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Former North-Western Minister Dawson Kafwaya Arrested for Corruption

Headlines Former North-Western Minister Dawson Kafwaya Arrested for Corruption

FILE: President Edgar Lungu receives an affidavit of Oath from newly appointed North-Western Province minister Dawson Kafwaya who is also UPND Solwezi member of parliament during the Swearing-in-Ceremony at State House on January 26,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested and charged former North Western Province Minister Dawson Kafwaya for abuse of office involving K30,000.

According to a statement released to the media by the Anti-Corruption Commission spokesperson Timothy Moono, Mr Kafwaya, 33, of plot no. 9834 Saviya Area in Solwezi was arrested and charged with one count of obtaining goods by false pretenses and one count of altering of a false document contrary to sections 309 and 352 of Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

In the first count it is alleged that Mr Kafywaya on dates unknown but between 1st January 2015 and 31st July 2015 in Solwezi, being a public officer namely Provincial Minister of North-Western Province, jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown, did by false pretenses obtain 6000 building blocks worth K30,000 from Mei Mei Co. Ltd by purporting that they were to be used as a donation for the construction of a classroom block for Mutanda High School when in fact the blocks were diverted and used to construct his house in Solwezi.

In the second count, it is alleged that Mr Kafyaya between 1st January 2015 and 31st July 2015 at Solwezi, being a public officer namely Provincial Minister of North Western Province, jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown, did alter a false document namely a receipt no 6 and uttered it to the Anti-Corruption Commission purporting that the receipt originated from the institution that is alleged to have issued it when in fact not.

Mr Kafyaya has been released on Bond and will appear in the Solwezi Subordinate Court soon.

Mr Kafyaya was UPND solwezi member of parliament, but was appointed a Minister by President Lungu. he later joined PF aand was adopted for the Solwezi seat but lost the election to a UPND candidate in the 2016 general elections.


    • Why does Lungu go scot-free with the undisputed evidence Saviour Chishimba put forth. Lungu has accumulated so much wealthy whose source cannot be properly accounted for. Why do we have to wait for him to be out of power for him to be made to account. We could impeach him you know. It’s money from the public purse.

    • K30,000 is my salary here equivalent, where I feel I am one of the highest paid Zambians anywhere how do you arrest someone for something so little,

      Let him go



    • kafwaya has upnd blood in him. shame upnd you are showing us what you are capable of doing even before the ICC gives you power.

    • Mushota he can be arrested because that money you are calling small money was supposed to build a class room for us poor Zambians.

    • ECL should really have much to worry about. With this trend, ultimately it will be him behind bars over billions.

    • There are people who have stolen billions that are known but not arrested and you arrest someone who has stolen an equivalent of Lungu or Kambwili’s pocket money. ACC are jokers, and they even make this as headlines. very stup1d f00ls.

  1. Zambian resources are for all Zambians and must be respected and used for the betterment of all Zambians. Lungu or anyone in his team should not be allowed to misuse any public money. They should provide an audit of how the 17.6 billion USD has been spent right to the final cent. Any wrongful doing must be followed by action.

  2. Why do people steal so little if they know that they will be arrested? Steal BIG like Edward Lungu and his impis from the East. Look at female impi like Dora, scot free for stealing billions!! That is the way to go folks!

  3. @Analyzer …that’s what we used to say about KK even speculating that he had 3billion USD in some Swiss banks. Oh yes even attributing some companies to him. We’re all shamed when we removed him only to discover the man was not better off than a common street vendor.

  4. A mere clerk in Napsa stole K2million and a minister steals K30,000.This is not true.He must have stolen a lot of money which is concealed underground like the way Liato did.There should be further investigation.There is a lot of corruption in Lungu’s government.

  5. While what he did is wrong my question why does the anti corruption commission fail to arrest the people/ politicians they know have acquired so much wealth …buildings and mansions etc. Why pounce on small thieves with full force while the main crooks are left free men. We don’t professional officers their investigations are premature to a point where they don’t have tangible facts. But surely how can a mere member of parliament accumulate so much wealth just in 5 years? On top that you give them personal to holder expensive vehicles, plus other previleges and this goes on and on and we say we are poor? We are just selfish with wrong self directed priorities.

    • Not only that, they even go viral on social media boasting they have amassed so much wealth and just waiting for the big fish to come out!

  6. If hh store during this regime he would have already been dealt with. The fact that he store with the genius he was covered . If we reverse the cycle he can be implicated in one or two cases. And how far has the African life issue gone. We are waiting for 30th June as promised by mutati. Let’s see how hh will escape this one.

  7. Inferiority tendencies: squeeze a poor man and get him locked up because he is defenseless! Someone jailed for stealing a loaf of bread. The big wigs steal so much and yet they are not arrested because the are called by a certain tag in society…even cases in the court are dealt the same way…it’s who you are in society that determines what treatment you get everywhere. Policeman at a check point lets a white man pass unchecked and when a black man pulls in he is throughly check of all defects…these are inferiority tendencies. We need professional people that can treat us equally big case or small case….a felony is a felony…or a sin is a sin period regardless of who committed it. So whether someone stole $3000 or $1 million. Treat everyone equally! They are all corrupt with no…

  8. Meanwhile BUFFOON CK who has pending case is tipping ACC about corruption in PF and you are not doing anything.

  9. Why won’t Kambwili and Co (the alleged corrupt) make public their worth at the time of running for office as against what they are worth today. This will allow citizens a chance to look into the extent of impropriety of our public servants.

    Otherwise it serves no purpose to be required to publicly declare assets at election time for academic reasons only.

  10. Mushota, you are so sick! Your ‘contributions’ are nothing but VAIN SELF-PROPAGANDA! Has anyone asked you how much you earn, per day, per month, per year? Do you think that anyone is interested except your folks back at home?

  11. something is not tallying here How can that thing u call BUILDING BLOCKS cost K5 EACH, ? Also MEI MEI IS a chinese company that defiled the order from B.LUSAMBO FOR THEIR LICENCE TO BE REVOKED FOR CHANGING THEIR PLANS OF INVESTMENT, VERY CROOKED CHINAMEN WHO SPILLED THE BEANS OR IS IT NYEMBA

  12. Mushota walked into her parents’ bedroom and there right bfore her eyes was her mother furiously riding her dad’s “middle third leg” which she swears looked like a snake! In embarrassment, her mother told her she was trying to kill this snake that was troubling her father. To which Mushota retorted, and quote: “But the house maid knows how to kill it better, she eats it”. Yep! And you can imagine the hell that broke loose. This would rather explain Mushota’s perpetual ERECTION, it is mashabe otambela batate na bamai bake busy on sansamcation!

  13. 30pin what a tip of an ice berg it is..who owns or owned Luntex transport?what happened to refund from illegal ministers ordered by Concourt?who benefitted from malawi maize gate saga?what happened to zra suing saviour chishimba on corruption revelations?what happened to a bunch of money stashed at late willie sanda house?some of the things the anti corruption shld pursue now and after.

  14. @Umutwe … /Kaputo, masters of all negativity party! Like an ostrich with its head in the sand, Hazaluza Hagain Party never sees any good in their country!

  15. @ka Mushota,come back home instead of trying to shine when you are an economic migrant. 10 years from now when you are deported or visa ya sila you will come back with nothing and you will have nothing here in Zed when all the pipo you thought you knew would have more assets. You are just a simple destitute.

  16. Theft is theft. It doesn’t matter the amount. Even with God there’s no such thing as ‘small’ sin and ‘big’ sin. Is Kafwaya so young! He’s only 33?At the moment let’s not speculate. If he’s innocent the court will set him free

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