Women in their 50s in Livingstone blamed for the spread of HIV/AIDs among youths



THE Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) in Livingstone has claimed that there is an increase in the number of women in their fifties engaging in intergenerational sex with teenagers in the tourist capital.

Paralegal officer Christine Mutema alleged that the older women are giving the teenagers a lot of money in exchange for sex.

She was making a contribution during a stakeholders’ meeting on the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Frame Work Plan.

Ms Mutema said the state of affairs is placing the teenagers at risk of contracting HIV.

“It is quite worrying that some women in their 50s are having sex with boys as young as 19-year-old. These women are putting the young boys at risk of getting HIV which they later transmit to their young girlfriends,” she said.

Ms Mutema said the young boys are allegedly doing it for money.

She said some of the women who are engaging in this vice are single mothers, divorcees and widows.

Ms Mutema said it is not easy to know about the relations as the teenagers call the women aunties and they also call them nephews but the young men only reveal upon being probed further.

Ms Mutema said in some cases, the older women are married.

And National Aids Council (NAC) grants and decentralisation response co-ordinator William Sikazwe said the people in their 50s are among the key drivers of HIV


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      Intergenerational sex?
      Ubuhule fye! Same problem as men sugar dadies. In a christian nation kaya!

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      If it were men in their fifties having sex with younger women this could not have made news. Stop hating on women! Let those who’ring boys wear condoms.

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      Sounds like an older lady stole her young guy. Those little boys are not even doing it for the money but bragging rights.

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    The Esther lungus we know she is munching a 17 year old from chawama area . Apparently lungus nthwenu does not function due to alcohol abuse

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    Nez you a cursed human being who has never crawled on earth evil nincompoop, ********. Wherever you are may curse be upon you.

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      Kikiki you son of a beech. Everyone in state house knows that Esther is sleeping with strong vigour young men as she has needs. Lungu is very sick. We hear the diabetes is worse last time he fainted on top of Esther

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      Imwe naiwe; just ignore ka NEZ. Havent you notice that he has become insane after 6 losses.

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    This is pure discrimination based on Age and won’t even help the fight against the fast spreading killer disease AIDS. Mutema and William Sikazwe are misleading the public – where is the evidence? Ar.sewhores!
    In fact it is the young people that are highly sexually active who are spreading the new infections. An older person married with kids would not risk their life and have sex without protection – after all they have been having sex for all their lives and it is not that exciting for them to risk their lives.
    To the contrary, it is the young bast.ards that are very excited about sex who resort to sexual promiscuity and end servicing or being serviced as if there is no tomorrow!!

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    This is a reckless statement by this Paralegal officer Christine Mutema…are you telling me 19 year boys are not adults…I wonder if she would say the same if it was men doing it to girls of the same age. The problem we have in Zambia is we have these dull fooools running these NGOs who lack training in communication they are simply there for allowances and eating donor funds.

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      Whats the point…have you been to truck depots around the country? What this Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) should be doing is encouraging awareness and educating these young men or distributing condoms. I wonder why role such organisations play apart from brainwashing the masses with white Jesus lies.

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    I thought no one has right to choose for another person? Remember the issue of government banning certain pastors …postings were against government choosing which pastors for people.

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    Both the YWCA woman and Sikazwe are wrong. I even doubt their level of education ans competence to comment on such a topic. The following issues are true:
    1. In Livingstone there has never been a prevalence survey of HIV which shows that women in their 50s are having sex with teenagers
    2. The ZDHS of 2013/14 shows that young women aged 18 to 24 years and young men aged 25 to 34 years are the most hit in terms of the virus.
    Please let us discuss scientifically.

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    All age groups and genders have at one time or another been accused of this. Society loves pointing fingers for any problem it has

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