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There no political crisis in Zambia, says President Lungu as he returns from Lesotho

Headlines There no political crisis in Zambia, says President Lungu...

President Edgar Lungu speaking to journalists shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
President Edgar Lungu speaking to journalists shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

President Edgar Lungu has said that people calling for inter- party dialogue should first tabulate issues they want to be discussed. The President said that he has for a long time been talking about the need for dialogue which some political parties have not taken seriously.

President Lungu was speaking at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly after arrival from Lesotho where he had gone to witness the inauguration of Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.

The President Lungu dismissed assertions that there is a political crisis in the country. The President said he would not have been travelling abroad if there was a political crisis in the country.

President Lungu said people wishing for a state of emergency do not mean well for the country. The Head off State said people are enjoying their democratic rights because he believes in democracy and freedom of expression.

 Vice President Inonge Wina welcomes President Edgar Lungu shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
Vice President Inonge Wina welcomes President Edgar Lungu shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

Meanwhile, Dr. Motsoahae Thomas Thabane has been inaugurated as Lesotho’s new Prime Minister at a ceremony held in the National Stadium in the capital city, Maseru.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Thabane took the oath of office witnessed by representatives of the regional and international community and over 40,000 jubilant citizens of Lesotho.

Dr. Thabane has bounced back barely two years after his government was toppled by the military to call for an election which saw his successor Dr. Pakalitha Bethuel Mosisili now become his predecessor as he takes over the reigns of power.

In a turn of events Dr. Mosisili today handed over power to Dr. Thabane following a vote of no confidence in him which necessitated an election he eventually lost to the later, an event that will go down in the history of the country and the world as a whole.

President Edgar Lungu witnessed the inauguration ceremony and praised the people of Lesotho for exercising their democratic right and for conducting a free and fair election.

President Lungu who spoke on behalf of other leaders from the SADC region said the election of the new prime Minister in Lesotho entails that the country embraces democracy which requires people to elect leaders of their choice.

And Prime Minister of Swaziland Sibusiso Dlamini who represented SADC Chairperson King Mswati noted that the inauguration of Dr. Mathane shows the political development of Lesotho.

The SADC chairperson has since called on the people of Lesotho, regional leaders and the international community to support the new government to ensure that they improve the lives of citizens.

He said the people should support government to ensure political stability in the country.

And in his inaugural speech Dr. Thabane thanked his predecessor for a peaceful transition of power and hoped that the move would bring political stability in Lesotho.

The new Prime Minister committed himself to ensuring the rule of law in Lesotho and fight corruption in all its forms.

Dr. Thabane noted that the country needs security and stability if the economy is to grow.

He said his new government will rescue the country from lawlessness and political instability which has engulfed the country.

The Prime Minister hinted that his government would undertake constitutional, economic and political reforms.

The inauguration ceremony was not short of entertainment as artists and motor bike riders and cyclists spiced up the event.

PF chair welcomes President Edgar Lungu shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
PF chair welcomes President Edgar Lungu shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

PF chair welcomes President Edgar Lungu who is flanked by Lusaka Province Chairlady Margaret Mumba shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
PF chair welcomes President Edgar Lungu who is flanked by Lusaka Province Chairlady Margaret Mumba shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport


  1. Yes we know: There’s no political crisis in THE Zambia but in Zambia there’s a political crisis

    • He is absolutely right.

      ANyone thinking the president is not saying the truth – is a lemon.

      No criss nothing.

      The UK are reporting all favourable about your country.

      I have a PhD



    • One ECL That’s OUR President! Strong assertive and to the point! Well said Sir! We are 100percent with you!!!!

    • In one breath he says there is no crisis and again he says he’s been calling for dialogue for a long time. Now if there is no crisis, why was he calling for dialogue in the first place. Mr President these people advising you now will run away from you when times comes. Time alone will tell

    • The staving masses are always there to defend his dictatorship and well coming him back home after he has made millions in travel allowances, What is wrong with Africa, I have never seen any one seeing off and well coming him back in the west. He is just dictator like his country man kamuzi band because as far as i know EL has no village in Zambia.

    • Absolutely there is no political crisis in Zambia but excessive freedom. Unfortunately, politicians misunderstand democracy for absence of civic conduct and lawlessness in their political theater. May they go to Syria, Somalia, and and the Central African Republic to appreciate our burgeoning democracy in Zambia. Your excellency you have our unwavering support for the common good of mother Zambia. Ignore Mpundu and his Alzheimer’s rants. Certainly not speaking for the Church. Let him form his party and meet you on the ballot in 2021.

    • We thank you our clergy for a well thought-out, detailed and written statement.

      Lungu is a very, very troubled guy who is filled with so much hate. I pray that God grants HH sufficient grace to forgive this troubled guy Lungu.

    • LUSAKA TIMES, please do not embarrass us. This sentence ‘an event that will go down in the history of the country and the world as a whole’ is incomplete.
      Do not pretend to write English if you can’t.

    • What a shame in 21st Century making old ladies dancing for him? Its pathetic and just hate this backward Zambian Mentality. Think the cost of bring those cadres to the airport, sure the whole country came to a halt as all ministers were at the airport to parade. Zambians have to change if we truly want to have economic growth that will improve lives of our poor people.

  2. So they have to rush HH back to Mukobeko since courts decided in absence of the commander-in-chief, who is back in Lusaka?

    • Lungu is a little tinpot tyrant whose end will be worse than Samuel Doe’s. Lungu’s hands are dripping with the blood of Mapenzi and Choongwa and now wants to add HH’s. May Lungu’s evil and vile soul burn in hell in eternal damnation.

    • Look at the serious wastage of public resources and valuable time at the aiport.The US president arrives back and he’s quickly whisked by chopper to the WH -no dancers,no military and other a.ss kissin officials wasting time.

    • Mzambia wa Zamani – Zambia is not the US. What you are seeing is going to go on for centuries – Africans have their own way of doing this.

    • @abilima
      Its that mindset that will never get you out of the debt trap…look at the President of Tanzania he has come in and changed that mentality of “leave it as it is the sun will still shine tomorrow god willing”. ..he has removed all under performing Public workers and removed thousands of ghost workers on govt payroll. Yes Zambia is not US but Zambian budget is supplemented (spoonfed) by the very people who are prudent with their own expenditure.

    • Imagine when KKIA is completed and the big Airbus from Dubai is told to cycle the airport twice because this UTTERLY LAZY Sausage and his whole govt are on the tarmac…do you think they will ever take you seriously?
      When a big plane like that is delayed…its high costs in delay compensation costs to the airline to transit passengers on scheduled flights.

    • actually the stupid ones are the women who abandon important things in their lives to go and dance for someone, total shame

    • The church mother body whatever it is called has written a garbage of trash. Archbishop Mundu is missing the point. He failed to state the real cause of whatever he called a political crisis. He uses words that he cannot substantiate at all. That is the problem of uneducated and well read bishops. In the first place who says whatever the opposition says will generate into political correctness. The pastoral response is devoid of facts. Complaints of how HH was treated by the police has nothing to do with Lungu. It is the institutions that require law reforms.
      Whatever Kenyans or South Africans say about the political situation in Zambia misses the point. I have carried a min-research about the perceived tension in Zambia. It is simply the feeling that it is a Tonga’s time to be…

  3. He is right! He sees no crisis because he told us plainly that he has no vision and therefore would not be able to see any crisis. Why don’t we want to believe him you people?

    • Those who fail to heed the lessons of History are doomed to repeat it. We are being led by Group “D”s.

  4. I wonder what Edgar was doing in Lesotho. Why is he refusing to meet with local people seeking to speak to him? He is attending irrelevant programs in order to run away from work.

    • Did you see how he expressed his feelings at KKIA? His mouth was in great stress and strain.
      His anger was paramount and showed that he is at pains to clearly think through this period.

  5. Does this man understand him self?and can someone tell me why he was the only one calling himself the head of state at that ceremony?

  6. He is right. There’s no political crisis. But as Father of the nation, if some people think there is a crisis, it’s your duty to say, let’s talk about it instead of dismissing them.

    • You buy a Corolla, then you expect it to perform like a Zonda or Porsche…really laughable…the joke is surely on you if you dare to complain!!

  7. Mr President if I may ask, Why is our economy not doing fine? Almost everyone is complaining of poor business. People are not buying goods and services. Something ought to be done

    • …hhmm, poor business?? I wonder why shoprite or picknpay and other companies are mute. Is it that they are selling the right things and some still want to sell the same things over and over???? Banks like FNB, Stanbic, Finance Bank are equally flying, so which country are you in????

    • ofcourse, those ugly old hags you guys displayed on Africa Freedom day would scare the international community out of Zambia…kwekwekwekwekwe…

  8. The president is 100% right.which political crisis is in Zambia?that crisis is only in upnd’s heads because “kaili n# 1 HH”, is in mukobeko and his 48 bantustan mps were thrown out of parliament for 30 days minus being paid.SO YES,THERE IS A CRISIS IN UPND AND NOT IN ZAMBIA!!LETS BE SPECIFIC PEOPLE!!
    even those church leaders led by Mr Mpundu stated that they have decided to go open because state house didnt allow them to meet the president.so if they met the president and got some ngwees,they could have kept quiet!!
    THE CURRENT PROBLEMS FACING HH AND HIS UPND MPs “MALIBU YAKUILOMBELA!!”UPND MUST KNOW THAT IN ANY DEMOCRACY,THERE ARE RULES TO BE FOLLOWED!!let upnd start practicing civilised politics and they shall ever enjoy themselves!!

    • You think every thing is to bribe ?? Typical of PF mentality…..money talks…..corruption works.

    • Njimbu I was UPND myself from the time of Mazoka. I hate people thinking they are victims. HH doesn’t listen. He is relatively young.Why are you in a hurry if at a particular time things cannot work for you. Blocking Edgar’s motorcade was share stupidity. He was not like that but partnering with GBM has made the party lose direction. He is losing very genuine members with such a behavior. You keep on trying but be within the law.

  9. One lawless guys goes under detention and everybody thinks there is a crisis? They also think the President is a dictator? You never have seen dictators! Go to Uganda, Congo DR and Rwanda!

    • @Sharon why should I go to Uganda, Congo etc to want to experience dictatorship. We are talking about oue precious country Zambia and how we can make Zambia great again not any other country but Zambia. Things are not right in Zambia because we have a visionless President. We can not go on like ghis and 2ver pretend that there is no crisis in Zambia…, there is crisis when freedom of expression is taken away, when anyone who says anything against PF government gets thrown in jail without a charge, when you see the rule of law being broken right in our faces then you know there is a crisis. But as always ECL would deny there is one.

    • UPND guys just state your agenda to the president and go and say agenda item number 1 we want a Tonga president. 2 Tonga Chief Justice. 3 Tonga Inspector General 4 Everything from today should be read Ha, He Hi Ho. You will see the end of the political crisis in Tonga minds. Nonsense. It’s just time which has not yet come. There is no crisis in Zambia. HH must behave. But if he is cry baby even me who wanted to help in campaigning I chill

  10. “I am in denial! It is very painful for me to see this man as President!” JJJJJJ. “And so is my party with no future!”

    • The theory of success is to accept you failed and keep trying. To be a cry baby doesn’t work anywhere in the world. So you want laws to be designed for you alone. I had failed one time, but I did not go on crying mandibida mavoti. That is not the nature of my brothers in Tonga land. You do not force people to make you president at all. Mpundu can rant, above all, all he said was garbage with no substance. The word like the dictatorship is baseless who is in prison now because of Edgar Lungu? Mpundu lacks skills of analysis. I have high respect for Catholics but this Bishop is dull

  11. It is true there’s no crisis when you are enjoying galavanting and sleeping in your comfortable bed, while others are suffering in jail for no reason but merely jealousy. Yes I agree with you why can’t you say there’s no crisis. When the karma comes you will accept.

    • Ka Lungu is jealousy of HH kwati teka president. The price to pay when you have a very low life at the helm- INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Kalijaila ukutomba amaule ya cheap muchawama.

  12. A day will come when the wheels of fortune will turn in favour of the oppressed. Just pray that those you are oppressing now have forgiving hearts.

    I am sure karma will have fun working on you. You are no longer recognisable as the humble man that Sata took under his wing. It seems you have forgotten what Sata taught you.

    • That will never happen. Political power must never be used to settle scores. I do not want that kind of Zambia. HH is not the only remandee at all. Sata Kaunda Miyanda Dean Mung’omba were all remandees and lost elections. In fact from Tonga land, Mazoka had a very good case of voter manipulation than HH, but he never blocked Mwanawasa’s motorcade

    • And before y’all start, HH is no better either. All y’all corrupt f**cks are screwed either way.

  13. If we as a people are truthful to ourselves and we take history as a great teacher, then the current political situation under any circumstance is a crisis. To think and assume other wise is to become an ostrich that buries its head in the sand when it sees danger. Observations from Oasis forum, Church leaders, LAZ and other prominent and imminent Zambians, including the pastoral letter is pointing to a problem. We will do well as a people to take heed and address that problem. The issue of the rule of law, good governance and recognition of the separation of powers is now a fore gone conclusion. This has lead to infringement of the constitution rendering the whole document totally irrelevant to the current dispensation. The rights of people perceived to be anti-government and not…

    • The organizations you are mentioning are all polarized, they are not an yardstick. By the way, there is no Pastoral Letter. Let’s face, somebody used every opportunity to insult the Presidency and the people who voted for him, threatened foreign intervention to install him, and because nothing was happening to him, he now decided to put the life of the President in danger. When he is arrested, you start crying foul and saying that there is a crisis in the nation? I am sorry.

    • James baddo state which crisis. I do not see any myself. Which party of the constitution did Edgar break? I do not know any myself. I have parents one from the South and another from the east. I need to be told which part of the constitution Edgar broke. If Edgar broke any part of the constitution I will be the first to protest. The organizations you have mentioned are all led by crooks who wanted to be siphoning money from the state. Edgar comes up and cuts the tap, they cry foul. In fact, the government must not be soft on Mpundu we can bring all his children he has fathered with women and claims to be archbishop. I stopped respecting him long time ago

  14. Who is a dictator between ECL and HH. I thought dictators avoid being challenged at the pills. As far as I know HH has never been challenged in his party….he avoids going for a convention by all means. Let HH test his popularity within his own party. HH did not win a popularity vote in Southern Province, any Tonga on UPND ticket could have won as the people in Southern Province were merely voting on tribal lines.

  15. Even Hosni Mubabrak was in serious denial about unfolding political crisis in Egypt. Bwana Edgar Lungu open your eyes see reality.

  16. still burying your head in the sand and pretending there’s no crisis in the country? Only people on your pay roll are not seeing trouble BUT the non aligned church has sent a timely warning .Repent and reform , ONLY FOOLS DIE FOR WANT OF WISDOM……….

  17. Who is this hypocrite trying to fool? Ba lungu people don’t want you. Everyone knows you lost to HH. You’re the first person in the history of this great country to have people not recognize you. Hahahahahaha

  18. Only a fool thinks there is a political crisis in Zambia. What constitutes a crisis? HH has never been a political factor in Zambia. He has never won an election. He has never been a Ward Chairman, or Councilor, or an MP, or a Mayor, or a Minister or an elected Party President. How is HH a factor in Zambian politics?

    • Donald Trump is President of the free world and he has never been any of those you mentioned. So leave HH alone you bigotted myopic PF supporter.

    • @Mpange Donald Trump is President of the free world and he has never been any of those you mentioned. So leave HH alone please. You bigoted myopic PF supporter.

  19. Only a f0ol thinks there is a political crisis in Zambia. What constitutes a crisis? HH has never been a political factor in Zambia. He has never won an election. He has never been a Ward Chairman, or Councilor, or an MP, or a Mayor, or a Minister or an elected Party President. How is HH a factor in Zambian politics?

    • People who use Donald Trump as a beckon of democracy I question their mental capacity. Inzaghi then go and stay with Trump and see how you will run back to Zambia. You call your friend myopic you are three times myopic yourself.The three fingers are pointing at you as more myopic. Just debate HH may never be president. Please quote my words am not saying never. You keep on crying and believing the EU and SADC will help you. Next elections he will lose terribly. He should have just moved on and try again. He was going to gain more support as a fighter, not a victim. People don’t like victims.

  20. The toyota is parked in the garage the porche zooms past belongs to someone else and not meant for roads of Africa


    • Chisenga Mpundu himself is an orchestrator of crisis. Ngabana afyala nacousin wandi? hasn’t he contributed to a crisis to fatherless children? Mpundu needs to tell the truth. He talks about the truth but has never practiced one himself. He should state the crisis he is talking about. He is advocating for violence and must be arrested. The government must never take such statements lightly. Let hem explain by a crisis. All those words governance, truth, are all shallow. HH endangered the life of the president and he must face the law. You talk of governance but you want the president to intervene are you not contradicting yourself. Mpundu must not use his social status position to speak garbage

  22. Just like an Ostrich Lungu is burying his head in the sand. The hypocrite is pretending that all is well in Zambia. The economy is in a free fall, No IMF Loan,No Donor Aid and the Disputed and Petitioned 2016 Election remains. With Lawlessness,persecution of Opponents, No good governance and Rule of Law. Zambia will soon be slapped with International Sanctions.

  23. Can someone tell me, what is the percentage of donor aid on our national budget? People don’t be duped, Zambia can survive without donor aid. The devil ? will lie to you that you will die if you don’t borrow, but we know from the Bible that a borrower is subject to a lender. Anyone living in Zambia today will agree that there is no crisis whatsoever!!!!

    • You ask a question because you do not know then make you own conclusion. To add folly to stupidity you bring in the white man’s bible to conform silly ignorant yourself.

  24. Please give a chance to President Lungu to dialogue by presenting to him an Agenda. He for and not against dialogue.
    An Agenda would enable him to prepare for and make meaningful contributions to the discussion.
    Through discussions, we exchange knowledge and collectively find peaceful solutions to problems.
    Through haranguing and quarrels, we exchange ignorance and close doors to tolerance, unity, understanding, and peaceful coexistence.
    The situation in Zambia is not normal. There is urgent need to stop what ever is behind the root cause of the current tense situation in Zambia.
    Together we can do it.It is desirable to work than fight for peace. Lets do it now. We shouldn’t procrastinate.

    • UPND must be honest. The agenda number 1 is TONGA president. You will see no further need for dialogue.
      But you are few so how does it count. To be president lobby other groups and keep on trying not to cry victim and you say crisis. You pay grandfather Tresphod Mpundu with children with my cousin and you think there is a crisis

  25. Ba UPND mwamona manje, you thought by getting the ‘big-fish’ GBM you were making political headway. The fat prick has just put Kaili-1 in problems !

  26. @Inzaghi whatever your name is….Donald Trump only had one short at Presidency and he won it. How many times has your Tonga brother tried to no avail? HH is not electable. Find a Tonga bull who is electable like Garry Nkombo and float him as UPND Presidential candidate maybe and just maybe I can give him a vote…..not that privatisation plunderer.

  27. @Inzaghi whatever your name is….Donald Trump only had one short at Presidency and he won it. How many times has your Tonga brother tried to no avail? HH is not electable. Find a Tonga bull who is electable like Garry Nkombo and float him as UPND Presidential candidate maybe and just maybe I can give him my vote…..not that privatisation plunderer.

  28. Women what is wrong with you do you have to dance for the President. Sorry what surprises me us that he allows it.

  29. HH is not electable! The sooner you UPND cadres realize this the closer you will be to forming Government. Mazoka appealed to all Zambians despite his tribal tag because he was electable. I am sure Mazoka is even turning in his grave to see how shallow his supporters have turnout to be….all blind followers of a five times loser of presidential elections. Advise HH that pride will not take him anywhere except behind bars.

  30. This man is living in cuckoo land. The mere absence from actual physical confrontation between the populace doesn’t take away from the fact that his political persecution of HH has been a stain on the once proud peaceful image of our country.

  31. Zambia now looks ugly because of low caliber bloggers and promoters of fake news. Let’s all be objective in our debates and please avoid vulgar language. Ooh and please respect the Office of the Republican President no matter who holds office. It is a Godly requirement to honor the office. Thank you

    • Is it also “Godly”requirement for the holder of executive office to be truthful, hones, unbiased and at the service of ALL its Citizens?
      Bloggers do have Constitutional rights, but Constitutional office holders have DUTY to govern in a manner which does not infringe provisions of “Bill of Rights”

  32. I am not sure the president actually uttered so but the media.I know he acknowledges the fact that there is a subject related or proxy to a crisis and ignoring ,dismiss or live in denial of a household problem is not the expected of a leadership .A leader identifies a problem and even a potential one and finds amicable solutions to calm even high tides.

    • If it is only HechHech as you put it @RudeMonk, then why is it that everyday everybody here is polarized. Several (the same ones always) are for PF & co and yet equally others are either for UPND or are crying for freedom, justice, fair play, vision and human decency. It is not just about HH.

  33. Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Living in another Zambia? Look around instead of daydreaming.

  34. Ba Up and down, what democracy are u talking about when u are very free to insult, criticize and bark on this site and yet no one is victimizing u ? Law breakers need to be dealt with by the courts of law regardless of whether they are rich or poor. The church in Zambia should not be used by people with money. In our prisons country wide, we have hundreds of remandees waiting for judgement. Have the three church mother bodies ever stood up demanding their release ? This is the hypocrisy we don’t want in Zambia.

  35. Hahahhaha.how can the same mouth say he has been calling for dialogue fo longtime .but also says theres no crisis and pipo shd provide the agenda for the dialogue.wat is the agenda for dialogue he was caling for.and dialogue for wat if theres no crisis.

  36. Quote of the day, curtesy NM
    Citizens will recall that one of Edgar Lungu’s customary demeanours in order to woo votes was to feign ‘humbleness’ by walking around with a gait of Mother Teresa with hands clutched together like an altar boy. He undertook a country wide tour of Churches sometimes in most unusual places like tents and makeshift structures as he spoke on pulpits with a lisped accent of a 14th century Saint.
    His handlers took pictures of him reading bibles and kneeling in pews being ‘anointed’ by hired Pastors and Priests who declared him ‘chosen’ by God to lead Zambia. All this was done to dupe people in order to win votes from those that could not read between the lines.

  37. Dictatorship has taken over in our beloved country. What has happened to the widely publicized humble president? Hypocrisy at its best. What goes up must come down.

  38. There is no need for Lungu to deny a fact. It’s also shameful coming from the inauguration of a fairly elected Preime Minister to immediately roar at KKIA like “Kaongolo” when we all know the lumpen is nothing but a circus clown. It’s not just that Chagwa looks ridiculous, it is that he also acts ridiculous. Nothing is worse other than Mushota’s perpetual ERECTION!

  39. You are right Mr President, all we have in Zambia is political hooliganism. How do you explain a Kaponya with their leader insulting the president of a country.? That is pure hooliganism there is no crisis at all. We just have some very very rude and insolent political cadres pretending to be political leaders, when they are not.

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