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Lwiindi Gonde Traditional Ceremony of the Tonga speaking people postponed

Headlines Lwiindi Gonde Traditional Ceremony of the Tonga speaking people postponed

Vice President Guy Scott with Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony patron Hakainde Hichilema during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze
FILE: Then Vice President Guy Scott with Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony patron Hakainde Hichilema during the Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony in Monze

The Lwiindi Gonde Traditional Ceremony of the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province has been postponed
to a later date due to unknown reasons.

According to a letter made available to ZANIS today, the ceremony’s Organising Committee’s Secretary Dawn Hatwiko. says that the Traditional Ceremony has been postponed to a later date due to circumstances beyond the control of the committee.

“This serves to inform you that this year’s Lwiindi Gonde Traditional Ceremony of the Tonga people of Monze District has been postponed to a later date.

“ This is due to circumstances beyond our control. You will be informed of the new dates in due course,” stated the letter signed by Mr. Hatwiko.

And his chairperson Patrick Sikawala confirmed the postponement and said the ceremony that it would be held at a convenient time any time this year.

Mr. Sikawala said the committee was instructed by the traditional leaders in the province to postpone the ceremony to an ‘appropriate time’ without giving proper reasons.

“As a committee we have been told to postpone this event by the Chiefs in the province until we organize ourselves properly to host the event later this year,” said Mr. Sikawala.

“And please let it be known that the Ceremony this year has not been completely cancelled but it is just pushed to a later date,” he added.

He, however said the committee would continue to solicit for donations adding that about K100,000 was need for the event to be successful and appealed to well-wishers to help the committee raise the required money.

But Monze District Commissioner Mr. Cyprian Hamanyanga said it was sad that the Traditional Ceremony has been postponed without proper reasons.

Mr. Hamanyanga said it would be very unfortunate if at all the traditional Ceremony which attracts a lot of people in the country and even outside the country is cancelled this year.

The District Commissioner observed that the event was cardinal in the promotion of rich Tonga cultural Heritage and in the promotion of tourism in the District.

“It is sad that the event has been postponed without valid reasons and I hope it has not been cancelled completely because if it is cancelled…….Am afraid it will be a huge draw back in terms of promoting our culture heritage as well as the promotion of tourism because this Ceremony is the biggest Tonga traditional Ceremony which attracts not only Tonga speaking people but other tribes (people) across and outside the country,” said Mr. Hamanyanga.

The Lwiindi Gonde Traditional Ceremony is an annual event aimed at giving thanks to harvest and to pray for rains and has been celebrated
by the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province since time immemorial.

Last week another Traditional Ceremony of Chieftainess Choongo called Isamu Lya Moomba was postponed to a later date for no apparent reason.

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    • Smart head, can’t you see the connection? The Patron and Chief Financier is in Jail and All Tonga traditional ceremony decide to cancel this silly event in protest. I thought UPND cadres are smart and educated and can read beyond what is printed

    • There will be independence ceremony this year. Atmosphere in Zambia is horrible. Did you attendance at Trade fair in Ndola, with agiant Ghanian president present, worse than a match between Nakonde vs Nakambala.

    • I am watching Zanaco vs Al Aly Egyptian club at heroes stadium, its sad. Empty. Sad Zambia. That’s too costly for any soccer club, can’t even pay for cleaning toilets after game.
      PF please…. What can anyone celebrate nowadays?

    • Ba Nostradamus – Club matches are poorly attended be it in Egypt or South Africa. For Zambia, there are two things – nobody is enthusiastic about football right now after the Under 20 defeat, secondly there is the Trade Fair going on. It has nothing to do with what you think.

    • “The Lwiindi Gonde Traditional Ceremony of the Tonga speaking people of Southern Province has been postponed
      to a later date due to unknown reasons.”


  1. But it was reporting earlier this year that the chiefs in southern province have decided to cancel all traditional ceremonies in southern province in protest of their president, hh’s arrest. They even communicated to other chiefs in western and northwestern provinces to do the same but failed to convince the later…! They are not punishing anyone by so doing. Its their tradition popularity that will be affected. Iam Tonga but not happy with some of our chiefs who want to combine politics with tradition…!

    • You’re right. This is no surprise. This is exactly what they said a while ago. This is more of a loss for them than anyone else. This is a direct result of combining politics with tradition.

    • The road range that saw HH in prison was a traditional one which turned political. How will the president grace the celemony when the chiefs are against his gvt’s continous keeping HH in prison???

    • The Tongas are clearly tribalistic. Now we know that UPND is about Tongas and HH as the prince.

      I cannot understand why the whole Tonga tribe could be reduced to one person HH.

      If HH is to be a national leader, Tongas should stop what they are doing because other tribes are watching them.

      They are honestly decampaigning UPND together with the national thieve who became rich by getting money through privatization of our mines.

      The tears of mines will never go unnoticed by God. Those who selfishly sold mines will pay heavily in Jesus Christ’s name.

  2. Chuunda chaitwa,we will not go this way my Tonga brothers, who we are is much bigger than an individual or our political affiliations, we are other future Tonga’s who mighty aspire to became president just because of one person, our loyalty should be to the nation and not to an individual, think twice guys before it’s too late.

    • Dear Bembas, it is not true that you are special than anyone. Note that we are aware of your plot against HH is tribal. You tribal appointments in all key ministries and government departments is there for all to see. Stop patronizing us, recall what Luapula chiefs said and did during the Chiluba’s trail. Stop lying that your chiefs would do things differently, history us there to refer to.

    • chilyata was told by a friend that your mother was a dancing queen/waitress at Mwanamainda. I now understand why you are full on insults

  3. Go celebrate your useless ceremonies.. Tongas have their own ceremony and they choose when to hold it. How is it your problem?

  4. Okay let me propose a reasonable compromise which should lead us to a favourable outcome for U5 without dialogue.
    1. The correctional facility to take the patron to the ceremony under heavy guard.
    2. the ceremony to be officiated by His Excellency President Lungu.
    3. Only rubber spears to be used By the traditional tonga dancers.
    4. UPNDonkeys will give respect to Eagle 1.
    5. After this, we can allow Mutinta to drive her beloved husband back to Chimbokaila to complete the formalities that will arise once steps 1 to 4 are fulfilled.

  5. @PF cadre…
    Not such a smart head.
    The correct saying is read between the lines.
    Not read beyond…. *****ic comments by all pf.

  6. Put them off forever if you want it is a waste of money when people within you so-called chiefdoms can not afford proper meals. You raise so much to spend on just one day. That is the way to go! Good decision! Every Chief wants to have some ceremony it never used be like this but we know the reason…pecuniary reasons/ monetary reasons.

  7. Some comments here on the connection leaves much to be desired.
    Who told you that Lwiindi is useless.
    Only to mannerless bruts can suggest so.
    If u have nothing good to say or state…………………..

  8. HH should be kept longer in jail so that all tradition ceremonies in tongaland can be cancelled forever.their god is in jail,so the whole dundumwezi has come to standstill!!
    Tongas really embarrass themselves.this also confirms that upnd is a tonga party because if HH is replaced by a none tonga politician,nobody in southern would support that and that would mark the end of upnd!!
    PLEASE NOTE;THE CANCELATION OF LWIINDI GUNDI CEREMONY WONT AFFECT US MAJORITY ZAMBIANS IN ANYWAY!!!plus upnd must be banned in zambia for promoting tribal politics!!

    • Never in the history of Zambia has one region cancelled traditional ceremonies because a Shamwana, Musakanya, Gen. Tembo, Gen. Miyanda, Col. Chongo, Col. Nkunika, Capt. Solo, Lt. Luchembe, W. O. Chawinga, Rupiah Banda is locked up on treason charges.

  9. Tongas have no shame indeed. This move by them makes people conclude that it has something to do with hh. Why is politics so much in the Tongas than culture. Honestly speaking this is not right. If you wanted more funds kambwili would’ve given you the balance. Keep postponing because hh still has more years in prison. His case has even started and 3 months is gone.

  10. All the Tonga hating Ediots are camping here today.
    The ediotic arsenine comments above are from sick Pf parasites, your killing your party and country fulls.

  11. so there ancestors will curse the zambian land and there will be scarcety of rains and where drops of rain will be army worms will eating whatever crops will sprout.famine will clip in, Govt will be importing maize from other countries to feed all affected areas. is this what you want to see happen?

    • We are beyond that nonsense. We believe in God, the maker of heaven and earth he will give us rains for us to grow crops

  12. @papito:
    You must be happy kaili if PF cadres are killing its party.is it not good for your tonga god HH if PF is killed?
    Sadly for you in upnd,you have been singing that song since 2014 when Mr Michael Sata died.you all in upnd celebrated Sata’s death,saying now its time for a tonga HH to rule Zambia.parasites like Daniel Munkombwe even got lost and got finished politically. AMAZINGLY PF BECAME STRONG AND STRONG IN 2015 AND 2016!!TODAY DATE PF IS VERY STRONG ESPECIALLY IN 6.5 PROVINCES!!

  13. This traditional ceremony is all about sex and buzz. So if you want to have free sex yama threesomes lwiindi ceremony is the place to be my friend.

  14. It would having been wise if the ceremony had gone ahead with the absence of HH. This would have proved that other people are more important,loved and valued.By the way when is the famous Mutomboko ceremony ?

  15. The people of Southern Province have their rights to postpone or cancel their traditional ceremonies. However, despite the fact that HH and his UPND nearly disrupted the Kuomboka Ceremony in Mongu, the rest of Zambia can continue to organise our rich diversity of traditional cultural ceremonies in other parts of Zambia in peace.

  16. They’ve canceled the ceremony due to a ‘heads up,’ from national security services on potential violence from small heads. To protect the genuine people of the province.

  17. It would be wise and helpful for Lusaka times to establish a way of editing all the comments so as to remove vulgar and insensible reading.

  18. Those of you who may be old enough or probably mighty have been told ,what is happening in this part of the nation is exactly what was happened in 1971when the two wise men one Tonga by the name of Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula and David kenethy Kaunda agreed to form a one party state in order to stop the violence in the nation ,not the leaders of today,zambia is our God given home here on earth let’s take care ,it shouldn’t so much matter who the President for all of us to leave in peace.

    • At least there’s someone with some history on LT. The only way Zambia will have perfect “peace ” is to let HH stand unopposed. That’s the only way he can win. Please let’s give it a try.

  19. Yamene iyi ceremony inali Kuti? How come we’ve never heard about it until now? Is it a real tribal ceremony olo ni politics che?

  20. All you Pathetic Fools caders…. you live by the motto “bamba zonke” keep enjoying as life is a cycle and soon you will need that extra fat on your matako whilst enjoying the cold hard floor of your “free accommodation “

  21. Makes sense, if the owner of the ceremony is not there and the rest of the Tongas have no idea it exists why should it not be postponed until the “Owner”comes back from the cells. Most Tongas have no Idea about celebrating their cultural heritage. HH saw this from many other Zambian tribes and went to sell the idea to his fellow Tongas (which is a good Idea) but it appears that this cultural event will disappear from the Tonga calendar the moment HH’s “tent”(body) returns to dust just like all of us. Surely a tribal cultural event is greater/larger than one member of that tribe. Could this be the reason why Kambwili said “If Jesus contested elections against HH in Southern province he would loose that election”? Just wondering!!!

  22. Our ceremony has been cancelled because running mate fat donkey is acting president of UPNDonkeys and by default acting patron of lwiindi ceremony. The lwiindi ancestral spirits did not approve.

  23. It makes me shudder to think what would become of non Tonga speaking people if HH had “made it ” to plot 1. Surely we could have the rod on the hot end.

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  25. Am simply puking. Black people are truly a worst of this earth. We complained of colonial involvement in our livelhoods and now we are the ones to turn to their ways. A cursed race indeed. How possible is that in the 21st century one can still see between tribal lines?

  26. The most attractive traditional ceremonies I know, worth attending, are: Likumbi lyamize of the Luvale, Kuomboka of the Lozi, Kesefya pa ngwena of the Bemba, Kulamba of the Chewa, Ncwala of the Ngoni, Mutomboko of the Luapula-Lundas. I cannot remember the rest..

  27. This is the end of all TONGA Traditional ceremonies because HH will never be released, till he tells us who has been Funding him


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