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President Lungu wants viable plans to reduce poverty in Luapula


President Lungu has tasked the Ministry of National Development Planning
in Luapula Province to come up with viable plans of reducing poverty in the province.

Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila disclosed
during the recently held Provincial Development Coordinating
Committee meeting in Mansa.

He said President Lungu has tasked the Ministry of National
Development Planning to come up with viable plans of reducing poverty
in the Province because currently Luapula is the poorest  in
the country.

Dr. Nsemukila said President Lungu during the routine Presidential
Briefings on performance from Sector Ministries and Provinces wanted
to know the plans for reducing poverty levels in Luapula Province
because currently it is the poorest  in the country.

Dr. Nsemukila said President Lungu wants to see deliberate programmes
being undertaken which should engage the people of the region in
poverty reduction projects and activities for the province.

He further disclosed that President Lungu is also interested in the
development of the mining sector in the province because of the
abundant deposits of manganese and other mineral in the region.

The Permanent Secretary added that the Head State wants to see
tangible progress on the development of the ZAFFICO plantation and the
acquisition of  Kawambwa Tea Estate by ZAFFICO to ensure the
deliberate actions benefit the people.

Dr. Nsemukila observed that the President is equally interested in the
progress on the Mununshi Banana Scheme which should become operational
as the Zambia National Service and the Zambia Correctional Service
make inroads in the acquisition of the management of the Scheme before
the next rain season.


  1. Sad to note that Luapula is the poorest province when in the real sense its supposed to be among the richest looking at the abundant resources in the province

    • That’s why we learnt to “ukutola fye” and “ubomba mwibala”..mwilalanda sana!

  2. This is a result of decades of neglect and poor government policies which does not take into consideration the competitive advantages of such areas which are massively blessed with huge potential in areas such us; Tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, hydroe-nergy generation and mining just to mention but a few. Luapula is a sleeping giant when fully harnessed it has potential to be the hub of industrial emancipation for our country.

  3. Let the petition be head to legitimize the president. A forged cheque does not become good just because it has been cashed! Law breakers masquerading as lawyers.

    • Lungu, here is a good plan for you!

      Just go and hand out the 23 MILLION you stole from Zambians in 2016 to those poor residents of Luapula!

      That should go a LONG LONG way to reducing their POVERTY!

  4. YES, PRESIDENT LUNGU! There has to be a PLAN on how to solve this problem and we have to START WITH PROGRAMS TO REDUCE HOUSEHOLD POVERTY and then things will start changing a project like cashews of Western province. We can have a similar programme that can integrate people in global value chains e.g we can work on PALM OIL, GOATS. We can also do other things like RICE,MANGO production that can bring some incomes for the people! That will be the beginning! Let us put mining aside for now! Let us look at agriculture and tourism which engage more people with minimum skills requirements!

  5. This story does not add up. So, are we to believe this Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Dr. Buleti Nsemukila has had no plan for his province thus far? …And was waiting to be TOLD to make a plan out of those campaign promises? And he is a Dr. fimo fimo? There is definitely something missing here.

    • @5 Brabus.. You are right, PEOPLE DON’T WORK and govt Ministries, Departments, Agencies (MDA) DO NOT TALK TO EACH OTHER!! If Nsemukila made a plan, the Ministry of Planning would have castigated him for doing the Ministry of National Planning job! THE PRESIDENT NEEDS TO RECONCILE WELL HOW PROVINCES WILL COORDINATE WITH NATIONAL MINISTRIES!!


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