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UPND is not missing GBM-Katuka

General News UPND is not missing GBM-Katuka

Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka
The opposition United party for National Development (UPND) says it is not missing its vice President Geoffrey Mwamba popularly known as GBM.

And the party says it is not worried about his absence, during this period when its leader Hakainde Hichilema remains incarcerated.

UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka has cautioned the public to stop talking about their vice president’s absence, as his party is comfortable and not complaining.

He has told QTV News that his party’s operations are running smoothly despite Mr. Mwamba’s absence.

And Mr. Katuka has stated that his party is saddened by the long incarceration of its leader.

He says that it is unfortunate that their leader will be celebrating his 55th birthday behind bars on June 4th 2017.

Mr. Katuka has condemned the countries judicial system for not according Mr. Hichilema a speedy trial.


  1. We saw this coming. Tribal party. This is the downfall of upnd. GBM will tear upnd apart. PF welcome gbv so that he can decampaign upnd in o the provinces where upnd got votes because of him. Thanks for this wonderful statement. Mushota where are you? I have missed you. Have u ready the statement from the botatwes.

    • GBM is a wiseman, son of Bemba Chief. He decided to take medical leave so he don’t interfere in UPND leadership. He minds me when my boss was sick for 6 months, he left list of procedures to me, I heard so much good about my boss I didnt know in first 2 days, I thought I may be viewed differently. My Haitian friends wife put a fake cast on my elbow, and worked from home.
      Smart smart smart….

    • @Team Edgar ka n.io:
      Of course it’s PFTeam Edgar kan.io complaining about GBM’s absence because in their st.u.pid mind they thought it would cause UPND problems but to their disappointment, it has done the opposite and brought the party even closer!!
      Team Edgar KAN.IO should instead be worrying more about IMF loans than GBM and UPND!

    • “Mr. Katuka has condemned the countries judicial system for not according Mr. Hichilema a speedy trial”……….are you serious? Put the blame on his lawyers who kept on raising unnecessary preliminary issues……..they leant nothing on wasting time during the presidential petition.

    • “He says that it is unfortunate that their leader will be celebrating his 55th birthday behind bars on June 4th 2017.”

    • Upnd belongs to the southern province, Yaba Tonga. Anyone whose not Tonga sana sana the Bemba guys and our cousins from the Eastern. Look at how the Tonga treated Dr. Banda. Please all bembas and other tribes leave the tribal party to the owners. They’re leader is behind bars. Ni no change wamuyayaya HH. Tonga Party. kikikikikikikikiki

  2. I have said before GBM will not be UPND member next year. We all know GBM is an idioot but he is NOT stupid..he can see that HH just want to use him like a condom and once he satisfied GBM will be discarded like a condom…

    • “UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka has cautioned the public to stop talking about their vice president’s absence, as his party is comfortable and not complaining.”

      I think what Katuka means is that the UPND knows where GBM is and is in touch with him.

    • @ Pef you interpret correctly what Katuka is saying and it beats me why GBM’s silence or absence of rhetoric and sightings should be of great concern to those that are not even near the UPND leadership power corridors!

  3. The moment HH sidelined the Nkombos, Pilgrim etc for GBM, I knew this was the final nail in UPNDs coffin !

    • @Bamboo SoupAr.sewhore!
      You mean final in your Mother’s smelly and unwashed PUS.SEY! Ar.sewhore you!

    • @Bamboo SoupAr.sewhore:
      You miserable mother fcking RAT eater! Lick my ar.se!! Very true, and with pride – I am an accomplished rich and educated cattle header!! When you eat Michopo don’t you know it is from cattle NOT rats or vinkubala? You mongrel!

  4. Happy 55th birthday your execellency president of Dundumwezi, Mr Hakaonde Hichilema.

    • The same kambwili who even lost the adoption to a boy Nathan Chanda, and went crying to lungu for him to intervene?

  5. The Secretary General is a fool.
    His statement is a foolish one
    GBM is sick and instead of the fool wishing GBM quick recovery he just says something which a normal person can not say. This means only HH is missed but not GBM.
    I feel sorry for this party

  6. The HH trial has been very speedy by ZAMBIAN standards. Besides it’s his lawyers who have been “slowing ” the process.

  7. Katuka, stop accusing the Judiciary, it is HH’s legal team that is wasting time with preliminary issues! UPND should learn to be realistic.

  8. What crime did HH and his workers commit? Motorcade Rage Incident precipitated the Treason Charge. After the State dropped the Motorcade Charge what remains of the Treason Charges? How can HH and his workers overthrow GRZ without arms and military personnel? We anxiously wait to are the State evidence detailing the covert activities undertaken by HH and his workers which justify a Treason Charge. The State is now delaying the HH Treason Trial becoz it doesn’t have evidence to show that HH and his workers tried to overthrow GRZ. The objective of the illegitimate Lungu govt is use a Treason charge and hold HH in Jail for a long Period with the hope that HH will either be forced to withdraw the Petition from the Court and/or compel HH to recognize Lungu as a Legitimate President. That wont…

    • Unfortunately you know fakol. Just wait and see matters unfold. Do you know why alot of cops were sent to kuomboka? Do you know it had to do with hh and his plans which were regrettably thwarted. Mind you treason for him starts from 20th October. If you still think it’s was his failure to obey red blue lights and siren you are mistaken. Even that one is evidence enough.

    • musonda,the motorcade issue has not been abandoned,it’s the main ingredient in the treason charge

    • Ba Hamusonda, you actually surprise me where is the petition and which court for HH. You are misleading the public Mr. Musoda. Do you know that people in Bemba land and lala land can even put Wynter kabimba than HH. HH is prosecuting himself. He may be in jail long than what you think. You may say we shall go to war. Try it, you will be dead garbage before sunrise. Some of us who have been around since the 60s know that very well. Nkumbula tried it to form the so called ANC. He lost terribly. The only person very close to power from Tonga land was Mazoka. Why because of strategy. A Lenje, lamba, Lozi Kaonde and Luvale can easily become president of Zambia because they know when to strike. You always want to be arrogant and you think you can get it. In fact in the years to come, HH’s…

  9. The pronouncement by UPND Secretary General Steven Katuka that UPND is not missing GBM is serious food for thought by GBM and his supporters he dragged into the UPND camp. We are obliged to connect the DOTS when the Tonga’s version of Mau-Mau claimed that the killing of un-named Bembas during Sata’s Presidency will extend to killings of the Easterners who live Southern Province.

    The malfunction of a p53 gene that controls mitosis in somatic cells will eventually set-in the uncontrolled cell division that originates from a single cell to spread and grow into a tumour known as CANCER. This cancerous “mau-mau” must be surgically removed soon.

  10. This is a reminder to political parties who tries to use or import some individuals from other provinces by giving them higher positions such as vp, party sg . etc. in order to enhance their political mileage in those provinces they came from. unfortunately this method has always flanked except for UNIP and MMD. Examples may include people like Emanuel Kasonde (NP), Mr. Chisanga, UPND, Mr. C. Banda, UPND, Mrs Inonge Wina PF, GBM UPND and many more. Forget it, it’s an illusion!
    I feel and believe genuineness in the approach on how to gain support from other parts of the country needs enough understanding and attention, not just using stupid shortcuts which may hinder the party’s progress!

  11. Who is worrying about GBM? Its Lungu and his PF Party of course,,???????t??t??t?ttttttt?ttt5. Instead of de-stabilizing UPND the arrest of HH has United the Party. Lungu and Mutati should be worrying about IMF Loan and Aid Donors. The USA,EU and most Western Govts have put illegitimate Lungu on Notice. Without the unconditional Release of HH from Jail Lungu and Mutati should forget about IMF Loan and Western Donor Aid and Foreign Investors. The Zambian Economy will collapse with dire consequences to the Lungu Regime.

    • @Zulu is the IMF money meant to help Mutati or Zambia? Come off your high horse and live the reality. Jailing Lungu won’t wash away your worries.

    • The IMF money is meant to help lungu and the corrupt PF convince voters to vote for them.

    • Not even convince the IMF money is meant to force voters To vote for they by banning campaigns of the opposition.

    • He doesn’t want to use his real name. Be proud of who you are Zulu. UPND is a good party but spoiled by hate speech. Stop it

  12. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You need a better friend HH who can stand with you in even when things are hard.

  13. @spaka like lilo:the burning of campaign posters was being done by both PF and UPND cadres.today is Sunday so you must be saying the truth.in 2016,a lot of upnd campaign posters were destroyed in PF strongholds.and almost all PF posters in 3.5 provinces were damaged too.this is the fact.any objective upnd supporter would agree with me on this one.BOTH PF AND UPND HAVE SOME BAD EGGS (CADRES)!!!
    As for Kstuka,he must control his tongue because he is starting a FIGHT WITH GBM which he cant win.IF GBM GETS UPSET AND DE-CAMPAIGNS UPND IN PF STRONGHOLD,HH MAY LOSE A LOT OF VOTES!!!whatever voters HH got in PF strongholds were because of GBM,Miles Sampa,Mulenga Sata,Nevers Mumba and especially because GBM and Miles Sampa!!!SO BECAREFUL BA KATUKA!!

    • You’re wasting your time on these incorrigibles. If HH tells them that an elephant is the same as a fish, they will believe that to the end.

  14. The whereabouts of a Vice president of a major political party is a concern of the public. Katuka cannot stop us from commenting on the matter. It’s pure dictatorship to tell on what to talk about especially at a time like this.

  15. Too much nonsense going on in this country. Plundering is all they are fighting for . Looting the reserves

  16. @Jay
    Why is GBM an issue now? You rejected him in your stupid party and UPND who are humane accepted him and still you can not leave him alone. UPND knows where GBM is and are clever enough not to let your brutal dictactor arrest him on tramped up charges like you did with HH. GBM is actually running the show without your knowledge.
    You can open your mouth the widest but we won’t change our strategy.
    Akubosene fye baka bolala imwe…
    We will see what you will steal when you finish all the govt coffers.
    Ba kabwa mukira.

  17. Who is chishimba chikabwili in the copper belt, we are going to teach him a learson here in loan consistcy. And he must learn frm gbm in kasama. If he think he id popular here and chanda is waiting

  18. Where is the spare vice president? Isn’t this the party that appointed two vice presidents? This is your time to shine.

  19. Interestingly, not even the UPNDdonkeys to whom Chilyata belongs seems to care about him. They all sound embarrassed by this peciliar breed of donkey.

  20. GBM naowine mulomo! He thought all was well in the political party (UPND) where he has squeezed himself! Umwana ashebwa aile nobusali kubuko!! GBM think twice for the comment made by your so called Secretary General.

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