting for the state to clearly state how HH plotted to overthrow the govt… I am now being to think this whole treason case did not stem from the Mongu debacle… no wonder the heavily armed police were sent to arrest him…. just speculating

    • A quick google will show mushota won best blogger in 2014,2016 and Nostradamus 2015. She is irritating a lot and Lusaka Times must ban her.
      Back to topic RELEASE HH now without charge or Lusaka will be on fire.

    • Mushota you must be very dull person thats why you even hide your real name, surely was that guy who shot Reagan charged with attempted murder or treason for example, everything you have stated you havent given the reasons they were charged with treason… get your facts right

    • Mushota can you please go jump in a lake? At least you’ll be appreciated by fish which will feast on your useless body

    • Oh Please, what can be a PhD student doing on LT, 24/7..But you have made my day Mushota. Keep dreaming, its a good thing..khikikikikiki

    • Dullness in team pf pervades the entire structure. Sad to see that they have introduced cadreism in everything they do.

    • @Mushota,
      Your problem is that you don’t even understand the simple definition of what a treason case. Just look what you are quoting……baseless and without substance and context.
      Your papers haven’t taught you any analytical skills…..kusabaila fye….trash!

      You are just attracting attention, so you can be voted blogger of the year ….that is your goal.

    • #Mushota…! Go and get your money back, if at all you ever went to school, you had bad teachers in your life. From your writing and critical thinking, you are a troubled soul and poor school drop out.. these are titles you list are useless and made up…!! Us in academia know how titles are linked

  1. Vincent Malambo is a stealth lawyer, has always been and asking the magistrate court is another stealth move on his part.

    Treason cases are High Court cases … very smart move but it won’t work this time around. Also knowing Vincent, he knows very well that his client will be convicted if tried as a treason case thus working around technicalities.

    The learned judges are smarter

    • I always thought that you’ve been to school. I apologize for my mistake. Convicted of what exactly when the prosecution don’t even know what to charge the suspect with? Your PF prosecutors have gone back to ‘consult’ and ‘revise’ the charge sheet and you of all people should know that these morons are rank amateurs that are just wasting the court’s time. Stop being a cadre and get that big head of yours away from Edgar Lungu’s behind.

    • Mate, please try being objective for once. It takes a man to admit that their master is wrong. Where on earth does the defense team have to educate the prosecutors how to draft a charge? This is embarrassing and it should have come from the judge himself and threw the entire thing in a dust bin.

      And how come the DPP doesn’t show up to prosecute such an enormous case of treason? Even the apartheid regime were competent in drafting racial and political cases against Mandela.

      The truth is there is no treason, this was merely a traffic jam encounter and you and your bosses will be embarrassed by Vincent Malambo and his team as this will be played out in public. Kampyongo already predicted HH’s treason charge even before Mongu ‘treason’ offence (explain that please).

    • @ B R Mumba, Sr is it not that all smart lawyers capitalize on technicalities to get their clients off the hook? The judge may be very learned but she or he will not take sides between prosecution and defense but base their judgement on how best the two sides argue their facts! The dull lawyer always loses!

    • @Motsamai … Yaba!!!! Ati “… I always thought that you’ve been to school. I apologize for my mistake.” Nomba, where do you think I learn to write in English and excogitate at a higher level without having been to school?
      Let me school you a little bit you dimwit … a charge sheet is a technicality and not the issue at law. Vincent used that rhetoric to distract myopics like you. First of all, treason cases are not discussed in Magistrate Courts, they preview is a higher court such as the High Court.
      Vincent knew that by bringing the issue in a lower court he would put the higher court on notice that a lower court discussed it without jurisdiction another potential technicality if you are even learned enough to grasp this part.
      Now back to the charge sheet, cases are decided by precedence…

    • Continued …
      Now back to the charge sheet, cases are decided by precedence and actual constitutionality at law. By inserting himself with a quote dating back to 1959 a date by which you were not even born yourself bwana Motsamai, Vincent creating what we learned people call a strawman’s fallacy.

      He creates a notion that there are three things to be considered all of which have nothing to do with the case at hand. Let me list those things for you; the charge sheet, the court (magistrate) and perceived normality … none of these have nothing to do with treason.

      Now while idi0cy may be symptomatic to you, the issue at hand is treason and while simplistic minds like yours go to Wikipedia to find the definition of treason, constitutionality at law refers to the actual section in the…

    • Continued …
      section in the laws that define treason based on the laws of the land.

      This means that treason charges in France for instance, may have similarities to those in the USA, or Germany or even Argentina but to fully understand the underpinning derivatives of treason in any of those countries, one must refer to the laws that address it in that particular country.

      In Zambia, treason is addressed in Chapter 87 of the Penal Code Act, under Part II for Crimes and Offences Against Public Order, Section 43 (1) (a) through (f) and I quote.

      “43. (1) A person is guilty of treason and shall be liable to suffer death who- Treason
      (a) prepares or endeavors to overthrow by unlawful means the Government as by law established; or
      (b) prepares or endeavors to procure by force any…

    • Continued …
      (b) prepares or endeavors to procure by force any alteration of the law or the policies of the Government; or
      (c) prepares or endeavors to procure by force the setting up of an independent state in any part of Zambia or the secession of any part of Zambia from the Republic; or
      (d) prepares or endeavors to carry out by force any enterprise which usurps the executive power of the State in any matter of both a public and a general nature; or
      (e) incites or assists any person to invade Zambia with armed force or unlawfully to submit any part of Zambia to attack by land, water or air, to assist in the preparation of any such invasion or attack; or
      (f) in time of war and with intent to give assistance to the enemy, does any act which is likely to give such assistance.” End…

    • Continued …
      The above is what constitutes treason in Zambia and if you watched the video you will agree that HH and his agents did violate the laws of the land on two of the above counts in (b) and (d). Vincent knows that and he wants to distract using what I have explained above.

      For your own sake and in the interest of full disclosure, I am not a lawyer but an Investment Banker but in school, because of my line of work I had to take more law classes than any other business major because most of our work involves drafting contracts and dealing with interpretations at law.

      Therefore, I can stand tall with any lawyer and short of having a law license to practice I can tell when I see crap. And knowing Vincent and his modus operandi as well as the law at hand, I the learned … me…

    • Continued …
      Therefore, I can stand tall with any lawyer and short of having a law license to practice I can tell when I see crap. And knowing Vincent and his modus operandi as well as the law at hand, I the learned … me can see what you the “supposed learned” you can’t.

      So, do me a favor … go back to school and take a little bit more time to study law. You will not only be able to protect your enterprise but you will save yourself from the kind of nonsense your fo0lish hero HH has found himself in.

      I rest my case and good night

    • B R Mumba, Sr: it is refreshing and a previlage to interact with bloggers like yourself. I think from the experience on this site and what is obtaining on the ground politically you will agree that the quality of the opposition and its supporters has deteriorated in this country. It is a frightening situation, indeed. Your analysis is superbly informative, sir.

    • malambo is a liar and he should know that things and methods change with time so he shuold not use his old method in this case otherwise he going and he just buying time so that he get more money from HH and others

    • Curtis we voted wisely and we are proud , it’s you and your fellow friends to vote wisely.
      We got what we wanted and we are proud of our products, come 2021 no change. We want peaceful people

    • @Curtis … the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise did vote wisely and I personally am proud of their vote.

      These are very smart people, the Zambians I mean … any politician and any individual who thinks is smarter has always lost.

      I can always bet on the Zambians ability to see beyond smoke screens, you can fool a Zambian once but not twice.

    • @Curtis … the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise did vote wisely and I personally am proud of their vote.

      These are very smart people, the Zambians I mean … any politician and any individual who thinks is smarter has always lost.

      I can always bet on the Zambians ability to see beyond smoke screens, you can f00l a Zambian once but not twice.

    • Br Mumbai has crowned it all. The problem is that most upnd bloggers they don’t contribute objectively. Even the loosing of Catherine it was attributed ECL and hurled insults on him. Br Mumbai now Upnd want to hear the petition under the current constitution.

  2. Hakainde deserves the due process of the law to take its course. The High Court of Zambia will decide on the treason charge. Don’t be cry babies. Hakainde thought he was a star that can’t be touched. Own up man!

    • Is it not that the Magistrate can determine whether a case for Treason is valid, BUT then not be able to preside over it but REFER the case (Proper Case of Treason, having established so), to the High Court for Trial?

  3. Latest NEWS HH is in high spirits as he forsees the treason charge being dropped tomorrow and a bail availed for him to go home ..VIVA UPND LAWYERS

  4. Ok. Explain the law to laymen all over the country. So HH should be given a pat on the back for refusing to recognise a government that the whole world has recognised and even stressing this by refusing to give way. Let HH spend a month or two in Chimbwakaila to teach him some manners.

    • Remember the treason charge does refer to the Mongu incident, that is why the next hearing in court will be interesting. Looks like some people are spending sleepless nights to come up with a great story

  5. “There is no government of Lungu but government of Republic of Zambia”What an insolent lawyer!!This lawyer was thinking his client will win election through courts of law but he lamentably failed.The person in charge is Lungu.No matter the insults that will be showered on him,he still remains the elected one.Courts will never chart the way forward for this nation.People will always be making decisions through the ballot boxes.HH should convince the masses as to why he wants to lead them.He is hiding under the canopy of stolen votes when he has outrightly been rejected by the masses.Presidency will not come through the benches of courts but through a ballot box.

    • @Mbaluso you are mistaken, it was not the Defence Lawyers who said “Government of Edgar Lungu” it was your prosecutors. Please refer to the following real news:

      “One of the defects in the charge is where the PF prosecutors state that HH wanted to overthrow the government of Edgar Lungu.

      But HH’s lawyers argued that ‘There is no government of Edgar Changwa Lungu in this country, there is only a Government of the Republic of Zambia, thus there is no law relating to the Government of Edgar Changwa Lungu in the laws of Zambia”

  6. “Leading the defence team, Lawyer Vincent Malambo said the charge sheet failed to explain properly how Mr Hichilema had plotted to over throw the government.

    Mr Malambo said the charge sheet was probably drafted by someone who had never drafted a treason charge before.

    Mr Malambo said the charge is infact inadequate adding that the charge must set out in clear paragraphs what they did to prepare to overthrow the Lungu government.

    He stated that treason ought to and must contain overt acts which are details of the acts that amount to treason.”

  7. Treason Treason Treason..!! can someone point at the exact act of treason the accused perpetuated..?? Treason is not a small thing yes but must have bearings beyond reasonable doubt..As things stand State 0 : 1 Team HH

    • Day 2 score line:

      PF = 0
      A1 = 2

      Thou shall not bear false witness against anyone. If you choose to do so, prepare to face the ultimate Judge! This man has not done anything deserving this mistreatment. Zambia was once a great model of a Christian nation and Democracy. Is there no voice of reason left in PF to advise against this PF self-destruction? What kind of hate is this where you wish someone dead and claiming to be humble Christians at the same time? It is true that what we have now is government of Edgar Chagwa Lungu and not Government of the people of Zambia!

  8. Ba LT be serious what are you giving us here? Half baked news? Did you read this before posting:
    Lawyers representing opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has asked the Lusaka Magistrate Court to quash the treason charge against the UPND leader and give others.

  9. We have Police men and prosecutors who are not educated. They drafted the treason charge without thinking. For sure we have no government for Chagwa Lungu but the Government of the Republic of Zambia. Great Lawyers, Learned Lawyers. Good Job. Zambia Forward

  10. where is brother nez. Yabaa k ki ki

    Anyway your boss wil be acquited but not discharged tommorrow. Let him ever repeat blockin eagle 1

  11. Learn to respect leadership for you to earn respect. So far no one has respect for the mother body of churches,chifes,UPND leadership and USA embassy because they want to permit misbehaving in the country.A well meaningful citizen can’t encourage this nonsense . You can’t be the master of all trades. Relax and think about the country at large not just thinking of becoming the president when the majority are not with you.

    • Am sure you have run dry of corrupt money and you are now cooking up fake issues to be noticed. You cadres, you have no capacity to rule Zambia. You have made Zambia poor all of a sudden. You cannot produce anything except rigging elections. You have simply failed to reason and rule Zambia with decency. Do you think by robbing one’s house the way you did with HH will give you some legitimacy? The Bible says, Your sin will find you out. You have started a battle you wont win. This is the beginning of your end. Watch this case careful. Cadres ill advised the state on this one like before.

  12. Even a chicken knows this case is a non-starter. It is Mumbi Phiri and PF cadres’ case for which Government will lose money once all the accused sue the State. How do you charge someone for treason when you cannot specify? Can I just wake up and charge you for treason simply because you are a member of the opposition refusing to recognize one as president? Is this what PF wants to bring to court? Poverty is a curse. Poor countries are always in a mode of self destruction. Consider how much time we have all spent following this useless case? The worst thing to happen to Zambia is having PF in power.

    • The biggest mistake we made in 2011 has started affecting,at some point we were advised this is not a presidential material by some body who has been there before(president KDK) we thought it was malice now we have in our midst and in-charge” the Humble guy”without a slightest clue and right now he is been held hostage by KZ ,AC and RB – ala fyakuifwaila nafwebene ,ena alibwelelamo alinapee.

  13. When there is no case……..the state lawyers will say they are waiting for instructions from the DPP. It really the DPP or someone else?

  14. It looks like KZ ,Amos Chanda and the IG were imbibing alcohol when they were scheming the Treason Charge for HH. Their main objective was to slap HH with an unbailable charge then find a reason for the Charge. Now the whole Treason Charge is falling apart. The Respondents have no proof to show that HH and the other accused were plotting to overthrow the Govt of Zambia using arms of war. Treason is a serious crime which the Prosecutors seem to be taking lighly. U cannot amend the Treason Charge as u wish. The govt of Zambia was not on that Road when the Presidential Motorcade incident happened to be overthrown by a seating HH and the Drivers. We don’t see how an alleged Traffic Offence can be equated to a Treasonable Crime.

  15. Sometimes when we oppress people too much we just push them closer to their blessings just like Joseph it was from the jailhouse to be next to the king let’s wait and see how God raises up people.
    The oppression of today on HH is the success of him tomorrow

  16. There are just too many jokes in Zambia. Because I was on the same road with the President on the material day when he was going to Kuomboka, the case is treason. Where on earth mwebanthu sure?

  17. The strategic approach of the Zambian Police is too amateurish and I will allude to two reasons as to why I contend as such below: Firstly, they (ZP) had planned to charge HH with treason with the expectation that some of his lieutenants will be used as state witnesses against him. In addition, such state ‘witnesses’ were tortured so as to impel them to sign false confessions (thus, innocent UPND arrestees were allegedly tortured in police custody). Secondly, the state evidence is inconsistent because it dose not conform to the requirements of the treason charge. As it stands, the state case cannot trigger the exercise of relevant Acts, Sections and subsections of the Zambia Criminal law that which can be applied in prosecuting HH and others.

    • That is what happens when you cooking evidence.
      Every normal thinking person knows that there is no treason case here.
      Firstly, they were showing that video as a justification, I believe they realised it far from being enough to warrant treason case.
      Secondly, that 02 am raid was nothing but an attempt to search and find something they can use as evidence. Thirdly, dununa reverse in full swing. Instead of treason being committed in Mongu, now we are told, it’s backdated to October 2016.
      This case stinks!

  18. If the magistrate knows his law he should indeed quash the treason charge. It should be replaced with an appropriate charge.

  19. If the magistrate knows his law he should indeed quash the treason charge. It should perhaps be replaced with an appropriate charge.

  20. In order for the charge of treason to have a legal leg to stand on in this particular circus, the prosecuting team is attempting to use all available loopholes within the limits of the law so as to accommodate failed and rejected changes. This is the mindset of individuals who are answerable to the powers that be. The legal rationale in this particular distorted instance is to circumvent conventional requirements of a treason charge which was strictly created by the legislation to fit its application. One has to meticulously read in-between the lines and identify the actors and weaknesses in the charge sheets. Previously, I indicated that so many omissions existed before the state charged HH and others. The state cannot reconcile such changes because at the subsequent stage judge…

  21. The state cannot reconcile such changes because at the subsequent stage judge presidents at a High Court level are not naive. Thanks

  22. I offer no apologies concerning my informed comments as I do not offend any party(ies). My comments are premised on the level of my education, as well as on the politics behind completion when subjecting a certain matter to a debate.

  23. Like I said before, State prosecutors better be on their most alert otherwise they will be made to look like they never went to school . The errors the defence counsels are bringing out are basic errors that shouldn’t be made by the State . Its not the first time the State is charging someone with treason . Why didn’t they do their research and see how charge sheets are prepared . Why come and look like fools in front of the country that is watching?

  24. What is worrying in Zambia is that there are many other people thrown into prison just because police want to please whoever. DPP should come to the defence of people facing trumped up charges otherwise people will be suffering when they are innocent. Why does zp not act professionally like the usa where arrests is only made when evidences is found. Don’t investigate after throwing someone into the dungeon accompanied by police brutality

    • Oh please , don’t compare Zambia with the US, we all know what goes on there. How many black lives have been lost by those trigger happy police officers? Zambia police may be unprofessional in the way they go about things but show restraint when using firearms on their own people. I dare any of you who say HH committed a traffic offense to attempt his stunt in the US or the west. You will get shot period! I’m not a fan of Zambian politics but let’s not find excuses when our leaders are leading us astray. UPND supporters should admit that the stunt which HH tried to pull off is unacceptable even though it appears it shouldn’t warrant the treason charges. On the other hand, if you decide to be unruly because you don’t recognise the government then you’re likely to go down the treason…

  25. Citizens say NO, ’cause we can’t have two Presidents in the country. One elected and the other one trying to force us because he refuses(er I.e Treason charge 2) to recognise and accept the will of the people.

    This guy has insulted EVERYBODY, Election monitors, Judges, President. Please dispatch him pronto. As for UPND, are they still meeting the conditions to be recognised as a legal Party in the system?

  26. This is a botched case.Drop the case to avoid embarrassment.This country is facing challenges which require sober minded people to address,and certainly this drama is NOT one of them.

  27. I am not trying to prescribe acceptable precepts of an experienced and well educated investigator, nonetheless, it is the onus of a responsible most senior police detective to distinguish himself or herself from an interrogator. In orthodox policing, detectives only interview suspects by employing legally acceptable techniques which are designed to extract indisputable evidence for further criminal prosecutions. In relative terms, unschooled detectives interrogate suspects, thus, they are susceptible to torturing suspects as opposed to applying law within a democratic environment. The preceding assertion relates to what is obtaining to brother HH. A detective is expected to study criminal law at a postgraduate level so as to learn the techniques required in repeatedly and vigorously…

    • That is true, brother/sister. Unfortunately, quality education provides a recipient with necessary tools which he or she can use in order to learn ‘how to think’ not ‘what to think’. I was initially schooled in the West (Yale University and at Oxford) and subsequently, here in South Africa at the University of Cape Town. The above-mentioned universities threw everything at me within the various disciplines which I studied. I achieved throughputs at all levels. We hope Zambian Police officials undertake necessary studies in the future, because the support and the corporation of the entire community in Zambia is pertinent in policing

    • No you dont need criminal law criminal law at a postgraduate level to be an investigator or an interrogator

  28. A detective is expected to study criminal law at a postgraduate level so as to learn the techniques required in repeatedly and vigorously putting one question to a suspect several times. The rationale here is to confuse a suspect so that during questioning contradictions pertaining to one question emerge. The most important point is to formulate one question in fifty different versions. Such relevant courses are not a child ‘s play, even educated men with PhDs become mentally disturbed in a measured manner after writing theses or articles before editors edit their research works. We hope the Zambian Police officials can attend workshops which deal with acceptable policing strategies in a community setting.

  29. This whole charade goes to confirm that you have an id!iot masquerading as president. Ne nsoni iyoo!!
    What the drunkard punk has done is humiliate Zambians. Now we are not only the most hungry nation on earth but also the most fullish to allow a thief, a joke, to rule the country.

  30. If Lungu can abrah cafabrah a traffic offense into treason and stick it on HH represented by Malambo, I swear he can then like Christ rise the dead back into life! This trial will just expose his stupidity and from now onwards nobody will give him the right of way on our roads!

  31. @ Len Joe, please napapata we chipuba iwe zwaa fa! There is no graduate of Yale or Oxford who manifests such a wealth of intellectual snobbery! You must be ashamed of yourself you twot, why can’t you just be happy of whatever Mumbwa-mumbwa kanthemba you learnt your stoogerism from?

    • Please, I ran my race because I heeded to those who urged me to treasure education and, I will comment as and when the occasion arises. Having studied at any university in the US or UK does not change who I am or my tribe. I still remain the same. Whenever, I visit my fellow villagers irrespective of my expensive cars and my level of education, I speak my mother tongue and eat the same traditional foods and behave like everyone around me. Therefore, your insults are indicative of your own character. You are only playing with yourself and I do not associate myself with derogatory language. I do not sound like a white person because I am too proud as a black African. I love my roots and my tribe. Thanks.

    • By the way, I am not a graduate because you, Ngomela (at number 39) identified me as such. I am a post-doctoral fellow. Please, address me in that order. Thanks.


  33. Keith Mweemba ….KIKIKIKIKI….I am laughing in capital letters. Premature celebration? Another donkey of course.

  34. Mushota, You are hopeless! You don’t know what you are talking about. Before your posted ask someone to advice you. You have a mind of a child who can’t think. Use you brain and research before you posted. I wonder who you passed you course, did you pay someone to seat your exams?

  35. This is how INCOMPETENT the PF Govt can be! If they cant even prosecute a case properly – so why bring it on in the first place?

  36. Yaba but these people, the tribalism has to rear it’s ugly head even in court! Iyee, its indeed in the genes, as the chiefs confirmed.

  37. Br Mumba thank you for guidance and comments above on the complexity of the case at hand for HH. The sad part of it from UPND cadres is that they can’t see that their small god is in a mess as is the case with Mwaliteta. This is a serious offence and the only solution is to negotiate with ECL otherwise the accused is in a complete mess.

  38. Why are UPND lawyers all Tongas and why are all southern chiefs interested in HH release.I can smell a RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. @wisdom, exactly, it is him who will be on fire. but I must insist, you will be smoked too, and I hope you live not to choke pretty bad. coz choking can be bad my friend, so watch your acts!

  40. lets give chance to courts imwe bantu plz hh was jst charged tabalamupalata treason can change
    into coup whats the problem with u

  41. Well let Malambo talk for now as he speaks on the preliminaries.

    The actual game will start when the plaintiff lawyers begin to speak.

    Now regarding preliminaries, I don’t trust these HH lawyers. They know that the length of time they spend defending a client the more the money.

    So use preliminaries to delay the case (or don’t even allow it to be heard) but keep earning through preliminaries, and share that money with HH, and possibly with GBM too.

    That is the focus, never think that you share the same passion with lawyers about a case. He/she has passion about money while you have passion about the case.

  42. Br R MUMBA Jr, thanx for this insight. this case is so simple but complex ,these UPnd mangwams do not understands anything except their lawyers do and are bent at fooling them. wina azalila.


    • HH was the leader of that group so if he were only to lead them in good faith all this would have been avoided but he choose other wise and this are the consequences that’s why in football if the team is not doing well they dismiss the manager not the players

  44. @Wisdom : How do you expect HH to stop a convoy of 60 vehicles at once? It’s practically impossible. The Police knew very well what time His Excellence was expected to use the same road. But why then did they allow HH’s convoy to start off first? It’s, in my opinion, lack of foresight on the part of the police. and from the clip that I saw, that road seemed very narrow. It hasn’t got shoulders so to say, where HH vehicles could have moved to give enough space for the presidential motorcade. Even if they(HHs vehicles) were to stop for instance, they would still have been on the road.

    • You are right @ck4life but at the same time pulling over it doesn’t mean that you have to go off the road even stopping by the side HH s vehicles were it all means the same thing that he had let the presidential motorcade pass, and as for the police which you say to have let him go first that was clearly explained that; he was given time to go because they knew that by the time the President will come he would have reached the destination but according to the police they say that he slowed down which resulted to what we are experiencing now

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