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A Chief from Southern Province is discouraging traditional leaders from meeting me- President Lungu

Headlines A Chief from Southern Province is discouraging traditional leaders from meeting ...

President Lungu during a meeting with Chiefs from Central Province at State House on Tuesday,May 2,2017 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu during a meeting with Chiefs from Central Province at State House on Tuesday,May 2,2017 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has expressed disappointment with a senior chief who is discouraging other traditional leaders from meeting him. President Lungu says he has received information that a traditional leader from Southern Province is urging other traditional not to corporate with him.

The Head of State has praised Traditional Leaders who have taken a stance not to adhere to that traditional leader’s call. He says Chiefs from Central Province requested to see him when he recently visited Katuba constituency and was saddened to learn that a chief from Southern province urged the traditional leaders not to meet the President.

President Lungu has explained that he will remain committed to working with all traditional leaders in the country. President Lungu was speaking when Seven Lenje Chiefs from Central Province called on him at state house this afternoon.

The Seven Traditional Leaders who met President Lungu included Senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe, Chief Chamuka, Chief Liteta, Chief Ngabwe, Chief Mukubwe Chieftainess Mungule and Chieftainess Chitanda.

And speaking on behalf of the Chiefs, senior Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe said the seven traditional leaders have resorted to supporting President Lungu. Chief Mukuni Ng’ombe says the traditional leaders have resorted to support President LUNGU because of his good leadership.

The Traditional Leader says the seven Chiefs will work with President Lungu’s Government to spur development in the country.

President Lungu during a meeting with Chiefs from Central Province at State House on Tuesday,May 2,2017 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu during a meeting with Chiefs from Central Province at State House on Tuesday,May 2,2017 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA


  1. Very childish president. Get some balls to name him. Why should this surprise you when they don’t recognise you. Majority of us cannot recognise an illegal president. Even the dog I names Edgar lungu barks at the screen when he sees this rat. That is a sign he doesn’t recognise the rat.

    • Mind your language my brother and have respect. South chiefs are a problem, if I were ECL, I would simply pretend as though they all don’t exist. In fact, I would get rid of all the Chiefs in Zambia. Look at the USA, they don’t have chiefs no wonder they are developed. Why should a President kneel before a chief?

    • In our wisdom and right of reason as Zambian activists, we have consistent intimated that propagating and buying this utopia that there is no Government and President is the cheapest ticket to self inihiration. There is no practical solution but self redemption from sectarian causes, corrosive hatred and subversive activities laced in utopia and tirades. A day in politics is long. Isolationism has zero dividends but reason dialogue. Chagwa is President and HH is degenerating in prison yet some thinks it’s time for eccentric behavior of insults and burning public properties.

    • The chief in question is non other than the OPEN DEFECATOR MUKUNI of the Toka Leya! This cretin is a real lowlife..he is an ex MMD crook chief that tried to sell land to Chinese – just watch the BBC documentary when China met Zambia the evidence is there he is a lowlife that wants the same govt he insults to provide him a limousine, a palace and other privileges??? He never even tries to work for the benefit of his subjects! Mukuni is fecal minded cretin..no wonder he smells of Nez’s tufi whereever he goes..Lowlife cretin!

    • We have consistently said concession and reorganizing for future elections is the only life jacket. As they say, “you don’t fight a crocodile while your b.u.t.t.u.c.k.s are still in the waters. Besides, Zambians will never risk their country and future with hatred. Some actions reveal reckless desperation driven by politics of underwriting the country to foreign interests on behalf of economic hitmen who are all after our land, resources and cheap labor. Maybe it’s time to institute tough campaign finance laws to stop Zambians turning our politics into a pipeline of mercenaries.

    • But Zambia has really become zoo and such a waste ladies and gentlemen. ECL is so desperate to be recognise..kkkkkkk….please clean up ECZ and level the playing field by squashing the public order act. That is the only way any future president will have some recognition, otherwise, chabalila pali ECL as the first guy to be un-recognised, there are many more to come, unless ECZ is cleaned up completely

    • When the President does not want to say Tongas

      “President Lungu says he has received information that a traditional leader from “Southern Province” wink, wink Tongas wink, wink Tongas – this is dividing the country at the highest level of government. Sad

      Enemy of Progress!
      Enemy of Peace!
      Enemy of reconciliation!
      Enemy of development!
      Merchant of tribalism!

    • A country where the president is all knowledgable, he thinks better than the 13 million,he has never said sorry for wrong because he is always right.
      People it calls for wisdom to lead. This man has no clue what so ever. Free HH

    • Ba LT when a politician is acting like a whistle blower who has not been given protection its your job to reveal who the chief is. Lungu will then confirm or refute your speculation


    • If the Chief in question is Mukuni, please note he is a mere chief and not senior. The senior chief in Southern Province is Chief Monze and not Mukuni. If in doubt refer to government gazette. He is too selfish to be promoted.

    • Why is the illegal man in the office so eager to be recognised, people are saying NO LET THE PETITION BE HEARD. You blocked judges from executing their duties on the petition because you knew you lost. If you won the petition would have been history now. How then do you want people to recognise an illegal man in the office? You forced yourself on the people!

    • lungu is so desperate for recognition. Instead of concentrating of fixing the economy, he’s busy trying to find people who can endorse him. Mwanawasa also stole 2001 elections from Mazoka but he went on to fix the economy & genuinely won the 2006 elections.

      It reminds me of my neighbour who used to drive a posh hot car from RSA. He would park it for several days when Interpol were in town mounting road blocks. The shame he had during those days having to use mini-buses made him sell it & buy a Japanese 2nd hand.

      lungu stole the August elections & his guilt conscious is eating him up to a stage where he would rather silence HH or anyone who reminds him permanently.

      Chiefs who are meeting him are doing so out of fear & brown envelope syndrome. Chief Mukuni is a shareholder of…

    • CONT’D

      ….Chief Mukuni is a shareholder of Sun International Hotel, he cannot be bought by lungu. Besides, southern, western, North-western chiefs have honour, they have morals.

    • It is clear to ALL that Lungu has been BEWITCHED and slowly going potty or MAD!! He is incoherent whenever he speaks and the things he says are not relevant and all this is because he stole an ELECTION and his conscious is keeping him awake all the time. Is this really worth it?
      He has become so paranoid that his mind is only fixated on recognition by HH and nothing else matters. Not even the money, power and other material things he has stolen matter anyone. The man will soon start undressing in public – watch this space!!

    • Zambia doesn’t need chiefs. Look at Tanzania our North- eastern neighbour. It abolished chiefs at independence and now it is a more unified country than my beloved Zambia. HH should rot in prison. Let him get the death sentence and have him executed after ten years in prison.

  2. Make the President the last sign off for any projects to sell land they undertake or any regional development. They’ll soon start schmoozing their way to the President.

    In any case, that Chief is another Treasonist for the Hangman’s noose. Gonna be busy!

  3. The Traditional Leaders and people in Southern Province are totally justified in not meeting with Mr. Edgar Lungu. They are justified to fill offended by the mistreatment of HH. HH does not deserve to be mistreated in this manner!

    • Lungu clearly hates Tongas. So why does he want the chiefs to grovel at his feet when he has barred them from seeing HH in prison for two weeks now? Lungu can recognise himself for all we care.

  4. @NEZ, I am reliably informed that HH will soon recognise His Excellent Chagwa Lungu. Where does that leave you and your puppy? Are you going to resign from UPND… (onkeys)?
    Swallow your words you will and very soon, or you will retire to your barren farm to hide in shame?

    • Kikiki you cannot force people to recognise you. The only Edgar lungu I recognise is my dog.

    • Unfortunately, that’s Lungu for you – petty and trivial, with no clue why he desperately wants to be President.

  5. And do you hate easterners so much that they are all rats to you?

    Further evidence why HH and UPND will never rule Zambia.

    • He forgets that the population of Eastern and Southern province are about the same. So if easterners vote en mass for a party other than UPND then UPND’s advantage is cancelled out.

    • Lungu is a rat. No where did I say easterners are all rats. Are u now trying to say that lungu represent eastern. Are u accepting that he is a tribal illegal president. Just because a person like lungu from one tribe is a retard doesn’t mean that the whole tribe is retarded.

    • @Terrible ka nio:
      Remember, the Livingstone UPND MP is an Easterner – so not all Easterners are Do.gsh.it like you!!

  6. some traditional leaders lose their mind after receiving tuma brown evelope,supporting lungu opening is against our laws which prohibit them,chiefs are suppose to be non partisan,as the oversee there subjects who belong to parties of their choice.some months ago ,lungu visited a named chief and that chief said our job is to work with the govt of the day,as administrations come and go and most of our chiefs have witnessed that.STOP BOOTLICKING//////

  7. @4 Lombe, yes of course they were discussing development. Its just a small reference to the UPNDonkey chief. We cant choose what LT write or take as news can we?

    @3 J Mwenda, the chiefs who want to be donkeys its their choice but its not all the chiefs who dont want to meet His Excellent. As for HH, he is an adult and should take full responsibility for his childish unpresidential unleadership ……..actually Stupiod actions. That is why we have sent him to a correctional facility…..you may join him if you wish to have some correction to your head yoursef.

    • @Terrible I haven’t heard him address the Nation over the IMF issue and how he plans to move forward

  8. But some chiefs are very poor and sick in their heads that they can say go to state house and make statement of supporting Lungu. Whom were they supporting all along? This is the mistake you make of supporting an individual instead of supporting the government. When Lungu goes to the toilet you also follow. That is what it means. Chiefs from Southern province are not just angry because of the harsh treason charge of HH, your ministers (PF) and Bembas in particular have insulted Tongas and you have not taken any action. One of those you have brutally treated and charged with treason is chief Hamusonde’s son. There are now four senior chiefs from southern province who have come out in the open that they are not happy of your brutality. They have not hidden their feelings and have even told…



    • Waal! Actually I would expect all chiefs in this country to bring Hh and Ecl to meet. It seems that whilst one is in prison, the other one’s mind is imprisoned in all sorts of turmoil. Life is fun. Both are Christ followers and God knows who is a real God fearing person. To the one in jail, take time to reflect on your political life and introduce God to your fellow inmates. You Re being tedted for greater things. you will Come out stronger than before. The other one has a lot if respect for you from the way he talks about you. this is whatfreedom fighting is all about. Hang in their because tommorow will be greater than today.

  10. Mr. Lungu is using tactics of divide and rule. Chiefs in Southern Province and their subjects should refuse to be divided, they must unite and stand up for HH. Why should they stand by and watch when their own is being mistreated? It would be completely wrong to accept HH or anybody for that matter, being mistreated this way? We should not accept our country to be managed this way! We deserve better than this!

    • How come only lenje chiefs from central province were selected for this meeting, what is lungu trying to do set brother against brother? One thing lungu should know is that blood is thicker than water, lenjes from central province and solis from Lusaka province are blood brothers to tongas, it not just any mere relationship but deep brazahood.

  11. “Please tell HH to recognize me as president and I am ready to dialogue with him and facilitate his release from prison. I am having difficulties in executing my duties as president because of this man who has refused to recognise me as president”, Lungu told Central Province chiefs who called on him at State House this afternoon. “What some Zambians are failing to understand is that there was no need for him (HH) to show his mass support in Western Province during Kuomboka because all of us know that region is his stronghold. But he chose to embarrase me when I never went for politics!”,


    • Semeki – you make that comment without a sense of irony given the fact that it is HH who is sleeping in a cell tonight. Lungu has won two elections whereas HH has been loosing elections for a decade. You also conveniently forget the fact that the number of PF mps is far greater than that of upnd which means that PF can change the constitution even if UPND walk out as they are wont to do.

    • Lungu is a mental cage and HH is in a physical cage but his mind is free.The bible says fear not who kills your flesh,but your spirit.HH is a free soul and he has no fear for he is in Gods hands.Prison is another form of education is receiving.He is being mentored by all forms of people in prison.He will come out wise and strong.

  12. “They are intimidating people from claiming what their rights and privileges are. Our view is that we are slowly winning the war. The time for the wicked is running out no matter how much they pretend because Zambia is a Christian nation and God hates evil. So, if you are on the side of evil, tough luck. Good men and women will prevail along the way. There is always nine days for the thief and one day for the policeman, and that’s the day that makes a difference,” said Mulongoti.

    • God is the maker of everything including evil. Remember, it was God who planted the evil tree in the mid of the garden of Eden.

  13. Lungu bribing and turning chiefs into theives.

    Why is this lungu so paranoid about being met and recognised ????

    He is so paranoid about people recognising and meeting him that he now just waffles numbers of how many jobs he will create forgetting he has not delivered on his last promises……all while at the same time begging the IMF to bail him out.

  14. South Africa’s scandal-hit President Jacob Zuma has abandoned a May Day rally after he was booed by workers demanding his resignation. Scuffles broke out between Mr Zuma’s supporters and opponents, resulting in all speeches being cancelled.
    The main labour federation, Cosatu, called on Mr Zuma to step down last month after he sacked his widely respected finance minister.


    • I dont think the majority of Zambians who voted for Lungu will boo him and that is why hardly anyone has rioted over HH’s incarceration. HH can not be president of Zambia after winning in only 3 and a half provinces out of 10. Simple fact is if HH does not win any parliamentary seats in Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces he simply cant win the presidency.

  15. The Southern Province Chiefs stance on the Election Dispute,Petition and the unnecessary arrest of HH is commendable. The Election was Disputed and Petitioned and in terms of Zambia’s electoral laws Concourt should have heard,determined and disposed off the Petition. Lungu interfered with ECZ as well Concourt to rig the 2016 Election. Lungu stole the Election Victory from HH and is clinging to power illegally.HH the victim of Electoral Fraud has been arrested by the Election Fraudster and has been slapped with a Treason Charge. Why should the Chiefs betray their Son and support the Treacherous and anti-Tonga Lungu? The Tongas are not stupid as they can see that Lungu is trying to Divide and Rule all the Chiefs in HH’s strongholds. If Lungu won the Election why is he refusing to prove…

    • How many MPs did UPND win in relation to PF? How many seats did UPND win in the most populous provinces of Lusaka and Copperbelt? When you answer the above questions then we can start discussing about Lungu stealing the elections. By the way, how many elections did HH lose before Lungu came on the scene? Perhaps if UPND had been able to ditch HH after he lost two elections, they may well be in power by now but then we all know that UPND does not practice internal democracy which is a fact that HH fanatical supporters conveniently ignore fueled by their hate of Bemba speakers and more recently people originating from the eastern province of the country.

    • Mpendula Kayaula we are not fools for not rioting watch the pace.You don’t go for war with stones with people armed with Guns.When time comes you will be shocked what UPND can do.Only time will tell.

  16. Southern Province is simply isolating itself from the rest of the Bantu Botatwe and Southern-Western-N/Western alliances because of uncivilised way of behaviour by their friends from Southern province. They can clearly seen that they are only being used for selfish interest of the Tonga and HH. It is not surprising that the Tongas are now hauling insults on their relatives, the Lenjes. This is very sad. How posible is that the whole Zambia can be considered to be anti-Tonga? it means there is something seriously wrong with how some Tonga leaders and individuals behave which puts them at odds with normal Zambian behaviour. The Tongas have insulted the Litunga, ECL, Lenje Chiefs, UK Ambassador and simply anyone who criticizes UPND and HH. Finally they insult themselves for proving to…

    • But at the same time they will be looking for votes from the same people they insult ad nauseam!

    • Nothing to do with tribe mistele. Hunger and poverty doesn’t discriminate against tribes. As you are comfortably settled abroad am very sure that your own blood here are suffering. Please do not live in utopia and false belief that Zambia has magically become heaven on earth under illegal pf. We don’t even know what will happen to our poor friends with the imf refusing to lend due to poor governance and economic management by that rat.

    • NEZ, I do not need any out of the ordinary to tell me that the Tongas only support UPND because it led by HH, a Tonga. This is tribalism. Almost all lawyers of the UPND and HH are Tonga, only the Tonga chiefs wrote a letter condemning the arrest of HH without condemning his uncivilised behaviour as a leader. On this blog, almost all those insulting and attacking those speaking against HH and UPND are Tonga. Even you NEZ, you just insulting and speaking like this because you are Tonga. It is not that you are use a value free judgement.

      NEZ, if the definition for triblaism has changed, then I remain to be corrected. This is the cancer in UPND and this is the cancer killing UPND. This is a cancer planted on the wishes of HH and his UPND leadership. No one to blame here but HH and UPND…

  17. There bodies are in that room their hearts are with their brazaz. That i can assure guys.

    • Simple comments that confirms the tribalist inclinations of most UPND supporters. Only those who are linguistically close to them can be their ‘brazaz’ but they are surprised when we dont vote for them time and time again!

  18. Tongaland Republic must become a reality just as is the long held dream of Barotseland Republic.Zambia is a failed nation led by some tribal buffoons from north east.Keep up the good fight Chief.

    • @Mzambia you are right we are tired to coned by these rat and monkey eaters that its one Zambia one nation when they have taken over all positions to themselves busy stealing our resources.Abash one Zambia one nation well come one Zambia many tribes and states.We want to free so lets just call it quits.

  19. What UPND cadres are forgetting is that those tonga chiefs are weakening UPND even further.UPND across Zambia is known to be a tribal party.Chief Mukuni’s behaviour is dividing Zambia more.HH has to be replaced because his kind of politics have divided our country too much since 2006.ITS A PITY TONGA CHIEFS HAVE ALSO FALLEN INTO THIS TRIBAL TRAP!!BYE BYE UPND!!


    Enemy of Progress!
    Enemy of Peace!
    Enemy of reconciliation!
    Enemy of development!
    Merchant of tribalism!

  21. Continue…..

    IF THOSE TONGA CHIEFS ARE WISE,THEY COULD HAVE BLAMED HH’S BAD BEHAVIOUR IN MONGU,THEN ASK ECL TO FOR GIVE HIM-SIMPLE,UNLIKE TAKING A TRIBAL STANCE.its like your son commits a crime next door,instead of blaming him as a father then seek forgiveness from the person he wronged,you just come in and start defending him simply because he is your son.any wise person would call you a bad parent.this is what tonga chiefs are doing.HH was wrong in mongu.the solution is to blame him then ask those in Authority whom he wronged to forgive him!!!

    No matter how you look at the mongu saga,HH will always be a victim.what he did in mongu was very bad.

    • Njimbu keep quite before you touch the tail of a lion.Shut up man you think we are Happy with HH in prison.Dont force to burn this country fast.

  22. By law all chiefs in Zambia must work with the Govnt of the day.currently the Govnt of the day is led by President Edgar Lungu,so all chiefs across Zambia must work with him.

    Look,even those seven lenje chiefs who met ECL today maybe all of them voted for HH in 2016.but that cant stop them from working with ECL.many chiefs in the North and Eastern voted for ECL in 2016 and most likely they may do so in 2021,but if HH wins 2021 elections,they will have no choice but to work with HH’s Govnt of the day.SURELY IS THIS LOGIC VERY DIFFICULT FOR YOU GUYS FROM DUNDUMWEDZI TO UNDERSTAND?

    Working with ECL doesnt make chiefs to become PF cadres.they are neutral but when voting,chiefs have their own choices whom they vote for.BUT AFTER ELECTIONS AND ECZ DECLARES THE WINNER,CHIEFS HAVE TO…

    • The man has never spoke about national economy issues and how will balance the budget..to him economy is simply about bribing opponents with GRZ resources.

    • In your small figment just try for once to appreciate that the economy is resuscitating and stop your malicious condemnations or have you found it difficult to start a business of your own, let alone a job?

  23. They look after themselves on Wako niwako and Kumodzi kumawa basis and dont call it tribalism or regionalism. The Bemba Chiefs come out in support of Lungu and PF but they don’t accuse the Chiefs of Tribalism or Regionalism. When Tonga and Lenje Chiefs stand for their Son HH they are accused of Tribalism. When the Petitioners insist that their Petition should be heard without fail they arrest and imprison HH on trumped up charges. Lungu cannot succeed in forcing UPND Leaders and their supporters to recognize him. An encashed Fraudulent cheque will remain fraudulent. Lungu is a Vote Thief and he will remain so until he proves he is not in Court.

  24. Terrible njimbu you are both good at stirring up tribalism now can both or either of you tell everybody how the economy is going to be able to afford to repay all its debts when and as they come due.
    I believe IMF will offer money but what is $1.6 billion whena country has to repay $238 million at least over the next 4 years. What economic policies can you point to to address the problem.
    How has our investment in roads improved the economy. Show me the figures.governing is about imoroving a nation. You 2 know what you are doing znd upnd cadres are tsking the bait.
    Why the hell cant zambians work together at moment one zambia one nation but NOT one people.become one pipo andprogress

  25. Some of these political parties are mere cults. They defy all definitions of a political party.

  26. Ypu want economy to improve contract zambians to do major projects. No favours for friends transparent contracts.
    Money then stays in country. You talk about USA! UK ask their workers if they have to wait months for their wages.
    What country cannot pay it public service. Answer a country with bad economic policies and no cash reserves.
    All this rhetorical crap on sites just hides the fact tbat we are probably technically bankrupt.
    Am sure we are bankrupt morally by what is happenning on the political arena.
    Work together to improve zambia. Dont follow a political path for the sake of politics i.e going back to unip days.
    Work on our economy everybody. We will end up chinese state, it is starting already look at the suit our president wears just like chairman mao and stalin…

  27. Someone I advise nez that he can no longer hide on a key board. Very soon he will be clamped. Friendly and timely warning.

  28. Remember that he was one of those whom sata said was a useless leader; he is sure a childish dictator president

    • I assume you are referring to under 5 HH who has never held a convention in UPND since taking over the party over a decade ago?

  29. Just wondering why Chagwa is failing to concentrate on his work on account of being recognized. The whole thing is exposing him more than those he is trying to demonize. The most minority president we ever had was Levy Patrick Mwanawasa who only got 27% of the votes compared to Chagwa’s alleged 50 + 1%. We never heard Levy crying day and night for recognition. Levy got to work on what matters most and that is the economy! I think Chagwa’s advisors are not doing a good job here! Can we stop this petty talk of wanting to be recognized and demonizing regions on partisan lines. Trying to force people to recognize you only breeds resentment! Let’s grow up! If we won genuinely, why are we still worried months after elections? Is our conscience troubled?

  30. The whole entire president chimuntu chimukulu chonse sure wallowing in bu “kachepa” without any shame. And does he realize all these chiefs are Lenje and Soli and all part of the Bantu Botatwe? Lungu could not conceivably won the last polls, he rigged mambala anya no recognition!

  31. If the Chief in question is Mukuni, please note he is a mere chief and not senior. The senior chief in Southern Province is Chief Monze and not Mukuni. If in doubt refer to government gazette. He is too selfish to be promoted.

  32. I agree with njimbu 100 percent. Our beloved Chiefs in Southern province were supposed to admonish HH first for his stupid behavior in Mongu and then ask for forgiveness. Tribal support without good judgement is showing a bad example to the rest of the world.

    • Truth, ask for forgiveness for using a road that is your own. For your own information HH and we the people pay for those roads and we are entitled to benefit from them, those are not Lungu’s roads and besides Lungu was supposed to use a sweeper who goes ahead of him not driving with him, what if there was a huge obstacle or a very big ditch on the road he would be dead without any warning. you should know that HH bought his own fuel and paid for his own expenses. Lungu on the other hand was wasting our money with a 60 car convoy paid for by us meanwhile the same government denied poor students money to go to school.

    • truth HH is our son so we feal no shame to protect him.Lungu is mad . ask him who laughed the last is it Sata or Chitimukulu?were is Sata today?were is Chitimukulu today?

  33. It is embarrassing how Lungu is behaving. I don’t think I can call him president, he doesn’t behave presidential. He is becoming arrogant everyday and one thing he forgets is that the world is watching and seeing his childishness. The arrogance and pride he exhibits will be his downfall, just like the saying pride comes before a fall. He locks up an opposition leader and the story is broadcast overall the world, then thinks IMF will borrow him money. Mutati came back empty handed, is there any intelligent person in state house to offer him wise counsel unlike the school dropout Kaizer. Donors including IMF will shun you when you exhibit some dictatorship tendencies. Nobody will welcome this insecure president in the country after locking up his own citizens he will just give you a bad…

  34. The reason is very well known why this Chief from Southern Province is discouraging other chiefs from meeting the President. Some Lenje chiefs who met the President yesterday did it just for window-dressing and maybe for their pockets. All of us know they do not like Edgar Lungu.Lenje land is a UPND stronghold mind you.

  35. the only id!ot bl,at i can see here is you nez, you are like that becoz your lieder HH is in custard. you dont even care of how many life were to die if lungu was hut less that day of mongu. that is how mooder fuc,kers you most of you UPNDs.

  36. Hh oval head…. quote nez, u will soon be clamped…. democracy is about freedom of speech. You have your say, terrible and njimbu blog what they want so everyone else must be allowed in this democratic country as so stated by HE ECL.

  37. @Masalamuso:you are also becoming petty like NEZ and many UPND cadres.

    The issue at hand here is about a tonga chief.you could done well by stating your opinion whether its ok for a chief to take a tribal stance or not.bringing in economic matters is mixing issues.that must be a topic on its own.

    Moreover,they say “small brains discuss personalities”.what has Edgar Lungu’s suits have to do with the issue at hand?we all have what we like to dress.have you seen any chinese dressed in ECL’s type of suits?

    We are in a democracy,so you can support any party of your choice.however for me,i will never support HH’s upnd in my life because of his tribalism,arrogance,evil way of doing politics,etc.if HH is replaced then i may start voting for UPND.before Sejani said ONLY A TONGA MUST…

  38. This chap has run out of ideas and he is busy hallucinating. Who wants to meet a chap who contagious fainting diseases? Do not force people to meet you cry baby. Do not even force us to recognize your illegitimate leadership. Now you want civil servants to stop voting. What kind of nonsense???

  39. Continue…..
    Before Sejani said that ONLY A TONGA MUST REPLACE MAZOKA,i didnt know what tribe i was because all i knew was i’m a Zambian.SO ITS HH WHO INTRODUCED TRIBAL POLITICS IN MODERN ZAMBIA IN 2006.Tongas chiefs are behaving this way because of the tribal seed HH has been sowing in 3.5 provinces since 2006.

    This why I greatly support HH’s treason charge because if he is convicted,tribal politics will reduce drastically or even come to an end in Zambia!!THE ALMOST 1 MONTH HH HAS BEEN IN POLICE CELL,HOSTILITY IN ZAMBIA HAS REDUCED BECAUSE HIS ENDLESS PRESS BRIEFINGS ONLY FUEL UP TENTION IN THE COUNTRY!!

  40. The president should report such a chief to House of Chiefs.He is not supposed to come in public and let every one know about it.The house was created to solve such issues and iron out differences amicably.It shows luck of leaderships traits to talk about the chiefs in public.These are the issues that create enmity between chiefs and politicians.The House of Chiefs is the better avenue to air your grievances.It will not do to castigate the named chief in public.Politicians should learn to respect institutions that have been created for the betterment of the nation.It is a mockery to create institutions that will not be respected.

  41. This ‘president’ is only worried about how he can maintain his grip on power for ever and ever. One thing that he and his supporters know very well is that he is an election thief and this is causing him sleepless nights and his conscious eating him up. Soon his closest accomplices will start disowning him.

  42. Njimbu am not upnd so stop right there. The suit that all socialist states used to wear is the one i am referrimg to. As kk wears. It wa original suit by stalinists an chairman mao and als kim the dictator from korea. with theiir repressive regimes. I am suggesting that in the 21st century better not to dress that way in case you are interpreted to be supporting their political ideaologies. Did not china support KK a d he followed a socialist path that failed economically. The world today is really about economic stability which is what i believe we should be pursuing.political ideaology for a poor nation doesnt help it. Thats my point. You turn evry blog into party propaganda. For f…. sake think economics we are bankrupt whats the way out.democracy means everybody is free to have…

  43. You are losing the little recognition you had bwana! Stop this Chilila Lila! Uletusebanya sana! Just release all political prisoners and tell us what your vision for this country is! As it is, time is wasting away. We are on auto pilot because of uncertainty! If you continue like this, No recognition for you! Remember that the biting economy for the ordinary man is the greatest threat to your presidency and not the people you are locking up!

  44. @china
    It is not a question of paying road tax or paying for one’s own fuel. No where in the world can u be allowed to compete with the the Presidential motor cade.Brother HH was wrong and the Chiefs were supposed to be apologetic and not begin to issue empty threats.

  45. Chiefdoms would be abolished under my rule- Chiefs have long advocated for child-marriages etc.

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