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Plans to move the Capital City from Lusaka are only in Lucky Mulusa’s head-Mwakalombe


Lusaka Province Minister, Mr. Japhen Mwakalombe giving a presentation at the symposium in Pretoria
Lusaka Province Minister, Mr. Japhen Mwakalombe

Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe has clarified that Government has no intentions of moving the capital city from Lusaka.

National Planning Minister Lucky Mulusa recently told Journalists that his Ministry will soon be presenting a proposal to cabinet to shift the capital city from Lusaka to Ngabwe in the Central Province.

Mr Mulusa said that his ministry had devised a plan to come up with a new capital city that would be able to compete with other African cities.

“When you look at Lusaka in the next 10 years, the city will not be able to sustain us. The rate at which commerce and industry and official activities are growing cannot be met with Lusaka’s ability to grow its capacity,” Mr Lusaka said.

But Mr Mwakalombe said in an interview that Government has no such plans.

He said in fact, Government is now busy with modernising the infrastructure in Lusaka to make it a world class capital city.

Mr Mwakalombe revealed that cabinet recently approved a K247 million master plan for infrastructure development to decongest the capital city.

He has described proposals by that the capital city should be relocated from Lusaka to another town as baseless.

Mr Mwakalombe said Government, through the Ministry of Local Government, has approved the master plan under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

“The master plan or an investment worth K247 million is an attempt to ease the flow of traffic in Lusaka,” Mr Mwakalombe said.

He also said proposals of moving the capital city to another place are irrelevant, and advised the general public to ignore such pronouncements.

Mr Mwakalombe said Government is working at transforming Lusaka into a conferencing hub for the region hence the coming up of a new international conference centre and other world class venues.


  1. Who should we believe now? Our misleaders only think of their bellys, not the public well-being!

    • It’s actually a good idea.

      Move it to Chinsali where I’m from.
      Bembas are a more respected and revered tribe – as we all know.

      I hold a PhD



    • believe both. i think there is no contradiction here.. Mulusa said they have a proposal to present to government and government said they dont know witch makes it clear that the proposal is not yet presented.. simple! study a little of mathematics you will understand how things add up!!

    • Slander and disrespect are the norm in Zambia. How that niconpoomp Kambwili can be MP with the vile things he posts on his FB page!

    • @ 1, You believe Mwakalombe because Mulusa like his brother Lusambo is overzealously reckless. He is neither a country and town planner nor an economist to appreciate triple constraints tied to such policy impulses. Having worked in the South African Treasury Dept doesn’t make one a Jackle of trades. We are more adept in different disciplines with experience in more robust projects that we cannot miss hot air. Mulusa has an oversale mindset and is never shy of his ignorance. It’s the reason he failed to develope Solwezi central constituency despite being a mining city.

    • There is an outbreak of typhoid in Lusaka. The government needs to focus on sanitation etc.There are not enough sewage systems. This is what happens when you have dirty leaders with poor hygiene!

    • Mushota u are right. Bembas are good people especially those from Chinsali. Real politics started in Chinsali.

      However, Mushota real bembas don’t runaway from their country. Come back and form a political party instead of keep on eating ubwali bwakupula

      Be patriotic

    • Bembas are chaos-mongers and anarchists. That’s why Zambia is as it is now because they have free reign of govt.

    • A very useless idea!

      PF bandits, as broke as they are don’t know what the impactions’ are henceforth be, that PF bandits must move all High commissions & embassies in Lusaka to the village metaphorsised by these visionless lunatics.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Mulusa is minister of national planning so he has plans in his head while Japhen is minister of cadres and thinks like cadres. Japhen has no time to read. Forgive him he didn’t read mulusa’s statement.

    • Mulusa’s plan is the most stupid daylight Nonsense. let’s get serious, who will fund the new capital city? Is he dreaming?? If the government has the money to spend, why not use it in infrastructure development, after 53 years of independence yet we still have grass thatched schools?? now talking of new capital city? what A joke. Moreover, we still have so much space in Lusaka. What is key is proper planning and better land utilization.

      I would believe Japhen !!! than Mulusa who looks at how he will steal money from poor Zambians. Don’t know how he landed himself the ministerial position, yet was rejected by people in North Western.

    • Exactly, the PF Govt of Chipantepante which HH was telling you! How can ministers be contradicting each other on policy issues in the public? I think Mwakalombe being the Junior ministers is on the border of insolence and if not already insulting his superior, Mulusa.
      How can a known dunderhead, Mwakalombe say such to someone appointed by their president Lungu? Is he not ridiculing the one who appointed Mulusa – and where is the discipline as a Government surely?

  2. One going left, the other right. Can you please communicate with one another before issuing statements. The masses end up concluding that gov’t officials have no unity of purpose.

    • With Lungu obsessed 100% with killing HH, his minions have been met lose with the craziest ideas. Classic PFlip-PFlopping style, without direction. Nothing will come of this stoopid idea, thankfully!

    • Please read. One is a proposal which is not yet submitted to cabinet. The other is talking about the current situation. Yaba – even simple things cannot be understood!

  3. We still have grass and mud classrooms ,impassable roads in Misisi ,load shedding but your priority is what again?

  4. PF is talking about its plans through Japhen Mwakalombe and MMD people in the likes of Mulusa are talking about their own plans. Total confusion.

  5. Mushota, The Zambian capital will only move to Chinsali in your ERECTION dreams! Or when Southern, Western, Central and North-Western secede from your failed state and all your Northern Janjaweed baboons are made to leg it hard and fast back to your Iturian jungle of Chinsali kwa naBwalya to swing in trees once more.

    • We got on the pf train, this is how we reached this far, bigger question you should ask yourself is are we there yet? The bigger answer is we are drawing closer to the final destination.

    • And next time when you change your blog names try to be a bit intelligent, before you give us three different names same comment, i won’t surprised if you send the same comment under another name, perhaps mushota, no you can’t be, she has a PhD tail on her.

    • Bembas and PF think that they are the only ones who can hate and ridicule. Now that we know how you really are, we will not give you space. It will be an eye for an eye. You will never enjoy your stolen power. Bembas are chaos-mongers and should not be listened to in Zambia. Not now, not ever.

  6. Mulusa’s plan is good. Lusaka is too conjested and it is very difficult to deconjest it as the area is small. Central Province is in the central location of Zambia and can make a lot more sense as Capital City of Zambia.

    • Only an African idyot believes that a capital must be in the centre of a country. There are capitals all over the world that are on the edges of their countries – Cairo, Rome, Washington, London, Cape Town etc. Only Africans are motivated to create the Abujas and Arushas of this world.

  7. Policy inconsistencies. This has continued to be a central theme in the government formed by the ruling party. Lusaka Minister is seeing things in the short term. The Planning Minister in the long term. Mr Lusaka Minister, all plans start in the head of someone.It’s a shame we have a split brain cabinet.

  8. The Lusaka Minister is only looking at traffic congestion.This is a narrow minded view of the situation. Lusaka has a multitude of problems of which the transport system is just one of them. You need to look at the water reticulation system, Sewage disposal,burial grounds,recreational green spaces, housing, health services, fire and rescue services.None of these services are able to scale to the needs of the city in a 10 to 20 year time frame.

  9. @mushota you are 100 percent correct! All towns in Northern and Muchinga are better planned and cleaner than the ramshuckles you will find in Southern province! Why????? Maybe the likes of chiyaya(the inbred), wanka like lilo and co can enlighten us???

    • 2020vision

      We are still waiting for the 6 zmk to the dollar
      You said will happen , or will we have to wait until lungu shows us the 500,000 jobs he promised ??

  10. I do not agree with both Ministers. I think decentralization will solve the problems currently being experienced by Lusaka city. Take some government functions to Ndola, so that the northern region population of our country could access government services from Ndola.

  11. Chinsali… you have never been there…. The place is worse than Itala of Mkushi.. Serenje looks better than Chinsali… Kaunda failed to develop chinsali and sata failed too. I suggest that the capital city be taken to Vubwi or chiparamba where RB has a small farm… heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Don’t this two cabinet minister sit in the cabinet…. Bane, our Ministers love talking…. Talk is cheap and talk is supply without a cost… So talk , ba ministers…. not work make a jack a dull boy.

  12. For once, he has said something sensible; but then the master pla has been there for ages; but then PF is full of contradiction; Release HH!

  13. These PF chaps are unbelievable, totally with direction and focus. How do start talking about building new cities when you can’t even manage simple fertilizer distribution exercises?

  14. Mwakalombe is from Chongwe and Mulusa worked in Pretoria for some time. You expect the difference in perspective and vision. There is nothing impossible about changing the capital city. It’s a great idea. If I was President I can change it 2 times in my first term to spread development. LAGOS to ABUJA!

  15. Why is he even talking about this…these are a bunch of clueless instead of removing vendors and cleaning streets. How can you talk of interior decorating when you infested with rats and ro.aches.

  16. The minister will propose a feasibility study for the new capital, money will be allocated, committee formed , allowances, per diems paid. Plan will fall over but all members will have chewed in the name of development.

    Why arnt all our investors promoting manufacturing to create long term employment. Most of investment so far has generated how many permanent jobs ?????????.

  17. If people are bewitching you silence. what would you do. would you die silent and never tell??? what would you do if it were you .

  18. Since they have fought with the opposition and there is no one to fight, they are now fighting against each other….
    More fights will follow since they want to outdo each other to please President Lungu that they are working….. Let them fight as we enjoy watching them…..
    Let Zambians work harder and never join their fights… Let them fight while we invest . By the time they stopping fighting we would have more wealth and more power to control them…

  19. kuchinja capital, tiyeni tizi gona chabe na njala yathu. Mugaiwa uka oneka tadya, ngati tilibe tagona. chalo njala fulu fulu. Mungo mangana muma jele, malo mwakuti muzi sebenza. Atakati

  20. @1.7 Oh we now know why UPND are anarchists, Chaos mongers and radicals because of GBM. It is very clear from the comments that UPND Members hate Bembas but what is GBM still doing in this party? They have no use for him now, all they wanted was for him to help them win Votes in Northern province which he lamentably failed. GBM WAKE UP.
    LUSAKA Minister, your province is Messy its been 10 months since you were voted into Power. We want to see change. Take a walk in town and surrounding areas you will understand what I mean. Its pathetic .

  21. There are no economists left in PF. Money is by definition a scarce resource. Money does not rain. Those that lend you money want it back with interest. When IMF gives you a loan, it is not because they love you. They are in business. There won’t be a second debt forgiveness after we have messed up our first opportunity. This is why our country is currently bankrupt and will soon be auctioned to the Chinese most likely who are looking for stoopid countries to exploit. Ba PF, control your borrowing. It is no longer a jocking matter. Stop dreaming funny dreams and building castles in the air. We have too many abandoned projects that stand as a witness to PF’s recklessness when it comes to expenditure. A family that wants to have 5 mortgages and 5 motor vehicle loans and many more kalobas…

  22. These are a band of jokers….in that picture they can’t even put the flag the right way up…..

    Nuff said..

  23. Confusion within govt. Do they have a vision? Or anyone can dream and make it govt policy? Whoever is convinced that PF will develop Zambia, give me your reasons

  24. Hon Mwakalombe, we so much confidence in you and surely if we mean what we say, let us demonstrate that we can infact make Lusaka a world class city by you first, as MP of Chongew, ensure that the Palabana University, the roads in Palabana that late President Michael Sata started are worked and completed on time. Am sure Minister you are aware that those contractors for the road in Palabana are not serious at all. Please work on these projects so that come 2021, they will do the campaign for President Lung, PF and yourself.
    Don’t give room to people like Masebo to wake up from slumber.

  25. @1.13 Chilyata, of all people Chilyata condemning insults? Wonders shall never end!
    In UPNDonkeys wonder shall never cease too, they want a certain tribe for President but they will go round in circles including petitions, treason, blocking motorcades, burning wrong tribes huts in Namwala, burning schools and markets and yet their singular objective has already been communicated in a single and simple message by Sejani in 2006. In the end they dont know why they cannot make U5 President.

  26. Pipo, Here Its Not About Arguing That Which Minister Is Saying The Correct Thing. Lets Look At The Situation At Hand.
    Lusaka Is Just Okay As The Capital But Only Infrastructure Needs To Be Improved To Beffit Modern City Standards And Also Put Up Infrastructure To Catter The Current Population. For Example, Lsk Needs About 25 Hospitals Bt Currently We Are Short Of Over 20 The Rest Are Clinics And Health Posts. How Do You Address The Issue Of Buildings, 53 Yrs Since Independence The Only Development Is Findeco House, Zambia Has Never Constructed A Building Taller Than Findeco House. Our Roads ,the Only Development Is Great North Rd And Great East Rd From Kabwe Roundabout To Makeni And Kabwe Roundabout To Airport Turnoff Respectively. And These Chaps Wats Us To Believe That Ngabwe Has…

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