Vice President Inonge Wina says government remains committed and will always support programmes of the COMESA Court of Justice.

Mrs. Wina says the COMESA Court of Justice is important for maintaining the rule of law in the region which will in turn deepen regional integration.

She said the court will help resolve disputes arising in the region.

The vice president has also called on the regional body to sensitise the community on the role of the court.

Mrs Wine also called on Zambian lawyers to maximize their opportunities that they work in the COMESA court of justice.

She was speaking at the COMESA court of justice publicity seminar held under the theme the role and operations of the COMESA court of justice: supporting economic integration within COMESA region.

The Vice President has also congratulated the current COMESA court of justice judge president Lombe Chibesakunda for being elected in 2015.

And Justice Chibesakunda says there is need for lawyers to position themselves to fully utilize the services that the court has to offer.

And COMESA Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya commended the COMESA member states for ensuring that the court is strengthened and remains independent.

Mr. Ngwenya was speaking in a speech read on his behalf by his legal counsel Brian Chigawa.


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    • All countries in Africa are led by bumz and need recolonisation. They are used to whips as the only condition to force them to think. Just like bumz can be conditioned by whipping each time they bwiz, and theyy stop bwiz


  1. Please recommend Lungu to them. Zambia needs a legitmate president who goes through the proper legal and constitutional way of getting power.


  2. Since when was this court formed? If it is really there why have they kept quiet over the happenings in Zambia? Shame on this court. Can’t we learn something from ECOWAS in West Africa? Shame on COMESA
    shame on SADC.


  3. This is funny why don’t Lozis support Inonge, what has she done wrong for her people!



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