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President Lungu laughs off those wishing him death


President Edgar Lungu (L) with PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri as Party Secretary General Davies Mwila (C) looks on at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly before departure for Livingstone on Thursday, April 20,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu (L) with PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri as Party Secretary General Davies Mwila (C) looks on at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly before departure for Livingstone on Thursday, April 20,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has laughed off those wishing him ill or retirement that he is still very energetic and will continue to govern the country.

Speaking when he addressed resident of Livingstone who came to receive him at the airport to ear Mark his state visit of the province, President Lungu who expressed Joy at being in Southern Province a perceived no go area for the Patriotic Front said he loved Southern Province so much that he is considering building a home there.

“I am happy to be here again, I enjoy being here, I will one day even build my own home here…that is how much I love this place,” said President Lungu.

And President Lungu noted that those wishing him to die so that they succeed him should reread the constitution of Zambia.

He advised that as long as God allowed he would continue leading Zambia.

“And let me tell you, I am not retiring soon, I am still around so those of you who think I am about to retire should watch this space,” he advised.

“…even those who wish me to die will not inherit because there is no room for that. If I die today Madam Inonge Wina will take over until 2021. That is what the law says.”


  1. It’s UPND

    Lungu is accepted by 55% of the people

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but that being more than 50% is the majority and should be accepted.

    He will not die at all.

    His health is 100%

    Certainly he hasn’t been in hospital and tortured on private parts



    • Last week Chief mukuni warned that lightening would strike if HH wasn’t released:-

      1st Warning
      – On wednesday a Police officer in Lungu’s motorcade died in an accident in northern province.

      2nd (& final???) Warning
      – On thursday another Police officer in Lungu’s motorcade died in an accident in Livingstone.

    • Exactly the Mugabe and M7 rhetoric. Actaully, ECL will be slain by his own party members, and not the opposition.

    • We all know that he fainted in public and that he suffers from reflex in his throat. And we saw his medical report online….! He will, like Mr Sata die, and just wait for the sign – Red lips…!

  2. KKKK! Lungu is truly sick, scared and confused! How can he have a state visit in Southern Province which part of the country he ruling illegally! Should it not be a provincial tour or working holiday not state visit – after all HH is on remand to give him a state visit.
    Lungu doesn’t even know why he is in SP because there are NO projects for him to inspect anyway! The truth is that he is scared of his own shadows especially after the word from the chiefs!! Peace be with him although anyone can see the turmoil in him is finishing him off.

    • I am irritated that ECL is not having peace of mind that he should continue preoccupying himself with trivialities paying attention to those against him if he truly believes that only God has power to determine his mortal destiny! Passing the 50 % mark should tell everybody that its only marginal compromise to who can be in the hot seat of government! Percentages of those that elected him or chose not to are known so why should he keep fighting that those that did not choose him change to like him! He should just concentrate on his development agenda for everyone still pays taxes no matter what end of the spectrum for his government to spend on the country! Not everyone likes rain but when its its time it comes and does what it has to do amidst grumblings by those who don’t like it and…

    • It’s lungu wants HH dead, that’s why he’s charged him with a treason charge (instead of a simple traffic offence) which carries death-penalty.

      His PF police tourtured HH, urinated & defaecated (sh!tted) on his bed. Such an evil snake deserves to be stoned to death & it’s ugly head cut off (lest it wakes up).

    • Lungu, we do not want you dead!

      We just want you to get out of your illegal occupation of State House, stop being a world tourist at the poor Zambian taxpayers expense, and stop stealing our money!

      And give a chance to somebody -anybody – to develop Zambia and provide us with JOBS! We don’t need these empty promises form you about “500,000” jobs that never materialise!

      We need someone that actually WORKS. And KNOWS HOW TO DO THE JOB OF PRESIDENT! Which you have clearly shown you do NOT know how to do!

  3. Dead man laughing. Kikik. Guys I get my info from his op agents. Lungu is sick.

  4. UNIP is dead and one day the violent PF will die a slow painful death too.See , I wish death to bad political parties not people.

  5. You are always welcome to my home town, kwaLibingi, mr president. Southern province is a peaceful and God fearing province. Enjoy your visit, this is how it should be for all citizens in any part of the country, irregardless of political affiliation.

  6. Ezekiel 25v17 “And I will execute great vengeance on them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance on them.”

  7. I wonder why some people like talking about death in that way. All of us know that it is ONLY God who knows when we will leave this earth back to where we came from. All of us are destined to die one day.

  8. Zambians had graduated from STONE-AGE Politics of

    – Incarceration of opposition leaders
    – State of emergency,
    – Election rigging,
    – tribalism,
    – Cadre violence
    – Quick Self-enrichment
    – Gagging independent media
    – Bias of DeadNBC
    – police brutality on citizens

    However lungu & RB have revived these primitive STONE-AGE politics for their own selfish gains.

    True power lies in the people NOT behind hundreds of brutal police, bullet-proof vests, long vehicle convoys.

    I remember Festus Mogae (Ex Botswana president) used to ride a bicylce into town in the morning without any bodyguard without fear.

    • The population of Botswana is less than two and half million people.
      They accept election results after elections and are not as bitter as HH’s party members
      Why should the President of Zambia go for work on a bicycle?
      Don’t you think that is mocking the people?

    • Good leaders we had shall never be replaced….! Lungu is a puppet leader
      We miss our leaders who shaped Zambia under KK – where ALL Zambians worked in unity:

      Mainza Chona
      Elijah Mudenda
      Kebby Musokotwane
      Harry Nkumbula

      Did the above leaders destroy Zambia….? I did my history lessons, but I could be missing something

  9. WATER AND PARAFFIN cannot mix.

    Tongas need to start thinking about following Man of God Prophet Bushiri’s prophesy & form their own country.

    Bembas & nyanjas cannot mix with lozis, luvales & tongas, the difference is just too much. The tribal insults on social media,in the streets and in bars are too much. How do you share a country with someone who calls you a “COWTHERNER”?

    The sooner they realise that & start negotiating for peaceful separation, the better. Civil war/bloodshed is unnecessary.

    • I totally agree with you! Division would be the best solution. I am half Eastern half Southern but in such a case, I would go down South. Yes, the beautiful South!

    • I totally disagree with you. I am Bemba but my wife is Tonga and my side chick is Luvale. I have children with both women and I have been with them close to 30 years. Our families mix without any issues. So, I dont get it when you say the east cant mix with the west. It is people like you from the outside who think that backward and unfortunately some of you are blindly following stupid politicians who say anything to get your votes. Politicians are not gods and should be told off when they start preaching hatred.

  10. marie-Anne why do you bother much by someone calling you cowtherner. which ones are better cows or bakoswe. Or kakolwe. do not worry all these names and characteristics are Zambian way of life. Am from eastern province my self with my mother from the south, do i care. We are the same my friend. Never divide Zambia

    • All insults are evil. Unfortunately your irresponsible president with NO WISDOM who instead of healing & reconciling, he issues threats.

      Even sinking down to putting pepper-spray/teargas on HH’s private parts. That’s serious provocation.

      We are not the same. I’ve lived among bembas, among tongas & among nyanjas. We are different & we can’t embrace our diversity so we need to separate. Some tribes have a superiority complex over the other, even saying a tonga will never rule this country.

      They would rather have their own tribesmen in power even though they are stealing, brutal, failed the economy than have a tonga who is not corrupt, is wise & can run the economy better.

    • Mr perfect there is a difference between traditional cousin jokes and hate speech.
      When did hate speech become a way of life in Zambia?

    • Zambians used to mix under the leadership of KK. It is only after Sata that this scenario changed.

      Remember your history and go back and read some more. Remember these names:
      Mainza Chona
      Elijah Mudenda
      Kebby Musokotwane
      Harry Nkumbula

      Did the above leaders destroy Zambia….? I did my history lessons, but I could be missing something

  11. Is it too much to ask for an initial report of who exactly has been wishing the president dead? Why was this even a concern?

  12. Guilt is eating lungu up such that he even can’t address a public gathering without talking about HH.I wonder when they will deliver on their pf promises.

  13. It’s sad how some people are trying so very hard to divide this beautiful land of Zambia! I have friends from all parts of Zambia and they’re just as normal as I am! I have issues with some of my own tribesmen just as some have issues with me. Let’s learn to embrace one another. Tomorrow HH may be OUR next president, only God Jehovah knows everything and his success will be OUR success as Zambians!

    • It is already divided mune. Establish two separate nations and let the North be for Nyanja, Bemba and other who thrive in mediocrity, stealing, etc. Let the South be for Tongas and their cows, North westerners, westerners, and all those that prefer good governance, democracy, economic empowerment, tolerance, forward looking, etc.

  14. Soweto on fire! PF cadres are beating up and arresting all suspected UPND members. Target market is Lumumba bus station
    April 20, 2017

  15. How does it feel to be ruled by a President who you despise,insult and post rubbish about him yet you can do nothing to stop him from governing our beloved Zambia.ELC is in-charge up to 2021 whether you like it or not.

  16. To me, who is in power and who remains in power in 2021 really matters less. what matters is for that person to do the right thing. never support a wrong even when it is in your own house. On the other hand, God is the only one who has a say on our lives, hence no need to wish anyone dead no matter how much u hate them

  17. Lungu urgently needs psychiatric treatment. He is behind the loose talk of ‘a Tonga or a Lozi will never be president of Zambia. How dare he say he will build a house in SP. Two years ago Lungu said publicly and mocked HH and the people of SP by calling them insultingly bakachema in his bemba language and his famous admirers followed with the same dirty language.
    How can he now say he loves the Tongas who are culturally cattle breeders and hard workers tilling the soil for food. Let him build his house among his fellow monkey eaters and rat eaters or better still build his house in Malawi.

    • Lungu is no where near our leaders
      Mainza Chona
      Elijah Mudenda
      Kebby Musokotwane
      Harry Nkumbula

      Did the above leaders destroy Zambia….? I did my history lessons, but I could be missing something

    • Lungu should live forever until he is 114 years old. Let him sit where he is forever.
      He ate too many monkeys and he got the virus

  18. What a bunch of fools, any Zambian can stay anywhere in Zambia same goes with ECL he can build a house any where in Zambia. we have alot of Tongas, Lozis even Lundas over Zambia who are there permanently and they are living happily with their families. One Zambia one National will never end in Zambia it is here to stay, so my friends learn to abide with it.

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