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Government reverses ban on the transportation of goods at night

Economy Government reverses ban on the transportation of goods at night

MINISTER of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba

MINISTER of Transport and Communication Brian Mushimba

GOVERNMENT has revised the Statutory Instrument (SI) 76 of 2016, lifting the ban on night movement of goods transporters or trucks.

Transport and Communication Minister Brian Mushimba however said the SI on the restriction of movement for passenger service transporters remained enforced.

“This revision will only apply to trucks who will meet some set requirements and does not apply to our colleagues in the bus businesses,” Mr Mushimba said.

He said government with involvement of key stakeholders had evaluated the social and economic impact on the SI 76 and realised that restricting movement of goods trucks had a negative impact on the country’s economy.

Mr Mushimba however said goods transporters would be subjected to apply the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) to operate 24 hours after satisfying some requirements.

He said there will be need for goods transporters to put in place fleet management systems, training programmes for PSV drivers, audit of PSV driver and availing RTSA vehicles roadworthiness certificates.

Mr Mushimba was speaking on Friday night at the first annual Gala Dinner of the Truckers Association of Zambia (TAZ) in Lusaka.

Mr Mushimba said improving the county’s roads profile was not Government’s responsibility alone but other stakeholders as well.

He further said the other SI 78 of 2016 designed to control of speed and SI 80 also of 2016 which restricts a driver, either bus or truck, from driving beyond eight hours remained enforced and unrevised.

TAZ chairperson Shashi Patel, thanked Government for the move which was going to improve the welfare of the Truckers.

He however raised concern on the toll fees which he said were on a higher side and disadvantaging local trucker, making competition with foreign truckers difficult.

“We are greatly disadvantaged by the toll fees as locker transporters because in addition we have to pay road tax and other obligations which our foreign colleagues don’t,” Mr Patel said.

He however said as TAZ they welcomed competition from the foreign truckers only that they were subjected to spending more than their counterparts.

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    • PF no confusion.
      I they lifted ban on exporting maize meal too.
      I hope they lift ban on political rallies and protests.

    • Sad for Young Brian that he works with Dunderheads. No strategy, they do things based on the wind. very reactive.

    • Banning the movement of commercial vehicles in the night was one of the dumbest things they could ever do.
      commercial vehicles, that is trucks and busses are key drivers of the economy and need no restrictions except for fitness and licensing.

    • For this is a govt in reverse gear. Act first think later and reverse permanently.

  1. So now what happens to the Pfools who were supporting the archaic villegish move? Pf has a tendency of making a fool out of its supportrs.I told them it is not sustainable to ban the free movement of goods at night.Too much policy inconsistency from Pfools.

  2. Fact driven decision making devoid of emotions is the best. The SI has been in place 8 months and it’s interactions with the economy studied and understood better. Another good decision from the hard working minister. He is my favorite at the moment.

  3. Kiki the illegal trial and error pf government which doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. Are these the people you want to tryst with running the country? Arise Zambians wake up

  4. I opposed to this idea as it was a no brainer…now its taken these empty tins in govt 7 months to realise it. I wonder how many billions of dollars have been lost due to these chipante policies. Even a Grade 7 pupil can tell you that a landlocked country like Zambia need uninterupted flow of goods 24/7.

  5. The ban was a “foolish” decision in the first place!!Our road are not safe at night,no road signs,markings tall grass on the sidesn etc.Instead of making them safe you ban trucks & buses moving at night,sure?Kambwili protested & people sayed he was bitter!!

  6. I nerver understood the meaning of dununa reverse not untill these so called SIs started dancing everytime they are intoduced. The so called social and economic impact assessment should have bn done first not after some damage has bn done!
    Anyway big ups for bn brave to accept that this SI was a nuisance to the transport business. I always wondered why they had to remove both buses and tracks off the road coz even if only one was removed, collisions would still stop if that was the cause!

  7. The one for buses will also be lifted when they host a gala for Marcopolo Association of Zambia (MAZ)

  8. Is this Statutory Instrument (SI) 76 of 2016, some as Executive order in the dununa reverse republic..

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