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The Death of UPND? Part Two



By Michael Chishala

Read Part One Here 

I note that my article published in Lusaka Times on Sunday 7th May 2017 has unexpectedly ignited a huge firestorm with some malicious and/or misguided comments. Let me set the record straight.

1. I originally wrote the article on 5th April 2017, six days before Mr Hakainde Hichilema was arrested. I posted it on my blog and on my Facebook page.

2. I have been denounced by some as being a thieving Bemba tribalist. It seems some UPND supporters do not see the inherent contradiction in their party having a Bemba Vice-President (whom they are more than happy to use to get the Bemba vote) but then shower insults on Bembas. Good luck getting the Bemba vote in the next election.

3. This country is sadly deeply divided and polarized along tribal and regional lines (North East Vs South West) and it seems to be only getting worse. Both sides are saying very nasty things against each other. Those who shout about tribalism the loudest are themselves the biggest tribalists.

4. My article was discussing UPND and not PF. Comments suggesting I am turning a blind eye to the wrongs of PF are false. The expectation that I must also condemn PF to prove my objectivity is misplaced.

5. I was very clear that UPND have a point that our last elections were found wanting (eg state media reporting on the ruling party for two-thirds of the time, opposition rallies being blocked by police, helicopter being stoned in Shiwang’andu, opposition people in a bus being beaten in Mtendere, problems with GEN12 forms, etc.). My view that UPND needs to move on is in no way a wholesale endorsement of how the elections were conducted, but a statement of reality that those results will never be overturned, no matter what the UPND do or say.

6. I find it curious that the UPND to this day have never posted (or leaked) onto the Internet any piece of damning evidence of election rigging. What do they have to lose if they did it? This is not to say that there isn’t any evidence, but I am deeply skeptical about its strength to produce a successful electoral petition.

7. If there was so much “overwhelming” evidence of election rigging as UPND claims, why did HH file an electoral petition with dozens of grounds and so many preliminary issues? Wouldn’t a laser sharp focus on the best two or three grounds suffice to nullify an election result? Attempting to cover all your bases with too many things in a petition demonstrates either a lack of confidence in the strength of your case or high levels of ineptitude (or both). Insisting on filing so many preliminary issues in court when time is limited to 14 days is pure absurdity. A dying patient in hospital with 3 days to live will not waste time on irrelevant things but will request to see all close friends and relatives for the last time to say goodbye.

8. My suggestion that UPND stops talking about the “stolen” elections does not mean they are conceding the results. It just means they have bigger fish to fry. For many Zambians, the whole election issue is now boring and irritating. In a 5 year war, you have to know when you cannot win a particular battle.

9. HH and his supporters believe that they should have been given more days to argue the case beyond the 14 days. They have no problem with the constitution being violated by adding more days beyond the 14 days as long as it suits them. Yet the same people were insisting that Mr Edgar Lungu should follow the constitution by handing over power to the Speaker. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

10. I am not insisting that UPND must recognize Edgar Lungu as President. It is a non-issue for me and I don’t care either way. Many Americans do not recognize Donald Trump as President, nor do many South Africans recognize Jacob Zuma. They even carry placards in public written “Not My President”. So what? A president is not validated or invalidated by who does or does not recognize him.

11. Why did the Mayoral/Council Chair, Parliamentary and Local Government election results closely mirror the Presidential? According to UPND, PF must have a really powerful machinery to have pulled off such a massive rigging scheme involving 106 Mayors/Council Chairmen, 156 MPs and more that 1,600 Councilors.

12. If UPND believe that the electoral system is rigged against them, they should try to get reforms by talking to ECZ and pushing for better electoral legislation in Parliament. Insulting ECZ officials and Constitutional Court judges will never help their cause. After the 2001 elections, the opposition advocated for electoral reforms that were passed such as transparent ballot boxes, counting votes at polling stations, a fresh voter roll in 2005, etc. For 2021, UPND can insist that there are enough GEN12 Forms which can be inspected in advance the same way ballot papers are inspected. If UPND believe the 2021 elections will be rigged, they can intelligently counter the rigging. Failure to do this means they have no business taking part in elections.

13. If UPND really had a proper robust PVT system in 2016, why haven’t they published on their website the “true” results of the 2016 election in a spreadsheet? The lack of enough copies of GEN12 forms is just an excuse because their election monitors could have transmitted the results from the main GEN12 form in polling stations either by taking a photo, by sms or WhatsApp.

14. For the record, I do not agree with the incarceration of HH and I know many PF supporters feel the same way. I do not agree with how the police conducted themselves when they arrested him. For now, let the law take its course. HH should immediately sue the police for whatever wrongs they did at his house when arresting him (it is curious that his wife tried to report a theft of money by policemen more than a week after the fact). HH should not say it is a waste of time to sue the police because after all, he is already wasting time and millions of Kwacha on a dead court case over the right to be heard.

15. If PF want to make HH irrelevant, ignoring him is a better strategy because he will remain fixated on his court case and have little impact. Locking him up has awakened him to become more aggressive when he comes out which may work against the PF. However, if HH comes out sounding too bitter, it may work against him.

16. The UPND need to focus their energies on suing the Police over the Public Order Act. That will produce real tangible results to help them with rallies and other public gatherings.

17. For those questioning my Manchester University Engineering Degree, I graduated in June 1997. Some of my lecturers were Mr John Smart (Solid Mechanics), Dr Mark A. Cotton (Fluid Mechanics), Dr Azam Tafreshi (Numerical Stress Analysis), Prof. Peter Stanley (Solid Mechanics), etc. A few of them are still at Manchester. Okay, you can now email the University about me since it bothers you so much.

Michael Chishala is a Zambian blogger, entrepreneur and ICT Specialist in web and database technologies. He is a University of Manchester graduate in Engineering. Email: michael [at] zambia [dot] co [dot] zm


  1. Chishala has worked on his points. Ba UPND answer him. Not with insults and tribal barbs but with reasoning.


      The Party (UPND) is defunct as it stands

      Which credible people are in UPND now?



    • Shishala!!!! Just go away with your nonsense. A person in his/her right frame of mind will not doubt that you are a PF carder and that you don’t make sense to me at all. No single president was born a president, and the same way Edgar came will be the same way he will leave office and tomorrow, we will have a different person at the helm of presidency. I’m at pain at the pace this country is turning into brutal police state and Shishala you are there supporting such administration. You have never been in jail together with the person you support and I tell you that the day you will be there, all this utter rabbish will come to an end. Mind you!! dont be like ka Mushota who does not grow in years, how can a normal person be 27 years since 2012? Eishi!! in PF camp there is a problem.

    • Chishala has finally unmasked himself and his true Bemba PF colours have been revealed. His insistence that UPND should walk away from rigged elections, that justice will never prevail etc shows an ingrained corrupt cultural upbringing that cannot be washed by a UK education. Have you noticed how there is no difference in morality between Nigerian professors and their street brethren? A corrupt thieving culture cannot be laundered. As for the election results, how come Lungu only won by 13,000 votes, just enough to avoid a run-off election when he had overwhelming number of MPs? What does it say about his votes from his 6.5 provinces stronghold?

    • What do you expect from a tribalist bemba ill-mannered individual like Chishala. There is no amount of argument that can make a racist anti-racist. There is nothing novel about your response to the issues that were raised, other than just rushing. In Zambia, if you wiped out Bembas you have good society

    • Why try to work on fresh ECZ reforms to guide the 2021 elections when previous reforms get rubbished by the ruling party and are flawted at will and without punishment. No new reforms will be ever be respected if penance is not required from culprites of current rules. More over trying to produce reforms only encourages thieves in theirs lawlessness. Imagine God changing the Law against adultery just because many people commit it. The currect electral rules are just good enough but PF must play to rules of the game and loose and bow out and wait another turn not rigging at all costs because a Tonga should not rule. Why? Or Why Not?

    • Chishala is typical tribalist, just see how much is trying to get approval on point 17…khikikiki. My friend, it appears your level of education has done nothing to get you out tribal hatred. Most Bemba tribalist like Chishala (dumpsite) are quick to raise a tribal card when challenged, and then quickly label others for it..Get a life. At your age, you must be preaching tolerance among young people. Anyway, there is no need, as young people with university dregrees cannot be misled by tribal hatred. so I think you are wasting our time. JUST WAIT FOR DEATH AS NO AMUNT OF EDUCATION CAN HELP YOU AT YOUR AGE. 1997 is a long time ago. Most of the people blogging here were born around that time including me, but you are busy preaching hatred among us..Silly old a$$.

    • Talk about the death of Democracy in Zambia under PF. We all know that PF has invested heavily in it’s current drive to wipe the political scene clean and take us back to wamuyaya politics of one party state. Just wait for people to erupt! It won’t matter what party unseats PF! It will happen! Parties are temporary groupings that are not cast in stone. Instead of celebrating a wrong, we should show maturity and denounce this murder of multiparty democracy! Sad.

    • Tell them Boyi, I am looking for a job from my President. Maybe these articles will land me a job like Prof Chirwa. Insala pano. My fake UK degree is killing me because I have to keep up appearances. I googled the list of professors from Manchester and I know the UPND are too dull to research or call the university. Anyway I hope my ranting on HH will land me a job.

      I challenge all those with alternative views to post here. What I have written is true. Someone suggested I respond like Gen Miyanda, here I am. Bring it on. I’m not scared of you.

    • I have read both articles. The guy (Chishala) has valid points. However, its very easy for a “neutral” commentator to give advise to the “losing” group. Its also very easy for the “winners” to lecture the “losers” to move on. For peace’s sake, I agree that that UPND should find it in their hearts to move on. It will hurt for a while, but it will also bring healing to the party and the nation.

      What I think Chishala should have done was to highlight in detail issues on both sides, and then try to bring both sides to a negotiating table. This may bring a sense of win-win situation. But I think the writer became a bit emotional and leaned more on the PF side, just like what ConCourt, ECZ did.

      Maybe we should let UPND resolve this in their own way. The mourning period cant be…

    • contd..
      Maybe we should let UPND resolve this in their own way. The mourning period cant be determined by your neighbours!!

    • Mr. Intelligent, how can i do that when I clearly support PF for self preservation. I need a post. I need to be appointed.

    • All we want is a Statue of KK, and it should be 10m high – at the KK International airport.


    • Coming from a pro Upnd tribe I can confidently confirm that the aim of the Upnd is to dismantle the perceived Bemba/Easterners domination domination hence the decision to field only one candidate by all the three provinces. You can tell this by the one hundred percent vote given to HH and his MPs. On the contrary the rest of the provinces had a very normal voting pattern.

    • I fully agree with everything written except – Why did the Mayoral/Council Chair, Parliamentary and Local Government election results closely mirror the Presidential? According to UPND, PF must have a really powerful machinery to have pulled off such a massive rigging scheme involving 106 Mayors/Council Chairmen, 156 MPs and more that 1,600 Councilors.
      you forget that the voter turn out in the PF strongholds was very low eg you needed 2 constituencies in CB to equal 1 in SP. so this is a fallacy in my view. go to ECZ website and check this for yourself. infact I have heard this argument that PF won 7/10 and UPND 3/10 or something along those lines. it is true but the voter turn out on average was much lower in PF strongholds and there is a possibility that in future one could win an…

    • You might want to consult the mafia who keep tabs on patents for corruption, thieving and murder. Not Pacra nor the US Patents Office.

    • @ Gold mine…hahahaha, How can this old a$$ register a patent when he was taken to UK by his uncle after stealing money from the Zambian Government. The old man just went to warm seats and experience England… At his age seeking approval…what a lazy old a$$!!….I was born in 1995 and this old a$$ was already old..wat a grandfather!! Such people just need to be shot!!

    • I don’t have any. I’m waiting for PF appointment and I can have money at my disposal. Then I will register mine and have UPND people working for me. They I will fire them like the way ECL did.

  2. it’s NOT HH or UPND in the dock. It’s democracy in the dock. That’s why I said the title should have read “Death of Democracy”. Rigging for 2021 elections has already started. Lungu is already going for 3rd term even though he’s NOT eligible. LAZ has been threatened. Post newspaper is DEAD. Judiciary is rotten. Police is rotten. ECZ is a shame. Elections are just a waste of time.

    The North/easterners love their dictatorship. That’s how they supported KK’s UNIP dictatorship for 27 years.

    We love our democracy.

    Best is for us to separate our countries. Water & paraffin cannot mix. Bemba/nyanjas cannot mix with luvales, tongas, lozis, kachokwes etc. We have different ethics, morals, sarcasm, work ethics, respect, etc.

    • There are some descent northerners and easterners who abhor dictatorships I whatever form or creed

    • Yeah!Bembas /Nyanjas can’t mix with luvales cos you are not circumcised. You Bembas/ Nyanjas are dirty.

    • Zambians have no excuse for becoming a FAILED STATE. If PF can’t learn from Zimbabwe’s downfall, then they deserve eternal poverty. Unfortunately even people who didnt vote for PF are suffering because of the poor quality of leadership.

      The same Shonas who voted for Mugabe’s dictatorship & F00lish economic blunders have run away & crossed the borders & are in RSA, Bots, Zambia, Australia, USA & UK. Ndebeles were not as educated & are stuck in Zim dancing to blunders of others.

      Same applies to Zambia: The majority of economic Zambian refugees in RSA, UK & USA are bembas & nyanjas who supported KK & Unip dictatorship & poor economic policies for 27 years.

    • @Maloza, you have nailed the argument conclusively. Even those Bembas and easterners who are looting the Zambian treasury are keeping their money offshore so that they can abandon Zambia when their dictatorship collapses.

    • We all know the PF rigged, so what? UPND was dull enough to let this happen. Read my first article and you will understand my point. Just let it go. Move on, PF rigged, so what? You lost when PF stole… How can you allow someone to steal and then you cry?

  3. UPND will just rant as usual with tribal insults.That is why some chief in southern province did some damage in his trousers because certain people think using their stomachs instead of the head/brain

    • On the contrary they are using their heads instead of their stomachs. All those who are hungry in Zambia should support PF so that they partake in the looting. When I’m appointed, that is all that will matter. these articles are meant as a stepping stone. I have already received Kudos for writing this Amos Chanda is speaking on my behalf to the boss. Twalya again. What is school when you can enjoy in politics?

    • Is telling Zambia that on election day in 2021, he will be busy contesting in courts the last 5 yrs of Lungu being in power

      I have never been a fan of Mumbi Phiri. But on this occasion and totally agree with her proclamation or rather statement.

      It appears HH is angry with Lungu when he should be angry with the majority Zambians who have rejected him on the ballot box.

      It appears the money he has lost is a catalysts to antagonism, resentment, anger and annoyance he has developed that is really reducing to lower levels politically

  4. Again I say, no amount of reasoning has changed the minds of tribalist UPND supporters. There are a lot of PF, Northern and Eastern Province supporters and members who are unhappy with HH’s arrest, but if the tables were the other way round, there would not be a single Southerner or Westerner sympathising with Edgar Lungu. Even VJ who was always a nationalist has now supported a tribe’s mate.
    Hey, where is Munkombwe? Is he no longer hungry?

    • Charles, you and I know that we have to continue the propaganda of tribalism in the UPND. Although they have GBM, let us continue speaking about them as tribalists. They will forget that ECL is firing a lot of them and we will crash all of them for not recognising our president, however self-imposed they may think. A true ruler grabs is place not crying for a place.

    • Leave Mushota alone. Her uncle is PS now and she needs to support PF so that she eats. Just support PF and you will also eat.

  5. As long as you say something good on upnd side you will be called a triblist but the other way round then you are not,stupid pure fulls supporters’ (pf)

    • How else can we tarnish to name of UPND? What do you want us to do, call UPND that they are good. If we do that how can we survive? PF is about total domination by all means necessary. This is just politics, deal with it.


    Insisting that the executive prevail over the judiciary by curtailing the judicial process in the HH Treason Case, while condemning such interference in the concourt by alleging that ECL bribed the concourt;

    Insisting that the due process of the law take its course in the election while frowning upon the same process in the treason case;

    Positioning itself (UPND) as the true custodian of Zambia’s democracy while steadfastly clinging to the WAMUYAYA (sole president) syndrome within party;

    Claiming to have the interests of workers at heart while paying their (HH and M’Membe) workers peanuts;

    Calling all PF ministers as ‘non-performers’ while quickly labeling defecting Ministers as hardworking comrades;

    The list is endless. Chishala is spot on on…

    • Thank you Chalo Nkhanza, tili nabo tight. kaili we want to eat. We cannot let Mumbi and Bwalya to be the only ones enjoying. I have come and another article is on the way. The next is more powerful. Watch this space.

    • Next, I am standing for MP then president, all the way bakalamba. Thank for your support.

    One leader from each province for a 5 year term, how’s that? I believe it will bring us together. there’ll be no more wamuyayaya like UNIP or MMD and also there will be no superior tribes or languages. All leaders will be elected on merit not tribal lines since all voters will come from the same province. SO I very much suggest that each province should produce a president through provincial elections where they come from and later become our republican President and MPs should be voted for as per usual. Thereafter we’ll all feel to be equals before each other. This will also stop anymore worries and murmuring knowing each Province’s turn to produce a republican President will be coming.

    • No iwe, only Eastern, Muchinga, Northern, and Luapula (not including those Lunda chaps) will rule. if not we take by force so that they keep on crying. We throw away the petition and we suppress every Tonga lawyer.

  8. Some people are so stupid,so you think upnd is dead,no is not HH is coming out and you chishala stop this nonsense about HH upnd,we don’t want you stupid articles,you force us to commit so that your pf start following us and charge us with treason and aggravated robbery ,write about your lungu .

  9. UPND want the right things to be done but can’t swallow the truth about their dirty laundry. You want to set the country on fire but can’t handle the heat!

  10. Chishala you like 90% of Zambians know without doubt that UPND is dead and is decaying. In as far as we are concerned this party has been eradicated from the face of the earth. So brother dont belabour ’cause the maggots in UPND cant move away from the rotten caucuses.

  11. On point #6 look up the latin term “sub judice”, it’s not an engineering term. Also the evidence should be provided to the judge at court, not to bloggers on LT. The government tactic of “adjourn adjourn adjourn adjourn adjourn”, if acceptable, means that any case can be forced expire. Essentially a “soft dictatorship” tactic. Anyway what’s in it for you to be investing time writing ostentatious essays putting UPND down? I wonder…

    • What’s in it for Chishala is that he wants his tribe to celebrate their win and total hegemony over Zambia. Those are the same characters who were celebrating last month when HH was arrested that GBM was going to take over UPND, before he ran away to India. Chishala, like most PFcadres, is gloating over the humiliation of HH, who is the only opposition leader with a very clear path to State House.

  12. Mr chishala,yo articles both makes and ticks all the boxes for a person who understands these issues with level headedness, they don’t understand things from yo perspective ,their focus first is tribal ,I’m sorry to say ,I hope I don’t sound tribal my self, I’m writing from s/province and I ve a lot of friends here ,its very difficult to make them understand things the way you ve put them,I fear for son,I hope the office of President does not became a tribal issue as I have seen it in the upnd.for those thinking that they live to see the country divided on tribal lines,I’m so sorry it never happen guys.

  13. The article is not analytical and investigative. It does not address what is enshrined in the constitution and how the judiciary addressed constitution. Why it is important to use the spirit of the law rather than letter of the law.

    And whether there was decision made by the courts within the framework of the constitution. Three man ruling was done outside 14 days. The full bench that sat on the last day did not pass ruling.

    • How did the judges fail to manage the court process so that they could not reach a verdict in 14 days? Lawyers are not the owners of the courts. Judges, when not corrupt, manage the process so that verdicts can be reached in time. Those maggots behaved like they had 5 years to come up with a verdict. They started sessions at 10;00, broke off for long lunch breaks and prematurely closed the courts at 16:00 and never worked evenings or weekends.

  14. HH is not a politician. I believe he is only a business man. How can a real politician go to Kanyama only to talk about GDP, Micro economics and Macro economics which the people of Kanyama don’t understand? Those of you who attended the UPND rally in Kanyama will agree with me that the man is not in tune with the people. That’s why UPND will die unless they find a politician to replace this man, otherwise Lungu will outsmart this man again in 20121 and they will cry foul as usual.


    • PF and Lungu are victimising Tongas, Lozis and NWPers, despite Inonge Wina being a Lozi. How do you expect their support when you are firing them from govt jobs, and victimising them every day? Talking any of these languages on Lusaka streets is like a crime today. How do you expect votes from people you are humiliating every day? Are you planning a genocide?

  16. one zambia one nation one people one God. Tribalism is recipe for division.Heaven has no tribalist. Love one another .

  17. Best article ever. How I wish we had credible upnd folks to respond in a schooled manner as this son of Zambia has done. I feel proud as a Zambian to see that we have brains right in our land. I’m equally moved by chashala’s move to publish his education tips. For those doomsayers, atleast they have something to run with. Unfortunately, in upnd we have bunches of frustrated individuals, the likes of Larry mweetwa who makes running commentrie whiks in hiding. Look as how much noise GBM made challenging the police, not knowing the chap was already in the waiting room at KKIA running away, yet we are told so much crap of how these claim to be freedom fighters. One wonders which freedom. God help Zambia our land and may God Bless Zambia

  18. The problem with UPND is that they don’t know what they are fighting for, whether Bembas as a tribe or power from PF. While they are busy with Bembas ECL is mobilizing the nation for his support. By the time they turn their attention to real issues, its already too late and ECL has already won. Thats what we call Chimbwi no plan. ECL is not a Bemba, Inonge Wina is not a Bemba, Kaiser is not a Bemba and the Chief adviser Rupia B Banda is not a Bemba. Know your opponents guys. Don’t just shoot any how.

  19. Can some upnd cadre dispute sentiment attributed to some chief in southern province damaging in his trousers after bungee jump

  20. While agreeing to most points raised, it is rather critical critical to highlight the fact that yes UPND is not going to form government and Lungu will carrying on as President till the next election. However, it is equally important to pursue and legally argue along the lines of human rights. For instance, the 14days given by the courts is ‘arguably’ questionable and subject to interpretion in legal terms. Hence, the notion of ‘technicality’ as a term reference. Therefore, whether UPND has significant evidence or not, it still remains in the interest of the nation as to why the petition was not heard when it dwells on issues that are in the interest of the nation. Every person, with a functioning head knows that the last elections were full of malpractices. Why not hear the petition…

  21. .Cont: …and establish legitimacy? Separation of powers is equally questionable here. Two ministers are serving despite being nullified, who has the power here? As much as I agree with most if not all points, it remains important to re-establish the rule of law in the country. Lungu did not follow the constitution when the petition was filed in. This alone is a huge blow to the Zambian people that are told to believe in the laws of the land. Wonder why this approach to governance should be tolerated. What does the future hold? I therefore, think the right to be heard being pursued by UPND is in this case justified and in a young democracy like ours, should be granted. It defies logic when one is preaching about democracy and the rule of law if the laws of the land is only applicable to…

  22. You are very right Michael. Those that cannot understand your points simply have a problem in unraveling complex paradox issues. And for that you should not bother at all. You cannot continue doing mischievous things when you know that the muscle to achieve your aim will always be curtailed.
    One should only work quietly while focusing on 2021. Challenging the one ruling on the road was very provocative.

    How does he work quietly?
    1. To make sure that ECZ is polished.
    2. Seal all the loop holes accordingly.

    That is how intelligence works!

  23. Still we are taking about tribe. The man gives his opinion and we are talking about tribe. Ladies and gentlemen, Zambia derserves better than tribal talk in 2017. Ask yourselves, how many of your children or grand children will be purely from one tribe just 20 years from? Tribal talk is useless and counter productive. Our leader in the ruling and opposition party have lost the plot. we need to demand better from them. how we achieve that, i believe, should be the debate of our time.

  24. Well written Mr. Chishala. Well meaning Zambians would have loved to see the pvt and evidence enough to prove their case. I was scared when I heard Hithole Himbwa had evidence. To my disappointment, he had preliminaries issues thruout the 14 days. HH and his lawyers shud be ashamed to be torn apart by one professor mvunga. I hope someone from upnd can give this well written article to hh and GBM who i don’t know if he has come back from China.

  25. Hey Mr Michael Chishala is very brilliant!!!this is a splendid i wish President Edgar Lungu gave him a job at PF head office.with such kind of wise men like Mr Chishala planning PF’s 2021 campaigns,ECL’s job could be made very simple.

    This man knows our politics very well.UPND must look at his valid points and use them to better their party.whatever he has said here is the gospel truth!!


    • A job is secured bululu. Thanks for the compliment. My guy Amos Chanda is working on it.

  26. chishala the truth is you tried to point out somethings but you also tried to run away from the real facts you want the upnd to produce their pvt, well why is pf blocking the presidential petition where the pvt will be demanded to prove their claim. is their any one who is happy with the way hh was brutally arrested and now sited for brutal of his killing. the chief justice has also raised concern over the way justices is beeing handled in this country be concern also. its democracy we want and not upnd or hh. bear in mind that if this issue will not be sorted out the rigging will go on and on to completelty destroy our democracy. look at the brutality of our police surely it pleases you cos you support the rulling party . what if it was the other way round.

    • Come on, you really wanted the petition to go ahead? What is the point in that. You know both HH and ECL did not get 50+1 and the second round would have been devastating to the ruling party. So we like the way things turned out. Forget the petition and concentrate of bringing food on you table. this is the reason behind this article.

  27. I wonder what good things are happening now that will make people fall in love with PF. Zambians are regrouping in two good segments. A time will come when lines will start to be visible and unbreakable. A time when we shall not need each other and separate peacefully. This can only be stopped by the good and quality leadership. The writer can even go to part 10 but as long as he keeps the same title “the death of Upnd” all his points will be falling on deaf ears.

    • The only line is that of those who want to have and can do anything and those docile someone can insult them and they still call him boss. What is good about PF is that one can have more money in his pocket when he openly supports them. Wait and see how rich I will become after I finish the series of articles destroying UPND. That is the line that matter.

  28. The party that rotates on one person cannot stand! Other are arsonists while the leader benefited from the sale of companies from Zambia and enriched himself. The kind of politics UPND plays is dirty with no respect to others. Soon it will be the “Late UPND” or the “Defunct Namwala Party, DNP.”

    • Keep on Sharon, you might be someone one day. Look at me, soon I will be your boss. keep those hateful sentiments coming. Write an article like me. If you do not know how to, find me on facebook. We need to continue hammering them till they disband.

  29. I remember actually this author was also writing about how Michael Sata was ignorant (no degree from UK!) and would never be president in a million years. A keen MMD supporter at the time, so it seems boot licking any government of the day… Perhaps he is dreaming of being gifted with total control of charging for internet access in Zambia

    • If you can’t beat them join them. I’m hungry boyi what can I do? Those days are gone, must you now bring them bad memories back? Come on!

  30. Mr chishala , Did lungu go against the condition When He refused to handovepowr to the speaker??

    Because the way you answer this question will answers all those who say you are a PF smpthyser and you claim UPND want us to ignore the constitution regarding the 14 day ruling….

    • had he handed over power to the speaker that would have been the end of him. Politics is about self-preservation. These articles I’m writing are all about self-preservation. I made a mistake supporting MMD last time and now that we the MMD guys are back in power through PF, i can begin to support PF and write anything against the major position party. So to answer your question, the constitution is only as good as the enforcers. When the people are docile anything goes. Zambia is living it. 2021 will be the same.

  31. Just wasting time arguing with donkeys. The chief donkey himself went to the Concourt Judge President at midnight when his lawyers abandoned him. He knew very well that 14 days had elapsed that is why he pleaded that he be given a little more time beyond the 14 days to organise other lawyers to conclude the case. Today the buffoon is singing a different song about being heard forever and we are all expected to believe that he is an educated person! When I say donkeys please its not an insult, its a statement of fact.
    Before that
    1. Elections will be rigged if ballots printed in Dubai
    2. Searching trucks and disrupting distribution of electoral materials including Form G12, and then claiming that form G12 was not available.

    When I call HH and his supporters donkeys you accuse me of…

    • Yes, the plan to rig was there and we did it. The donkeys watched as we turned everything to our favour and got one Esau Chulu to announce the winner. They are still crying and we are ruling. Politics is not for children. We will frustrate everything in this game since we already bought the referee.

  32. Today HH insults bembas as bemba monkeys, the very next day the donkey appoints a pure bemba monkey as his running mate hoping to gain the voteehaves of such a clever and politically savvy cultural grouping.
    Today he talks se.x to miners wives and the next day he expects botes from both the wives and husbands. How would he feel if a retrenched miner went to talk intimate se.x matters with his wife Mutinta? Now you understand where I am coming from? DONKEYS DONKEYS DONKEYS nothing but DONKEYS,

    • Enough with this donkey stuff iwe kabova. I wrote this article not to sink to your level. I’m educated and trained in UK. As much as I would like to call fellow humans as donkey, I don”t want my articles to be tarnished by your village mentality. So grow up and get some education. Remember only a donkey can recognise a fellow donkey. You are the same UPND fools who want to paint my article with evil.

  33. Its simply not true that HH was only popular in the South West. If so how did he get so close to ECL in votes. Those were national votes from all over Zambia for which supporters of both PF and UPND should acknowledge. At Parliamentary level yes the elections were regional because the parties have strong bases in different areas. More so our people vote on traditional lines that’s why you find over half of our MPS are sons or nephews of local chiefs in rural areas. In fact if you stand against a son of a chief you wont beat him if he has the chiefdom’s support. I am therefore not convinced that HH got all those votes from 3/10 provinces as most of you claim despite the fact that you concede that these 3/10 is too few against 7/10. I challenge you to prove to me why he lost with so few…

    • You must be a Kwangala – you do not know that the 3 provinces had a suspicious almost 90% voter turnout, against about 56% voter turnout for the rest of the country?

    • Yeah, the three provinces cover half of the country. These three provinces are huge and they have more than half the population of Zambia. Bembas are only in majority in a one-to-one comparison. The bembas are only 24% of the total Zambian population. The other tribes total 76%. Eastern province tribes are only 18%. So if you add 18% and 24% you get the picture. We have to continue propagating that one cannot win in 3 provinces because the ignorant Zambians will look at 3 versus 9 and agree with us. In reality three provinces carry 74% of Zambian people. That is where rigging comes in and now we have to convince the nation that by gones are by-gone let us move on and crown ECL as King.

  34. As per AU and UN electoral standards international observers monitor the elections and declare them free and fair and meeting basic norms of electoral conduct. Have you ever heard HH challenging the international or even local monitors? NO, and to me that makes him a donkey and his supporters donkeys.

  35. so few votes. its un tactical for UPND to insult the NE because they need them to unseat PF or it will never happen without their votes. If UPND concentrated on consolidating their tremendous growth in the last election they would surely be the strongest alternative government and the party of the 2020s. Its up to them focus on the right message or they risk alienating the millions that voted for them. Like some body put it, they may move from 3/10 to 1/10.

  36. Its disheartening to read some tribal comments coming from intellectuals….i have trans versed this country from East to West and North to South…..and i learnt one thing….”All tribes are equal and deserve respect”. Please bloggers look at the bigger picture….i have a business and my Directors according to tribal inclination are: Bemba (1),Tonga (2), Ngoni (1), Lozi (2) and Luvale (2) and we have been together as Partners for the last 10 years.

  37. I wonder what knee it hurting GBM soooo much he must recoup in India. The party needs leadership at this crucial time how can both the number 1 and 2 be absent? Awe this party is one good mix up. Just a comment on Mai HH about reporting ‘undisclosed’ amount of stolen money careful what you wish for please state the amount stolen, then they shall ask you to prove your taxes are in order and worse still a ka money laundering charge against you….anyway politics are an interesting game

  38. I have very good friends from southern and Lozi i wish to learn…….nomba wy shud these ba fikalaz of individuals think they represent good people oof south/ west???? Ba fikala imwe lusaka is not in southern or westn Lusaka is for us Soli’s with chief mwalusaka mwaunfwa. Go & watch your victoria falls & we will remain watching our manda hill, mwembushi mwe bafikala!!!

    • @zinc there is nowhere in Lusaka province were you will find chief mwalusaka, our soli chief is mukamambo nkomesha, you have just proved that you are just a mukwerekwere in Lusaka, i am soli and can’t come here and start daring tongas to leave their bantu botatwe brothers, by the way if you want to prove that am not speaking from without, i will invite you for chakwela makumbi traditional ceremony.

  39. When we say PF came to destroy everything, people thought we were mad. These guys came to steal, kill and to destroy! The Dual citizenship clause is for their selfish intentions! When their dictatorship collapses, they know where they will legally go. We have seen how ECZ chaps who mismanaged the last election are behaving now. They have no peace! Their own conscious is troubled. Their kick back was not worth the trouble! They will never see peace for the rest of their miserable lives!

  40. These articles by Chishala are just escalating the Legitimate issue as well as tension between Upnd and PF supporters.Stop it!!

  41. …you see Michael, you can’t convince a donkey!! A donkey will always be donkey…Terrible @37 is saying the same thing…

  42. The problem we have in this country is Lungu and Hichilema. Both of them have failed lamentably to manage their parties. Hichilema is intolerant and Lungu is passive. Zambians are not tribalists as evidenced from inter marriages but it is the politicians who are trying to use it for their selfish gain. So please dont fall into the politicians trap because every politician is short sighted.

  43. It is an act of shear ignorance for Bemba,Nyanja people to group together and con the rest of Zambia the hard earned independence,freedom of assembly and speech purporting that they are the only people wise enough to rule Zambia.The Northernas and Easternas are swimming in a political falacy and fanatical myopia courted with socio-political ignorance of the social structure in the current Zambia.To start with,at independence “what did these people bring inside Zambia which can be regarded positive to the socioeconomic development of all the people in Zambia for the past 53 years?”.One will answer to say “They brought nothing apart from-Stealing,nepotism,killing political prisoners,Maiming,looting state confers,causing pandamonium,frustrating civil service,juntalising police service to…

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